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"Where can I get contraception?" "Which method of contraception suits me?" "I'm under 16 – can I get contraception?" Whatever questions you have about getting and using contraception, this guide can help It aims to give practical information to everyone !ho !ants to "no! more about contraception, including teenagers# !omen in their $%s, &%s and '%s# and anyone !ith a question about the method they use or are thin"ing about using (ou can find out about the 1) methods that are available on the *+,, together !ith !here to get them and ho! to decide !hich method might !or" best for you

Finding your way around
-se the big blue tabs at the top of the page to see a full menu for each section of the contraception guide If you can't find !hat you are after, try the 'search' bo. at the top of the page – it covers everything on the *+, /hoices site When you are on a page you li"e, be sure to chec" out the useful lin"s and videos on the right0hand side

Popular subjects and pages
(ou can start by finding out about the methods of contraception you can choose from, including ho! they !or", !ho can use them and possible side effects 1hese methods are2 • • • • • • • • • caps combined pill condoms 3female4 condoms 3male4 contraceptive implant contraceptive in5ection contraceptive patch diaphragms intrauterine device 3I-64

ual health clinics near you pharmacies near you (ou can also find out !here to get emergency contraception – the 'morning after pill' or the I-6 3coil4 Common questions about contraception 8et ans!ers to some common questions about getting and using contraception. and ho! effective emergency contraception is 1here are t!o permanent methods of contraception2 (ou can also find out about2 Deciding which method suits you Which method !or"s best for you depends on a number of factors. including your age. and any medication you're ta"ing 7ind out !hat you need to thin" about in Which method suits me? Where you can get contraception and emergency contraception /ontraception is free on the *+. and search by postcode to find2 • • • 89s near you se.• • • • • • • • intrauterine system 3I-.4 natural family planning progestogen0only pill vaginal ring female sterilisation male sterilisation 3vasectomy4 ho! effective contraception is. 7ind out !here to get contraception. including2 • • • • !hat to do if you're on the pill and you're sic" or have diarrhoea using contraception after having a baby !hen your periods !ill come bac" after stopping the pill !hether you can get a sterilisation reversal on the *+. . !hether you smo"e. your medical and family history.

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