The “Weakest Knight”

Sir Magnus von Raukov
Career: Knight ( Servant, Squire ) Race / Sex: Human Male Age: 17 Height: 5’6” Weight: 126lbs Hair Colour / Style: Short Spiked Dark Brown Eye Colour: Pale Grey Description: Handsome, Serious WS BS S T Ag Int 70 30 28 48 53 36

WP 32

Fel 34

A 2

W 14

SB 2

TB 4

M 4

Mag 0

IP 1

FP 2

Advances Taken: +25WS, +5BS, +5S, +5T, +10Ag, +10WP. Skills: Academic knowledge ( Genealogy / Heraldry ), Animal Care, Animal Training, Blather, Charm, Common Knowledge ( The Empire ), Dodge Blow+20, Evaluate, Gossip+10, Perception, Read / Write ( Riekspiel ), Ride, Search, Speak Language ( Riekspiel+10 ). Talents: Acute Hearing, Etiquette, Hardy, Lightning Reflexes, Specialist Weapon Group ( Cavalry ), Strike Mighty Blow, Very Resilient, Warrior Born. Armour: Best Quality Full Plate Mail with Shield. Page 1

The “Weakest Knight” Armour Points: 5AP all areas. Weapons: Best Quality Sword, Best Quality Dagger, Lance. Trappings: Warhorse, Saddle. Personality / History: Magnus von Raukov the “Weakest Knight” was found like so many other children on the doorstep of the temple of Shallya in Wolfenburg he was raised by the sisters until the age of 8 when a servants place was found for the boy within the Princes castle. In the orphanage the sisters had taught the boy to read and write this earned him his position as a page, Magnus was a bright and quick witted lad and was soon taken as a squire by a poor landless knight named Manfred Kohler from near Boven who could not afford to bring a servant with him to Wolfenburg. Archaon may be the most powerful Chaos Lord ever to have existed but he does not always use simple brute force. During the early stages of the Storm of Chaos Archaon devised a plan to sunder the long standing human dwarf alliance. The plan was to provide proof that the alliance only worked one way that humans would never come to the dwarfs aid. To this end Archaon dispatched a sorcerer named Vorster Luxflesh and the infamous Ostland Minotaur Ragush Bloody-Horns the war leader of the feared Red Doom raiders to the northern peaks of the World Edge Mountains near the fallen Karak Ungor with instructions to raid small dwarf settlements for prisoners particularly females to be used as hostages. After several successful raids over 100 hostages were taken including nearly 30 dwarf women. The chaos war party then withdrew back to the foothills to a stockade built specially to hold the dwarfs. A message was then taken to the mobilized army of Prince Rogni Stonehammer and his Dragon Company, the dwarfs were on route to destroy the invaders. The message informed the dwarfs of the hostage situation and threatened to kill all of them if any rescue attempt was mounted but it also through down a challenge that if even one human could be found to face Ragush Bloody-Horns in single combat on behalf of the dwarfs then all the women would be released unharmed and if the human won then all the dwarf hostages would be freed. Prince Stonehammer did not believe the message but could not lose any chance to recover the kidnapped dwarf women, so he swallowed his pride and sent messengers to the rulers of Ostermark, Ostland and Stirland reminding them of the ancient alliance between man and dwarf then asking for a champion to face the Minotaur. Prince Valmir von Raukov was all to familiar with the threat of Ragush Bloody-Horns as he had been a problem for years but with the possibility of invasion and siege Valmir was hard pressed to spare any of his men nor could he order anyone to face the almost certain death in combat with the legendary minotaur. Valmir went before his army and asked for a volunteer with the promise of a rich reward, none of the army moved for all knew the terrifying reputation of Ragush Bloody-Horns. Prince Valmir asked again “will no one stand against the beast?” a young squire standing next to knight Manfred kohler stepped forwards and simply said “I’ll go”, Valmir ordered the squire to be brought to him. Prince Valmir knew he could not send just a random orphan boy to face the minotaur it would be an insult to the dwarfs. And so he adopted Magnus into his own family and knighted him that way he would send a knight of his own line and show that Ostland at least honoured the oaths of alliance. Magnus was presented with a perfect suit of armour and the finest sword in the Princes armoury. Magnus set off to meet up with the dwarfs who had made camp less than a mile from the stockade. The dwarfs were not exactly impressed with the “hero” sent by the Empire but the sorcerer had promised to free the women if any challenger was found. At dawn the dwarfs encircled the stockade, Prince Stonehammer gave orders that if the sorcerer broke his promise to release the hostages the Dragon Company would attack immediately. Magnus approached the camp alongside Prince Stonehammer and delivered his challenge. The sorcerer laughed at Magnus “has Sigmar grown so weak that all he can send is one boy” to which Magnus replied “or has Sigmar grown so powerful that he only needs one boy”. Prince Rogni demanded the release of his Page 2

The “Weakest Knight” womenfolk, the sorcerer realising that the plan to break the alliance had failed, as the Empire had answered the dwarfs call for aid released the dwarf women for the sorcerer knew he could still humiliate the Empire in the eyes of the dwarfs when Ragush smashes their so-called champion Vorster would be free to slaughter the remaining dwarf captives and the Empire would be blamed for their deaths due to not sending a true warrior to confront Ragush. Magnus’s challenge was then answered Ragush Bloody-Horns clad in blackened iron plates and wielding a massive axe moved forward to confront the boy, Ragush let out a bellowing roar lowered his head and charged, Magnus didn’t move until the beast was almost on top of him then he dropped to his knees the minotaur’s axe swept through where Magnus head would have been, Magnus thrust upwards into Ragush’s unprotected groin with all his strength and twisted the blade. Ragush staggered back a step and Magnus wrenched his sword loose a fountain of flaming blood erupted from the wound showering the ground and igniting the grass where it fell, Ragush let out a whimper and crashed to his knees, with a flash of silver Magnus’s sword shot forwards to pierce the stricken Minotaur’s throat nearly severing the head from the body, Ragush’s mighty axe fell from suddenly numb fingers and the minotaur slowly toppled to the floor stone dead. The sorcerer seeing everything ruined: the Empire had aided the dwarfs and beaten his champion the alliance would not be broken all that was left was revenge. The sorcerer gave the order to kill the prisoners but the beastmen of the Red Doom were not listening they did not serve the sorcerer fights were already breaking out over who would be the new war chief. Prince Rogni hearing the sorcerers treacherous command unleashed the Dragon Company who charged forwards elated to finally get to grips with the enemy that had taunted them so. Magnus joined the charge and soon bloody fighting raged all over stockade, Prince Rogni Stonehammer through his runic hammer at the sorcerer knocking him to the floor and then crushing his head with a second blow from his retrieved hammer. The dwarf captives joined the fray and attacked their jailers while the beastmen fought each other for supremacy. The battle was hard and by the end a score of the Dragon Company lay dead alongside almost three-quarters of the male captives but not one beastman survived, over two hundred of the chaos spawn perished that day. The alliance between men and dwarfs had been upheld and the true threat to both civilizations revealed. Magnus is a quiet serious young man, with a strong sense of duty and honour. He is now one Prince Valmir’s champion knights and a popular figure amongst the people of Ostland.

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