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How to solve problem How? There are more than 600 methods known by man to solve problems.

There are many problems expressed by the participants. Some of it is: 1. Memorization 2. Focus and persevere 3. Understanding 4. Decision making 5. Low self esteem 6. Steadfastness Life is a Net of problems as test Increase the ranking as human to vicegerent When problem comes, you would:mind setting- positive thinking, return to Allah, smile and calm down as mentioned in Alquran in (albaqarah:256)translation: Allah will not burden any soul except with what they can bear.(al-imran:159) Sahabah-They train and practice themselves to be relax and calm down. Practice-practice-practice Any successful life activity demands the ability to solve problem A muslim who boldly face daily problems and challenges are worth more to Islam than those who passively rely on others Islam is the only solution to all the problem

Cerita2 penyelesaian masalah. Kisah hajar aswad Perang badar Perang uhud More Macgyver has vast knowledge. Characteristics of problem solver Observe alam tara- do you not observe/see (al-luqman:31) Listen and hear (al-araf:179) Get along with others (al-hujurat:13) Learn from other (ar-rum:9) Secure reliable information Look on whats been done before Take a break (al-baqarah:155) Reflect on option

Adapt Trust their instinct Persistent (al-insyirah:7) Take decisive actions 4 Types of problem solvers 1. Inspirers they nurture people and relationships and have the ability to inspire confidence. Whenever they face challenge or problem, people rally around them offering their assistance. 2. Reflectors these problem solvers do not rush when making decisions, instead they take their time, mull things over for a while, step back from situation to get new perspective and then act. 3. Innovators these individuals have the unique ability to come up with creative solutions to any challenge or problem that they might encounter. It could be an entirely new solution or the blending of the known solutions into something fresh and exciting. 4. Influencers these problem solver are expert at getting others to support their cause, and they excel at finding solutions to people problems that involve change, influencers are great at getting people to buy in. Mind mentality need to be a risk taker Example- at arcade, insert coin and try again A four-stage creativity process for generating great ideasProblem solving process Preparation Incubation Illumination Implementation This process is ideal for problem solving because it taps into the idea of creative solutions rather than a one-size fits all template. What great thinkers and innovators in common Ability to reflect Observation skills Openness to experiment Keep record of research Impossible was not an answer Open minded Childlike sense of play Curious Voracious reader Read/study broadly Observe and collect facts Independent thinking Take breaks to reenergize Total absorption in subject Look at the limitations of old inventions and devise a solution Modify present technologies for other uses Ability to make connections between two different things

Have imagination Have vision Didnt reinvent the wheel built on present knowledge Ability to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills

Things you can do to become better problem solver Each day spend some time reflecting on life Travel to places that you never been before Eat different foods, interact with nature Take time to learn about another culture Read diverse book and other materials and think about what youve read Consider problems that you know solving and work on ways to solve them SwotStrength Weaknesses Opportunity Threats Type of problem solver you are informs how you approach the challenges, problems and issues that you will inevitably face your work and life. Time is also part of the solutions.