Modular Gas To Liquids (GTL

As gas producers struggle for profit amongst increasing global supply, our Modular GTL plant designs offer a state-of-the-art, low-cost solution to transform abundant flared and stranded gas into valuable liquid fuels. The Fischer-Tropsch technology allows access to and monetization of resources that historically could not be economically developed. The results are modularized, transportable GTL plants, manufactured to the highest quality standards and easily relocated when stranded-gas fields and production-flare sites are depleted. Ventech’s GTL plants typically produce 20% naphtha and 80% diesel with a minimum cetane of greater than 70. The product output is 100% liquid fuel with no waste product and virtually zero sulfur content.

FISCHER-TROPSCH  Invented in the 1920s, the Fischer-Tropsch process is proven technology that can convert underutilized hydrocarbon resources into valuable premium-grade, environmentally friendly fuels. This process converts low-value natural gas into high-value, easily transportable fuels. And it reduces greenhouse-gas emissions by eliminating flared gas.


GTL plant feedstock-gas price is typically $10 – $40 / bbl compared to product values normally in excess of $100 / bbl, creating high profit margin and rapid capital recovery

Creates access to and monetization of stranded gas that otherwise would be an unmarketable low-value resource
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Natural Gas

Estimated that Fisher-Tropsch fuels will obtain a $10 – $14 per barrel premium due to its extremely low sulfur content and minimum cetane rating of 70

Fischer-Tropsch Reactor

Modularization enables plants to be easily relocated after the gas resource is depleted, prolonging its economic life


Reduces the global flaring problem profitably

80% Diesel

20% Naphtha

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producing over 6 million barrels of sulfur-free premium liquid fuels. 3 How does GTL help eliminate the environmental issues associated with flaring? Historically.O. gas-processing systems. making it the ultimate performance fuel or blend fuel for standard diesel. Reserves of approximately 75 BCF allows the larger plant to operate for 10 years at its maximum-designed capacity of 21 MMCFD in gas throughput.5 200. Pasadena.000 square-foot covered fabrication facility 200+ 30 Delivered more than 200 processing units 145+ More than 145 unique oil and gas clients Operates in more than 20 countries 1. the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) dictated that all on-highway diesel fuel must be ultra-low sulfur diesel with less than 15 ppm sulfur content. GTL technology can now access and monetize this natural gas. minimizing the need for flaring and creating an annual global market value in excess of $80 billion with one year’s flared gas. flaring is no longer accepted due to CO2 emissions and the consequent effects of global warming. 45+ 20 45+ years of refining industry experience (since 1967) 200K 1. 2 What is the quality of Fischer-Tropsch GTL fuels? The Fischer-Tropsch fuels are superior quality with near zero sulfur content. associated gases produced at oilfields have been flared because it had negligible value or there was no available market.5 miles (3 KM) from Houston’s Ship Channel at the Port of Houston More than 30 successful plant relocations. The diesel fuel produced has a minimum cetane rating of 70.Questions & Answers 1 How much natural reserves are required to economically justify modular GTL plants? Relatively modest reserves are necessary. Texas 77502  713 477 0201  sales @ ventech-eng. often across oceans and continents Ventech Engineers International LLC  1149 Ellsworth  P. Fischer-Tropsch fuels help achieve these standards while improving cetane. In 2010. Box 4261. specialized fabrications and market appraisals for the chemical. plant relocations. Ventech Engineers REfINING REfINERIES  Global leaders in the design and construction of new modular . Today. refining and gas production  ventech-eng.

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