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ACCPAC International, Inc Adonix Adonix Transcomm American Software Best Software, Inc. Best Software, Inc. Bowen & Groves Carillon Financials Corp


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Carillon ERP/EMS

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CINCOM Systems Inc. ComPiere, Inc

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Exact Software North America, Inc Exact Software North America, Inc. Exact Software North America, Inc. Expandable Software, Inc.


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FlexInternational Software Inc. Glovia International LLC

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IFS Inc.


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Solutions Infor Global Solutions Integrated Systems Technology, Inc Intentia International AB Intuitive Manufacturing Systems Inc. IQMS

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OpS-SQL Lawson VISUAL Enterprise Made2Manage Enterprise

JDH Business Systems Lawson Software Lilly Software Associates Made2Manage Systems, Inc MAPICS Inc


MAPICS Microsoft Corp Solomon Great Plains Dynamics eEnterprise Microsoft Corp Microsoft Corp Microsoft Corp Navision NETcellent System, Inc NetSuite Inc NetSuite Open Systems, Inc OpenPro, Incorporated ons ons

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Oracle Corp. Oracle Corp..

JD Edwards

Oracle Corp. QAD Inc.



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SouthWare Innovations, Inc. SSA Global Technologies

SSA Global BAAN, Protean, and PRISM Technologies, Inc Infinium IMPACT Encore SYSPRO SSA Global Technologies, Inc Syspro Impact Software Inc SYSPRO Ltd.,

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Xdata Solutions, Inc.

ACCPAC International
Sage North America is the North American operating company of UK-based The Sage Group plc, a leading global supplier of business management software and services. For more than 30 years, Sage North America has delivered easy-to-use, scalable, and customizable software for accounting, customer relationship management, human resources, merchant services, time tracking, and the specialized needs of the construction, distribution, healthcare, manufacturing, nonprofit, and real estate industries. 2.9 million small and medium-sized business customers in North America rely on Sage.*

Sage North America encompasses the following divisions and brands, organized by customer focus:

Sage Business Solutions: Sage Business Solutions serves small and medium-sized businesses with core business management applications for accounting, enterprise resource management, customer relationship management,; it also serves the industry-specific needs of the construction, real estate, and nonprofit industries as well as the employer-focused needs of SMBs. Sage Payment Solutions: Sage Payment Solutions provides merchant services for retail, business-to-business, and e-commerce businesses in processing customer transactions through credit cards, debit cards, and checks. Sage Healthcare Division: Sage Healthcare Division serves the business automation needs of medical practices with Integrated Electronic Health Records, EDI applications, and management systems including Intergy by Sage EHR.

Glovia International LLC
Glovia is one of the world's most experienced and solidly backed enterprise software firms. For over thirty years we have helped manufacturers to manage, improve and grow their businesses. Today's product – – was first released in 1990 as Xerox Chess. Since its introduction, the product has been extended and enhanced many times but has always retained the original design concept of being the best ERP solution for manufacturing companies. The technology basis of a single integrated real-time data schema on a single code set has been maintained throughout, therefore allowing all of our customers to migrate to newer releases without fear or indecision. We go beyond what you would expect from a typical ERP vendor — in technology, functionality, service and value. Our extended ERP solution helps manufacturers overcome their most pressing

business challenges, whether on the factory floor, in the boardroom or with their customers and suppliers.

The comprehensive functionality of our fully integrated solution enables customers to manage every aspect of the product lifecycle — from design, manufacturing and fulfillment to installation, service and support.

Glovia's extended ERP solution helps manufacturers in over 1,000 sites manage their global businesses effectively, by supporting multiple languages, multiple currencies, and multiple complex business structures. Glovia fits the needs of engineer-to-order, make-to-order, high volume and mixed-mode manufacturing. While our name has changed over the years, our dedication to our customers has not. As part of Fujitsu, the $47+ billion global technology leader, we continue to invest in our solution so we can meet your needs — today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Infor Global Solutions
Infor ERP VISUAL is a manufacturing-centric software solution delivering end-to-end functionality, low cost of ownership, and ease of use to serve the needs of diverse manufacturing business models, including engineer-to-order, make-to-order, configure-to-order, make-to-stock, and assembly-to-order. It's an ideal solution for an emerging manufacturer looking at ERP for the first time, a business unit in a larger organization that needs specialized functionality, or anything in-between. Infor ERP VISUAL has helped companies like yours achieve results such as:
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Three- to six-month implementations 50% reduction in manufacturing lead times 50% reduction in work-in-progress inventory levels 100% improvement in productivity 67% reduction in quoted lead times 50% reduction in finished goods inventory Return on investment in less than 12 months

Ramco Systems
Ramco Systems, part of the USD 800 million Ramco Group, has delivered enterprise software and services since 1989. Today, Ramco is a global provider serving over 100,000 users with more than 1,800 employees operating out of 18 offices in 9 countries. Ramco Systems develops cost effective, flexible and innovative enterprise applications that can be deployed fast. It helps businesses respond to change swiftly. The company provides solutions to multiple verticals including banking, insurance, manufacturing, supply chain, aviation, transportation and logistics, healthcare, governance, retail and more. Ramco’s collaborative solution innovation platform - Ramco VirtualWorks ensures that when your business changes, your system changes too

Seradax ERP
Seradex ERP Software is used to support your entire business and consists of modules such as Estimating, Sales Orders, Field Service, Production, Inventory Control, Procurement, Distribution, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting. The Seradex Product Configurator lets customers, engineers, salespeople and dealers recommend solutions, configure complex products and automate pricing, costing and commission calculations. You can produce detailed quotations and instantly create bills of material and routings for each order. Seradex has developed pre-packaged

ERP Software Solutions that reflect the best practices for particular industry. These solutions are designed for fast effective implementations. By integrating and standardizing business processes across your entire enterprise, you can focus on making, selling and supporting your products.

Cincom Systems Inc.
Cincom and its partners provide enterprise software and services to simplify and improve your business operations and customer communications–without forcing you to change how you run your business. In the end, we realize that the greatest value we offer is to help you deliver a great experience to your customers.
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Founded in 1968, Cincom is one of the first, foremost and most experienced companies in the software industry. Cincom and its partners provide software and services for: o Manufacturing o Business Intelligence o Contact Center o Document Automation o Knowledge-Driven Applications o Database Management o Revenue Cycle Optimization o Application Development

J. D. Edwards
J.D. Edwards, also called JDE, is a software company founded in March 1977 in Denver, Colorado by Jack Thompson, C.T.P."Chuck" Hintze, Dan Gregory and Ed McVaney. The company made its name building accounting software for IBM minicomputers, beginning with the System/34 and /36, focusing from the mid 1980s on System/38 minicomputers, switching to the AS/400 when it became available. Their main AS/400 offering was called JDEdwards WorldSoftware and is popularly called World. In 1996, J.D. Edwards also launched a clientserver version of their software called OneWorld. The company's official name was J.D. Edwards World Solution Company and it is located at One Technology Way, in Denver, CO 80237. JDE was bought out by PeopleSoft in 2003. PeopleSoft, in turn, was purchased by Oracle Corporation in 2005.

Start-up clients included McCoy Sales in Denver, Colorado, a then $4-million wholesale distribution company and Cincinnati Milacron Company, a makers of machine tools. McVaney and his team received a $75,000 contract to write software to develop a wholesale distribution system. The new company also got a $50,000 contract with the Colorado Highway Department to develop a governmental accounting, construction cost accounting system. McVaney's first international client was Shell Oil Company in Cameroon, Africa. JD Edwards's software was originally coded for the IBM System 36/38 and later upgraded to support the AS/400 and called JDEdwards World Software.

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software concept developed
With the vast majority of JDEdwards's customers in the medium sized area, clients did not have the luxury of gigantic accounting software implementations. There was a basic business need for all accounting to be tightly integrated.

Three roles in JDE ERP
As an ERP system JDE comprises 3 basic areas of expertise, functional-business, programmerdeveloper and technical-CNC-system administration.

CNC - ERP System architect, engineer and administrator This is a catch-all function comprising all that the two positions above do not cover including, installation, upgrades, updates, change management, system administration, security, performance tuning, package build and deployment and over-all architecture. The CNC title is taken from the term Configurable Network Computing which describes the overall JDE architecture.

[edit] Quality control issues with OneWorld begin to surface
Within a year of the release of OneWorld, customers and industry analysts were discussing serious reliability, unpredictability and other bug-related issues. In user group meetings, these issues were raised with JDE management. So serious were these major quality issues with OneWorld that by 2000, one of JDE's founders, Ed McVaney came out of retirement specifically to get OneWorld back on track. At an internal 2000 meeting in Atlanta, Georgia with some of his Company's CNC consultants, McVaney told them he had decided that he would "wait however long it took to have OneWorld 100% reliable and had thus delayed the release of version B7333 one full year because he "wasn't going to let it go out on the street until it was "ready for prime time."

[edit] Company evolution
The company had gradually been adding functions to its accounting software, evolving it into a platform-independent enterprise resource planning (ERP) application that was renamed OneWorld in 1996. This newer technology used the so-called Configurable Network Computing or "CNC" architecture to transparently shield business applications from the servers that ran those same applications, the databases in which the data was stored as well as the underlying operating system and server hardware.

2003 buyout of J.D. Edwards by PeopleSoft
In June 2003, the J.D. Edwards board agreed to an offer under which PeopleSoft would acquire J.D. Edwards; the takeover was completed in July. OneWorld was added to PeopleSoft’s software line and was renamed EnterpriseOne.

2004 buyout of PeopleSoft by Oracle
In December 2004, Oracle completed the acquisition of PeopleSoft and has, since then, continued to support products that were created by J.D. Edwards. The final purchase went through in January 2005. The PeopleSoft brand names in relation to the J.D. Edwards offerings, EnterpriseOne and WorldSoftware, were retired. Today, the products are called respectively, Oracle JDEdwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle JDEdwards World..

We founded QAD in 1979 with a vision to develop software exclusively for manufacturing companies. Today we are proud that our products are used by over 6,000 manufacturers in 90 countries. Early in our evolution we embraced the emergence of open systems, which today form the foundation of most companies’ applications architecture. Many global companies chose QAD for our global manufacturing focus and multinational support. Over 60 percent of our revenue is derived outside the United States. Today, we focus on supply chain collaboration and developing products that are easy to learn and intuitive to operate. We back up our products with world class Services and Support. We have more than 1,500 people dedicated to delivering the best user experience in the world.
Key Benefits of QAD Service and Support Management

QAD Service and Support Management (QAD SSM) provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing the interactions related to the support, maintenance and repair of products including coverage by warranty or service contract. QAD SSM helps reduce service costs and dramatically improve the speed of service and support activities. As an integral part of QAD Enterprise Applications, QAD SSM benefits from access to QAD Enterprise Applications data and processes, especially in the areas of master files, inventory management and financials.

Customers worldwide rely on QAD Service and Support Management to manage all aspects of after-sales support and service operations—warranty and service contract tracking and administration, installed base management, incident management, service activity recording and invoicing, and return and repair authorization processing and administration. QAD SSM can be supplemented by QAD Mobile Field Service and QAD Field Service Scheduler, to provide comprehensive enhanced field service management capabilities