CREATIVITY FROM SUMMER CAMPERS Participants of our Summer Camp - 2009 exhibited their creative skills.

These are but a few examples. A Splatter of colours from their creative minds were displayed on paper.

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“As large as the universe outside, even so large is the universe within the lotus of the heart. Within it are heaven and earth, the sun,

the moon, the lightning, and all the stars. What is in the macrocosm is in this microcosm.” (Chhandogya Upanishad 8:1:3)


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Om. May the different limbs of my body, my tongue, prana, eyes, ears and my strength and also all the other sense organs be nourished! All, indeed, is Brahman, as is declared in the Upanishads. May I never deny Brahman! May Brahman never deny me! May there never be denial on my part! May all the virtues described in the Upanishads belong to me, who am devoted to Atman! May they all belong to me! Om. Peace! Peace! Peace!

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Disappointment can come only to those who make appointments with the future.

Alert and vigilant living itself is a ‘Sadhana’ in the true sense.



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Every limb and organ in the body has been given to man to be used for a sacred purpose. The tongue to utter Lord’s name, the hands to offer worship and do service and so on. Singing the Lord’s name elevates the mind and exhorts the individual to seek and find the source of eternal joy that lies within. Emphasizing on this aspect Swamiji has inducted Sankirthana in our Summer Camps, the essential purpose of which is to give the children a taste of Divinity. Bhajan is one of the processes that teaches the mind to revel in the glory and majesty of God. In the recently conducted 11th Summer Camp, Swamiji explained to the participants the importance of devotional singing and urged them to harmonize singing with devotion, love and feeling to make it an out-pouring of love towards God. He stressed on the fact that singing without Devotion and inner feeling will turn out to be a mechanical performance. Devotional fervour is more important than musical skills.
Subhadra K.

Message by Swamiji

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Subhadra K.

There are four stages of Karma. I am not talking about different Karmas like Prarabdha Karma, Nishiddha Karma etc. I am talking about the four stages of Karma. These stages are applicable to people of all ages and are not confined to one person alone. In the first stage you will try to accumulate Karmas. Here you don’t know how to burn them and simply accumulate. These Karmas bind you. In the second stage you will burn your Karmas and also accumulate. For example, you may give some charity but if you expect name, fame or satisfaction then instead of burning, you will be accumulating karmas. In the third stage you will be burning your Karmas and not accumulate them. You will do wonderful charity

without any personal intentions or selfish motives. In the fourth stage you involve in actions but do not accumulate Karmas. There is no accumulation or burning of Karmas because of your detachment with your actions. Till the third stage there is a possibility of getting attached to the other two stages. You might have spontaneously saved a person from drowning, but later when you come to know that the person had killed many people you might feel you have accumulated bad karma. But this will happen only when you have some collective karmas. In fact those collective karmas alone have brought both of you together.

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Annapurna R. Sowja A.


Bhakti is the attitude of the mind, and jnana is the attitude of the intellect, both flow towards the Lord.

Swami Nachiketananda Happiness depends on what you can give, not on 3 what you can get.

So today’s parents have to understand that Spirituality is as essential as air to lead a meaningful and purposeful life. Mother is the first teacher in child’s life, Father the second teacher and Guru the third. So a mother should sow the seed of spirituality in child’s life. Spirituality changes the perception of the world. Each and every child is unique in this universe. Spiritual bent of mind brings out this uniqueness. Parents should remember that life’s purpose is more than just livelihood. Don’t raise your child to be only a money machine? Spirituality brings clarity in life. Parents with no clarity, end up forcing their children to get high percentages without proper knowledge. Such unreasonable pressure sometimes leads to undesirable events like suicides.

WISDOM SPEAKS Often times we come across the words ‘Wants’ and ‘Needs’ in spiritual readings. Needs are things required for our survival while Wants are things we tell ourselves that we need. Drawing a line between the two is the biggest challenge in today’s society. Until we separate them and dwindle down the Wants, the reins of our mind will be in the clutches of the horses rather than us controlling the senses. In order to be freed from the never ending illusions of the mirage-filled mind and advance spiritually, sticking to the Needs and ignoring the screams of Wants is to be inculcated. It might help to remind ourselves how much more content the families used to be a few decades ago when there weren’t these many articles available in the market to the common man. Simple programs broadcasted on Radios were enjoyed by families. Now, 100s of Television channels, personal audio and video libraries, computers and i-pods are not able to buy that quality time for a family. The homes used to be full of family members, now objects have replaced members in the houses. Shopping for provisions used to be a monthly affair, now no such limits are set in most homes. However, the choice and multitude of things in the market seems to be directly proportional to the discontentment among people. We find it hard to please ourselves not to mention our children. With so many wants and desires lurking within how can we pass even the entrance to Spirituality? I am not saying that plethora of varieties is bad or that we should stop buying things or renounce basic comforts. But, we can stop hoarding things including food. This is one way of starting to develop SU JOK THERAPY detachment with material things CLASSES which becomes effortless as one progresses. To begin with, try cutting down on buying a part of that we ‘don’t really need’ and use that money to help a needy child. Let’s work on accumulating the ethereal treasures than the material riches.

Dear Parents, Now-a-days, I see that many parents are trying their best to introduce to their children various skills like music, languages, sports, English and other languages, to help them face the highly competitive world. That’s a good idea, because they learn more at that age. But when it comes to Spirituality there is lot of hesitation possibly due to the notion that spirituality is for second half of one’s life. On the contrary, childhood is the right time to teach the right things. Whatever a child learns now, is going to form the basis for his or her life.

Need for Spirituality

Among many facets of life spiritual aspect plays all-encompassing An ordinary person finds every role. Ideally, an education is that which happening as a problem while the dispels the darkness. However, the Spiritual soul perceives every problem present day education can only produce as a happening. So try to live Spiritual an intellectual being with out the life. It is in your hands to create great knowledge of Self. It tells you how to fill souls like Dhruva, Prahlada, Nachiketa, your own stomach but not others, not Vivekananda, Adi Shankaracharya, even family members, otherwise why do Shivaji Maharaj etc.... Your life and your we see so many old-age homes? School child’s life should be like a lamp whose Education doesn’t teach how to become light helps others find way to real and a good human being which only true life. Swami Shivanandamayi Spirituality can accomplish. Spirituality is neither the privilege of the poor nor the luxury of the 4 rich. It is the choice of the wise man.

By Annapurna R. Know the Self to be sitting in the chariot, the body to be the 5 chariot, the intellect the charioteer, and the mind the reins.



THE STORY OF RAIKWA There lived a king named Jaanashruta, the great-grand son of Jaanushruti who ruled over the kingdom of Mahavarsha. He was known to be a good king who offered gifts, gave alms, fed his subjects and built rest houses.
One night while sleeping on the terrace, Jaanashruta overheard two swans conversing while flying over the palace. One of the swans cautioned the other to be respectful to the great king while the second defied the king’s merits saying that he cannot be greater than Raikwa. It challenged that “only someone who knows what Raikwa knows is like Raikwa.” Jaanashruta on hearing this felt hurt and bitter and sent his men to search for the noble man named Raikwa in towns and villages, but in vain. The search was repeated, this time for a holy man in forests and lonely places and lo, Raikwa was spotted lying underneath a cart, busy scratching himself.

On learning the news, the King approached Raikwa with 600 cattle head, gold and chariot asking for instruction on the “deity whom he meditated on”. Raikwa who was not pleased with the King or his offer sent him away. The king returned to his kingdom utterly disappointed. Unable to take the bereavement, Jaanashruta went back to seek Raikwa’s teachings. He paid salutations, offered more cattle head, gold, chariot, his daughter and a village and begged for Knowledge. Raikwa was impressed this time and imparted the knowledge. Raikwa’s appearance was very uncouth but the knowledge he possessed was the finest. He wanted to see in the king, the thirst for Knowledge that can not be possessed as a barter for gold and riches. Humbleness and readiness to give up the most prized possessions and attachments including his daughter qualified Jaanashruta for earning the knowledge.

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He does not live in vain; who employs his wealth, his thought, and his speech to advance the good of others.

The syllable Om which is called Udgitha, is the quintessence of the essences, the supreme, deserving of the highest place.(Chhandogya Upanishad)


Our 11 th Summer Camp held from 3rd - 10th May unraveled and unleashed the creativity in all the participants. It was a one-of-its kind workshop. Children entered a world of fun-filled activities conducted by Swami Nachiketananda, Swami Shivanandamayi and their group of dedicated and energetic volunteers. The target age group of the children was 12-15 years. The whole idea of the Summer Camp was to increase the learning level of the children. The camp explored various personalities and cultures through a spectrum of activities to stimulate aptitudes for Arts & Crafts, Sloka Chanting, Reading and Memory skills, Yoga, Group Discussions, Positive thinking, Decision making,

Values etc. All the campers had a rich diet of Quiz sessions to activate their brains and were exposed to the skills of Sanskrit and Sign Languages. Smt Ratnamala who is an epitome of Creative Skills taught the children how to have fun through art using discarded materials from the world of nature. Valedictory Function was held on the final day and the parents opined the camp had given a golden opportunity to their children to learn various skills in a short span of one week and thanked the hosts for weaning their children from the addictive computer games and TV. Prizes were distributed to the best performers. Children left the camp with new techniques, new energy, new friends and new goals.


Work without faith and prayer is like an artificial flower without fragrance.

It is not the language but the speaker that we want to understand.


Summer Camp Valedictory Function them to understand their basic
human nature, realize the significant part of God that is within them and nurture It. Nature that takes care of man should be respected. Those who have been endowed by God with surplus should help the needy. Blind imitation of West should be bid good bye. The country’s advancement lies in “going back to our values”. Krupalu garu shared his personal experience of how his association with Sanskrit and Samskrita Bharati transformed his life to that of fulfillment in just 4-5 years. Beautifully defined by him, “Language isa tool of communication between the Lord and an individual. Sanskrit is the only language that supplies you with enough words to express your boundless mind.”He requested everyone to start speaking Sanskrit. He explained how by chanting a mantra as simple as “Annam Brahma” before eating, transforms the act of eating into a Yajna. He promised that,”If you take one step towards Sanskrit, Sanskrit will take a hundred towards you.”

Summer Camp Parents' Views

The week long summer camp concluded with the Valedictory Function. The campers showcased their newly acquired skills in the form of skits, songs and shows to the audience who included the honored chief guest, parents and the organizers. The chief guest Ogeti Kripalu garu, Secretary, Samskrita Bharati, Bhagya Nagar addressed the gathering opening with a sloka “ inspired by the atmosphere of Tapovan”. He expressed his deep satisfaction that the children could grasp Sanskrit in just a week’s time. He was elated to see that the tenets of highly evolved, eternal and timeless Sanatana Dharma being imparted as Vidya in Tapovan. Because, this kind of education helps in the development of the internal self through which one can meet any challenge in life. Krupalu garu opined that, “Good work is happening here in Nachiketa Tapovan and I wish to see this in more schools.”

There were many gems that one could pick up from Krupalu garu’s talk. He believed that real education should make children energetic. It should lead He who submits to discipline is a DISCIPLE. 10

On the campers’ invitation, parents came on to the stage and shared their valuable views on the Summer Camp. One of the parents picked up greeting the Tapovan way i.e., ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. They were glad for taking the decision of enrolling their children in the camp. Some of them expressed how much they liked the ambience of Nachiketa Tapovan. Sri Mohan was very impressed at the elements of Punctuality, Social awareness and Value of recycling being reinforced as part of the program because these skills will help them grow to be responsible individuals. The parents and grandparents were happy that in the modern times, the children were being imparted the values of ancient Indian tradition like Sanskrit, Slokas, Bhajans and Yoga along with other creative skills like arts and crafts from recycled articles,

debating, logic, memory etc. The parents were amazed that the children could learn to make a conversation in “Sanskrit, the God’s Language” and Sign language “the Universal Communication” in just a week. Smt Sridevi commented that, “Arousing spiritual awareness in children and helping them discover their individual capacity is unique to Tapovan’s Summer Camp”. Some mothers found it very surprising that the kids, after a whole day at camp were still very energetic and eager to continue their arts projects at home without caring to watch TV. The parents and grand parents unanimously voiced their appreciation for the organizers and the skills imparted by them. They were very thankful to Swamiji, Mataji and the Organizers for their love and commitment and in turn pledged their support to Tapovan.

To give love is true freedom; To demand love is pure slavery.


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Moksha is not ‘Freedom from Action’ but ‘Freedom in Action’.

You are successful and creative only when you see an opportunity in every difficulty.


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Dear Atman
Any venture taking shape in the divine presence backed by a noble intent is bound to find fruition. Over the years Nachiketa Tapovan has been witnessing a phenomenal movement; multifarious spiritual as well as service activities! Needless to mention we are rejoiced to receive donations from supporters who are a big part of this spiritual endeavour. Construction of Temples is the current activity at the Kodgal Ashram. Shrines for Lord Ganesha, Shiva, Kali, Holy Trinity, Balaji, Rama, Krishna, Saraswathi and Shirdi Sai will be constructed. The proposed temples are going to be unique in the mode of worship. Estimation of this Temple project was Rs. 2.2 crores. We hereby make a fervent appeal for generous donations. Please participate in this noble task so that our cultural heritage and religious traditions will be safeguarded for the coming generations. It may kindly be noted that donations to Nachiketa Tapovan are exempted from Income Tax U/ S 80 G of IT Act, 1961 of Govt. of India. Donations in the form of cheques/Demand Drafts may please be drawn in favour of Nachiketa Tapovan.We acknowledge the generous contributions made by donors.
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“My life is my work” is a pictorial biography that leads the reader through different dimensions of Srimat Swami Ranganathanandaji Maharaj’s life providing a glimpse of his oneness with the nature through His teachings. First edition of this book was released on 1st March 2006 followed by the second edition on 11th July 2006 and 3rd edition on 22nd November 2007. The Books are available at Nachiketa Tapovan at Kavuri Hills and Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad for a subsidized price of Rs 250/Become quietly effective.

Cost of Book Rs.250/14

Swami Nachiketananda

They who give have all things; they who withhold have nothing.