CREATIVITY FROM SUMMER CAMPERS Participants of our Summer Camp - 2009 exhibited their creative skills.

These are but a few examples. A Splatter of colours from their creative minds were displayed on paper.

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Pranavo dhanu: sharo hyaatma, brahma tal lakshyam uchyate, Apramattena veddhavyam, sharavat tanmayo bhavet.

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Om is the bow; the Atman is the arrow; Brahman is said to be the mark. It is to be struck by an undistracted mind. Then the Atman becomes one with the Brahman, as the arrow with the target. - Mundaka Upanishad (II.2.4 )

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The secret of life is not enjoyment, but education through experience.

Life is a balance between rest and movement.



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Life at Nachiketa Tapovan during this summer break was different. About 40 children braved the oddities of summer to attend our Personality Development Camp 2009 which was filled with fun and frolic. After an eventful week, the experiences and friendships that the campers carried back home will form lasting associations so important in today’s world. The camp was superceded by new admissions for the academic year 20092010 and one could see flocks of students with parents moving around the campus vying for the coveted admission in our Vidya Mandir, a rare privilege to be close to the Divine Presence of Swami Nachiketananda, to learn under the Perfect Master. Yes, Nachiketa Tapovan is the most happening place in Hyderabad, where Swamiji does things in his inimitable style for the world to emulate before experiencing the Bliss! Few Tapovan students who were identified with great potential were upgraded after being given a qualifying test. The simmering summer which reigned supreme the past month with days sweltering to highs over forty has come to an end welcoming back the children into the open arms of Tapovan.
Subhadra K.

Message by Swamiji

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Subhadra K.

What is Sadhana? Channelizing all your actions effectively is Sadhana. Anything that supports your spiritual growth is Sadhana. External growth is not spiritual growth. Then how do we judge ourselves? You might be having many great qualities in you. You might be a very honest and humble person but if you carry that tag in your mind you will turn out to be egoistic which would be a hindrance to your spiritual growth. Try to express your great qualities through your actions instead of projecting them. You can not be a Sannyasi or Acharya by wearing saffron robes or a Tripunda. An Acharya should be able to impart True knowledge by convincing people. Do not bow to any spiritual person unless you have total faith and conviction. To grow

spiritually, it is foremost to understand one’s own self. God has created many hurdles in our spiritual path because they are mirrors which project our true self. You have to understand and overcome these hurdles instead of seeking a way out. The biggest hurdle is we do not want to see our true self. You will burn your finger when it comes in contact with fire. The same thing will happen to a spiritual person but, he will not carry the scar in his mind. When you are not influenced by external forces then you can consider yourself to be growing spiritually.

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Annapurna R. Sowja A.

Swami Nachiketananda


Realization is real religion, all the rest is only preparation…

One ounce of practice is worth twenty thousand tons of big talk. 3

person and a spiritual person is that the former is more worried about his own livelihood while the latter thinks beyond his survival. Some yogis don’t eat for months together because of the happiness they derive from within. As Swami Nachiketananda says, “Live for the life not for the Livelihood.” I hear from many people especially youth who think that by making their career and obtaining a good job they will be settled in life. The truth is, the job would answer the questions of their livelihood but not the life. There was a person who had property worth crores and still used to pray God to give more wealth. So in spite of all the wealth he had he made himself a beggar in front of God. The same person lived his life in luxury by spending money lavishly and feeling like a king. Unfortunately one day he lost all his wealth and found himself on the streets on the verge of begging. He experienced insult, fear, anger and frustration. Swept by depression, wanting to commit suicide the person started walking into a forest.

Dear Friends, Today many of us are going through a lean patch called ‘Recession’ in our lives. We all know very well how big role money is playing in people’s lives! Without money livelihood is difficult. The effect has been so harsh that some people have lost their hopes on life while some have even lost their lives. How is this Recession able to make so much difference in our lives? We are all clinging to something which is unreal and untrue. Isn’t it the law of nature and our nature that anything which goes up is bound to come down? By ignoring these simple truths we are letting external objects affect our lives to such a great extent. My dear friends, let us not embrace the money which cannot buy hunger, sleep, love etc. so closely. The difference between an ordinary

On his way he finds a Sadhu without any proper shelter sitting under a tree, deeply immersed in Sadhana. On seeing the Sadhu who seemed to be all blissful, this person postponing suicide plans wanted to seek the secret of his happiness and waited for the Sadhu to open his eyes. In fact when the Sadhu opened his eyes the person saw how they were filled with compassion and true love. The Sadhu enlightened the person that by losing material assets one does not become poor. The Sadhu himself exemplified someone who did not have any possessions but experienced ever lasting happiness. Sadhu revealed to him that any happiness derived from outside is unreal and temporary. Therefore strive to experience the real and eternal happiness that is no where but within you. Through the Sadhu’s Grace the person came to know the truth and experienced the real wealth for which one does not need to go to forests or Himalayas but can do so by being in the real world. All one needs to do is to sharpen the faculty of viveka through sadhana while

performing actions in the world. The aspects to be remembered are: As long as you think that objects are everything in life, so long you are inviting worries and problems. Before acting or reacting, take a moment to think that the action is being performed for eternal happiness and not external wealth. Anger, frustration, jealousy etc are experienced due to lack of viveka. Once you can discriminate between temporary riches and eternal wealth, no more can you be the victim of problems; every situation becomes a happening. The recession you should worry about is the lack of spiritual values. The real recession affects when you forget your true nature. Adi Shankaracharya says you are chit ananda SU JOK THERAPY rupa shivoham shivoham. So let us CLASSES experience that chidananda and nityananda.

Swami Shivanandamayi

Education is the panacea of all the evils in the society.

Combine seriousness with childlike naivete. Live in harmony 5 with all.


plumage envelopes him. As he realizes that he was all the time none OTHER but the reflection of the majestic bird, he himself dissolves until he becomes one with that glory. The upper bird is God or Brahman; the Lord of the universe and the lower bird is the human soul or Atman. The sweet and bitter fruits are the elements of Maya that occupy a human being and keep him oblivious of the truth that he is but the reflection of the higher; he himself is in essence the upper bird all the time. Every time a difficulty approaches the heart becomes open to divine light. Consciously or unconsciously we are all striving for perfection. Every being must attain it. Thus gradually it approaches God, and as it gets nearer and nearer, it finds its old self melting away, gives up all sorrow and realizes that he is ONE with GOD.

Satyameva Jayate

“The whole of the Vedanta philosophy is in this story from Mundaka Upanishad: Dva suparna sayuja sakhaya - samanam vrksam parishasvajate; Tayoranyah pippalam svadvattya- nasnannanyo abhichakashiti. Samane vrkse puruso nimagno-nisaya shochati muhyamaanaah; Jushtam yada pasyatyanyamisa- masya mahimanamiti vitasokah. -Mundaka Upanishad (III.1.1) There were two birds perched on bird longs to be like him; untouched the Self-same tree, one on the top by pain and pleasure and hops a and the other below. The bird on the little closer towards him. However, top is calm, silent, and majestic, as time passes by forgets all about immersed in his own glory; the bird his yearning to be like the upper on the lower branches, eating fruits- bird, and resumes eating the fruits. sweet and bitter, hopping from Again when he eats another bitter branch to branch, is becoming fruit, which makes him feel happy and miserable alternately. miserable, he again looks up to the Whenever the lower bird eats a blissful bird, and tries to move bitter fruit, it gets disgusted and nearer to him. Once more he looks up and sees the other bird with forgets. This repeats for a long time golden plumage who eats neither until he makes it very close to the sweet nor bitter fruit, who is always beautiful bird. He sees that the calm and blissful. Seeing that, lower light from the bird’s golden 6

Our nation’s motto Satyameva jayate was taken from the Mundakopanishad. satyameva jayate naanritam satyena pantha vitato devayanah yenaa kramantyarishayo hyaaptakaamaa yatra tat satyasya paramam nidhaanam -(III.1.6) Meaning: Truth alone triumphs, not falsehood. By truth the path is laid out, the Way of Gods, on which the Seers, whose every desire is satisfied, proceed to the Highest Abode of the True.

Fools laugh at others. Wisdom laughs at itself.

Strength is the medicine for the world’s disease.


Pre-Launch Meet of Yuvanjali
Nachiketa Tapovan attained a more colourful look on the morning of Sunday the 7th June, with groups of teenagers splattered all over the campus. The young citizens who gathered to discuss the launch of Yuvanjali looked as colourful and delicate as butterflies but are comparable only to lions in their strength. Indeed youth is the power of the Nation. The event which we called the Pre-launch meet of Yuvanjali was organized and hosted by Madhukar under the auspices of Swami Nachiketananda and Swami Shivanandamayi . The gathering was to get all the young friends of Tapovan familiar with the need, concept, aims and objectives, structure and other details of Yuvanjali. After the lamp was lighted by Suharika, Spandana and Ramya who have been with Tapovan since its inception, Madhukar briefly introduced to the audience how Tapovan is able to contribute to the society leaving it to one’s imagination, how much more could be done joining hands with mighty Yuva Shakti. Vasundhara Ma introduced Mataji to the audience in her gentle tone and graceful words; influenced by Swamiji how from a shy young camper Mataji became an impressive speaker and an advanced Spiritual Sadhaka. Then Mataji conveyed in her message the need for inculcating a spiritual lifestyle to encounter the ever-growing stress and frustration and enjoy life beyond all limits. Swamiji addressed the youth in his casual yet effective style. He urged them to develop deep perception that can help see the absolute truth beyond the external body. He clarified that Spirituality does not demand one to renounce his/her pleasures of life instead will help one to enjoy life from all angles. The objective of Yuvanjali is to incorporate Spirituality smoothly into one’s life by means of helping Family, Society, Country, World and lastly Self. The gathering started as a series of lectures and presentations given by different speakers and grew into a panel discussion where the Yuvanjali-aspirants freely expressed and shared their ideas and plans for the youth wing. There was lot of response, and good feedback from the youth’s side in the first meeting itself. Looking at all the enthusiasm that was oozing from everyone present at the gathering one can predict that sky is the limit for Yuvanjali.

When love and hate are both absent everything becomes clear and undisguised.

Only those who are ready to become nobodies are able to love. 9


Unlike many ancient cultures, India has been able to preserve her own identity through many sweeping changes mainly because of her spiritual affluence. Whenever we see depletion in spiritual values which encompass all walks of life, efforts need to be made to revive the values and regain the balance. In the wake of globalization, we have witnessed a shift of growth towards the materialistic extreme in India. The consequences that the society is reaping are Undue emphasis on money making Professional development without Spiritual development Change in family structure Drastic cultural change Self-centeredness Lack of contentment Importance to physical appearances Blind imitation of other cultures Mingling of Religion and Politics Exploitation of youth

Youth is the powerhouse of a nation. They have the ability to make or break a country. Ironically youth is very vulnerable to afflictions that can pester a society. Whether it is Kashmir or Pakistan or Afghanistan, the exploitation of youth by groups with vested interests has been the sad truth which is highly detrimental to the progress of a country and eventually the entire world. The reasons for this trend could be attributed to high energy levels, lack of direction, lack of experience, lack of patience, lack of security, lack of knowledge of their own potential and lack of information among the youth. Spiritual empowerment combined with right amount of right information can effectively be used to heal the above mentioned injuries that are hurting the youth of today. Selfconfidence, Self-reliance, Spiritual strength and National pride are the answers to many social problems of our time. Swami Nachiketananda and Ma Shivanandamayi have taken up the task of directing and guiding youth power through ‘YUVANJALI’- for the youth by the youth of the youth.

Nachiketa Tapovan has been, in its own capacity striving to help the underprivileged sections of the society for the last decade. As a part of celebration of the completion of ten fruitful years, Tapovan will be launching its youth wing, Yuvanjali in July 2009. The enthusiastic youth members of Tapovan will form the body of Yuvanjali who under the loving guidance of Swamiji and Mataji will take up several activities of this youth wing. ‘Vidyanjali’ is one such expression of Yuvanjali. . “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness” Vidyanjali is an offering to Goddess Saraswati. It is a human effort to dispel the darkness of ignorance by lighting the lamp of knowledge and arouse the spirituality. Yuvanjali will hold nonresidential and residential workshops for youth either independently or in collaboration with schools, colleges and other establishments. Swamiji, Mataji and experts in various fields will address, guide and counsel the youth. The role of spirituality in one’s life will form the fibre of Vidyanjali. They will be equipped with information about their legal

rights and privileges so that they can make the right decision at the right time of their life. Vidyanjali will include an array of programmes like Career melas, Health education camps, Vocational workshops and much more. Vidyanjali’s target is to meet 5,00,000 students in the next two years. Besides, just as light cannot be contained in one place the group of students who receive knowledge will naturally emit the brightness around them and continue lighting up rest of the world. There is a notion amongst people that Spirituality is something that should be practiced after one successfully discharges the family responsibilities, at the onset of old age. On contrary if Spirituality becomes our way of life from a young age, one’s purpose of life will be fulfilled. Yuvanjali’s message to youth is that Spirituality and worldly life can be seamlessly blended in order to make life worth living.

Nobody is here to fulfill your dream. Everybody is here to fulfill his own destiny, his own reality.

Don’t choose. Accept life as it is in its totality.


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A set of 8 ‘Yogic CDs’ were released on1st April 2007.The CDs comprise instructions given on different yogic techniques based on an extensive research done by Swami Nachiketananda assisted by other Swamis and Volunteers. ’Om’- A divine melody is the first of the series. All the CDs are available at the Nachiketa Tapovan premises at Kavuri Hills, and also in leading book stores.

Swami Nachiketananda and Swami Shivanandamayi
on this day we will also Celebrate Guru Pournima & Release Vanaprastha Flyer
Venue: NACHIKETA TAPOVAN Plot No. 70, Phase I, Kavuri Hills, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Yours in the service of Motherland Madhukar A. Director Programme & Satsanga 13

Live for the life not for the livelihood.

Our principle should be love and not compassion.

Anna daanam maha daanam; vidya daanam mahattaram. Annena kshanika trupthihi yaavajjeevanthu vidyaya.
Vidya Mandir at Nachiketa Tapovan is currently able to accommodate a family of about 150 children who receive all-round nourishment from man-making education to milk-n- meals and basic health- aid in an atmosphere of genuine love. Kind-hearted Well wishers have been the unseen force behind this offering to God. We thank you for your continued support.


Dear Atman
No man is an island. To fight the good fight we need help. This has been the basis for the Nachiketa Tapovan’s inception and ensuing growth over the last 10 years from a hut into a 3 storied- building onto a 40 acre spiritual complex. Imparting literacy to children from impoverished families was the idea with which the divine project started before it grew into a multifarious movement. All along Tapovan’s efforts received great support from you all in every way bringing fruition to the noble intent.. The main focus has never shifted from Vidya Mandir. Nachiketa Tapovan has become the haven for the underprivileged children who have been nourished with not only milk and food but also good academics supplemented by the traditional values of India. Vidya Mandir will be taking a big stride this June from offering Primary Education extending onto Secondary Education. That is, this academic year, Vidya Mandir will offer classes ranging from LKG through 6th grade. It requires additional resources, both monetary as well as human to fund this progressive step. We hereby make a fervent appeal for generous donations. Please participate in this ‘Vidya Daana Yaga’ being performed to benefit the most deserving children and help pass on the legacy of our Cultural heritage, Social values and Religious traditions. It may kindly be noted that donations to Nachiketa Tapovan are exempted from Income Tax U/S 80 G of IT Act, 1961 of Govt. of India. Donations in the form of Cheques/ Demand Drafts may please be drawn in favour of Nachiketa Tapovan. We acknowledge the generous contributions made by donors.
Yours in the service of Motherland

Vidya Daanam (Education ) Anna Daanam (Mid-day Meals) Ksheera Daanam (Morning Milk) Vastra Daanam (Uniforms) Dinnerware (Steel Plates & Glasses) Stationery Supplies (Copier Paper) Festivals Celebration Oushadhi (Medical Supplies)

Rs. 3500/ year/student Rs. 2800/day Rs. 600/day Rs. 600/ 2 pairs Rs. 5000/ 50 sets Rs. 5000/ term Rs. 1500/festival Rs. 5000/month

Celebrate your Special Days with the Children at Nachiketa Tapovan!

Swami Nachiketananda


Let the mind be cheerful but calm.

Neither seek nor avoid; take what comes.