User’s Guide

This course is designed for people who have less than two weeks (or only a few days or even hours!) to prepare for the GMAT. If you have more than a few days to prep, you should do everything outlined below. If you are taking the test within the next day or two, focus on the online lessons and practice quizzes. You probably won’t have time to work through all the .pdf assignments. You should also try the GMAC practice . This document is a step-by-step guide to preparing for the GMAT. We have imposed structure on your prep regime to get you through the material efficiently with maximum test day point yield. However, the course is also designed to allow you to self-navigate through it should you chose to do so. If you have not already registered to take the GMAT, do it now! Information on registering for the GMAT is on your orientation page. Click on GMAT Crash Course, in Course on the left side of this page), then navigate to screen. Click on Register for the GMAT. (the button

using buttons at the top of your course

Here is your plan of attack:


Print and read this document. To print this document you can either use the Print button on the

Adobe Acrobat Reader toolbar or right-click this document and choose Print from the menu of options.


Download and print your reference guides. All Guides are located under

. The

Grammar Reference Guide is in the Verbal

; the Math Reference Guides are in the Quantitative .

; and, the Guide to Usage and Style is in the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)



Enter the GMAT Crash Course by clicking on GMAT Crash Course, in Course , , and


You will be taken the course’s Homepage. Work through the

sections of the course. These sections should lead directly from one to another, but if you ever get lost within the Crash Course, you can move easily from one section to another by accessing the blue and orange buttons on the top of each course screen. – An overview of the components within your GMAT Crash Course. Read this page but DO NOT CLICK anything. You will cover everything on this page in due course. – This page covers What is the GMAT?, How is the GMAT administered?, What types GMAT? administered? of questions are on the exam?, and How is the GMAT scored?. Read this page then click Structure of exam? the test and Question types to learn about the exam. Next you will learn about GMAT scoring and how to attack a Computer Adaptive Test. – After reviewing this page, work through the 4 hyperlinks at the bottom of the page: How does a CAT find my score?, What does this mean to me?, How should I pace myself on the CAT?, Take a sample Mini-CAT. Once you’ve completed these pages, you will be ready to take a practice test.


Take the Kaplan Practice Test. The link for this test appears under Test

. The

Kaplan Practice Test is a full-length simulated GMAT. The results of this exam will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and will give you a crash introduction to the question types, structure, and scoring of the GMAT.


Begin your lessons. This is a three-step process: work through an online lesson, take an online

quiz, then print and review a .pdf practice set with explanations. For example, start with 2 Critical Reasoning. Click on GMAT Crash Course, in Reasoning Course , then navigate to Critical Reasoning by clicking at the top of your -2-

course screen. After finishing the lesson, take the 10-question Critical Reasoning Practice Quiz. It will begin automatically after the lesson or you can navigate to it by clicking at the top of your

course screen. Finally, print out and work through your Critical Reasoning .pdf located under in the Verbal under Practice Sets and Explanations. Explanations

Repeat the above for 2 Data Sufficiency, 2 Problem Solving, 2 Reading Comprehension, and Sufficiency Solving Comprehension 2 Sentence Correction. The Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving .pdf’s are located under Correction in the Quantitative under Practice Sets and Explanations. Explanations

6. in

Work through the Analytical Writing Assessment (Essays) lesson. Click on GMAT Crash Course, Course , then navigate to Analytical Writing Assessment (Essays) by clicking at the top of your course screen. NOTE: The AWA topic has no online quiz. Next, review

the Sample AWA Topics .pdf under Sample AWA Topics in the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) . If you are concerned about your AWA score and wish to work on improving your writing skills, print out the Guide to Usage and Style, and if you want a list of all the actual essay topics that could Style appear on the GMAT, click on the link to found in the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) . Once you’ve completed all of the lessons, you will be ready to complete your preparation by taking a free full-length practice GMAT.


Go to to download a free full-length practice GMAT. Go to FREE Practice Materials for the link to Here are the directions to get the

@!!! under

free download of Powerprep: 1. Go to 2. Begin by becoming a member on the site: Click on the "New User" button on the left side of the screen. - A series of forms will appear. These -3-

forms must be submitted to allow you to become a member of the GMAC website. - Complete the forms that are presented to you (note: There are about 6 or 7 forms that you must submit in order to register. To expedite this process, remember that you are only required to fill fields marked with a red asterisk.). - YOU MUST BECOME A MEMBER AT GMAC.COM TO GET YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD OF POWERPREP. 4. Once you are registered, you will be returned to GMAC's homepage. From here, click on "Test Prep" and then "Download Powerprep." 5. Follow the instructions on the page. 6. Print up the Download instructions and the Installation instructions. Follow those directions to download and install Powerprep onto your desktop. 7. Your computer will then restart and you will have access to Powerprep from the Programs option in the Windows Start Menu. 8. If you have difficulty with this process, contact You are now ready to ace the GMAT! Should you ever need help or have a question, e-mail