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The Weekly Newsletter of Tockington Manor School

8th November 2013

Headmasters Corner
Thank you very much to Ms. Case for organising such an inspirational week with the children being taught by both visiting story tellers and two authors. I now know of one Year 7 boy who has decided that instead of being an international footballer he would rather be an author or a journalist! Following on from last half terms very enjoyable Prefects Meal, the next one is now scheduled for Thursday 21st November with pick up time being 7.30pm as it was before. During the course of the evening we plan to sample some menu options for next Summer Terms Year 8 Prom. As requested, seafood linguine will be on the menu! Thank you to Mrs Glanville and Year 3 for their super news report in Thursday morning mornings assembly. A copy of this news round style film will shortly be placed on the schools website. A huge well done to Jessie Sanzo who has been selected to train with the National Under 11 Tennis squad after impressing in her trials this morning.

Year 4 Workshop
As part of their Geography topic, Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their recent workshop with Sue Smailes from Action Aid. They learned a lot about life in an Indian hill village, handled a wide variety of artefacts, tried out traditional crafts, learned how to put on a sari, practiced a tribal circle dance and were taught an apparently "epic" fast paced and strategic Indian playground game. Look out for it at break times! A huge thank you to Sue for this jam packed morning.

Clothes for a Cause Collection

Thank you to all those who contributed to the above collection. We raised 212.15 for Tockington Manor School.

Year 1 Assembly
All parents are invited to attend the Year 1 assembly on Friday 15th November. We will also be joined by Prof Steve Webb MP.

Hosting a Boarder at Long Exeat

If you would be prepared to host a boarder at Long Exeat (16/17 November) please contact either Mr or Mrs Glanville.

Music Timetables now Online Lantern Competition

Thank you on behalf of Friends for the huge response to the lantern competition. We had over 90 entries, from Nursery up to Year 8! Prizes will be awarded on the night so good luck! Should you wish to check your child's music lesson time you are now able to do so on the school website. Go to Information, Calendar and Dates, Music Lesson Timetables. We aim to update them on Thursday afternoons for absences due to matches and trips, etc occurring in the following week. Occasionally, a last minute change is made on the day, which cannot be updated on the website for logistical reasons. There will still be a paper copy for children to check on the board in the lobby outside the hall.

Memories of France
I would like to ask you if you could share with us your holiday photos and souvenirs from France. They would be displayed in the back lobby cabinet from November 16th. A photo and/or a souvenir clearly labelled (name, place, date) would be ideal! Many thanks, Madame Vron

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The Weekly Newsletter of Tockington Manor School

NOVEMBER MENU BREAKFAST Cauliflower Cheese Bacon Saut Potatoes Green Beans Salads Flapjack & Custard Fresh Fruit Cheese & Biscuits Cakes MINI-TEA Cottage Pie Stuffed Beef Tomatoes Fresh Fruit Pork & Apple Casserole Creamed Potatoes Fresh Fruit Roast Chicken Yorkshire Pudding New Potatoes Carrots, Gravy Pasta Provencal Crusty Bread Salads Fresh Fruit Chilli-con-Carne Rice Sweetcorn Broccoli Salads Strawberry Yoghurt & Biscuit Fresh Fruit Cheese & Biscuits Biscuits MONDAY 11 Continental TUESDAY 12 Grilled Bacon WEDNESDAY 13 Sausages Potato Waffles Jacket Potatoes Tuna, Cheese, Baked Beans, Ravioli Coleslaw Salads Chocolate Brownies & Cream Fresh Fruit Cheese & Biscuits Cakes THURSDAY 14 Poached Egg on Toast Roast Pork Roast Potatoes Apple Sauce Gravy, Carrots Fresh Cabbage Salads Pears & Custard Fresh Fruit Cheese & Biscuits

8th November 2013

FRIDAY 15 Continental SATURDAY 16 SUNDAY 17

LUNCH Main Course: Hot

Breaded Cod Chips Baked Beans Peas Salads Jam Sponge & Custard Fresh Fruit Cheese & Biscuits Long Exeat begins





Kay Umnansky Visit

Tuesday was a fantastically busy day for all of the Lower School children and the children in Years 3 and 4 as they enjoyed a very exciting and funny visit from the writer, Kaye Umansky, who has had over 140 books for children published in a career in writing spanning 27 years. She was accompanied by some very interesting artefacts, including some shoes that she had worn when she was only two years old, a robot-witch, who had some great moves and a voice that only a mother could love; and some lovely puppets. She was lively and fun and the children said that she made them laugh and jump. She told them some of her stories, which she hauled around in a trolley-suitcase. She gave an interview to Totally Tockington (look out for the report in next week's paper) and she met the newly elected Junior Librarians. She was full of life and she said that she really loved her day at TMS and found the children to be delightful. What's more Ms Case got a real live hug from a real live author when she said goodbye to her at the station on her way back to London where she lives with her husband and grown-up daughter. Many children bought books from Kaye and had them signed with lovely messages. Do look out for her books which are funny and appealing; and check out her website too where you will find lots of surprises! Some Quotes from Year 2 'That was brilliant!' Year 2 'She was SO funny' Kaya
'I wanted to be an astronaut when I grow up, but now I think I want to be an author. Perhaps I could write books in space?' mused Krystof.

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The Weekly Newsletter of Tockington Manor School

8th November 2013

Cross Country
Congratulations to Alex Grocott who won the first Gwent League Cross Country Meeting at Pontypool recently. He won the U11 Boys race by an impressive margin. Alex was competing for his club Westbury Harriers. This victory earned him a beautiful medal as it was the Golden Jubilee of the first ever run at the same venue. The Gwent League is run over a series of five meetings in 2013-2014. Keep it up, Alex!

Swimming News
Personal Bests for all Years 3, 5, 6, 7 & 8 have been completed; well done to you all! Congratulations to Ryan Hann and Archie Symonds who swam 25 metres in the TMS pool for the first time. Certificates will be issued when 25ms front and back stroke are completed. Nearly there boys! The fastest U13 swimmers in school at the moment are 1st Seren Clayton (16.5 seconds), 2nd Olivia Campbell (17.1) and 3rd Imogen Rees (17.2). The fastest Under 11s are 1st Rachel Shutt (19.4), 2nd Ellie Parker (19.6) and 3rd Alex Grocott (19.8). Year 3 have had a really good few weeks and swam their first Personal Bests with confidence. Please look out for the completed lists on the PE Notice Board. Everyone in Year 8 is invited to apply for the position of volunteer in Nursery swimming sessions. Candidates will be required to work between 11.00 and 11.30 am on Thursdays and will then change quickly for fourth lesson. They must have passed the lifesaving award we are completing at the moment. There is a volunteer certificate at the end and hours can count towards the "V volunteering scheme" that tracks young peoples volunteering hours. These skills are also very useful for job applications and University forms in a few years time. Applications should be emailed or handwritten and given to Mrs Hinchliffe. Applications can happen at any time of the school year. However, ten hours of volunteering are required for the certificate.

Good Intention & Politeness Awards

Congratulations to the following children for being nominated for the Good Intention and Politeness award for the second quarter of term: Logan Fitzpatrick, Billy Rowe, Toby West, Alex Grocott, Vivian Boudon, Freddie Cooper, Lou Saelens, Gabe Carrel and Grace Mockridge. The worthy winner was Frankie de Bradeny in Year 2 for 'being unfailingly positive and cheerful'. Well done, Frankie!

Girls Hockey Match Changes

Please note the slight changes to the girls hockey matches on Wednesday 13th November. The U8, U9 and U11 matches will be away at Wycliffe Prep and the U13 match will be away at Wycliffe Senior.

Children in Need
The Upper School and Lower School will be holding a Mufti Day (wear own clothes) in support of Children in Need on Friday 15th November. Children are asked to bring in 1 donation. Please note we are not having our tuck shop this year. The Nursery children are asked to wear something yellow or spotty on the day and to bring in 1 donation.

Mobile Phones & Medicines

Mobile phones can only be brought into school if there is good reason and they must be handed in to the office before register and collected at the end of the day. The same goes for any type of medicines including cough sweets, they must be given to Matron immediately with written directions for use.

Tockington Titbits
Year 3 carried out 528 experiments in one double science lesson and managed to complete 506 which meant a 96% success rate. Mr Glanville was very impressed! Superstars - Ben Orchard & Jeanne Veron Ambassadors -Amy Horler & Alex Grocott Boarder of the Week - Luke Dutton

2012 Tockington Manor School, Washingpool Hill Road, Tockington, Bristol, BS32 4NY.

The Weekly Newsletter of Tockington Manor School

8th November 2013

Foundation Stage Holiday Club

The Foundation Stage Holiday Club had lots of fun during half term. There were lots of activities organised including exploration walks, puppet and candle making, cookery and of course as it was the end of October a Halloween party. All the children joined in dancing, singing and party games. The party included traditional Halloween fun and the apple bobbing and doughnut eating created lots of laughter and excitement. Sally Reynolds

All children in the school from Reception to Year 8 took part in stirring the Christmas Pudding this week, making a wish as they stirred.

2012 Tockington Manor School, Washingpool Hill Road, Tockington, Bristol, BS32 4NY.

The Weekly Newsletter of Tockington Manor School

8th November 2013

English Department News

Monmouth Prep Schools Challenge This weekend we have an intrepid team of Year 7s going to Monmouth to compete in this tricky General Knowledge Quiz. We have in the past won the competition but we go in the true spirit of competition - to enjoy the taking part. Please wish our competitors well and bestow upon them lots of good luck. Representing TMS are Roshan Patel, Antonia Hopcraft-Guest, Olivia Campbell and Abby Blackwell. Quiz Club Quiz By some twist of fate, the Monmouth Quiz is quickly followed by the Quiz Club quiz which was conceived and is run by Simon Blair of Child Genius fame. This quiz is great fun, very much in tune with what you might expect children in Years 7 and 8 to know. We have three teams going (two Year 7s and two Year 8s in each team) and some spectators. It is lively and interactive with a lot of team strategy and skilful voting. The Quiz Club event takes place at Red Maids between 2.00 and 3.00 pm and success in this first heat will mean that we could move on to the second round. Those taking part are : Seren Clayton, Imogen Rees, Tom Edwards, Aditi Mehendale, Harvey Jones, Alex Gooch, Lucy AllanJones, Luke Dutton, Henry Allan-Jones, Max Curtis, Otto Cullis and Charlie Sanzo. Please wish them all luck for this event. Guest Storyteller We were very lucky this Tuesday to welcome our first Guest Storyteller of this school year into assembly. Luke Dutton's mum shared with us some of her very favourite poems from her own childhood, from books that she clearly loved and cared for. We heard AA Milne's poem, Disobedience, which tells the story of James Morrison's badly behaved mother from a lovely, ageing copy of the collection, complete with childhood notes and illustrations; Roald Dahl's Red Riding Hood from the Revolting Rhymes which has Red Riding Hood as a rather powerful outlaw quite capable of matching up to the wolf; and, a little early but nevertheless charming, Twas the Night Before Christmas which many children said was a traditional poem read in their houses on Christmas Eve. Although Luke's mum said she was a little nervous at first, she left saying how much she enjoyed sharing her poems with Years R to 8. We still have spaces for any other parents who would like to come and share stories with us in assembly. If you think it might interest you, please get in touch with me at school. Milkshake Monday Morning What fun Year 3 had in the library at break time on Monday! They had their first Milkshake Monday Morning and enjoyed banana milkshakes and yummy biscuits whilst listening to a fabulous rhyming story called The Night I Got Chased By A Vampire, which has a very surprising ending, which no-one saw coming. This book was by Kaye Umansky whom many children got to meet on Tuesday when she came to visit the school. A big thank you to the Library Ladies, teachers and Kitchen Staff for making MMM a great success. Next time, it's Year 4... Handwriting and Presentation Competition Winners At the end of last term we held a Handwriting and Presentation Competition during prep time and I must say the standards are rising. This time the winners and runners-up were all girls, so we're setting a challenge to the boys to try to win back some of the prizes next time around! Each winner receives a certificate, a voucher to spend on a book from the bookshop, a School Scribe badge and some green stars. The runners-up get a certificate. We were able to see the winning pieces on the whiteboard in the Hall and we will be displaying them in the English cabinet in the Back Lobby for all to see and to admire. The Winners (W) and the Runners-Up (RU) were: Year 3 (W) Jeanne Veron , (RU) Rhea Fernandez; Year 4 (W) Iona Campbell, (RU) Isabelle Preston; Year 5 (W) Poppy Carter, (RU) Isabel Browning; Year 6 (W) Olivia Banks, (RU) Adassa Walker; Year 7 Lucy Allan-Jones; Year 8 Seren Clayton. Our School Scribes now will write thank you letters on behalf of the school in their beautiful handwriting. Well done to everyone who took part and especially to those named above. Scholastic Book Order A huge thank you to the parents who ordered books through the Scholastic Book Club. It was the first time we have used the club and it went very smoothly. We now have 23 to spend for the library which will mean another five or more books to add to the stock. Every pound spent earns us 20 pence to spend and it soon adds up. Please do support us and encourage your children to develop a hunger for reading which will support all of their learning in school. Judith Case

2012 Tockington Manor School, Washingpool Hill Road, Tockington, Bristol, BS32 4NY.