Consumerism, financial systems and the future

We are building towards a sustainable future that defines itself on one whole.
There are a lot of debates over the state of the economy at the moment, especially concerning the financial situation of the world at present. People are focusing a lot on the issue of consumerism, especially when it links to over indulgence with money, whether it is relating to large businesses and profits, or to the everyday spending of each individual in general. Perhaps our economic situation is produced out of our over consumerist nature or maybe it is a step in our own evolution of mind and material understanding? We eat away at the resources provided to us, making products that seem to have no relevance to real needs for life, overindulging in life and what it has to offer. Meanwhile a great portion of the world is suffering in poverty and cannot even afford to buy food and clothing, let alone to think about how they would want to decorate their home, or how they look when it comes to the public eye. There seems to be no consistency or order when it comes to life, why is this so? In this article I want to discuss some of the important issues to take into consideration relating to consumerism, especially concerning our current situation and what we need to think about for the future. A lot of people freak out when they are faced with crisis, which mostly forms from an inability to accept change and know that it is a valuable stepping stone towards a future that may well offer a more balanced lifestyle. However when crisis hits people instead immediately jump into the air, fingers pointed in blame towards all that they find inconsistent in life. Instead of dealing with change and the knowledge that life will always face hurdles and new challenges, people want to find reason in everything for the struggles that they are facing, whether or not they are linked to their own problems or not. Most people do not accept change or challenge. They seek instead a life of sublime balance. However, what they forget to take into consideration is that once there life becomes then comfortable, they then get bored and most often seek to find something more to experience. This relates very much to our state of mind. We seek continually to better our circumstances in life, yet when we reach this, we then want for more and more. What makes us this way in nature, and how does this affect the current state of our world when it comes to consumerism and the future? It would be extremely naïve to think that the world could be changed back to how things were in the past. There are a lot of people who write about how they desire for change back into a simple lifestyle that is not controlled by consumerism. Their ideals on simple lifestyle incorporate a need to strip away a lot of material comforts and bring our world back to a state

that we were in many years in our own past, before consumerism took hold. This is something that takes effect with every generation of life, especially when a person reaches a certain age they will indeed have to confront the changes taking place in the world, and they will most definitely always compare their situation to their past experiences. No one ever thinks that they will reach the age where they are actually saying things like, ‘in the past things were better, you got more value for your money.’ The older we get the less we are able to accept the changes taking place around us, no matter how large or small they are. The younger we are the more we are able to accept change and situation, why is this so? The more experiences that a person takes on in life make them aware of the effects of time and change. A child has not yet the experiences of life in order to compare against what they are currently experiencing. Thus a child is more accepting of change when it is young for the simple fact that it has nothing to compare against in relation to what is considered by older generations as normal and rational. A child then learns from the actions of its parents and other people and friends around them in every situation, based on their own drive and choices in life. As time goes by, they then start to see changes taking place in their world, comparing to their younger life experiences with every step of the way. This is how change is accepted through generation, through the destruction of the old making way for a totally new outlook on life. Old thought patterns are pushed out by the youth who do not understand the past simply because they were never a part of it. The truth of the matter is that we do not truly grow to accept change, in fact it is quite the opposite, the more we experience in life the less we want to experience change. However it is through the younger generations that change is forced upon us, for the fact that they do not have experiences in order to compare their beliefs against, and thus therefore have nothing to yet complain about. They will more likely jump into new and interesting ideas without caring about the consequences, at least this is how it is seen by the perceived older and wiser generations. The youth however have no consequences built up in their mind in order to understand the effects of change, so they are therefore more willing to participate in new experiences than of someone who has confronted more challenges in their life. We presume immediately that having more experience is a cause for being wise and understanding of life, yet on the other hand it is also at some levels showing people to be more over cautious, fearful and limited in their approach. This will then bring up issues to do with fear of change and when searching through the news it is not surprising to find that the people who are more greatly affected by financial stress are people who have already seen the likes of crisis and struggle from years in the past, who fear having to confront these issues again. To some people this might be considered a learning development. However to others it may be considered a financial blockade that holds back economic progression. That is one other thing to take into consideration is that even though we are now going through financial strain, it is not the first time in history that the world has had to face such situations. Things did happen in the past just as they do now. We write in articles that all the most current events that occur are the worst yet in our history. It seems to be the common trend to now write comparison data that shows that the effects of change in our world are at present worst than they have ever been. However, every generation says the same thing. We are with no doubt living in a more advanced world, not just financially, materialistically but most importantly we are in a world where population is growing at an exorbitant rate. If a crisis event were to exist within a small community it would be able to be resolved a lot faster than compared to a whole nation, let alone a whole world that has over 6 billion people on it.

Taking all these things into consideration, it only then takes a little common sense to preclude that evolution of material matter needs to take into consideration also the development of the mind. That as the world expands physically so will each individual expand in perception and the needs of the mind. The more that we take on in life the more we will need in order to satisfy our own individual desires. Knowing this, it is rational then to equate that expansion is the only way in order to produce growth and balance. It is highly unlikely that people will choose to return to the old ways of the past when they are so driven by the experiences that are being offered to them in their future. We will never see a future without technology and scientific discovery. We will never go back to riding horses on the streets, making our tools from scratch, with each and every one of us growing our own produce and organizing exchange through barter systems. These older financial systems will not work in an ever expanding world, and cannot work for the fact that the world is already outgrowing other more intricate methods of financial and economic exchange when it comes to money, production and consumerism. What this means then is that our future will bring to us something completely different than anything that has been produced in the past, something that is able to encompass the needs of not only a small community, not only a country or continent, but also the needs of the entire world as a whole. If you think about the financial systems of the past, it is clear to see that there is a progression forming through population, technological and intellectual growth. The old barter systems were utilized in small communities, then we had money exchange that was able to be utilized within regions and states, then we have the banking system that is able to be utilized within countries and continents. Now as we become global in our approaches financially, there is no doubt then that there will be some other means of organization and structure. People wonder what sort of system would then be used in a global way when it comes to growth and exchange. The important thing to take into consideration is that whatever system is produced it will need to reflect the growth and change of the world as a whole. It will not be a system that derives out of past concepts that have now been outgrown, but instead one that encompasses all the needs of the people now and for the future. That future is also dependant on growth of the mind and growth when it comes to the needs of all people in general, whether that is relating to food and resources, health, technological and social needs. Not one person in a growing society, when it comes to technology and personal comfort, will want to even consider giving up all to go back to live in the ways of the past. Even if such a thing could be achieved, people would find such a life too simple and boring, not encompassing enough experiences to stimulate their evolving mind. We forget that as we evolve physically that we also evolve mentally. The more we are given to stimulate our minds the more we will eventually need to enhance our technology in order to keep our minds busy. Thus consumerism is a method that we are currently using in order to sustain this at present. What this means is that consumerism in general, although a lot of people consider it to be what causes financial destruction, it is a valuable stepping stone towards a future that will offer a much more grounding situation as a whole. Consumerism is built on a world that forms through the banking system, in relation to countries exchanging items with one another. The faster evolving countries technologically and industrially produce and consume the most when it comes to resources and food. This system bases itself on separation for the fact that it is built up from separation. When a world

becomes then globally aware, life then becomes built up on something totally different, it is no longer separate but more as one whole unit. In the past we had to always have something in order to grow into, however when it comes to globalization there is no longer more in order to grow into anymore. What then happens to our world when it is then seen as a whole? People may immediately presume that society will take a turn for the worst in this situation, for the fact that when we think of the past when it comes to fascism and dictated governments, when things are brought back to a whole they were always found to become restrictive. One thing that people may not take into consideration is the fact that fascist and dictated systems of the past were still working in a world that was formed through separation. There was nothing whole about these systems. The reason why a lot of these systems were brought into effect was in order to dominate over other countries for expansion and growth. In a world that is one already, there is no way that such a fascist or dictated system could ever have the ability to uphold itself, for the fact that it will have nothing in order to expand into or control over in order to gain power and prestige. In a world that is one whole, there is nothing that such a ruler or government would be able to gain or claim his or her prestige upon. This also means that although we may have fears of the changes that may come to us in the future, there would be no reason to ever think that these changes will incorporate what we have already seen in the past. Instead what we will see is something totally different, something that has not yet throughout our many thousands of years of remembered history been ever achieved until now, and that is the understanding of something being ‘one whole’. That is when the word separation takes on a whole new meaning, from outside to in, instead of inside to out. Do not think for a moment that such a world system that defines itself on one whole would not ever be achievable or sustainable. This is a fallacy to think that such a system would never be able to be viable for the future for growth and expansion. The thoughts that we have now about such a system build themselves on fears that come out of past experiences defined on a system that bases itself on separation. It would be silly to compare the past with the future in this way. What would also be silly would be to presume that we could forever live in the past and never move forward into a new system of awareness and change. Our minds and needs continue to grow exponentially, so thus it is only logical to preclude that we will have to also expand in our material and social systems in order to uphold the needs that we will have in the future. When a system is put into place that defines itself in a unit as one whole, each individual person thus becomes one part of that whole. Although through our perception things will become more restrictive when it comes to our individual creativity, we will however be living in a world that incorporates more equality and security, simply through the fact that each and every individual will be given the same rights as everyone else. I do not myself personally admit to desiring such a world for the future, for the fact that as a writer I enjoy to express my individual and unique perception on life. In a world that is based on one whole, individual expression becomes watered down into the need for group activities. That is why now we are seeing more and more articles and writing on how we as a culture are able to perform better in a group situation when it comes to making rational decisions. It is true that more heads are better than one, however, this can also strip away personality, or for a better word, ego, of each individual making them more group oriented and socially interactive.

Most of course desire to have the world in this way, however for the very few that enjoy their own individual expression within a group environment it will become a more restrictive world. People will still retain a level of individual choice when it comes to their own personal desires of what they want to participate in, but they will be encouraged to do these things in group environments through peer pressure and for enjoyment and social reasons. If a person is seen to separate themselves within a group environment they may be considered sick or maladjusted. Then you will see more psychologically based studies that incorporate the need for people to join in social groups rather than to be separated. They will call this sickness as they are already coining it, depression. More conditions will start to come about in a global world for the fact that within a group environment society will be considered more in relation to one whole, and thus it will be that all will be judged and defined within the whole in general. You can see this already occurring when it comes to the multitude of studies that are taking place, studies that are relating to statistics. Society will be judged more and more as one whole rather than through separation of personality and individuality. One important thing to remember is that this is a natural progression for any evolution within space and all of reality at every level, not just our global culture here now within this world. Once something does outgrow itself it thus has to look back within at itself in order to develop further. There is no going back to the past. We are already paving our way mentally and physically towards a global future of oneness, based on the fact that we are expanding not only in technology but also in our awareness and mental reasoning. We already condition our society through peer pressure and social structures. There are already rules in place that are bringing about order towards a view of the world as one whole. This is an evolutionary journey into something totally new. Financial interaction with the use of money will become a thing of the past in a world that sees itself as one. Things will be organized more into group based systems rather than into systems that define themselves on separation. All that a person can do in a group environment will be considered all that is needed in order to survive. In such a world service is a thing of the past. People will not be considered to be working or performing a service to society. Instead everyone will be participating in society in the same way, thus eliminating the need for rules that define themselves on separation. A world that defines itself on value systems will be replaced by incorporative systems. In an incorporate system people will not see themselves through value and worth, but more through participation and social involvement. The only thing expected of a person will be participation at whatever degree that they are able to experience life at. This is the way of a future that will be based on the concept of global wholeness. It is very obvious to see that this is the way we are progressing at present, not only based on our own willingness and involvement but also on the fact that it is an evolutionary progression that needs to take place in order to sustain the environment to which we are living in now, an environment that is forever expanding both physically and mentally towards a future of oneness. By Stacey T Pollock 28th July 2009

About the Author:
Stacey T Pollock is an author who writes about the mind and her personal perception of life and the physical world. She has written books to do with creation theory and the mind and matter, coming from the standpoint of a person who studies all viewpoints of life around her. Her philosophy in life is that we can obtain an understanding that links all philosophies together that can allow for creativity and choice on how we wish to experience life. 'Life is a perception of the mind; all the answers are within us' Visit Stacey T Pollock’s website at:

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