The misunderstood Mr Zuma?

How different publications reported Zuma’s comments
“I told myself that I know if we are growing up according to the custom of KwaZulu you do not leave a woman in this state if you do so she can have you arrested and call you a rapist.” – Isolezwe “His accuser was aroused, he said, ‘and in the Zulu culture, you cannot leave a woman if she is ready’. To deny her sex, he said, would have been tantamount to rape.” – New York Times

“She then said you cannot just leave a woman at that stage, in that situation, in that position and I said to myself I know as we grew up and in Zulu culture you do not leave a woman in that situation because if you do she may even have you arrested and say that you are a rapist.” – Court record

“Zuma said he was also aware that in ‘Zulu culture, you don’t leave a woman ... she will have you arrested and say you are a rapist.” – The Star

“I hesitated because I thought there might be some danger with what was going to happen [because the complainant was HIV positive and a condom was not available], but at the moment the complainant spoke and said that a woman cannot be left when she is in that certain state. I also quickly remembered that in our growing up I knew very well that according to isiZulu a woman is not to be left if she is in a certain state, she could have you arrested and say that you raped her.” – Um-Afrika
Source: Mark Sanders