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Industrial Potentiality Survey Report of


Submitted To:Er. Lokes Sa aran

Submitted By :Nis t a !!"#$% A&it !!"#$' Mitash 110855


Distt.Sonepat on separation from Rohtakdistt., came into existence on 22.12.72. It is situated on the south east of Haryana. The river amuna separated it from the State of !ttar "radesh. It is surrounded #y Rohtakdistt. in $est, "anipatdistt. In %orth &' %orth, $est, %ationa( capita(, %e) De(hi is situated in its south.Sonepat seems to #e a corruption of the )ord *Sonepat+ )hich means in Sanskrit (an,ua,e the -Suvarna"rashtha. /0o(dp(ane1. 2ne popu(ar tradition over that it is one of the five "atas or "rasthas mentioned in the 3aha#harata )hich udhishthisrademanded from Duryodhna.

The distt.has three su# divisions vi4. Sonepat, 0ohana, 0annaur. There one seven#(ock name(y Sonepat, 0ohana, 0annaur, 5harkhoda, Rai, 5athura


The distt.experience extreme c(imatic condition.Temperature ran,in, from 267 c in Decem#er8'anuary to 996::;in 3ay6'une. The avera,e norma( rainfa(( is 7:<.< mm. The actua( avera,e rainfa(( durin,(ast five years )as =>>.> mm

The soi( of the sandy (oam to (oam and is suita#(e for cu(tivation of paddy, )heat, su,arcane, oi( seeds and a(( types of crops & ve,eta#(es etc.

The river amuna is the on(y prennia( river f(o)s on the ?ast side of the distt. There is s)eet )ater avai(a#(e in the distt. except centra( p(anes )here avai(a#i(ity of )ater is sa(ty. !nder,round )ater (eve( is ,oin, do)n day #y day.and3und(ana. It has 797 inha#ited vi((a,es.

6 @ustomi4ed packa,e of incentives and concessions )i(( #e provided for presti,ious proAects havin, an investment of Rs.7> crores and a#ove. B hi,h po)ered committee )i(( #e constituted under the chairmanship of @hief 3inister to decide the packa,e in individua( cases. 6 ?xemption from payment of e(ectricity cutyC B(( ne) industria( units except those in the ne,ative (ist of industries are exempted from the payment of e(ectricity duty for a period of five years throu,hout the state.

6 Incentives to tiny units in Rura( areaC The industria( units set up under rura( industria( scheme sha(( #e e(i,i#(e for the fo((o)in, #enefitsC6 a1 ?(ectricity Duty ?xemption and Sa(es Tax concession at par )ith other units in SSI sector. #1 "rice preference of 1>D. c1 3arketin, Bssistance

Infrastructure determines the pace of economic deve(opment of any re,ion. "romotion of infrastructure faci(ities (ike roads, )ater, transport communication, technica( ski((s etc. are the key factors reEuired for constructin, a stron, industria( #ase of any area. Fortunate(y, distt.Sonepat has an effective industria(infrastructure. B ,(ance at the Industria( 3ap of the distt.)ou(d revea( patches ofindustria( deve(opment concentrated near #ySonepat to)n area connected )ith De(hi and #oth sides of 0. T. Road & Rai()ay (ine. "articu(ar(y fe) #(ocks of the distt. are sti(( #ack)ard. Specia( attention shou(d shou(d #e paid in these #ack)ard #(ocks #y #ui(din, infrastructure #ase and providin, faci(ities incentives to #rin, a#out a structura( and #a(anced deve(opment of the distt. on industria( front.

PH1SICAL IN)RASTR.CT.RE )inan4ial Assistan4e

i* 5ankin6C ?asy avai(a#i(ity of the finance is the #asic need for smooth runnin, of the industry. There )as a ,ood net)ork of #ankin, system scattered a(( over the distt. There )ere G2 #ranches of commercia( #anks, 2> B,ri. Dev. Hikas5endra, 2= co6op., !r#an and (and deve(opment #anks, 197 co6op. Societies in the distt. The financia( institution can make a si,nificant contri#ution to the deve(opment of #usiness and industria( activities in the economy. B(( the #anks8financia( institution are (ocated in the ru#an, semi ur#an and vi((a,es in the distt.

The hea(thy deve(opment of economy depends upon modern te(ecommunication faci(ities avai(a#(e in that area. Bs far as concerned STD8ISD faci(ities )ere avai(a#(e in )ho(e of the distt. Fax faci(ities )ere a(so avai(a#(e in the distt. Detai(s of communications faci(ities avai(a#(e in the distt.upto 71.12.2>>> are as under. "ost office 17G Te(ephones 721>:


Spread of education p(ay an important ro(e for socio6economic deve(opment of any area. Bs far as the concerned it has a ,ood net)ork of education institution #oth technica( and academic scattered


The traditiona( artisans (ine #(acksmith, carpenters, shoe makers are scattered throu,hout the distt. Ho)ever, main concentration is at 0ohana. Sisana, IutanaHi((a,es. $eavers are (ocated at 0ohana&5harichoda. "otters are en,a,ed in manufacturin, the traditiona( items of pottery and scattered at Bhu(ana, Iutana, 5athura&Ihains)a(vi((a,es.hrou,hout the distt. Ta#(e ,iven #e(o) depicts the chain of education institution /#oth ,ovt. &"vt.1 scattered throu,hout thedistt.

D2@s )ere set up under the @entra( Scheme of providin, a(( faci(ities to the entrepreneurs under one roof. It is the primary a,ency for the promotion and deve(opment of industry in the distt. It functions under the direct contro( of the Directorate of industries and ,rants re,istration, faci(ities8incentives under the State po(icy to SSI & RI units in the distt. and sponsors the cases to the #anks for financia( assistance after ensurin, the proAects are technica((y and economica((y via#(e. It he(ps the entrepreneurs in marketin, their products and a(so conducts ?D"s and motivationa( campai,ns to create ?ntrepreneurships in the distt. it a(so coordinates )ith other deve(opmenta( a,encies in the distt. )ith a vie) to create emp(oyment opportunities amon, educated youth of the distt. "rime 3inister RoA,ar oAna is a(so #ein, (aunched successfu((y #y DI@,Sonepat.


5HII is an approved constitutiona( a,ency8or,anisation )hich has #een entrusted )ith the task of the deve(opment of 5hadi and vi((a,e industries. The o#Aective of the #oard is creation ofemp(oyment opportunities #y deve(opin, 5hadi and vi((a,e industries in the distt. Financia( assistance is #ein, provided #y the #oards office (ocated at Sonepat to seven ,roup of industries for rura( area under Rura( ?mp(oyment "ro,ramme Schemes. The main ,roup of industries are ,iven #e(o)C a1 3inera( #ased industries #1 Forest #ased c1 B,ro and minera( #ased d1 @hemica( #ased e1 ?n,ineerin, and non conventiona( ener,y f1 Texti(e industries /except 5hadi1 ,1 Servin, industries These ,roups of industries inc(ude <: items.


Industria( extension services to sma(( entrepreneurs are provided #y the SISI, 5arna(and #r. SISI at Ihi)ani. The Institute, )orks )ith other deve(opmenta( a,encies in the State and provide technica( economic and mana,eria( consu(tancy services to the prospective entrepreneur for startin,, expandin, and modernisation their units.forpromotion and deve(opment of Sma(( Sca(e Industries in the State, it maintains c(ose (ia son )ith deve(opment of sma(( sca(e industries. In 1<<7, a su# contract exchan,e has started functionin, at 5arna( for providin, faci(ities to SSI and (ar,e sca(e units #y re,isterin, spare capacity of SSI !nits


In the precedin, artic(es )e have studied a(( kinds of resources avai(a#(e in the Distt a(on,)ith ,eo,raphica( #ack,round and topo,raphy. Tremendous pro,ress made #y (ar,e6sca(e industries and a(so tiny & anci((ary industries in the Distt. after the (i#era(i4ation have #een seen. In the chapter existin, industria( scenario a ,enera( vie) of ,ro)th of industries inc(udin, SID2 units after 1<<1 has #een hi,h(i,hted. Distt. is comin, up very fast on industria( map of Haryana. 2ne additiona( #enefit of t e Distt is ad9oined :oundaries ;it National Capital Del i8 t e 6ate;ay of ;orld &arket and National Hi6 ;ay No. ! 4over t e &a<i&u& parts of t e distt ; i4 in turn offer a:undant industrial opportunities in the area in vie) of the fast chan,in, industria( scenario and ,(o#a(isation of the market. The process of industria(isation in the Distt has #een confined to certain specified areas. B suita#(e strate,y of #a(anced industria(isation of this distt )ou(d therefore consists of identification of industria( potentia(ities existin, in the Distt as interface p(ays a cata(ytic ro(e in creatin, stron, (inka,es amon, the sectors )hich )ou(d provide income ,eneratin, activities in the )ho(e Distt. It has certain advanta,es in comparison to other districts of the State, )hich )ou(d pave the )ay of speedy and #a(anced industria(isation in the area. In vie) of this, an attempt has #een made to ana(y4e the resource endo)ment for industria( exp(oitation and to identify the items havin, rich potentia( ANAL1SIS O) THE IND.STRIAL POTENTIALITIES IN THE DISTT.


( Resour4e=A6ro :ased Industries7

"romotion of va(ue added a,ro #ased industries has ,ained the considera#(e importance in recent years and its is the thrust area in the ne) industria( po(icy of the State. 3ina crops of the Distt are )heat, paddy, su,ar cane, ve,eta#(es and f(o)ers. 3ushroom has a(so cau,ht the interest of the farmers )hich is )ide(y ,ro)n in the distt #ased on these resources industries (ike stra) #oard, #akery & #iscuits, rice f(akes, dehydrated ve,eta#(es, f(oricu(ture, potato chips, nood(es, catt(e & pou(try feed can easi(y #e set up in the distt.


Resour4e=A6ro :ased Industries7 The production of a,ricu(ture products, (ike )heat, rice, ve,eta#(es, mushrooms, f(o)ers, su,arcane etc. )as in sufficient Euantity in the Distt. Distt. is kno)n as the mushroom #o)( not on(y in the country #ut a(so in Bsia. In vie) of this fo((o)in, sma(( sca(e units can #e considered havin, potentia( in the Distt.

Cannin6 of ,us roo&s7( !pto 71.12.2>>> there )ere 7:> units en,a,ed in producin, the mushrooms. @u(tivation of mushrooms has cau,ht the interest of farmers and ,ettin, momentum. Bvera,e estimated production of mushroom )as more than 19>> ton per annum. In vie) of the production of mushrooms in the area units in the (ine of mushroom cannin, can #e considered havin, potentia( in the distt. Ra) materia( reEuired for manufacturin, the product is easi(y avai(a#(e in the Distt. ?stimated investment in the proAect is a#out Rs. 2: (akhs or depend on the capacity of the proAect. Cattle feed=Poultry )eed7( In vie) of the hu,e (ivestock popu(ation and mi(ch anima(s and ,ro)in, demand of the product not on(y in the area #ut a(so in the adAoinin, parts, sti(( there exist scope and fe) units in the (ine can easi(y #e set up. "roposed investment of the proAect in the sma(( sca(e sector is Rs.1: (ac )ith a capacity of 2: Euinta(s per day. Bpart from the a#ove, other resource8a,ro6#ased industries can #e considered havin, potentia( in the Distt. are (isted here as under. iii1 @hi((y sauce and po)der iv1 Tomato sauce v1 @o(d stora,e vi1 %ood(es vii1 Rice F(akes

viii1 Iread & Iiscuits ix1 Stra) Ioard x1 Hand made "aper xi1 "otato @hips xii1 0rindin, and packin, of spices. xiii1 ?,, po)der xiv1 %amkeen IhuAia xv1 Seed "rocessin, xvi1 Stra) #erry xvii1 0aur6,um po)der


E<istin6 Industrial S4enario K B,ro #ased and food processin, K Texti(e & B((ied K @hemica(s K Jeather K $ooden #ased K Repair and Servicin, K Ru##er & "(astic products K ?n,ineerin, products /inc(udin, auto & #asic meta(1 K 0(ass & ceramics K Ski(( #ased industries K ?xportin, units E&er6in6 Industrial S4enario K Ha(ue added a,ro products K @annin, of mushroom K 0(ue & Ione crushin, K Dairy products K Servicin, industries K Jeather products K FR" products K Ru##er & p(astic products K Soft)are deve(opment K @omputer accessories parts K @ommunication parts K Buto parts

K @hemica( &pharmaceutica( K Technica( education K "acka,in, materia( K ?n,ineerin, ,oods


@L3@ for ?n,,. & @hemica( ,oods is in existence since 1<<= for providin, testin, & certification faci(ities to the industria( units of the area in r8o fo((o)in, cate,ories of industries. 1. Ji,ht ?n,,. 2. "aints 7. Ru##er 9. @hemica(s :. Texti(es /@hemica( testin,1 There )ere no. of units en,a,ed in (eather tannin, and finishin, of (eather etc. on the #asis of avai(a#i(ity of (eather fe) units on the (ine of manufacturin, the (eather products have #een set up. In vie) of this a trainin, institute )ith (eather trade is su,,ested.

A&:ika Ari ant )oods Pvt. Ltd.
It is a fami(y o)ned Indian company and )as incorporated on G Septem#er 1<<2 #y the promoters Sannat 'ain and 3rs. Bshu 'ain. The companyMs o:9e4tive is to pro4ess and preserve fres fruits and ve6eta:le s in 2TS cans, ,(ass #ott(es and Aars. The food processin, unit of the company is (ocated at the industrial area of 3undli in Haryana. The company has #een processin, a )ide ran,e of processed food products under the companyMs #rand name Bm#ari. The company is approved & re,istered )ith various 0overnment a,encies such as 3inistry of Food "rocessin, Industries, $ei,hts and 3easure, ?xcise and Taxation, District Industries @enter etc. The company has #een a((otted manufacturin, (icense F"2C <11: #y the 3inistry of Food "rocessin, Industries. The F"2 num#er is issued #y the Indian 0overnment and constitutes the standard that the food industry is reEuired to meet. F"2 is a mark of ,ood Eua(ity processed food products. "rocessed food products carryin, the F"2 sym#o( are packed under specified hy,ienic conditions. $e promise you 4ero #acteria product made from choicest in,redients )ith a(( their ,ood Eua(ities packed for you


Sonepat AHaryana*

0(axoSmtihk(ine @onsumer Hea(thcare Jtd is an Indian ,roup @ompany8associate of 0(axoSmithk(ine p(c !.5. 0(axoSmtihk(ine @onsumer Hea(thcare Jtd. is one of the (ar,est p(ayers in the ealt food drinks industry in India. The Sonepat factory is invo(ved in the manufacture of Hor(icks, the f(a,ship product of the @ompany, incorporatin, the hi,hest and most strin,ent ,(o#a( manufacturin, processes in the industry. The factory has a fu((y automated desi,n that a((o)s the product to #e produced hy,ienica((y

Skylark foods Private Lmt.

?sta#(ished in the year 2>>=, at Sonipat, Haryana, India, )e -Sky(ark Foods "rivate Jimited,. are one of the leadin6 pro4essors and suppliers of Buality C i4ken Produ4ts. 2ur )e(( eEuipped processin, p(ant is eEuipped )ith modern machines and eEuipment that a((o) us to consistent(y maintain IS2 22>>62>>: certified /HB@@"1 standards that are fo((o)ed at our end. The processed @hicken products offered #y us inc(ude @hicken $in,s, @hicken "recut, @hicken )ith Skin, Ione(ess @hicken, @hicken Jo((ipop, @hicken 0i44ard and @hicken Ireast. Bpart from this, )e a(so offer @hicken Jiver, Fu(( Je, @hicken, @hicken Drumstick and @hicken )ithout Skin. $e are (ookin, for Eueries from %@R re,ion.


?sta#(ished in the year, C""'8 )e -+opal ?i )ood Produ4tD, are a prominent firm, en,a,ed in processin, and supp(yin, House old Spi4es. 2ur products are processed under the strict vi,i(ance of our experienced team of professiona(s, )hich ho(ds expertise in this domain. 3oreover, our procurin, a,ents keen(y examine and choose the most appropriate seeds for processin,. Further, our in6house Eua(ity checkin, team examines their Eua(ity on various parameters of co(or, aroma and taste. Iesides, our )arehousin, faci(ity he(ps us in storin, our products proper(y, so that they matches )e(( to the industria( standards. The faci(ity is )e(( eEuipped )ith a(( the necessary measures reEuired for storin, spices. Further, the packa,in, is done payin, specia( attention to)ards the hy,ienic conditions. Bs c(ient satisfaction is a maAor concern for us, )e make sure that the products )e offer, are exact(y as per the customer specifications.!nder the a#(e ,uidance of our mentor, E,r. San9ayD8 )e have #een a#(e to deve(op an eminent market position. His in6depth kno)(ed,e and (eadership Eua(ities have #een a maAor reason for our success in such a short span of time.


K Sonepat District is )e(( endo)ed )ith a6ro and livesto4k sour4es. Ho)ever, the potentia( resources are yet to #e industria((y exp(oited effective(y.

K Industries like food pro4essin68 servi4in6 and repair8 en6ineerin68 traditional unc(assified industries etc. are dominatin, the industria( map of the district. K District is fast comin, not on(y on the industria( map of the state #ut a(so on the country and succeeded in attra4tin6 t e forei6n dire4t invest&ent a(so. De(hi #ased industries are very keen to have their ventures in the district due to its (ocationa( advanta,e. K @oncentration of industries restricted to on(y Sonepat, 5und(i and on 0.T. Road #e(t. Rest of the #(ock remains (ess deve(oped. For :alan4ed e4ono&i4 develop&ent8 it is su66ested t at Industrial Estates at 3 e;ra and 5eri and in other pockets of the district are to #e set up. K Infrastru4ture fa4ility avai(a#(e in the existin, industria( estate8areas (ike maintenance of roads, )ater, re,u(ar po)er supp(y is not upto the mark. It is recommended that 0ovt. shou(d pay attention and ensure for maintenance for a(( infrastructure faci(ities reEuired for speedy and smooth industria( deve(opment. K .nder6round ;ater level is deep and scarcity of s)eet )ater has #een o#served in the district. 0ovt. shou(d arran,e s)eet )ater #oth for drinkin, as )e(( as industria( purposes. K The la4k of initiative8 poor &otivation and dependen4e on traditional o44upation has #een o#served particu(ar(y in the rura( areas of the district. K $ith a vie) to open more investment opportunities and acce(erate the industria( ,ro)th it is recommended that one 6ro;t 4entre have to #e identified and deve(oped in the district. K @onsiderin, the (eather processin, and manufacturin, units in the district it is recommended that one te4 ni4al institute in leat er te4 nolo6y shou(d #e set up. F Disposal of industrial ;aste is common pro#(em in most of the industria( areas. This area needs specia( attention and ,overnment shou(d make specia( arran,ements for the disposa( of industria( )aste in the existin, industria( areas. F Availa:ility of adeBuate and re6ular po;er supply is another initiative factor reEuired for smooth ,ro)th in any area. 0overnment shou(d pay attention to)ards adeEuate and re,u(ar po)er supp(y in the industria( areas. F Entrepreneurial 4o&peten4e and personality are the key factors that are necessary. K To succeed in entrepreneuria( ventures in vie) of the cha((en,in, entrepreneuria( opportunity at present and future it is of paramount importance to pro&ote &ana6e&ent skills of t e prospe4tive entrepreneurs to succeed in their ventures. It is su,,ested that to create entrepreneurship

amon, the educated youths, motivationa( campai,ns #y various promotiona( a,encies /0ovt.& %02s1 shou(d #e or,anised at important p(aces of the district )hich )ou(d certain(y he(p in creatin, the industria( confidence and identify entrepreneurs. Industria( Bssociations shou(d #e encoura,ed for their participation in such pro,rammes.