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EDITORIAL Hope our first News Letter would find place in your heart. This is a step towards a new era of Nachiketa Tapovan in the form of Ashram at Gairan Tanda, Jadcherla Mandal, Mahaboobnagar District, one of the most backward areas of Andhra Pradesh. Our Ashram is surrounded by many Tandas, where there are no proper educational and Medical facilities till 18 to 20 kms. Children go on foot or bycycle to persue their education to Balanagar or Jadcherla, even same with the medical facilities too. We would like to bring to your notice of every happening in this area through our fortnight Newsletter. Hope this will make you more aware of our activities and simultaneously provide an opportunity to participate in this Spiritual yaga. To make it more lively and inspiring we look forward to your feedback. If you consider this step is worthy of your spiritual support then please feel to pen down yourself. We are eager to get spiritual guidance from you.

Plot No.70, Phase I, Kavuri Hills, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500 033 Phone No. 040 – 23113887 Mobile No. – 9849168937 Regd. By Govt. of A.P. (Regd. No. 53/IV/99)

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10th January, 2009 Saturday

We are extremely delighted to inform you that we had Bhoomipuja of Temple on 22nd Nov.2008. Volunteers and villagers were present to see and experience this great moment. Wellwishers witnessed this phenomena and blessed the occasion.

Thanks to those who have spent time with our organisation for this noble cause. Blessed are those who are getting associated with the society through the organisation. For further information, please have a look into Nachiketanjali... Temple Bhoomipujan NACHIKETA TAPOVAN

Yours in the service of Ma Kali

Gairan Tanda, Kodgal Village, Jadcherla Mandal, Mahaboobnagar Dist-509301 Ph: +91-40-23113887 • Mobile: 98491 68937• E-mail: •

Swami Nachiketananda
Krishna has to be awakened in the heart to bring change in life!! 2


Arise! Awake! And stop not till the goal is reached!

NACHIKETA TAPOVAN ASHRAM Nachiketa Tapovan, a spiritually oriented service organisation was formed in January 1999 to spread moral and spiritual values. Tapovan aims at achieving this by translating its ideals into practical activities for the elevation of humanity, irrespective of caste, creed, community or gender, looking upon people as the absolute manifestation of the divine. Aim of Ashram Our goal is to work towards transforming the lives of underprivileged and we urge you all to stretch a helping hand. We are planing to have a Day scholar School, Gurukul (Residential School), Dispensary and Mobile Medical Unit,Vanaprastha Niwas (Home for senior citizen), Youth Home, in the first phase of our Ashram. As we are intoYoga and Ayurveda field we are going to start Yoga Research and Ayurveda Research Foundation. We need technical people who are willing to spare their valuable time for this noble cause. We hope this Mahaboobnagar area which is totally backward area would get benefited through our activities. Being aware of all these problems the Ashram decided to serve the needy and underprivileged through various developmental activities. Ashram, where life can be enjoyed to the fullest through Karmayoga! 4 This land was purchased in March 2007. With great difficulty we could trace this land. Swamiji and Ma with other volunteers had an extensive survey since 1999. Almost 7 years we had to wait for this land. This land was first seen by Prasad Y.V.S.S. After taking every point into consideration we purchased this land. Though land is barren, if philanthropists like you spare their valuable guidance, we do not find any difficulty to see a green belt in this area within five years... Initially Swamiji and Mataji were staying in this small hut.

Message by Adhyatmik Praneta Dear Atmans Om Namah Shivaya! Even though the happenings around us are challenging our very existance...we, without fear and worries should always march towards the divine goal... This will certainly bring more beauty in life. Life without beauty is like body without soul...If there is no soul then body is of no use, similarly if there is no beauty in the life then life is like a dead body...This beauty is everything. Please take a breath...think about your very existence and find out what that beauty is. That beauty can be expressed through different actions. Your very kind gesture or affectionate pat or loving hug will express that beauty...Your very thought to serve the needy, without seeing their external

identities will bring that beauty in life. Your single step towards the society with selflessness will bring beauty...Your fine tuning with Divinity will make you encounter your self...that is the real beauty...the moment you get experience of your self, that very beauty will start engulfing this entire universe. You will be able to see your own expansion... Dear ones thanks for shaping and nurturing our spiritual organisation...and very special thanks for showing your inner beauty to us...

Swami Nachiketananda


Sannyasa can not be given or can not be taken, it has to happen!


As this is a remote area and there is no proper transportaion...children are going to Balanagar School, almost 18 to 20 km from their houses. Many children don't have proper transportation they have to attend school on foot. Many children don't have proper carry bags to carry their books...such is the situation in this area. We feel that if we start a few awareness programmes

and send spiritual signals, then there will be a great change in this area. People will have more understanding about life and would a live purposeful life. May God bless these children through you...hope this small but apt note will find place in your heart to change the future of hundreds of children of this area...They say great work moves slowly but steadily...

In this area there is no drinking water. They all need to drink ground water which has more fluoride and not meant for drinking. Due to water problem, people are suffering from Kidney & Skin disease. Mataji who is good in Yoga and Ayurveda started home remedy and Yoga Therapy for the people who are suffering from various diseases.

Thanks to the people who are now aware of this basic problem and started following guideline to live a healthy and prosperous life. If we start more awareness programmes in this area, I do not find any reason why people will not get benefited...Just Human Touch...and ordinary life will change into quality life...


Mantra for life is nothing but effortless journey!

Self help is the best help in the world.!


RAMAKRISHNALAYA Residential Campus


Estimation: 1.0 Crore

This is a special quarter for the Karmayogi. In future Karmayogis will stay in this Kutir. Right now we have two such Kutirs and in future many such Kutirs are going to come up. Right now in one Kutir Swamiji and Mataji are staying to look after construction work and simultaneously they are taking Yoga Classes for Villagers.

Ramakrishnalaya is a campus for Residential Sadhakas who are going to sacrifice their lives for this noble cause. We are going to have total 10 rooms and two big dormitories which can accommodate 50 people each. Initially we are going to use for residential camps which we are going to con-

duct for corporate people, school children, teachers etc... Estimation for Ramakrishnalaya is 1.0 Crore. And we seek the blessing from you for this noble cause. Your contribution will serve the very purpose of society and eventually the people who are associated with this Yaga...

DHYANA MANDIR Estimation: 25 Lakh
Dhyana Mandir is more important in todays so called developed world. People are more stressed and not finding any remedy for this cause. But after extensive research by the scientists in this field they felt that Meditation is the best option for stress & tension...Dhyana Mandir will be used for this cause... 7 Spiritual soul uses his ego like an instrument!

Since we have so many phases for Ashram development there will be construction work going on, therefore we have decided to have a big store room to keep our construction material. Today, when we look at the Nachiketa Tapovan, we feel strongly that we need to appreciate the people who are around our organisation since its inception. Great are those who are shaping our organisation tirelessly...



We are going to conduct various workshops at our Ashram for all age groups without charging anything. To take care of hygiene and cleanliness, we are constructing total 8 toilets cum bathrooms for ladies and gents. Work is in progress. 8

Purified ego is like a burnt rope!



It was a great moment for every volunteer of Tapovan. All were in a special mood to enjoy and experience this very moment. Special Puja was done by Swami Shivanandamayi (Mataji). Sri Ravi, Bank Manager, SBH,Sri Raju, Sarpanch, Kodgal Village, Sri Yadaiah, Ward Member and other prominent personalities from different walks of life were present, to bless the occasion. We would like to take an opportunity to thank our special guest, Sri Prasad and Sri Ajit, Intelli Group, who spent their valuable time for this occasion.


2.2 Crore

Snehabhojan was organised by Sri Mallaiah, BDL,Bhanoor and his friends. From nearby Tandas many people have come and graced the occasion. Few of them have presented their views and briefed about surroundings and the people. We strongly feel that we are blessed to serve those who are in need. Thanks to our Volunteers and specially Smt Rama who has decided to support this cause.

Satsanga is very important in life. Without proper satsanga and Guru it is difficult to walk on the path of spirituality. Those who have got guidance in their lives will have more spiritual awakening and they can see life through their actions. Their perception becomes more clear and Karma gets transformed into Karmayoga. Then there will not be

hesitation even for doing any work. Such is the inspiration of Spiritual touch and guidance. Let us seek proper guidance and get tuned to our own action... Life is a celebration and we should know how to enjoy to the fullest. Hope every action of yours will become celebration...


Listen to your heart rather than listening to your mind!

Purity is the gateway to self-realisation!


Dear Atmabandhu We solicit your gracious presence with family &friends on the occasion of "ANNUAL DAY FUNCTION" of our "NACHIKETA TAPOVAN VIDYA MANDIR"

on Sunday, 11th January 2009 at 10.00 a.m.
Sri J. RAMBABU, IAS (Retd.) Chairman, APSFC has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest. Yours in the service of Motherland Venue: D. SUBHA NACHIKETA TAPOVAN Director Plot No. 70, Phase I, Kavuri Hills, (Nachiketa Tapovan Vidya Mandir) Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Nachiketa Tapovan is conducting various programmes for all age groups, to live more efficiently and purposefully. In the above picture you can see how BDL, Bhanoor employees are enjoying the workshop and trying to find out the real truth hidden in every action. Apart from workshops we are running a day scholar school for underprivileged children and on every sunday free medical camps. Our school has 150 children coming from nearby areas. Whereas for dispensary we get 60 to 80 patients. Response is very good but due to lack of infrastructure and monetory help we have to restrict ourselves. Otherwise if we can get help from the society... then we can think about running the dispensary on regular basis.


Nishkama Karma is offering to God!

Keep low profile and think high!


DONATION RECIEVED FOR ASHRAM Sri VijayKumar Smt. Rama Smt. Subhadra K. Smt. Manikyamba (Mani Amma) Smt. Shanthi Smt. Nirmala K. Smt. Sowmya C. KVK Nilanchal Power Pvt. Ltd. Kasargoud Power Corp. Ltd. KVK Bio-Energy Pvt. Ltd. RVK Energy Pvt. Ltd. MMS Steel & Power Pvt. Ltd. Hotel Sri Brindavan.

Construction Committee Members The names of spiritual souls, who have accepted the proposal of Tapovan to be a part of different Construction Committees are given below... 1. Vijay Kumar K. 2. Rama Devi K. 3. Subhadra K. 4. Leela N. 5. Prasad Y.V.S.S. 6. Sheshagiri Rao 7. Suryanarayana Reddy P. 8. Manikyamba G. 9. Ram Sandila 10. Pawan Kumar 11. Subha D. 12. Durga K. 13. Annapurna B. 14. Sushma Sharma 15. Anand A. 16. Venkatram Reddy 17. Mallaiah 18. Krishna P. 19. Hema Reddy Y. 20. Chalapathi V. 21. Vijaysen Reddy M. 22. Sandhya M. 23. Vinay K. 24. Sudha Rani M. 25. Nirmal D. 26. Sowmya C. 27. Madhukar M.

Various Construction Committees 1. Temple 2. Vidya Mandir 3. Dispensary cum Hospital 4. Ramakrishnalaya 5. Compound Wall 6. Dhyana Mandir 7. Vanaprastha

Various Ad-hoc Committees 1. Advisory Committee 2. Medical Committee 3.Vidya Mandir Committee 4. Yoga Research Committee 5. Ayurveda Research Committee 6. IT Committee 7. Spiritual Committee

28. Shanti Y. 29. Dr. Ramesh C. N. 30. Dr. Leela K. 31. Dr. Surendra A. 32. Dr. Rohini R. 33. Dr. Amulya 34. Dr.Ishwaracharya D. 35. Dr. Prafulla Kumar 36. Dr. Priyamvada Reddy 37. Dr. Viajay Kumar B. 38. Dr. Sudhakar K. 39. Vijaya A. 40. Ajit N. 41. Prasad T. 42. Nageswar Rao 43. Anuradha K. 44. Sucharita Tathe 45. Swaroopa R. 46. Prashanti

OUR PUBLICATIONS "My life is my work", a pictorial biogra phy; comprises rare pictures and teachings of Srimat Swami Ranganathanandaji Maharaj. First edition of this book was released on 1st March 2006, second edition was on 11th July 2006 and 3rd edition was released on 22nd Nov.2007 Books are available at Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad and Tapovan.


Karma binds but Karmayoga liberates from the bondages!

Character & Nation building are the two pillars of society!


AN APPEAL Dear Atmabandhu Nachiketa Tapovan has been conducting various charitable social service activities since its inception in 1999. We endeavour to bridge the gap between the Privileged and Underprivileged sections of the society. With the help of philanthropists like you, we are successfully running a Vidya Mandir, Free Dispensary, Vocational Training, various workshops and Yoga classes, for the economically poor children at our Kavuri Hills Centre. There has been tremendous response from all walks of life, encouraging us to extend our vision to rural areas. An extensive search for land was conducted and at the end we were successful in acquiring forty acres of land at Kodgal Village, Jadcheral Mandal in Mahaboobnagar District. We believe in doing things in little steps and build on them. As our Hyderabad Centre is well established, we are going ahead with our Ashram Project; it is a long-term mission programme and aims at helping the rural poor. Mahaboobnagar is a backward area which needs developmental activities. Lands are barren, forcing people to migrate. Many tribals live in the surrounding area. We intend to make these people self-reliant. To develop this area is a gigantic task for al small organisation like ours, but we are always ready to accept challenges. With

your help and support we will be able to meet with success in our endeavour. Our goal is to work towards "Transforming the lives of the underprivileged" and we urge you all to stretch a helping hand. We rely on people like you who have concern for the development of weaker sections. The accelerated pace of growth requires huge funds. Your contribution can turn our "Vision" into "Reality" and together we can change the course of their lives. You can help our Organisation by making a donation of your choice. Even small donations do add up to make a significant contribution. Any contribution to support our organisation and its programmes would be highly appreciated. Yours in the service of Motherland

Estimate: 1.5 Crore

Vidya Mandir, an Educational Project would like to impart true knowledge by combining Spirituality and Modern Education for the future enlightened citizens of our great Nation. I would like to request you to participate in this noble cause by bringing knwoledge to their doorsteps. I strongly feel your support will certainly bring happiness in their lives. Let us have a glimpse of life through spiritual activities, which can make life more clear and transparent. I hope this act will bring more happiness and joy in your life. Every small contribution in any form will shape the society. Thanks for those who are serving the needy selflessly & silently... May Ma Kali & Lord Shiva shower their choicest blessings on all.

For Private Circulation only
Swami Nachiketananda SPIRITUAL INVITATION Selfless souls, those who want to serve society without expecting any thing and ready to take up challenges without fear and ready to be a part of organisation can contact our Adhyatmik Praneta, on Phone or can visit organisaton. TO, –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– BOOKPOST

Ph. 098491 68937


Serve the needy and get spiritual prasad from God!

Let your heart speak than head, that will make you a human being !