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English (Standard) - Billy Elliot

Individuals venturing into new experiences may encounter obstacles but may also gain significant rewards. Discuss this statement. In your response refer to your prescribed text and at least ONE other related text of your choosing. Barriers often obstruct the achievement of goals which bring about growth and change. However with courage and determination these barriers can be overcome and new hori!ons and possibilities realised. "or an individual to move along a new pathway in life the support and guidance of others is needed to help overcome obstacles they may come across. #his transition through new experiences impacts on one$s understanding of %self$ as they are growing up with new perspectives of a broader world. #his transition is seen in &tephen Daldry$s film Billy Elliot '()))* and the short film +arry +e directed by +ichelle ,ehman as both texts show the similarity in experiences of individuals moving into a new world and how it is through their determination that enables each character to begin this transition. Billy Elliot is a sensitive bittersweet film with engaging characters and extraordinary images. #he British coming of age film is set in a fictional town of Everington during the -./0 miners$ stri1e. #his film shows the great struggles that individuals go through when moving into a new world of unexpected experiences. Daldry has portrayed how the eponymous protagonist of the film dances to save himself and his family from a challenging life. Billy challenges society$s expectations based on gender during this era as he rebels against male stereotypes and follows his passion for dance. Billy$s transition is represented through a series of visual and dialogue driven scenes. #he family is opposed to the idea of Billy moving into a world of dance as they are bounded by traditional belief that lads do boxing, ballet is for girls. Daldry$s combination of form structure and ideas depict the changes which occur to Billy and neighbouring characters in the film. #he main ideas in the film are shown throughout the transition of a boy with ambitious dreams highlighting the theme of passion and understanding. #his strong connection between a boy and dance becomes the catalyst behind him growing up and venturing into a new world. #he determination is the 1ey ingredient for Billy$s success in the world of dance.
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#he opening se2uence of the film shows Billy in his room 3umping continuously on his bed in utter happiness. However it is not until he ventures out of his room and is captured running and dancing up the steep hill of his street that we come to realise he is searching for a new world one filled with dance. #his hill is used as a motif throughout the film and is symbolic of how steep the struggle of the transition into dance really is. #hroughout the course of the film his determination is what helps him reach the top of the hill and metaphorically enter a new life. Billy defeats the odds by progressively entering a world which is not socially acceptable for males. 4hilst Billy dances in his room the non5diegetic sounds of 6osmic Dancer by #.7ex sing I danced myself right out of this room. #hese lyrics are foreshadowing of Billy$s aspirations however it is his family that is inflicting on him reaching his dream of becoming a dancer. +arry +e is based around two worlds of 6hloe and 8ason. 6hloe wishes to enter 8ason$s world by marrying him9 however he is disinterested in her and is focused on bi1e riding. 8ason prefers to socialise with his older brother who is an experienced bi1e rider. His age becomes a clear divide for 8ason entering this new world of riding due to a different level in experience. #his transition becomes a struggle for 8ason9 nevertheless his determination assists in entering this new world. Billy Elliot$s opening scene is similar to what is shown in the first few frame shots of the short film. 8ason is seen 3umping on a sand castle and ruining it with every 3ump he ma1es. #his action is similar to Billy 3umping on his mattress to the non5diegetic sounds in the bac1ground9 it is symbolic of entering a new pathway. :s the short film progresses 8ason is seen building a bi1e ramp. #his bi1e ramp is a symbol throughout the short film and represents the steep struggle ahead. #here is a clear parallel between the bi1e ramp and the steep hill in Billy$s street. Despite not articulating it Billy after ma3or setbac1s has an epiphany and shows through his dancing how determined he is to move into the world of dance. Both characters must continue dance and bi1e riding in order to overcome the barriers and succeed. Billy$s ballet lesson shows his first encounter with the real world of ballet and the beginning of his transition for individualism. #he techni2ue of 3uxtaposition is used to show Billy$s world of boxing and the ballet world he moves into illustrated best in a scene featuring a ballet lesson. #he medium shot shows his lac1 of interest in boxing although when the calm diegetic ballet music begins to play he sways to it in the boxing ring. Billy enters the ballet class and is positioned behind the line of female dancers. #his diminishes his si!e and shows his insecurities accentuating that he initially does not belong in the world of dance. Billy$s dominance in ballet converses as the use of a low angle shot is shown in a frame. #his shot establishes his newfound power. Billy continues to overcome obstacles with his dance teacher +rs 4il1inson by his side. &he 1nows he has the strength to defeat impediments and continues to encourage him in times of doubt. +arry +e begins to show the contrast between the two worlds of 6hloe and 8ason through the costume used. 6ostume is a large techni2ue integrated into the short film as the colours worn are based on gender stereotypes. 8ason is seen wearing blue clothes including a t5shirt displaying the text B+; combined with his blue bi1e. #his creates the idea that 8ason is only focused on bi1e riding and is oblivious to 6hloe$s ambitions. #he divide in clothing arises in this same scene where 6hloe is seen across the road in a matching pin1 outfit sitting on her girly pin1
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bi1e. 6hloe becomes interested in all of 8ason$s li1es as she begins to learn how to ride a bi1e integrating bi1e riding into her world in the hope of 8ason entering her world too. #here is a correlation between the two worlds in Billy Elliot and the two worlds in +arry +e. In this instance Billy and 6hloe$s desires are ali1e as Billy is shown leaving boxing and entering ballet and 6hloe begins to integrate bi1e riding in her life in order to move into a new world with 8ason. &tepping outside both characters security blan1et becomes an obstacle that they are willing to ta1e 1nowing that there is a reward waiting for them9 for Billy dance and for 6hloe it is a relationship with 8ason. #he most significant aspect of the film is the final scene. It is important as Billy$s pathway comes to an end. <reviously in other frame shots of the film Billy has been in line with the camera however as Billy prepares to enter the stage a low angle shot is used. #he effect of using this shot is to show that Billy now has dominance and power in his world of dance9 he has made it. :s Billy enters the stage the lighting becomes stronger as he is situated under multiple spotlights. #he lighting is symbolic of showing that he has successfully entered the world of ballet and is viewed as a star. Billy is as1ed why he li1es to dance he says I forget everything like I feel a change in my whole body. Flyin like a bird. ike electricity. It wasn$t until he began dancing that he felt this way free. #his transition has altered him into a new person as he has grown up. :s ,ehman$s short film comes to a close the dialogue of 6hloe saying I do is used to inform the audience that 6hloe has won 8ason over as they enter the world together. Both 8ason and 6hloe are positioned side by side as the frame closes. 6hloe has a large grin on her face showing that she is pleased with the outcome. Despite changing herself9 it was worth it 1nowing that being with 8ason is the reward. 8ason however was unsuccessful in becoming one of the older bi1e riding boys as his age became too much of a battle to overcome. It is through believing and determination that Billy was able to overcome the barriers which stood in his way when entering the new world of ballet. Daldry$s film portrays how the support and guidance of others assists them overcome these barriers giving the individual a new perspective of the broader world. Billy Elliot and +arry +e challenge societies expectations as both show individuals venturing into new experiences encountering various struggles and when others are against them they continue to stay strong 1nowing that there is a significant reward which awaits.

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