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!our local GP practice
GPs look after the health of people in their local community and deal with a whole range of health problems. They also provide health education, offer advice on smoking and diet, run clinics, give vaccinations and carry out simple surgical operations. GPs usually work in practices as part of a team, which includes nurses, healthcare assistants, practice managers, receptionists and other staff. Practices also work closely with other healthcare professionals, such as health visitors, midwives, and social services. You would normally see GPs or other healthcare professionals at their premises (surgery). treatment, or to see a consultant with specialist knowledge. GP practices should make information about their services easily available to their patients. #ost practices have a practice leaflet available, otherwise please ask for one. ome operate from more than one building. !f your GP cannot deal with a problem then you"ll usually be referred to a hospital for tests,

"inding the right GP practice
You can register with a GP practice of your choice, as long as you live within its catchment area and it is accepting new patients. $isits to the surgery are free. %esearching your options can help you find the right GP practice. %ead the section aboutchoosing a GP practice for tips and advice or compare local GP practices according to facilities, services, access and performance before you decide. &sk friends, relatives and others you trust for their thoughts and recommendations. You can also download a copy of !t's your practice ( a patient guide to GP services (P)*, +.,#b) which is produced by the %oyal -ollege of General Practitioners to help you choose ( and get the most from ( a GP practice. !f you are having problems registering with a nearby doctor then please contact your local ./ -ommissioning 0oard &rea Team.

Ho# to register #ith a GP practice
1hen you have found a practice you like, you"ll have to formally register with it as an ./ patient by submitting a registration form to them. The G# + form (P)*, +23 kb) is available in the practice or you can download it from this site. *orms may vary slightly and some practices use their own version.

!t must also give you reasons for its decision in writing. You don't need to be registered and you don't need an appointment. These must not relate to race./ -ommissioning 0oard &rea Team will transfer your medical records to your new practice and write to you to confirm your registration as a patient with that practice. gender. ome . &s a first step./ 1i-s offer access to doctors as well as nurses. Parents or guardians can register a baby at a practice by completing and presenting form *P45 (P)* 678b). ome offer pre=bookedappointments. you should also be able to book appointments in advance. These can provide treatment for minor in>uries or illnesses such as cuts. /owever. !f this doesn't resolve the problem.' $ooking an appoint%ent There are no set rules for this. your local . This is <uite normal. &ll GP practices have a written complaints procedure. your practice should be able to offer you an appointment to see a GP or other healthcare professional <uickly if necessary. &ny member of the public can simply walk in to be seen regardless of where they are registered. ee information below '1hat if ! am ill while !'m away from home. speak to the practice manager. Ho# to co%plain !f you disagree with the way your GP wants to treat your health problem. /owever. if it is more convenient./ walk=in centre (1i-) or #inor in>uries unit (#!?). You will find this at the reception or on the practice website. which is issued at the same time as a birth certificate. disability. or notify the practice if you have to cancel or change it. . you may wish to make a complaint. /owever. /owever. you may be refused if you are living outside the practice"s catchment area or the practice is generally not accepting new patients at the time because its list is closed. social class./ -ommissioning 0oard &rea Teams. You can also complain to the practice in writing or by email. %ead the section about GP appointments for more detailed advice. /owever. you can complain to the . if you feel unable to do so or you're unhappy with the response you receive.1hen you have completed and returned the form. You can normally see any doctor within your practice. they are not designed for treating long=term conditions or immediately life=threatening problems./ 1i-s and #!?s have proved to be a successful complementary service to traditional GP and &@A services. or a medical condition. tell them openly. especially if you need an appointment <uickly. bruises and rashes. *ind out if your local GP practice is currently accepting new patients. You can register with a GP practice as a temporary resident under certain circumstances ( when you are in an area for more than :7 hours but less than three months./ complaints procedure. age. religion. !t is important to keep your appointment. se9ual orientation. . or you're unhappy about the service provided by your GP practice. appearance. You can also visit an . & practice cannot refuse you unless it has reasonable grounds for doing so. • %ead about the . or you'd rather not raise the issue directly with the practice.

You can rate and comment about your GP practice on this site. . Bet others know what you think of your GP practice. select your surgery and click to add your comment. Type your postcode into the red bo9. You can rate hospitals too.

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