8/7/09 11:11 http://gflcentral.ning.com Update “The Love Train has Arrived, Hop On Board” http://www.

youtube.com/watch?v=r7MiG2fe8lE People all over the world (everybody) Join hands (join) Start a love train, love train People all over the world (all the world, now) Join hands (love ride) Start a love train (love ride), love train The next stop that we make will be love Tell all the folks in Russia, and China, too Don't you know that it's time to get on board And let this train keep on riding, riding on through Well, well People all over the world (you don't need no money) Join hands (come on) Start a love train, love train (don't need no ticket, come on) People all over the world ( ride this train)(Ride this train, y'all) Start a love train (Come on, train), love train All of you brothers over in Africa Tell all the folks in Egypt, and Israel, too Please don't miss this train at the station 'Cause if you miss it, I feel sorry, sorry for you Well People all over the world (Sisters and brothers) Join hands (join, come on) Start a love train (ride this train, y'all), love train (Come on) People all over the world (Don't need no tickets) Join hands (come on, ride) Start a love train, love train Ride, let it ride Let it ride Let it ride People, ain't no war People all over the world (on this train) Join in (ride the train) Start a love train, love train (ride the train, y'all) People all over the world (come on) Join hands (you can ride or stand, yeah) Start a love train, love train (makin' love) People all over the world ('round the world, y'all) Join hands (come on) Start a love train, love train “Love is Contagious” “Bursts of Joy and Laughter” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_p1Q1qCfXrQ “Oh Child, Things are Gonna Get Easier, Things are Gonna Get Brighter”


“Love Letters from The Present Moment of Now, Heaven on Earth” “Blessed is The Love Called God Everywhere Present, Equally Within Us ALL” Love from The Galactic Federation of Light, The Company of Heaven, From Galactic Central/Center, Here in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, the Navel on Planet Earth=Heart and The Birthing Area of Love Everywhere Present, Within All Of Creation and Beyond. We are Your Family of Light from the Stars, The Elohim, The Celestial Ones, Known as The Bird Tribe, and WE are Your Hosts of Heaven. Yes, Heaven is a Place on Earth, ask Your Atoms..LOL WE are the Ground Crew for First Contact, and Present With you Are Your Parents of Creation, Mother and Father God, Welcoming you Home, and Congratulating you On Your Graduation into Godhood! WE Love you Unconditionally. Giggles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zL23766IWI Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, Over Flowing Abundant Joy, Magical Synchronostic Events, True Equality, Abundance, Laughter, Happiness, Inner Peace, and Heaven on Earth. Today is Friday August 7th, 2009. Today, we Have the Giggles, that is For Sure. The Love Train has Arrived, and Each of You can Hop on Board. The Energy of Love is Contagious, and Humanity will not be able to refuse this Joy of Ever Increasing Love that is continuing to Arrive on Planet Earth=Heart. There is So Much Joy, that there are hardly any words to Describe it. Even the Grumpy Ones are Smiling, because they can Feel changes, they're just not sure what.... You Who read Our Messages and others Who are Sharing The Truth of What is Unfolding on this Planet, have the inside scoop. Love is Pouring down Into this Planet with Such Intensity, and For Those of You Who are Awake can Surely Feel this, WE Sure can. It's So Contagious, You cannot Help but Feel the Bursting Bubbles of Joy coming from Within Your Being. Every Moment in The Present Moment of NOW, is this Experience. Pure Joy, Pure Laughter, Pure Beauty, Pure Magnificent Magic is The Very Truth Of Who You are In the Light. And as You Look Around You and Across Our Beautiful Mother Earth, Breathe this Truth into Your Being. Then Share this Wonder and Magic With Others. Mother Earth is One With You, and She Is Abundantly Over Flowing With Joy and Passion, as She Knows Her Transformation has Begun. Each Of Your Transformations have begun as well, into The Magic of The Eternal Present Moment of Now!!! Human Beings are First and Foremost, Love. This is Humanity's Natural State. This Planet is Transforming into the Truth, and ALL of You are Transforming With Her into this Truth. You are Magical Celestial Beings, This is Who You Are. You access this in The Eternal Present Moment of NOW. Walking on Sunshine Song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmxSL6H2QEg In the Past Couple of Days, WE have Seen the Most Magnificent Cloud Ships in the Sky. As We look at them, we Can Feel the Intensity and Magical Energy that they are sending to this Planet. Truly Amazing. Many of You are Sharing with US, that Indeed you can See and Feel the Changes we have Been sharing with You. So Many more of You are Awakening, and Feeling things that you never have experienced in this Lifetime Before. Just wait, as Each Moment Moves in this Energy, the Grander the Feelings and Experiences Become. How Grand IS THAT? For some, they are saying they do not Feel a thing. That should be a clue to them that they are Missing the

Most Grand Moments on this Planet, and that they are Asleep in never-never land. The Awakened Ones Are Alive in the Always-Always Land of Pure Joy and Happiness. “Who are You Really? You Each are Just a Pool of Atoms, of Creational Energy of Love, and illusion does not stand a chance, oh well.....Snickers all Around. This is The True Conspiracy, LOVE IS ALL THAT EXISTS, the Secret is Out!! Has Humanity Heard the Great News? Is anyone going to tell them?” “The More of Us that are Awake, the More of Us to Give” “There is a Grid of the One Consciousness that is Surrounding Planet Earth=Heart, this Grid Is where Each Higher Self is connected into, and Where We are ALL ONE. Love is Making the Call for Each Atom to Return Home, back into Creation, and the ships arriving are assisting in these High Intensity Energies of Love. This will Keep increasing, as They Bring the Planet Home into The Light and True Reality. This IS THE DIVINE PLAN, HOME IS YOUR DESTINY, AND THIS IS LOVE'S CALL.” We Are Offering Amazing Private One on One Sessions with Us. WE Assist You In Higher Self Connection, Vibrational Frequency Clearing to Enter into the Higher Vibrational Frequencies of Only Love, Laughter and Joy, Chakra Alignments, Connection with Your Angelic Support Teams, Divine Guidance, WE Provide you the Tools to Heal Yourselves, and Support Others through the Process. WE Also Help you get In Balance for Twin Flame Reconnections, and Get To Your Joy. We assist you in unlocking your Divine Mission and your Part of the Divine Plan, and So Much More. Each of these Sessions are Based Around The Uniqueness of Each of You, since each Being is Unique and Brilliant. Email us today to schedule at mothergod1111111@gmail.com Donations- Thank you for Sharing with Us and sending us Your Love Donations for the Work we are accomplishing for You and the Whole Planet, all Donations are Greatly Appreciated, and Go To Serve the Greatest Good Always. Thank You for Making a Donation Today http://gflcentral.ning.com/page/donate-1 Events- WE are Headed for the 8/8 Event, which is The Doorway into Your Eternal Lives. This 8/8 day is Also the Anniversary of the Marriage of Heaven and Earth, that was Accomplished Last Year, as the Groundwork for this Year. This was the Divine Marriage of Father God and I. This is the day we opened the Door, that Now Many of You are Ready to Walk through. This Doorway is You Becoming Who You Truly are, As Love and Light Beings. You will Also Hear it referred to as “Christ Consciousness”. You are All Becoming Christed Ones. The Entire Planet is Immersed in Unconditional Love!! Allow the Joy of Love Over Flow Within You, its contagious and will touch ALL that are Around You. -Global Wave Meditation for 8/8 will be Very Grand and is The Love Train!! Now ALL of You Will be Feeling the LOVE Train, and Hopping on if you so choose. Each of You have Already received Your Tickets, and Now it's Up to Each of YOU. More Events- The Transformation of Mother Earth Into The Truth of Who She Is, As a Magical Celestial Being. ALL that are On Her will Transform as Well. Higher and Higher We Go!!! The Love [Ethics] Train is Full Speed UP, no seat belts required! Visions- We Can See It NOW, ALL Of US as ONE In Cooperation, Peace, True Abundance, True Equality, Harmony, Unconditional Love, Sharing, and Living Who WE ALL Really Are, as Magical Celestial Beings. On Board Monitor-More of Humanity is Beginning To Remember Who They Are. As this Occurs, The ALL that We Are ALL Connected too Adds More and More Energy of Higher

Vibrational Frequencies for all to Experience Energy Movement Update- The Energy is Moving at Light Speed Vibrations Today, for Some it can Feel like something is sweeping You right off your Feet. You may Experience Uncontrollable Laughter, and really not sure Why. This Energy of Love is So Contagious. It's Like Bubbles of Joy, bursting Forth in continual waves. The Great News is that this is Unstoppable, and The Grander News is that this Experience will Continue to Become Grander. Let the Love Flow. If you have Missed any of our messages, you may visit US at www.gflcentral.org in the Forum or Library Sections for the Older Messages or Visit our Ning Site for the Latest Updates http://gflcentral.ning.com WE Love you With the Highest Love, Honor, and Respect. We Love You Unconditionally. Love Mother and Father God/Amon Ra, Your Family of Light, ALL your Angels, and The Ground Crew for First Contact. “Do not forget to Look UP!”