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How do you open and access APIC? VIA THE APIC DESKTOP ICON What are the 6 workbooks in APIC? PROJECT ANALYSIS / PROJECT TRACKING / PROJECT REPORTING / PROJECT SETUP / ESTIMATING TOOL / BILLING WORKBENCH Which Workbook do you use to update your EAC? PROJECT TRACKING Write the workflow for project setup i.e. which key members will approve your project and in what order? PROJECT ACCOUNTANT / PROJECT DIRECTOR / FINANCE LEAD At which stage in the setup approval workflow will your project be chargeable? AFTER APPROVAL BY THE PROJECT DIRECTOR In the WBS can the child tasks at the same level within the same branch of the WBS be set with different financial flags i.e. Y/N? NO ON ANY BRANCH OF A WBS THE LOWEST LEVEL CAN ONLY BE FINANCIAL OR WORK NOT BOTH How is a financial task different from a non-financial task? YOU CAN CHARGE TO A FINANCIAL TASK You are a PD, what can I change on a project? YOU CAN CHANGE AND SUBMIT AN EAC Who can modify project information? PROJECT MANAGER ASSISTANT / DEPUTY PROJECT MANAGER / PROJECT MANAGER









10. When would a PM be unable to download a project for update? WHEN IT IS IN WORKFLOW 11. What does Revenue Opportunity mean? REVENUE OVER THE CAP or HARD LIMIT (i.e. this represents the additional revenue your project should earn if the contract value can be raised via change order / variation) 12. What is the difference between Top Task level and Project level Funding? THIS IS THE LEVEL WHERE REVENUE WILL BE RECOGNIZED. (TASK LEVEL FUNDING CAN LEAD TO SEGMENTATION OF A PROJECT, IF MULTIPLE TASKS ARE FUNDED). 13. Which KPIs rely on the implementation of Earned Value Tracking to work properly? CPI (COST PERFORMANCE INDEX) & SPI (SCHEDULE PERFORMANCE INDEX) 14. Which workbook would you use to review the transaction details on your project? PROJECT ANALYSIS 15. What do you need to do prior to being able to update Workplan costs during Project Setup? THE FINANCIAL BUDGET 16. Which APIC Workbooks provide access to the EV Graphs? PROJECT ANALYSIS & PROJECT REPORTING 17. What AECOM Project Review category would automatically be assigned to a $550,000 project NOT requiring HUB approval? C2 18. Under what circumstances would you manually override the automatically assigned Project Review Category? IF IT HAS BEEN REVIEWED BY THE HUB OR MPRC 19. What should be updated before completing and submitting your project report? EAC & PROGRESS 20. How often do I need to do my Project Report and/or EAC? 1. C1 PSR/EACMONTHLY At Project setup, Monthly or at the discretion of the business

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