Victim VS Witness...? It is often said by many that; “we all get what we deserve...?

” Its questions like these which make me to question the sanity of those who dare to say such things. For a good example; what about all those children under the age of accountability who lost their Lives in the bombing of the world trade center? What did they do to deserve such a Painful death? Many would-be clerics teach that the kids are in a better place & God Took them away to punish the parents? What about the parents that perished with their Underage kids in the same bombing? Where is the lesson in that one? Shortly after the Bombing- a world renowned minister said on a public news platform that the bombing was due to the sins of America...? What did sinful America learn from that preacher? Im sure that most of you agree that if “god” chose that preacher to help lead sinful America back into the fields of “righteousness” then god must be just as much of a Lunatic as the ones that God (allegedly chooses?) It’s either this- or God was given No “choice in choosing”. Most of us were taught that (many are called) but few are chosen- yet, we are also taught that “God knows the future” and can see all things even prior to any idea being born within the mind of the (thinker?) If God already knows the Future & what it holds- why would god need to “test his created ones” over their devotion? Why test their faithfulness if god already knows how faithful they are and knows how faithful they shall come to be? Either god knows or god doesn’t have a clue! It cannot be “both ways.” IV even had a few clergies tell me that; God didn’t want to know (or) god was more interested in showing those created beings their own faults...? Let me ask this; those of you who have kids- do you ever worry about them? Do you Ever worry about their well-being? IV got two grown ones who have kids of their own and Im always worrying about them & now with grandkids- I worry about them too...I would expect no less from a real (living god). If god truly knows our thoughts- then God is wasting time. If it’s true that god knows all of the ones who will be saved & which Ones who shall never repent- then God may as well destroy all of those whom god knows will never turn thru repentance... (Right?) Why not just get it all over with? Why bother to allow the world to keep giving birth to (sinners who will never be saved?) Currently, In our day & time- we can surgically remove the part of the brain which controls our Desires & appetites. Why can’t god allow the sinner to be born without (sinful desire?) Most of us are taught that we are (all sinners) from the day of birth till the day of death And in order to be forgiven of our sinful natures- we first must confess that sinfulness To God? (Why?) Since god already knows how sinful the sinner is- why would god require an (oral confession?) Confession may be good for the soul- but confession is even better for those who demand to hear it from the lips of the “confessor.” God doesn’t need our confessions anymore than I need confessions from my own kids just to forgive their short-comings. Only the victims of the confessor demand confession. 1/3ed of us Are (victims) and 1/3ed are (potential confessors.) The rest of us are called; Judges...Which one are “you...?” The juries are only the left & right handed paths of the judge. Jesus taught; “Judge not- if you don’t desire to be judged”-so, if you don’t desire to be judged, you can only be a “victim/witness...(or) ...potential confessor. Which one are you...? The witness can be (both) or either one. More titles found @