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FGS Chief Executive Officer, Giovanni Beliossi, at i!h"fre#uenc$ %radin! Leaders Foru& '()* London
Golden Networking hosts the World's Most Influential High-Frequency Trading Conference eries! High Frequency Trading "eaders Foru# $%&' "ondon ( trategic and Tactical Insights for In)estors! *eed Traders! +rokers and ,-changes(! .ece#/er 0 1www2HFT"eadersForu#32 +e, -or. Cit$, +-, /SA 0+ove&1er )(, '()*2 -- Giovanni Beliossi( e)"ert in e*uit+-,arket-neutral "ort-olios( will .e !oining ot%er %ig%-"ro-ile "anelists at t%e ,ost in-luential %ig%--re*uen/+ trading /on-eren/e in t%e world( 0ig%-Fre*uen/+ 1rading 2eaders Foru, 3 14(5Strategi/ and 1a/ti/al 6nsig%ts -or 6nvestors( S"eed 1raders( 7rokers and 8)/%anges5 9%tt"&''www$0F1-2eadersForu,$/o,:( organi;ed .+ Golden Networking( -oru, t%at will .ring t%e latest on s"eed trading to one o- t%e world<s -inan/ial /a"itals( 2ondon( on =e/e,.er >$ Mr$ 7eliossi is Managing Partner at FGS Ca"ital 22P( w%ere %e %as .een C8O and is res"onsi.le -or "ort-olio ,anage,ent sin/e /o--ounding t%e -ir, in 3 3$ Previousl+ %e was ?sso/iate =ire/tor o- %edge -unds at First @uadrant 2td( w%ere %e set u" and ,anaged its Pan 8uro"ean long's%ort e*uit+ ,arket neutral "ort-olios( and was res"onsi.le -or UA-.ased %edge -und .usiness$ 0is e)"erien/e o- ,anaging e*uit+,arket-neutral "ort-olios dates .a/k to 1BB>( w%en %e !oined t%e -ir,$ Prior to t%at %e was a tenured Resear/% Fellow wit% t%e 8/ono,i/s =e"art,ent o- t%e Universit+ o- 7ologna in 6tal+( and %e %as %eld a""oint,ents wit% 7?RR? 6nternational and 8astern Grou" Pl/$ Mr$ 7eliossi is also a 7oard and Resear/% Co,,ittee ,e,.er o- 6n*uire UA and 6n*uire 8uro"e( and a 7oard ,e,.er o- t%e 6nternational ?sso/iation o- Finan/ial 8ngineers 96?F8:$ 0e is t%e 8uro"ean C%air o- t%e Steering Grou" o- t%e 6nvestor Risk Co,,ittee 96RC: o- 6?F8 working on guidelines -or dis/losure and trans"aren/+ -or %edge -unds$ Mr$ 7eliossi is a CF? C%arter%older$ Mr$ 7eliossi re/eived a Master o- ?rts( Finan/ial 8/ono,i/s( -ro, Universit+ o- 8sse) and a 7a/%elor in 8/ono,i/s -ro, UniversitC di 7ologna$

0ig%-Fre*uen/+ 1rading 2eaders Foru, 3 14 9%tt"&''www$0ig%-Fre*uen/+-1radingCon-eren/e$/o,: 5Strategi/ and 1a/ti/al 6nsig%ts -or 6nvestors( S"eed 1raders( 7rokers and 8)/%anges5 will .ring insig%ts -or investors and s"eed traders( w%o need to "rote/t and re-ine t%eir /o,"etitive advantage in a world do,inated .+ algorit%,i/ and %ig%-re*uen/+ trading$ Re/ogni;ed "ra/titioners( regulators( e)"erts( and strategists will return to 0ig%-Fre*uen/+ 1rading 2eaders Foru, 3 14 2ondon to "rovide %undreds oattendees wit% t%e in-or,ation t%e+ are looking -or in an o"en and un.iased environ,ent( %ig%l+ /ondu/ive to t%e ,ost e--i/ient and e--e/tive networking$ 0ig% Fre*uen/+ 1rading 2eaders Foru, 3 14 is "rodu/ed .+ Golden Networking 9%tt"&''www$goldennetworking$/o,:( t%e "re,ier networking /o,,unit+ -or .usiness e)e/utives( entre"reneurs and investors$ Panelists( s"eakers and s"onsors are invited to /onta/t Golden Networking .+ /alling +1-414-FORUMS or sending an e,ail to in-or,ation#goldennetworking$/o,$ -,nds-