1558, Saturday, 2013-11-09 1 st journal, Mayan day 2 Akbal / Night

LIVE ~ Stepping into Unity ~ Seeing via Your Beliefs
Adyashanti !b"ast 5 15 2013

No#!$b!r 8, 2013% Mi"ro&a#! 'uls! gi#!s birth to (y)hoon *aiyan +,olanda.!n S&ann% (h! /irst A$!nd$!nt, S)!!"h, 0!ligion and 'r!ss .!n S&ann (ruth in M!dia% (aking .a"k (h! 'o&!r o1 (h! 'atriot A"t 0!d 2"! 0adio - 3a#id 2"k! - *our 1 - (h! '!o)l!4s 5oi"! 6 '!r"!)tion Absolutis$ (*7 '78'974S 582:7 ; (*7 /A:(S 8/ 92/7 < 3a#id 2"k! *idd!n S!"r!ts 81 Mon!y 7) 1 - :urr!n"y #s Mon!y - Mik! Malon!y :ongr!ss all brib!d, has =!ro "on1id!n"! in !y!s o1 A$!ri"an )!o)l! - orld .ank &histl!blo&!r >ar!n *ud!s &orld bank l!gal "oun"il and &histl!blo&!r go!s #iral ("haiko#sky /lash&alt= at *adassah *os)ital ; Sa1!shar!?(5

5id!o @ournal
As usual &ith a li#! #id!o, 2 donAt kno& &hat to say 1or th! &ritt!n )art ; so h!r! go!s? 2 donAt &ant to &ast! your ti$! &ith nothing but a r!)!at o1 th! #id, sin"! you "an go &at"h it, so 2 &ant to $ak! this di11!r!nt? (h! 1irst titl! 1or th! #id!o &as Strange & Empty – Seeing thru Love ? A"tually, th! #id is kinda all o#!r th! )la"!, &hi"h $ak!s )i"king a good titl! tri"ky? Bu!ss 2A$ kinda all o#!r th! )la"! right no&, too? *a#ing lost $any o1 $y old anchors or moorings , th! s)a"! 2A$ in is larg!ly empty ; $aking it !asy to 1lo& &h!r! *!art l!ads? Non-atta hment is th! thing? So o1t!n, &h!n &! look ba"k at di11i"ult ti$!s, &! "an )oint out &hat &! &!r! stu ! on or atta he" to, $aking thos! ti$!s harder than th!y n!!d!d to b!? *!y, gro#ing up is 1un ; !#!n &h!n youAr! o#!r 50 or C0 ; b!li!#! it or not D-(hatAs anoth!r #!ry big thing ; our $eliefs ; sin"! &hat &! "hoos! is &hat s"ul)ts our !E)!ri!n"! o1 reality ? %hange your $eliefs & hange your life , guarant!!d? @ust try it ; youAll s!!? (h!y start as thoughts b!1or! th!y b!"o$! b!li!1s, so itAs &is! to &at"h your thoughts? (h!y gi#! you a "l!ar hint &hat sort o1 1utur! youAr! s"ul)ting ; and itAs all by your 1r!!-&ill "hoi"!? Sur!, th!r! ar! other perspe tives a#ailabl! that say &! ha#! no free #ill ; o1t!n b!"aus!, th!y say, we donAt r!ally !Eist ; not lik! &! think &! do? 2 "an s!! that, too? *!y, shi1ting 6 )laying &ith )!rs)!"ti#!s is a r!al hobby o1 $in! that 2 1ind d!light1ul? 2 highly r!"o$$!nd it? 21 nothing !ls!, it &ill highlight or sho& you &h!r! your atta hments ar! ; &h!n you "anAt l!t go !nough to shi1t to a di11!r!nt )!rs)!"ti#!? ! all run into that no& and th!n? 2tAs nothing to b! asha$!d o1 ; th!r! is r!ally 6 truly nothing at all o1 &hi"h to b! asha$!d? Shame is 'ust rot ; a rott!n id!a? !Ar! all perfe t ? 3id you kno& thatF No, not in 33, but in our 1ulln!ss, our 2nn!r or *igh!r .!ing ; th! on! &! l!a#! in S)irit

&h!n &! "hoos! to in"arnat! so$!&h!r!? 3r Mi"ha!l N!&ton +hy)noth!ra)ist- is on! o1 thos! oth!r-sid! r!s!ar"h!rs to dis"o#!r that &!Ar! all present on the (other si"e) at all times ; in"arnat! or not, &! l!a#! th! hug! bulk o1 th! S!l1 o#!r th!r!? No&, this &!ars a bit thin &h!n &! add in that all time is 'ust No# ? Still, &h!n &!Ar! s)!aking o1 in"arnating, &! o1t!n "hoos! to do it 1ro$ th! 33 )!rs)!"ti#!, so just b! 1l!Eibl! &ith it to ha#! the most fun ? 2tAs $ost o1t!n our resistance to so$!on!As )!rs)!"ti#! that "uts do&n our joy or !njoy$!nt ; not &hat s/h!As saying, but our r!a"tion to that? (his is &h!r! &! "ould all do &!ll to 'ust lighten up ? *u$ans ha#! th! habit o1 taking everything too s!riously? (his r!ally "ims our 'oy in li1!, and so unn!"!ssarily? 8n"! &! b!gin to s!! th! s!l1 at &ork, building mountains out of mole hills or ant hills, thatAs a gr!at r!li!1? (aking th! s!l1 l!ss s!riously is th! b!st 1irst st!) to tak!? Love an" respe t 1or our 1!llo&s ; &hat a no#!l id!a, huhF !ll, on th! &orld stag!, any&ay? ,!t 2 donAt 1!!l &!Ar! that 1ar o11 1ro$ s!!ing it b!gin to a))!ar, globally? (h! old &ays, th! old boys ha#! "!rtainly had th!ir day, &!!k, $onth, y!ar, d!"ad!, "!ntury, and s!#!ral $ill!nnia? 2 donAt kno& about you, but 2 say their time is done ? No& itAs just a $att!r o1 &at"hing us all $aking "e isions lik! that? ! &ill kno& it &h!n it b!gins to b! "l!ar around th! &orld? 8h, and "on*t look to th! $ajor $!dia to "o#!r th! !#!nt, o1 "ours!? ! ha#! a &id! #ari!ty o1 alternative me"ia &ith so$! r!ally Guality a"ts? (&o r!"!nt !ntrants into th! 1ray in a big &ay ar! .!n S&ann and this $onth &!All s!! th! d!but o1 (h! '!o)l!sA 5oi"!, th! non-)ro1it #!ntur! o1 3a#id 2"k!? 2A$ su))orting th!$ both? +oney is anoth!r big thing that &ill b! hanging ? .y th! )ro)!r d!1inition, our 1iat "urr!n"y do!snAt Guali1y as $on!y, 1or money must have value and our "urr!n"y is nothing but "e$t or d!btbas!d? /or thos! int!r!st!d, 2All gi#! you a link 1or that, too? >ar!n *ud!s is on! o1 th! b!st &histl!-blo&!rs on this to)i", so you $ay &ant to "h!"k h!r out, as &!ll? Bosh, thatAs 1i#! links, alr!ady? 2n th! #id!o 2 )ro$is!d only on!, a

r!ally gr!at ,"ya satsang 1ro$ a 1!& $onths ago that &ill get you high i1 youAr! in th! right Hs)a"!I 1or list!ning? (his unassu$ing guy is ultra d!!) ; and #!ry si$)l!? 2 9o#! his stu11? 3onAt you 1ind #hat you are a$out shifting around a good bitF 2 kno& 2 do? Nothing $u"h s!!$s important ; at l!ast nothing $u"h 1ro$ th! 33 angl! o1 #i!&? *o& "an it b!, sin"! !#!rything h!r! is 'ust passing through F /or th! !t!rnal things &! n!!d to look d!!)!r, &ithin? Adya is a r!ally good guid! 1or that? 2 donAt 1ind $ys!l1 &at"hing +oo'i th!s! days ; y!t h! &as on"! so i$)ortant to $!? @ust to s!! &hat th! !E)!ri!n"! &ould b! lik!, 2 &at"h!d on! o1 his $any a))!aran"!s in Mont! Sahaja, 'ortugal, only to 1ind it h!ld nothing $u"h 1or $!? 2t &asnAt $o#ing at all? A"tually, 2 &as un"o$1ortabl! s!!ing hi$ b!ing al$ost &orshi)!d by so$!on! &ho "a$! u) to s)!ak? *! didnAt d!1l!"t it at all? 9!1t $! kinda "old? 2 a$ not 'u"ging Mooji, 2 ho)! you "an s!!? 2nst!ad, 2 a$ sharing my responses to his #id!o ; that is all ; so 2A$ r!ally just s)!aking about me ? (h! oth!r notabl! thing, both a bit in th! #id but #!ry $u"h in th! "o$$!nt thr!ad, &as th! r!"o$$!ndation that stud!nts or s!!k!rs quit going to other teachers , oth!r r!tr!ats? 2nst!ad, th!y &!r! "ouns!l!d to just sti ! #ith +oo'i(hat didnAt sit &!ll &ith $! at all? So &! "o$! on a t!a"h!r, any tea her &ho s)!aks to our *!art 1or a ti$!? Mayb! &! !E)!"t!d it to b! forever , but 2A$ not 1inding thatAs th! "as!? ! stay &ith th!$ 1or ho&!#!r long, then move on. Mayb! th!y ha#! "hang!d, but itAs $or! lik!ly that #e*re th! on! "hanging th! $ost? *!y, 2 tak! it 1or a goo" sign, not th! r!#!rs!? 21 you &!r! in *!art &h!n you r!ad that about Mooji, you &ill no& s!! ho& 2 &as only s)!aking o1 self ? 2 "on*t r!"o$$!nd anyon! Guit list!ning to hi$ or to anyon! !ls!? @ust follo# your .eart ? ! ha#! no n!!d to judg! anyon!? 2tAs !nough to just 1ind our &ay through it all? 2 r!$!$b!r &h!n E !hart /olle ro"k!d $y &hol! &orld? (h!r! &!r! so$! y!ars &h!r! 2 hung on his !#!ry &ord? 2tAs not lik! that, no&? .as he hange"0 Mayb! ; $ayb! not? 2 kno& I have1 1or sur!, and this is on! o1 th! &ays itAs sho&ing u)? (h!r!

ar! oth!rs, o1 "ours!, too nu$!rous to na$!? 2A$ sur! $any o1 you "an r!lat!? h!n &! s)!nd $or! and $or! ti$! "!nt!r!d or in .eart ; &!ll, 2 1!!l it a elerates the ongoing hanges ? ! st!) $or! and $or! out o1 33 and into 9o#!? 2 injoy "onstantly r!$inding th! s!l1 to $e in 'oy ; only that? So$!ti$!s &! forget , sur!, but you &ill noti"!, on"! you s!t th! intent to do this or so$!thing lik! it that th! ti$!s o1 remem$ering gro& "los!r and "los!r tog!th!r? (h! 1org!t1ul ti$!s s!!$ to short!n or dro) o11? hat is this ne# in#ar" #orl" lik!F 9ots o1 silen e , 1or sur!? 5!ry pea eful , o#!rall? hatAs it lik! to "ons"iously merge into Love F ho is it &ho "an )ut that into &ordsF ,ou ha#! "hos!n joy, ha#! "hos!n )!r)!tual ha))in!ss ; so th! !y!s you s!! through !$)hasi=! and su))ort that? ,ouA#! n!#!r s!!n so much beauty as you do, no&? h!n you kno&, before any !#!nt or "ir"u$stan"! aris!s, that everything $rings $lessing ; &!ll, you just kno&? 2n your kno&ing it is Guit! natural 1or you to see through &hat!#!r "hall!ng! or dis"ord or )ain $ight a))!ar ; you donAt sto) at th! sur1a"! look o1 things? ,ou go d!!)? 2 a$ 1inding that, no $att!r &hat it is, &h!n you go d!!) into it you fin" Love ; only 9o#!? 2tAs al&ays th!r!, but your $eliefs "an hid! it a&ay, su"h that it &ill tak! lat!r hindsight to )oint it out ; or not? 2tAs only u) to you ; no on! !ls!? 8ur attitu"e truly "olours our &hol! &orld ; &hat!#!r it is? hy &!r! &! not taught this as youngsters F 8ur )ar!nts didn't know , nor did our t!a"h!rs and 1ri!nds? ho "an t!a"h &hat th!y ha#!nAt !#!n i$agin!d, $u"h l!ss kno&nF So #e are the hange , $y 1ri!nds ; &!, ali#! today, ar! th! g!n!rations o1 th! .ig :hang! ; &hat!#!r that is? As &! all "o$! tog!th!r in our sharing, $or! and $or! s)arks &ill light u), &ill 1ly o11, as $or! and $or! #a!e up to &hatAs )ossibl!? Jntil you know itAs )ossibl!, youAr! not lik!ly to see so$!thing? ,!t on"! you do kno& itAs )ossibl!, your #ision al$ost has to "hang!, to shi1t ; !#!n i1 just to "h!"k it out?

/or thos! &ith both th! la"k o1 1!ar AN3 th! 1aith to gi#! it a go, this )ro#id!s all th!y n!!d to &alt= into a truly hange" #orl" ? (his $ay b! th! #!ry !ntr!! into !E)!ri!n"ing th! r!ality that !a"h on! creates his own world ? 21 youAr! not sur!, "hang! your attitud! and "h!"k it out? ! ar! th! !$)o&!r!d on!s only i1 &! hoose to engage &ith su"h things ; &ith 9i1!? No on! is 1or"ing us, nor "an th!y ; not unl!ss &! agr!! to it? (h! !$)o&!r!d on!s ar! in )ro"!ss o1 ta!ing their po#er $a ! ; all o1 it? ! donAt n!!d to "hang! any "ir"u$stan"!s to "hang! our li1!? 8ur ha))in!ss doesn't hing! on &hatAs ha))!ning Hout th!r!I - not at all? 8n"! u)on a ti$!, long ago, &! ga#! our )o&!r a&ay as trusting littl! "hildr!n? 2t &as all &! "ould do, it &as &hat &! &!r! meant to do? No on! ri))!d us o1 or robb!d us? :an you not s!! th! perfe tion in th! &hol! thing, y!tF 21 not, th!n soon you &ill ; i1 you )!rsist in taking your )o&!r a&ay 1ro$ all thos! &hos! hands you !ntrust!d it into? ! chose to do it )r!"is!ly this &ay, $y 1ri!nds? 9!tAs all o&n that ; !#!n b!1or! our $!$ori!s ar! r!stor!d so that &! "an ha#! th! dir!"t r!"all? 9!tAs trust Sour"! and 9i1! !nough to gi#! it th! 1ull b!n!1it o1 th! doubt? /a!e a han e ? ho kno&s, you $ay un"o#!r Wonderland , right th!r! &h!r! you ar! %Na$ast! KLK

'S 7#!n @!sus said that th! >ingdo$ is &ithin?


ti$! o1 transition, s!!ing #ia our b!li!1s, all as 1a$ily o1 $an, alt!rnati#! $!dia, >ar!n *ud!s, .!n S&ann 6 3a#id 2"k!, $on!y 6 "urr!n"y, !$)ty 6 strang! s)a"!, shi1ting 6 $or)hing, !nt!ring on!n!ss, di#id! 6 "onGu!r ta"ti"s, ('( or 2llu$inati, Sour"! Bod or S)irit, 8 N b!ing di#in!, &at"h and obs!r#!, a&ak!n or !nlight!n, 1l!Eibl! )!rs)!"ti#!, li#! 1ro$ *!art, thought 6 b!li!1s "r!at!

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