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H. Dubric: Domino Effect. Does it Leadership?

It is indisputable that the FIFTH SYSTEM OF DIRECTION AND MANAGING OF FREE INITIATIVE awarded by H. Dubric, dismantles all the trends in the search of true leadership.
"The height of stupidity is to think with a change of paradigms, the man will find the longawaited success." "When leadership is sustained by the strength and magnetism of personality, is devoid of all virtue and therefore genuine STRATEGIC VISION and the results we can see on this planet subjected to the agony". "Do you believe that an authentic leadership has existed in this troubled world? ... Who is the person in charge of the domino effect? ... The same human being who has always presumed to be LEADER then what?... " Who thus expresses is H. Dubric, a Venezuelan Adviser of companies, with over 32 years of experience in the world of marketing strategies.

This Advisory began his work in training the new executive in 1974, through his FIFTH SYSTEM OF DIRECTION AND MANAGEMENT OF THE FREE INITIATIVE, crystallizing this effort in his first book written in 1990, called "BIRTH OF A NEW EXECUTIVE" (Nacimiento de un Nuevo Ejecutivo). There is no doubt that H. Dubric, with his FIFTH SYSTEM or Managerial Style, intellectuals burst ties that they were keeping "totally "asleep" and submitted to the Executive and Professional mass, giving the tools to cross out all CRISIS.

Dynamic method.
In the dark times that we are moving, we need to stop and to analyze what do true success and leadership really means. What we called domino effect has laid bare the decline of theories, dogmas and concepts that are believed all-embracing in all subjects: political, economic, religious and social. Consequently, we should not refuse to know another point of view, which well can orientate us to reorganize once and for all, the crossword of the existence, and this way obtain an ideal response to the daily challenges, as for BUSINESS or exchanges.

Because of it we invite them to know and study nine managerial works of H. Dubric, which contain striking affirmations. We recommend to read them with open mind, and to think over them carefully before them questioning, then what is looked through them, to teach to form an own criterion, based on one new way of thinking, contributed by THE FIFTH SYSTEM OF DIRECTION AND MANAGING OF THE FREE INITIATIVE. Since 1.990 this writer has clarified us how essential it is, to finish with those patterns and models based on the intangible, in the abstract, that hold stagnant modern man, no make that leap to the search for REAL, where all questions have a direct and specific response. His FIFTH SYSTEM is a participative, dynamic method, awarded by the aristocracy of intelligence and nobility of spirit. Antonio Moreno. H. Dubric Press.