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SAP BW-BI Interview Questions

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Interview Questions

for sap bw and sap bi ShareThis B y: leela naveen | 05

Jan 2011 8:58 amThis are questions I faced. If u have any

screen shots for any one of the questionprov ide that one

also.1. We have standard info objects given in sap why

you created zinfo objects can utell me the business scenario2.

We have standard info cubes given in sap why you created

zinfo cubes can utell me the business scenario3. In keyfigure

what is meant by cumulative value, non cumulative

value changeand non cumulative value in and

out flow.4. when u creating infoobject it shows

reference and template what is it5. what is meant by

compoundin g attribute tell me the scenario? 6. I have 3

cubes for that I created multiprovide r and I created a

report for that but I didnt get data in that report

what happen? 7. I have 10 cubes I created

multiprovide r I want only 1 cube data what u do?8. what is

meant by safety upper limit and safety lower limit

in all the deltas tellme one by one for time stamp,

calender day and numberic pointer?9. I have 80

queries whic h query is taking so much time how can you

solve it10. In compression level all requests are becoming

zero which data is compressingt ell me detail11.

what is meant by flat aggregate?ex plain in detail12. I

created process chain 1st day it taking 10 min after

that 1st week it taking 1hour after that next time it taking

1 day with a same loads what happen how canu reduce the

time of loading13. how can u know the cube size? in

detail show me u have screen shots14. where can

we find transport return codes15. I have a report

it taking so much time how can I rectify16. what is

offset? Without offset we create queries?17. I

told my process chains nearly 600 are there he asked me

how can u monitor Itold him I will see in rspcm and bwccms

he asked is there any third party tools isthere to see? Any

tools are there to see tell me what it is18. how

client access the reports 19. I dont have master data it

will possible to load transaction data? it is possible

is there any other steps to do that one20. what

is structure in reporting?

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SAP Bw Interview Questions



SAP BW Interview Questions

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