An Exercise in Aggressive, Non-Partisan Political Activism November 09, 2013 Volume 3, Number 17

PRIOR RESTRAINT: THE BATTLE FOR THE FIRST AMENDMENT IS FOUGHT RIGHT HERE Pima Count !ar" #ear $embers" Attorne %te&'en El(inga, in a 2012 Ari(ona )a* +evie* article, sai,, in sum an, substance, t'at our -irst Amen,ment liberties are .un,er attac/0 to,a because some libraries 'ave c'osen to close t'eir .Public -orum 1ables 10 rat'er t'an allo* ga rig'ts grou&s ,is&la literature a,vocating same sex unions, o2ten *it' ex&licit &'otogra&'s, *it'in vie* o2 t'e &ublic an, c'il,ren3 El(inga is *rong3 4n 1ucson Cit Court our -irst Amen,ment +ig'ts are .un,er attac/0 because Tucson City Court Judges write non appealable, unconstitutional, orders of prior restraint to stop the speech of the “controversial” public speaker, in s&ite o2 t'e la* set 2ort' b t'e 53%3 %u&reme *'ic' 'as state," .1'e amen,ments *ere o22ere, to curtail an, restrict t'e general &o*ers grante, to t'e Executive, )egislative, an, 6u,icial !ranc'es71'ere s'all be no prior restraint of pure political speech, by injunction or otherwise.” Ne* 8or/ 1imes v 5nite, %tates2, 91 %3Ct3 2190, 2192, 2193, 219: ;1971<3

.Public -orum 1ables0 allo* members o2 t'e local communit to ,istribute literature regar,ing communit events3
1 2

a3/3a3 .1'e Pentagon Pa&ers Case30

-ran/l " most la* ers get it wrong *'en t'e try to ex&lain t'e -irst Amen,ment, t'e core purpose o2 *'ic' is to &reserve the process of peaceful revolution, t'e rig't o2 =e t'e Peo&le to stan, u&on &ublic groun, to aggressively challenge t'e rectitu,e o2 o22icial government con,uct, *'et'er t'at con,uct be executive, legislative or >u,icial, &erio,3 -or t'e &ast seven ears 1ucson Communit Activist +o =ar,en 'as 2oug't alone, on t'e streets o2 1ucson, in t'e Pima Count 6ail an, be2ore t'e 1ucson $unici&al Court, to &rotect everybody’s 2ree s&eec' rig'ts3 -or t'e &ast seven ears 1ucson Police ?22icers 'ave arreste, =ar,en 2or ex&osing 1ucson ?&en !or,er Polic an, Cron ism@ Cit Court 6u,ges 'ave subseAuentl bloc/e, =ar,enBs s&eec' by issuing non appealable, unconstitutional prior restraint orders as a con,ition o2 =ar,enBs release 2rom custo, 3 An, time an, time again local attorne s 'ave turne, a*a , 'ave re2use, to len, a 'an, to 'el& &rotect =ar,enBsCan, our rig'ts Cbecause they justifiably! fear retaliation fro" the legal establish"ent an, because t'e 2in, =ar,en too aggressive in 'is criticism o2 local o22icials, inclu,ing >u,ges3 No*, in =ar,en v 1ucson Cit Court 6u,ges, a %&ecial Action3, =ar,en 'as ta/en t'e issue o2 t'e &rior restraint of pure political speech to #ivision 44 o2 t'e Ari(ona A&&ellate Court3 +egar,ing &rior restraint" 4n P'oenix Ne*s&a&ers v %u&erior Court, 101 Ari(3 2D7, t'e Ari(ona %u&reme Court sai," .1'e *or,s o2 t'e Ari(ona Constitution are too &lain 2or eAuivocation3 The right of every person to freely speak, write and publish "ay not be li"ited# 1'ere can be no censor a&&ointe, to *'om t'e &ress must a&&l 2or &rior &ermission to &ublis' 2or7;i<t is &atent t'at t'is rig't to s&ea/, *rite an, &ublis' cannot be abuse, until it is exercise,3 P'oenix Ne*s&a&ers at 2D9 ;Em&'asis a,,e,3<

Ari(ona A&&ellate Courts 'ave t'e &o*er to acce&t >uris,iction or ,en a 'earing in %&ecial Actions3

.1'e language o2 t'is &rovision ma/es &lain its &ur&ose to &revent previous restraints upon publication and speech! $ $ $ %t has been said that the privilege which is thus protected in the organic law of the land &is al"ost universally regarded, not only as highly i"portant, but as being essential to the very e'istence and perpetuity of free govern"ent.” P'oenix Ne*s&a&ers at 2D93 4n,ee," -ree &olitical s&eec' is .essential to t'e ver an, &er&etuit o2 2ree government30 existence

An, 2or seven ears no*, t'e right of free political speech 'as been un,er ,irect attac/, unremar/e, u&on b an in,i22erent me,ia, 'ere in *'at some so ,isarmingl re2er to as .1'e ?l, Pueblo30 4n P'oenix, t'e Ari(ona %u&reme Court s&o/e eloAuentl t'e im&ortance o2 t'e -irst Amen,ment3 about

No* =e t'e Peo&le *ill see i2 t'e Ari(ona A&&ellate Court, #ivision 44, *ill /ee& t'eir &romise, acce&t >uris,iction an, so act3 +o =ar,en, Publis'er Ari(ona Common %ense ro *ar,enE'otmail3com 1o re-&rint or re-&ublis', Click Here3

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