The Magic of Creativity

Our little shimmering stars of Nachiketa Tapovan love to express themselves in the form of drawings, paintings and poems. Here’s a glimpse of the magic of two of our stars!We love them all dearly!

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Aum shanno Mitrah sham Varunaha Shailaja, 4th Class. is a confident, strong, bright little topper, who loves to be challenged. Shailu aspires to become a Police Officer. Nikitha, 4th Class is an adorable little girl. She is a perfect mixture of sweetness, and childishness who is also good at her schoolwork. Shanno bhavatvaryama Shanna Indro Brihaspatih Shanno Vishnu Rurukramaha Namo Brahmane namaste Vaayo Tvameva pratyaksham Brahmaasi Tvaameva pratyaksham Brahma vadishyaami Rutam vadishyami satyam vadishyami Tanmaamavatu tadvaktaaramavatu Avatu maam avatu vaktaaram. Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih! -Taittiriya Upanishad (I.1.1)

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Meaning: May the sun God Mitra and other Vedic Gods - Varuna, Aryamaan, Indra, Brihaspati and the all pervading Maha Vishnu and all the Devatas shower their Blessings upon us. Salutations to Brahma. Salutations to Vaayu. You are the personification of Brahma. I shall proclaim thee as Brahma. I shall always abide by Dharma (righteousness). I shall always speak the truth. May that protect us all. Aum Peace, peace, peace.

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The greatest Guru is your Inner Self. Truly He is the Supreme Teacher.

The greatest Guru is helpless as long as the disciple is not eager to learn.




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A Tribute to The Seer!
A philosopher is one who tickles your intellect whereas a spiritual teacher is one who touches your heart. There are but few great men who could touch both of these and change the course of your life and Swami Vivekananda is undoubtedly one such great prophet. 4th July 1902 was the day when the Great yogi who practiced all the four forms of yoga to perfection, attained Samadhi leaving his legacy behind to understand which fully, we might take many more years. Only He could capture the essence of Upanishads and gist of Gita, combine with his vision and hand to the common man, in simple language a panacea for all human diseases. And in fact like medicine, His words are many times uncushioned, harsh and potent; He undauntedly lashed into hypocrisy and superstition to unfold the truth to the world. To celebrate this great seer’s short yet the brightest life is presented here an excerpt of His teaching, His reverence to His Guru and His disciple Sister Nivedita’s tributes to Him. “…the Vedanta lays down that each man should be treated not as what he manifests, but as what he stands for. Each being stands for the divine, and, therefore, every teacher should be helpful, not by condemning man, but by helping him to call forth the divinity that is within him.” “I am what I am, and what I am is always due to him. Whatever in me or in my word s is good and true and eternal came to me from his mouth, his heart, his soul. Sri Ramakrishna is the spring of this phase of the earth’s religious life, of its impulses and activities. If I can show the world one glimpse of my Master I shall not live in vain.”- Swami Vivekananda on Sri Ramakrishna “It may be said that when he began to speak it was of ‘the religious ideas of the Hindus’, but when he (Swami Vivekananda) ended, Hinduism had been created.”-Sister Nivedita beloved disciple of Swami Vivekananda Swamiji’s power packed words have been tremendously effective in inspiring people. From His teachings the energetic younger generations derive much needed direction, courage and pride which can lead the nation back to her golden age. I earnestly opine that Swami Vivekananda’s books should be made a part of our schools’ curricular books so that India will be the home of lions that can lead the world.

Subhadra K.

Editorial Consultants:
Annapurna R. Sowja A.

Dear Readers! Recently I read some literature on Greek Olympics and was amazed to note the spiritual aspect underlying the biggest sporting extravaganza on earth. The legend is that Gods themselves started the Olympic Games in 776 B.C and at some point when Greece faced civil wars, famines, and natural disasters, the athletic games stopped and the king went to the Greek God Apollo to enquire the Medium what they should do to overcome disasters. ‘’Start immediately the athletic games! ‘’ was the emphatic message and the king obeyed which saved Greece from decline.

It should be noted that all famine, miseries and wars first find their place in the minds of men before they manifest as physical realities. Make man’s mind a repository of peace and there will be peace on earth. That is exactly what the Olympics did to ancient Greece. Men who were fighting each other were made to meet in unity inside the sanctuary of Olympia to offer adoration to God and strive for a common goal. An interesting fact about the games is that they always took place on the day of the full moon of July. The Hindu festival of Guru Pournima too is celebrated on the same day. Could this just be a coincidence?
Subhadra K.

The stronger the desire, the easier comes the help.

Take care of the most important; the lesser will take care of itself.


Message by Swamiji

The law of attraction is very difficult to understand. Attraction is created when there is vacuum or emptiness in your life. You know very well the wind moves towards vacuum space. There has to be a vacuum for the wind to move. Similarly when you have vacuum or emptiness in your life you get attracted to certain objects or people. When you don’t feel emptiness probably you may develop love. Now try to assess yourself and your relationship with people around you and find out if the attraction is due to vacuum or if it is true love. Sometimes vacuum is created in your life when you lose a close relative or friend. In that state of shock you get attracted to something but, this type of attraction is only temporary. These days children are separated from parents, husbands from wives or vice versa because of this temporary attraction.

God has created love in this universe but instead of understanding the true meaning of love you are trying to experience it externally. You are only seeing the creation of attraction in this universe. There are two poles of attraction- North and South. You are not trying to go beyond it. God has also created ‘Silence’ which is hidden in this beautiful Universe. When something sprouts from this silence, it is true love. What breaks is attraction! What does not break is silence! Once you understand the meaning of true love there is no question of breaking any relationship. Now start looking around you and observe how many different types of objects you have created for yourself. Your house, car, relatives, your status in the society, spiritual or social organizations… so many

things. Are they created out of emptiness or silence? You can drop every thing by understanding what silence is! Recently I bought a new watch. Is it necessary? I am a sannyasi and should not wear all this. But the desire to buy this watch did not arise from attraction, it came out of silence. Similarly you also try to understand if all the objects around you are from emptiness or Silence. Some people commit suicides because they experience emptiness. That very moment their minds are blocked or choked and they take extreme steps. All extreme steps are taken only because of the vacuum created in their lives. When someone tries to suppress you all the time in your life, you have a sudden outburst because of the vacuum created in you. When you are hurt, even the food that is kept in front of you loses

its attraction though you are hungry, and this is because of emptiness. You don’t need to drop anything in your life, but you can always fill the vacuum with silence. Now how to experience that silence? Try to meditate, analyze things and develop more clarity about your goals in life. Unless you are a good sadhaka you will not understand the difference between emptiness and silence. They might look identical but never the same. Suppose there are two glasses of water, one filled to the brim and other empty and when they are placed at a distance of 20 or 30 ft away from you, both the glasses might seem to be empty. It is very difficult to identify which glass is full. Silence is also the same. In emptiness your mind doesn’t function but in silence it works at its best. So just try to observe your actions and find out if they are coming from silence or vacuum. Once it is clear then you slowly develop functioning in the silence state which is very important. Try to contemplate on how you have spent your life. Is it with attraction or true love…?

The real does not die, the unreal never lived.

Clarify your mind, Purify your heart, Sanctify your life. This is the quickest way to change your life.


Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnuhu Gurur Devo Maheshwaraha Gurur sakshath Parabrahma, Tasmai Sri Gurave namaha. I prostrate to my Guru, who is Brahma (creator), Vishnu (Sustainer), Shiva (destroyer)and Guru is Paramatma Himself. Our tradition has given the highest place to the Guru. Why do you think a Guru is necessary? I am not talking about that teacher where you are pursuing your education. Today’s teacher is imparting only information but not the real knowledge. Though Swami Vivekananda was brilliant and had a sharp intellect, he had a Guru. Incarnations like Rama, Krishna and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had Gurus. Because, Guru plays an incomparable role in disciple’s life, our Vedas say that Guru is Paramatma himself. Sant Kabir says that Guru Govind dono khade, Kake lago paye, Balihari guru apne Govind diyo dikaye.

A person suffering with cataract can not see clearly. He can not see the beauty of the universe and can not enjoy the world to the fullest. Cataract which forms a curtain between darkness and light hides the true vision. You need to get operated to gain true vision. You can not operate on yourself. You need a professional expert for surgery. We are all suffering from cataract, which is the ignorance of self and the world. Here the doctor is Guru, the one who is perfect in doing surgery. Guru, the knowledgeable, the Knower of the Brahman, is the only one who can perform the surgery. Not any one else. ‘Gu’ means darkness and ‘Ru’ means remover. Guru means the remover of darkness. When you take birth from your mother’s womb that is your first birth, when you meet, come across or take initiation from Guru, that is your second birth. Second birth is necessary to lead a meaningful and happy life. Guru helps you to see the unknown and the true world which is pure and glorious. As long as you are unaware of the real world so long the human birth is not utilized to the fullest. Guru is not only the physical body, he is beyond body and mind, he is infinite, endless and all pervading. His is the ocean of true love; his single drop of love can transform the life of many. Guru is the Paramatma himself.

Taittiriya Upanishad is from Yajurveda. Taittiriya Upanishad is one of the widely recited and practiced Upanishads and owns the prestige of being commented by Adi Shankaracharya who divided the Upanishad into three parts, Sikshavalli, Anandavalli and Bhruguvalli. Many mantras chanted in rituals even today are taken from this Upanishad. Sikshavalli :- Matters pertaining to education like Brahmacharyashrama’s importance, rules, order of vedic chanting, pronunciation and meditation of Om are included in this part of the Upanishad. A student who is ready to return home after completion of vedic studies at Gurukul receives a special exhortation from his Guru as a Convocation Ceremony Address which is included in Sikshavalli. The prescription includes guidelines on how to lead the next phase, the householder’s life according to the Dharma. Concepts like ‘Satyam vada Dharmam Chara’ and ‘Matrudevobhavah, Pitru devobhavah, Acharya devo bhavah’ are found in this discourse. Do not neglect studying and teaching, Do not neglect prosperity, Do not neglect personal welfare, Charity should be given with faith, Give an acceptable gift to Teacher are some other important farewell teachings delivered by the Guru.

Anandavalli: The significant concept included in this part is that of Pancha Kosha, according to which the ancient philosophers have distinguished Human Existence into five sheaths that constitute the gross, subtle and causal bodies. Brahman is the innermost untouched by any of them. Attachment to any one sheath causes loss of freedom. Bhruguvalli: the third part includes the practical teaching of Varuna to his son Bhrugu. Through performing austerities, step-by-step Bhrugu advances from the sheath of food through the sheaths of Prana, mind, intellect, ultimately to realize that the sheath of Bliss is the ultimate truth. Taittiriya Upanishad mentions and emphasizes on the food and its relation to supreme reality. Taking due care and respect of the role of food in our sustenance and by following Dharma while leading a worldly life one can realize the truth of Self.


If you do not care for pleasure, you will not be afraid of pain.

Charity means lovingly sharing whatever you have.

The 7th July of 2009 will be marked as a very eventful day in the history of Nachiketa Tapovan. On this auspicious morning of Guru Poornima, Tapovan launched Yuvanjali, the flyer of Yuvanjali, the website of Yuvanjali and the flyer of Vanaprastha Ashram. With the launch of Yuvanjali we shall witness a whole new era of expression of Yuvashakti! Guru Poornima or Vyasa Poornima is the full moon day in the Hindu month of ‘Ashada’ and the day marks the birthday of the great sage Veda Vyasa. Even the writing of the eighteen Puranas was completed

by Him on this day. Guru is hailed as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Guru and God are one because the Almighty and His medium of manifestation cannot be different. At Nachiketa Tapovan Guru Poornima is celebrated in the holy presence of Swami Nachiketananda who by revealing the ‘Guri’ (target) has awakened, elevated and transformed the spiritual seekers who sought His guidance. ‘Guri’ here refers to the Atmic Principle or the principle of the Self.

Fear and greed cause the misuse of mind.

To know, to do, or to create you must give your heart to it.


As per the tradition, the day’s celebrations started with the Homa performed by Swami Shivanandamayi with absolute devotion, amidst the chantings of “Om Namah Shivaya”. As explained by Mataji, a Homa or Havan is performed because it acts as a bridge between one’s Atma and the Paramatma. When performed with ‘Bhava’ it becomes a spiritual journey through which the transformation of consciousness from worldly to higher states takes place. After the homa, Mataji announced the news of the development of Nachiketa Tapovan’s Vanaprastha in the Kodgal Ashram. As the name denotes Vanaprastha Ashram is a haven for spiritual aspirants who start to gradually renounce the worldly attachments, practice karmayoga and advance in the path, seeking the ultimate truth. The Vanaprastha flyer was released by Swami Nachiketananda. At 10:25a.m. Swamiji launched Yuvanjali, the youth wing of Nachiketa Tapovan by unveiling the logo which is designed by its prenatal members Veena and Sai Kumar. The release of

the Yuvanjali’s flyer was the next highlight of the day’s celebrations. Kudos to Siri who not only worked relentlessly to accomplish the timely and successful launch but also coined the term ‘Nachiketas’ for the youth members of Yuvanjali. The website which was chiefly designed by Surabhi was also launched by Swamiji. There can’t be a better start than this for Yuvanjali under whose banner the youth began to work even before the start! The Nachiketas came up to the dais and expressed their thrill, excitement and hope at Swamiji’s idea and the subsequent launch of Yuvanjali and pledged their commitment to make it a nationally visible and active youth force. The best was yet to come and that was Swamiji’s Guru Poornima discourse! Swamiji’s address gave a perfect spiritual touch to the end of the day’s celebrations which was only the beginning of a new chapter!


The real help worth giving is freeing from the need for further help.

Nothing profits the world as much as abandoning the profits.


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25th & 26th July 2009

Shakti Sanchalana the third in the series of 8 yogic CDs released on the 1st April, 2007 takes you on a journey from “thought to thoughtlessness.” All CDs are available at the Nachiketa Tapovan premises at Kavuri Hills and also in leading Book stores.
Venue: NACHIKETA TAPOVAN Plot No. 70, Phase I, Kavuri Hills, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Yours in the service of Motherland Madhukar A. Director Programme & Satsanga 13

Cost of CD - Rs. 35/12

You can not change the image without changing the face.

To know who you are find out who you are not.


Anna daanam maha daanam; vidya daanam mahattaram. Annena kshanika trupthihi yaavajjeevanthu vidyaya.
Vidya Mandir at Nachiketa Tapovan is currently able to accommodate a family of about 150 children who receive all-round nourishment from man-making education to milk-n- meals and basic health- aid in an atmosphere of genuine love. Kind-hearted Well wishers have been the unseen force behind this offering to God. We thank you for your continued support.

Dear Atman
No man is an island. To fight the good fight we need help. This has been the basis for the Nachiketa Tapovan’s inception and ensuing growth over the last 10 years from a hut into a 3 storiedbuilding onto a 40 acre spiritual complex. Imparting literacy to children from impoverished families was the idea with which the divine project started before it grew into a multifarious movement. All along Tapovan’s efforts received great support from you all in every way bringing fruition to the noble intent.. classes ranging from LKG through 6th grade. It requires additional resources, both monetary as well as human to fund this progressive step. We hereby make a fervent appeal for generous donations. Please participate in this ‘Vidya Daana Yaga’ being performed to benefit the most deserving children and help pass on the legacy of our Cultural heritage, Social values and Religious traditions. It may kindly be noted that donations to Nachiketa Tapovan are exempted from Income Tax U/S 80 G of IT Act, 1961 of Govt. of India. Donations in the form of Cheques/Demand Drafts may please be drawn in favour of Nachiketa Tapovan. We acknowledge the generous contributions made by donors.

Vidya Daanam (Education ) Anna Daanam (Mid-day Meals) Ksheera Daanam (Morning Milk) Vastra Daanam (Uniforms) Dinnerware (Steel Plates & Glasses) Stationery Supplies (Copier Paper) Festivals Celebration Oushadhi (Medical Supplies)

Rs. 3500/ year/student Rs. 2800/day Rs. 600/day Rs. 600/ 2 pairs Rs. 5000/ 50 sets Rs. 5000/ term Rs. 1500/festival Rs. 5000/month

Celebrate your Special Days with the Children at Nachiketa Tapovan!


True Guru is one in whose presence greatest transformation takes place.

The main focus has never shifted from Vidya Mandir. Nachiketa Tapovan has become the haven for the underprivileged children who have been nourished with not only milk and food but also good academics supplemented by the traditional values Yours in the service of Motherland of India. Vidya Mandir will be taking a big stride this June from offering Primary Education extending onto Secondary Education. That is, this academic year, Vidya Mandir will offer Swami Nachiketananda Be devoted to the goal- and devotion to 15 him who can guide you will follow.