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At Nachiketa Tapovan, there are so many aspiring budding artists and poets
and what not! We will showcase strengths of two students each fortnight.
Plot No.70, Phase I, Kavuri Hills, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500 033
Phone No. 040 – 23113887 Mobile No. – 9849168937
Regd. By Govt. of A.P. (Regd. No. 53/IV/99)
Volume: 1 25th March, 2009
Issue 6
Nachiketanjali Wednesday

A.Ramu from 4th class. True to Kasim from 3rd class is a happy
his name, Ramu is a very well and cheerful child. Very attentive
behaved child. He is good at in class, loves to be challenged
academics too. He is a silent and works hard to meet them.
Holi is not only an indication of spring’s evil spreads its shadows to darken the
worker. We like his drawings. His drawings are simple.
onset but is also the festival of joy over world, God takes an avatar and
the indestructibility of righteousness in reestablishes Dharma. This has been
this world. Celebration of Holi is the eternal law. Holi gently warns us
symbolic of victory of good over evil, that having desires is human but when
heart over head, devotion of Prahlada they cross a limit, when they engulf
over egotism of Hiranyakasipa. Though you in greed and selfishness, it is time
Hiranyakashipa was a great spiritual to purify them or one may get
sadhaka, his interest was power but destroyed in that fire like ‘Kama’ was
For Private Circulation only not harmony! So his arrogance was burnt. Burning of effigies and logs
BOOK-POST destroyed by the Lord in the form of during Holi reminds us to burn our
TO, ferocious Narasimha. “Paritranaya unpurified desires by directing them
sadhunaam vinasayacha dushkritam towards society’s welfare. Let us all
–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– dharma samsthapanarthaya dedicate some of our efforts towards
sambhavami yuge yuge”, whenever “Loka Kalyanam”!
–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Gairan Tanda, Kodgal Village, Jadcherla Mandal, Mahaboobnagar Dist-509301
Ph: +91-40-23113887 • Mobile: 98491 68937•
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Life is full of colours, experience all the colours in order to make
16 Creativity is an expression of divinty! 1
life more colourful!
CONTENTS Page No. EDITORIAL Message You have to prepare yourself for
Swamiji's Message 3 Volumes can be spoken about the by Adhyatmik Praneta your last moment in life. You might
Message by Mataji 4 Grace of the Guru, though His
Glory can never be expressed in name your child ‘Shiva’ and
Holi Celebrations 6 constantly keep calling him without
ample words. At Nachiketa
Vidya Mandir 8 knowing the meaning or
Tapovan there is no dearth of
At the Ashram 11 receiving the Guru’s grace. Swami experiencing the name. But if you
Donations 12
Nachiketananda showers utter the name with bhava you will
Upcoming Events 13 abundant grace on one and all definitely reach Him.
An Appeal 15 and we are the recipients of His
grace every moment in our lives. A child might be at school but the
A rosebud blooms and becomes mother has constant thoughts
a magnificent flower under the Remembering God in the last about the child. You know the child
Gardener’s care. We admire the moment of casting your body is is a part of yourself but you are not
EDITORIAL BOARD rose, but ignore the thorns. But it is possible only by constant realizing that you are a part of
the Guru who removes the thorns
remembrance throughout your life. ‘God’. This is because you haven’t
on the path that we tread. The same
Editor Attachment towards family and yet experienced God. Do not
is true for the Soul. The Soul
Subhadra K. other desires will not allow you to separate yourself from God. He is
unfolds beautifully when it is well
protected by a Guru. think of God. When you are dying, in you and you are in Him. Your
Editorial Consultants: This has come true with Swamiji. your relatives might chant the rituals, your upasana, your
Annapurna R. In the midst of our struggles He is mantra or play a cassette to sadhana and everything you do
Sowja A. always there holding on to us. He remind you of God. You might should be connected to God.
helps us in healing the scars of the mentally repeat it but it is only Develop an intimacy with Him.
past and transcending from
mechanical repetition and that will
ritualism to Spiritualism. He
emphasizes on experiencing the not help you in reaching God.
essence of God rather than God You need divine grace even to utter Swami Nachiketananda
and gives us frequent advice based His name. People might judge you
on His Superior Knowledge. He
externally but God judges you from
leads us in the evolution process
through Spiritual Practices. inside. He bestows His grace only
on those who deserve.
I do not know for certain what
subliminal power Swamiji exudes Sometimes even if He showers
but to me He is the source through His blessings our receptors are
whom God answers my prayers. not strong enough to receive the
Subhadra K. same.

2 Guru never imparts, he only unfolds the true nature of self! Having constant awareness of our own self is God realisation! 3
The real nature of the Self - by Mataji gives us is only temporary. It stands But this is a pure knowledge that
nowhere in comparison to the can be only experienced under the
and society. Whenever you cannot Science of Self which gives true guidance of a real Guru. Once you
see yourself clearly in the mirror happiness. With the knowledge of know the truth of the self, then you
due to haziness of confusion you self comes the gift of unconditional experience the immortality. You
need to use your faculty of love which will free you from all will experience that you are not a
“viveka” or discrimination to the pain, sorrow and misery that mere physical form but a divine
clean it and reestablish your sprout from expectation. The soul. You will experience the
knowledge of self. knowledge of self lets you enjoy eternal bliss.
At the same time you need to that freedom which sets you free In Gita Lord Krishna says
Asato ma sadgamaya understand that your wife, from the bonds of endless desires. "Your life should be like a Lotus
tamaso ma jyotirgamaya husband, children, family and This is the freedom that also gives leaf". Lotus leaf lives in muddy
mrityorma amrutam gamaya society are all stepping stones in you the courage to accept that no water but still doesn't get affected
Om shanti: shanti: shanti:! your spiritual path whom none but one except yourself can place and by that water. It doesn't loose it's
Meaning: Lead me from the you have chosen to be. But clear hurdles in your life. identity. The same way once you
unreal to the real. Lead me from ignorance to this truth creates such This knowledge of self is not experience the knowledge of the
darkness to light. Lead me from attachment and bondage that you just an intellectual satisfaction that self you can live in this world
death to immortality. forget the mission with which you can be derived from reading books. without loosing the essence of life.
This beautiful sloka reveals who started this journey. This is when
you are. You are not the physical the need for “atma jnanam”
form but you are the never-dying, arises. Among all the vidyas,
never-ending, divine and immortal “atma jnanam” is the highest
soul. This world including your knowledge. Once you know about
family, relatives, even your own true nature that you are the real SU JOK THERAPY
body is unreal. If that is so, what self, you’ll be the best husband,
could be the purpose of our wife or parent or child. You will
existence in this unreal world? love them not for their physical
Why do we get so involved in all form but for their essence. You will
these relationships? find divinity in everyone.
Because, your relatives are like We spend so much time in
mirrors in whom you look at understanding and acquiring the
yourself. You look at yourself latest developments in Science and
playing different roles with Technology. But we need to
different members of the family understand that the pleasure it

4 The true nature of the self is in awareness! The knowledge of the self is the remedy for all miseries! 5
We celebrated Holi at Tapovan on prizes to the winners of musical WITH ORACLE INC
the 10 March 2009. We had the chairs. After Basavaraju’s Vote of
pleasure of sharing the joy with the Thanks to the honored guests and
team from Oracle Inc. The fun the gathering, the Oracle team
began even before the lighting of surprised all the children by
lamps when Angela from Oracle distributing Student supplies,
and her team members played wafers, pens and more among
Musical chairs with the children of them. Wait, the celebration did not
Tapovan. Angela and Swamiji end there! There was
were requested to light the lamp. Kamadahanam, sharing Holi
Students chanted Vedam and Prasad and last but not least
demonstrated yogasanas. At PLAYING WITH HOLI COLORS!
Nagamani, the anchor’s invitation Don’t you wish you were there too!
Angela addressed the gathering. Please stop by for our upcoming
The Oracle group distributed celebration of Ugadi.

Workshop in progress Rest rooms

When you transform all the unpurified desires, then you can
6 Celebrate life as a celebration to know thy presence! 7
celebrate your life to the fullest!
A Typical Day At Vidya Mandir
8:00am to 8:30 am Assembly Break down as follows: Morning warm-up

8:00 am to 8.10 am Prayer Asatoma,Omkaram Bindu ,Stapakayacha , 1.Paying respect to Gods and Gurus2.Sit in different meditative
Jananeem SharadaDevi, Namashri Yati postures each day 3. Develop Concentration4. Memorize slokas
Rajaya ,Guru Stotram, Sarve Bhavantu
8.10 am to 8.20 am Sukshma 1. Memory, Concentration & Mental Strength2.Physical health and
Vyayama & Fitness,3. Introduce students to spiritual and yogic aspects of life
Yoga which helps them to choose the right way of life.

8.20 am to 8:25 am Story time Moral Story narration by children 1. Stress the ethical values2. Begin each day with good values.3.
Public speaking skills
8.25 am to 8.28 am Jokes Jokes shared by children 1. Importance of humor in life2. Improves health

Clapping with counting in 1. Clapping stimulates nerve endings in the palm area which
8.28 am to 8.30 am Clapping different languages stimulate both the sides of the brain.2. Familiarity and interest in
Classes start Academics covered English, Social Instruction is in English CBSE –Orient Longman Books are
8:30AM-9:45AM Studies, Mathematics,Sciences,Hindi
after Bhramari followed
9:45AM-10:00AM Milk Break Milk and Recess 1. Playing in fresh air renews them for rest of the day’s
learning3.Nutrition for growing children from warm milk
10AM-12:15PM Classes Classes resume for English, Social Instruction is in English CBSE –Orient Longman Books are
Studies, Mathematics,Sciences,Hindi followed for instruction.

12:15PM-12:45PM Lunch “Annadanam” sponsored by well wishers Children are served hygienically prepared nutritious meals.
Recess on atleast 3-4 days a week
12:45PM-1:30PM Free Play Play outdoor and indoor games, Physical fitness
time Read books from the Library.
1:30PM-3:00PM Monday Vedic Chanting by Ma Shivanandamayi Invoke spiritualism and safeguard our cultural heritage

Tuesday Craft Classes by Smt Ratnamala Creativity & Imagination

Wednesday Library Class Reading practice and Imagination
Thursday Spoken English Classes by Mrs Laxmi Command over language
When information is completely digested then comes forth knowledge and when knowledge is completely digested then springs forth wisdom,
therefore in this long but lasting journey one should strive for wisdom and wisdom only!
Swamiji's concept of Education AT THE ASHRAM
According to Swami Vivekananda “Education is the manifestation of the
perfection already in man”. Moreover, learning is a continuous process in one’s
life. So education should train us to express and apply that knowledge within us
through out our lives.
Time and time again, great visionaries of India have stressed on the importance
of man-making education over bread-winning academics. In 1835 introduction
of English and replacement of ancient system of education by the Western
Instruction Systems have taken place. Since then, no doubt our country has
advanced in many aspects but there have been some malignant effects also which
need our immediate attention.
On the positive side, we can strive to get the best of both the systems. We can
achieve this by merely scratching the treasures left by our forefathers like Vyasa,
Patanjali, Panini, Charaka, Swami Vivekananda and the list goes on. Swami
Nachiketananda’s concept of education in Tapovan addresses many of the issues
and supplements some of the existing deficiencies in our education system. The SPIRITUAL INVITATION
mainstream academics is amply supplemented by time tested elements like Vedic Please join us in our Spiritual Yaga! As small as it could be
chanting, Yoga, observation of all festivals as a family and so on. So the students each drop is essential in filling the ocean. Cash or kind, craft or
are trained for an independent life as well as instilled with national pride, a skill, art or technology combined with a spoon of love will go a
source of self-respect and self-confidence. This is one oasis where students,
long way in realizing our dreams. Your contribution is much needed
organizers, teachers and the volunteers are quenched, happy to be there each day
to live in harmony and respect for each other. The students address their teachers for our continued success in serving the needy. To be a part of
as “Amma” and “Akka”, which gives a feel of family. Nachiketa family visit us anytime or contact our Adhyatmik
Swamiji has volumes of ideas waiting to be converted into reality but for lack Praneta at
of personnel and resources.Helping hands will be greatly appreciated by the Ph. No.09849168937, 040-23113887
coordinators Smt Subha and Smt Sowja. Please contact if you can help full/part- email:
time or from home Ph:23113887,Mobile:9849168937

10 What we can give is information not knowledge! Your presence should be felt, heard, understood and experienced 11
not by your ego but by your silent work!
We cordially invite you to a get to gether of construction committee members UPCOMING EVENTS
on 29th March 2009, Sunday from 11.00 am to 12.30 pm. Mataji and Swamiji
will share information about developmental activities and announce various
bodies for smooth functioning of the Ashram. We cordially invite you for
Please take a pleasure trip into spirituality while doing service! Sri RAMANAVMI CELEBRATIONS
Construction Committees Ad-hoc Committees AT NACHIKETA TAPOVAN
1. Temple 1. Advisory Committee
2. Vidya Mandir 2. Medical Committee
Time:10.00 am to 12.30 pm
3. Dispensary cum Hospital 3.Vidya Mandir Committee Organised by Rotary Club. Venue: Jubilee Hills Club.
4. Ramakrishnalaya 4. Yoga Research Committee
5. Compound Wall 5. Ayurveda Research Committee Dear Atmabandhu
6. Dhyana Mandir 6. IT Committee We solicit your gracious presence with family and friends on the
7. Vanaprastha 7. Spiritual Committee occasion of
A request to the readers of Nachiketanjali UGADI CELEBRATIONS
Dear Readers,
Thank you all for supporting our Newsletter.
Your feed back will be highly valued. NACHIKETA TAPOVAN VIDYA MANDIR CHILDREN
Kindly let us know... on 27th March 2009, Friday
if you want to refer a friend for subscription of Nachiketanjali. Time: 10.00 am to 11.15 am
if you want to prefer an all color electronic copy of Nachiketanjali. Sri V. Ananda Rau, IAS (Retd. Chief Secretary)
if you are receiving double copies of Newsletter. has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest
Venue: Yours in the service of Narayana
Nachiketa Tapovan P. Vasundhara
Sri VijayKumar K. Hotel Sri Brindavan.
Plot No.70, Phase I, Kavuri Hills, Managing Trustee
Smt. Rama K. Sneha Enterprises
Smt. Subhadra K. Orphans Education Foundation Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. (Nachiketa Tapovan)
Smt. Manikyamba Saptagiri Camphor Limited
Smt. Shanthi R. Intelli Group, Asia Pvt. Limited NON-RESIDENTIAL CHILDRENS' CAMP
Smt. Nirmala K. Sri K.K. Mangrulkar Date: 3rd May to 10th May09
Smt. Sowmya C Smt. N. Suchi Age: 10 to 15 years
Smt. Premalatha Smt. Sucharita Tathe Time: 08.00 am to 04.00 pm
Smt K. Gunavathamma Smt. A. Lakshmi Last date: 15th April 09
Smt. Padma Smt. K. Surekha
Applications: At Tapovan
Smt. G. Bhagyavathi

It is always better to be a part of small & right, not big & wrong! Life is celebration, celebration is life!
12 13
Construction Committee Members AN APPEAL
Our sincere thanks to all the selfless souls who have happily consented
to be a part of Ashram's Construction committees...

1. Vijay Kumar K. 17. Mallaiah 33. Dr. Amulya

2. Rama Devi K. 18. Krishna P. 34. Dr.Ishwaracharya
3. Subhadra K. 19. Hema Reddy Y. 35. Dr. Prafulla Kumar
4. Leela N. 20. Chalapathi V. 36. Dr. Priyamvada
21. Vijaysena Reddy
5. Prasad Y.V.S.S. 37. Dr. Vijay Kumar B.
22. Sandhya M.
6. Sheshagiri Rao 38. Dr. Sudhakar K.
7. Reddy P. S. 23. Vinay K. 39. Vijaya A. Any venture taking shape in the make a fervent appeal for
8. Manikyamba G. 24. Sudha Rani M. 40. Ajit N. divine presence backed by a noble generous donations. Please
9. Ram Sandila 25. Nirmal D. 41. Prasad T. intent is bound to find fruition. Over participate in this noble task so that
10. Pawan Kumar 26. Sowmya C. 42. Nageswar Rao the years Nachiketa Tapovan has our cultural heritage and religious
11. Subha D. 27. Madhukar M. 43. Anuradha K. been witnessing a phenomenal traditions will be safeguarded for
12. Durga K. 28. Shanti Y. 44. Sucharita Tathe movement; multifarious spiritual the coming generations.
13. Annapurna R. 29. Dr. Ramesh C. N. 45. Swaroopa R. as well as service activities!
14. Sushma Sharma 30. Dr. Leela K. 46. Prashanti K. It may kindly be noted that
Needless to mention we are
15. Anand A. 31. Dr. Surendra A. 47. Dr. Shiva Reddy donations to Nachiketa
rejoiced to receive donations from
16. Venkatram Reddy 32. Dr. Rohini R. Tapovan are exempted from
supporters who are a big part of
this spiritual endeavour. Income Tax U/S 80 G of IT Act,
1961 of Govt. of India.
Construction of Temples is the Donations in the form of
Antarchakshu Dhyana or Inner current activity at the Kodgal cheques/Demand Drafts may
Eye Meditation is a journey from
Ashram. Shrines for Lord please be drawn in favour of
dream to vision. One can develop
concentration and intuition powers Ganesha, Shiva, Kali, Holy Trinity, Nachiketa Tapovan.We
by practicing this Dhyana which is Balaji, Rama, Krishna, Saraswathi acknowledge the generous
based on an extensive research and Shirdi Sai will be constructed. contributions made by donors.
done by Swami Nachiketananda. The proposed temples are going
Yours in the service of Motherland
This work released on 1st April to be unique in the mode of
2007, is a part of 8 yogic CDs and worship.
is available at our Nachiketa
Cost of each CD is Rs.35/-
Tapovan campus and other leading Estimation of this Temple project
book stores. was Rs. 2.2 crores. We hereby

14 Discover yourself by bringing all energies together! Our expansion lies in spirituality! 15