                       

Credit Assessment Process and repayment of Bank Loans in Barclays Bank (U) Ltd Organizational support, organizational citizenship behavior, customer service after restructuring in Uganda Revenue Authority Design of Delegation System at Diary Development Authority Unrefined Exposure Frequency of Adverts , Aided recall and recognition and wear out among mobile phone users in Kampala District The Effect of Branding and Service Delivery on the Sales Performance of Commercial Banks , Case Study Standard Chartered Bank Uganda Ltd Stock Exchange listing requirements and Medium Enterprises in Uganda Fund Accessibility fund utilization and growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Micro credit and Poultry farming in Uganda ; The case of Pride Micro finance in Mukono District Relationship marketing , internal networks and customer retention in the insurance industry ; A case study of First Insurance Company Ltd The challenges of Private Companies Involvement on the Uganda Securities Exchange Financial services Delivery Processes , technology and quality of service ; A case of Uganda Post Limited Passenger handling competences , empowerment, commitment, and organizational citizenship behavior Audit resources , audit risks and quality of audit in the Public Sector Assessment of the key challenges on performance of privatized enterprises in Uganda , A case of study Central Purchasing Company Assessing the efficiency of Management Information System in MUBS Budgetary actualization and service delivery in the Health sector , A case of Mulago Hospital Stakeholder cohesion , social capital and increased access to and use of Agricultural technology Entrepreneurial efforts , organizational structure and the challenges of Business Development in Uganda , A case of Furniture Making in Kampala Performance Improvement through Internal reforms in the Public Sector , A case of National Water and Sewerage Corporation The influence of Insurance premium and investment on indemnity in the Uganda Insurance Industry Market orientation and business performance , A case of Uganda Posts Limited The contribution of Micro finance Institutions (MFIs) to the economic activities of the Youth and Women in Luweero District ; A case of Finca Uganda Managing Social networks and Performance of the Private Sector Foundation in Uganda Relational norms and tax compliance among Individual Income tax payers in Uganda

The case of Insurance Indistry in Uganda Interactive marketing and customer retention in Banking. A case of Makerere University Self efficacy . perceived task difficulty and project performance in African Evangelistic Enterprise Communication media usage and performance of service firms The competence based approach to job analysis Organization development interventions and their impact on perceived organization performance Organizational climate. A survey of micro finance Institution The quality of Tax Payer services and the performance of Income Tax Revenue collections . commitment and organizational citizenship behavior . stress . commitment and organizational citizenship behavior . Organizational citizenship behavior. The case of Police Patrol Services in Uganda Procedural justice during performance appraisal . A case of branches of UMEME Ltd Challenges and Prospects of decentralized financial management . commitment. empowerment. The case of Heidelberg East Africa Ltd Budgetary management and police performance in Uganda . audit independence and risk management Improving Student Credit Management in Makerere University Business School Corporate Governance and Financial Performance of Public Universities in Uganda Organizational Learning. A case of Bank of Uganda funded projects Service Quality Delivery and corporate image in utility companies . Social Capital . A survey of City Partnership Community Challenge Project in Kawempe Division Operant competencies . empowerment . competences . A case of Bank X Firm characteristics.                       Occupational health and safety management. teamwork and employee commitment . organizational social capital . A case of Uganda Revenue Authority Gender roles and Business Management skills in the performance of SMEs for women . management attitudes . and organizational citizenship behavior in Kampala City Council The budgeting system and delivery of urban services under decentralization in Uganda. A case of UMEME Limited Outsourcing and Financial Performance . social capital. strategic alliance and financial performance in the Poultry Industry . A case of Cairo International Bank Relationship marketing and customer retention in the printing equipment industry . and export performance in fruit sector Acceptability of Internal Audit Function. counter productive behavior. The case of Jinja Municipal Council Competencies and community development .

customer service quality . A case of Bamburi Cement Organizational climate. empowerment . counter productive behavior and organsiational citizenship behavior in Uganda Post Limited and Uganda Development Bank Pricing of Academic programmes and financial sustainability . commitment and organizational citizenship behavior in Makerere University Organizational culture . social capital . optimism . organizational commitment and organizational citizenship behavior Organizational culture. A case of MUBS in comparison to Makerere University Customer Service Quality in the Ugandan Banking Industry Survivor syndrome . institutional competences and the performance of Micro finance Institutions in Uganda The effects of masculinity of organizations on the placement and maintenance of women in senior managerial position . A case of MUBS Budgetary Planning. control and financial performance of Higher education institutions . psychological contract . A case of Uganda Revenue Authority Determinants of effectiveness of Micro finance Institutions loans among selected small businesses in Kampala and Mpigi Districts The effect of Promotion on Uganda's Tourism Performance The organizational climate. commitment and OCBs in Uganda Coffee Development Authority The effectiveness of the Performance Appraisal . competitiveness and performance of selected manufacturing firms in Uganda Organizational learning and organizational competencies in Uganda National Farmers Association The New psychological contract . task performance and organizational citizenship behavior in Uganda Revenue Authority The relationship between psychological contract . driving competencies of professional drivers and road traffic safety performance in Uganda Organizational culture . psychological contract .                      Perceived Information Asymmetry. A case of government Universal Primary Education Schools in Kampala The relationship between networks. A case of Administrative Assistants of Uganda Electricity Board . perceived justice . burnout and performance of teachers . Internal networks . organizational social capital . occupational stress job satisfaction and OCB . A comparison of two performance appraisal methods with regards to rateesatisfaction . customer orientation and customer satisfaction in selected hotels in Uganda Competencies . social capital . psychological contract . A case of Oxfam Uganda The trait based performance Appraisal model used at the Environmental Conservation Trust of Uganda Pricing. bank lending approaches and perceived credit accessibility by SMEs in Uganda Change processes .survivor syndrome organizational social capital . psychological contract and OCBs.

A case of MUBS Organizational culture . A comparative study of Diary Corporation and Jesa Diary Farm Limited Organizational social capital . A case of National Water and Sewerage Corporation The relationship between advertising. A case of National Teachers colleges in Uganda Organizational environment and the sales performance of Uganda Grain Milling Company Uganda Limited Organizational social capital . internal marketing and performance . networking. The case of World Vision Uganda Survivor Syndrome. A case of Uganda Breweries Limited Antecedents of Organizational Citizenship Behavior . credit culture . A case study of the cooperative bank Ltd Credit Management Policy . A case study of Private foreign Exchange Bureaux Operators Uganda Organizational culture and market capabilities in Uganda Diary Sector . innovation and the performance of Insurance Business in Uganda Personnel selection methods . A case study of the New Vision Printing and Publishing Corporation Organizational culture . optimism . job satisfaction and OCB . psychological contract .         Culture. volume of credit sales and quality of accounts receivables Organizational social capital . organizational learning and decision making . team processes and organizational performances of selected financial institutions in Uganda . A case of Uganda Revenue Authority . sales promotion and the development of customers deposits in the commercial banks . social capital and organizational performance . Custom Department Board of Directors composition . teamwork and OCBs . performance monitoring and customer service in Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited The relationship between export strategy and growth of exported oriented small business in Uganda The relationship between entrepreneurial behavior among the proprietors of the Broiler Rearing firms in Kampala District and Business Performance Occupational stress and customer service quality . billing integrity . team work and OCBs in Uganda Revenue Authority Organizational justice. management styles and the management of change in public education institutions . networks . psychological contract and OCB ( performance ) in Mulago Hospital            Social capital networks and organizational competencies among Uganda Coffee Exporters Networks.

organizational learning and performance . psychological contract . teamwork . market orientation and sales performance of Crown beverages Limited Entrepreneurial competence of Small Scale Industrialists and the utilization of Uganda Development Bank borrowed funds The effect of customer service on sales in passenger Airport transport . organizational commitment . job satisfaction . A case study of a government owned tertiary institution The relationship between downsizing. A study on the success of Water and Environmental sanitation programme in Mpigi District Organizational competences and their relationship to performance and customer satisfaction in Uganda Electricity Board A study of the relationship between Uganda culture and the success of Imported performance Appraisal systems and practices Change process. teamwork and service delivery under decentralized governance in Uganda Internal networks and change implementation . intention to turn over and organizational performance Organizational social capital . psychological contract and OCBs in Business Organizations . A comparison of Uganda Investment Authority and Uganda Development Bank Relationship between organizational culture . A case study of Uganda Electoral Commission and FINCA The effect of tax holiday incentive policy on volume of investment in Horticulture in Uganda Capacity of Financial Institutions in Project Management . A study of selected fish processing and export firms in Uganda Team building and performance in Uganda . A case of Uganda Airlines The effect of loan size scheduling and interest on loan repayment performance of micro enterprises under the entandikwa credit scheme The Introduction of work groups in the MBA course at Makerere University . A case study of National Water and Sewerage Corporation Social capital . A pedagogical attempt to train the students in teamwork The effect of organizational structure on performance and work relationships Determinants of Investment Decisions after licensing . The case of the Investment Term Credit Refinance Scheme Budgetary Controls and Perceived Financial performance of tertiary institutions under (BTVET) The influence of entrepreneurial attributes and social networks on the growth of women owned enterprises . organizational social capital and OCBs . A case of Uganda Investment Authority licensed companies Uganda's Fish Exports . A case study of a Christian based organization Social capital civil participation and Community Development .                      Management style .

self efficacy and performance of procurement officers in central government procuring and disposing entities in Uganda Bank lending. perceived attributes and market penetration in the Ugandan telecommunication sector Corporate governance and business performance Corporate governance . perceived organizational support. a case study of Kampala extra region Information sharing. team work management. individual commitment. cultural attributes. supervisory competences. network interactions and network resilience Accountability. Project Ethical Climate. board structure and performance of public sector entities Consumers’ attitudes. teamwork. procedural justice and counterproductive work place behavior in the Uganda police force. competitive advantage and financial performance of foreign direct investments in the Ugandan service sector Diffusion of innovations. trust and internet banking adoption in Uganda Competencies. financial preparation for retirement. psychological contract and employee engagement Psychological preparation for retirement. OCBs. credit accessibility and performance of farmers Accountability and mobilized financial resources Micro finance credit lending terms.                        Succession planning and survival of family businesses Stakeholder Involvement. employee commitment. networks and performance of women enterprises Governance practices. and consumer purchasing behaviours in the Ugandan petroleum industry . ownership structure . employee empowerment and customer service delivery Organization social capital. risk management and financial performance of commercial banks in Uganda Expatriate capabilities. corporate social responsibility and financial performance of commercial banks Midwifery competence. perceived risk. social network and perceived project performance Organization social capital. self concept. knowledge transfer. information asymmetry. service quality and customer retention Commercial banks investment in loans and treasury bills and their overall profitability in Uganda Brand image. distributive justice. HIVAIDS care best practices and stakeholder’s satisfaction The relationship between Individual Intervention . psychological contract Leadership behavior. Commitment to the Project and Performance of Poverty Eradication Projects in Uganda Project communication. employee engagement and OCB Organisational culture.

 Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management The impact of external and internal stakeholder groups on sustainability in organizations and their supply chains Strategies to implement sustainability within organizations and their performance impact Resource-Dependence Theory. Stakeholder Theory .

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