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Creating a New Document [Ctrl+N]: Click File Menu Select & click new option Click blank document.

nt. Otherwise click (new blank document) icon in standard tool bar. To Open a Document [Ctrl+O]: It is used to opens already existed document. Click File menu Select on open option & click it. Otherwise click open icon in the standard tool bar. It opens a dialo ue box & i!es the "ile name then you will et the document.

To Save a Document [Ctrl+S]: Click File menu select & click sa!e option Otherwise click sa!e icon in Standard #oolbar. Save As: It is used to apply a new name to the document. Click on "ile menu.

Select on Sa!e $s option & click on it. Sa!e as dialo ue box will be opened. %nter "ile name & click sa!e button.

click "ile menu. click print option. Otherwise click print icon in the standard tool bar. dialo ue box will be opened In this dialo ue box by de"ault you will et printer name and select the pa e ran e and number o" copies then click ok option.

Page setup:
click "ile menu select pa e set up option $ dialo ue box is opened &ere you ha!e to set the mar ins like top'bottom'le"t & ri ht Select the type o" type o" Orientation.

closing a Document:
click "ile menu select & click close option otherwise click close button

in the menu bar.


ord Document:

Cut! cop"! paste options: #hese options will allow you to cut or copy a piece o" text "rom one location and to paste at a new location.

To do t#ese $unctions:
(lace the cursor at the be innin o" the text to be selected )ra the mouse pointer o!er the text. #he text will be appear as shown below e *

Click %dit menu and then click on Cut option+Ctrl,-. (or) click icon on the Standard #oolbar% Mo!e the cursor to the place where you want the text to be paste. Click %dit menu & then click paste+Ctrl,/. option (or) click icon on the standared toolbar. For copyin the text "rom one location to another the same procedure should be "ollowed.

Di$$erence &etween cut and cop":

0hile usin the Cut option the text will be remo!ed "rom its ori inal location & pasted at a new location. 0here when usin Copy option a copy o" the selected text is pasted at new location without disturbin the ori inal text.

Searc#ing a te't:
Open any document Click %dit menu then click Find option +Ctrl,F..1ou will et a dialo ue box o" Find & 2eplace shown below.

In Find tab Find what text box type the word you want to "ind & then click Find3ext button. Continue clickin Find3ext button until you et a messa e box as shown below.

#hen click on ok & then click close button to close Find & 2eplace dialo ue box.

(eplacing te't:
Open any document. Click %dit menu then click replace option. $ dialo ue box is opened as shown abo!e. In that click replace tab entet text in Find what text box & a ain enter text in 2eplace with text box . Click replace all button then you will et a messa e box.

)oving cursor to a speci$ic page:

I" your document contains more than one pa e 'you can directly o to speci"ied pa e by clickin %dit menu and then clickin 4O #O option. 1ou will et the dialo ue box as shown below.

In the %nter pa e number text box 'type the re5uired pa e number then you will et 4o #o button click 4o #O option. Cursor will immediately 6ump to that particular pa e.

Creating *eader and +ooter:

It is important "eature o" Ms 0ord. I" you want to enerate same content top & bottom in e!ery pa e at that time we should us this option. %x* (a e no' $uthor 3ame' date In the same way you will et the Footer box.

Page Num&er:
7y usin this option we can set the pa e numbers easily. Click Insert menu Select pa e number option & click it. (a e number dialo ue box will be appeared. 4i!e the position'$li nment and click the "ormat button.#here select you select the number "ormat then click ok button.

Date , Time:
Click the Insert menu Select date & time option & click it. It displays date & time dialo ue box. #here you select the date "ormat then click ok.

7y usin this option we can apply link between current workin "ile to existed File. Steps: Sa!es the current workin document. Click on insert menu and select the hyperlink. It opens insert hyperlink dialo ue box. &ere you ha!e #ext to display text box there enter the text.

#here we should click on browse "or "ile button it opens lin. to dialo ue box it contains existed "iles list. 0e should select the tar et "ile then click on ok button. #he selected "ile name is insert on the document. 7y mo!in the mouse pointer o!er the link & press Ctrl key to open the link then we et the tar et "ile


ord Art:
Click Insert menu then click picture & then click word art. 3ow word $rt dialo ue box opens.

Select any style which you like Click on ok. 3ow you can write your own text there $nd click on ok.

0ullets and Num&ering:

Select some set o" text #he click Format menu and click 7ullets & numberin option #hen you will et a dialo ue box. #here you select di""erent styles.

Creating Paragrap#:
Select the some set o" text 3ow click the "ormat menu Click the para raph option in that then para raph dialo ue box will be appeared. #here you select the ali nment and indention and spaces between the para raph &lines.

Drop Cap:
Formats a letter' word or selected text with a lar e initial 8 or 9dropped: 8 capital letter. Slect the para raph then click Format menu and then click )rop Cap . #hen you will et a dialo ue box as shown below.

Select the position then you will et the para raph as that manner.

C#ange Case:
1ou can chan e the selected text into either ;((%2 C$S% (or) lower case'#itle case. First select or hi hli ht the text. Select the "ormat menu option Choose chan e case option. 1ou will et the dialo ue box. #here you select the di""erent styles.

Creating columns in document:

7y usin this we can con!ert the data "rom ordinary "ormat to column "ormat. 7e"ore applyin this option we should type more than hal" pa e data . Steps: Open any document "ile. Click "ormat menu and click Columns option. 3ow you will et a screen as shown below.

&ere select the (resets tab' select anyone option then click ok. 3ow your document will be con!erted to that number o" columns.

Spelling and 1rammar:

7y usin this option we can recti"y the spell mistakes and rammar mistake. Steps: 0rite some text and select the text. Click tools menu and click spellin and rammar option. 1ou will et the below dialo box.

3ote all words that appear red color in "irst box are spellin mistakes. I" you want to accept the su ested word' in the second box click on chan e. I" no click /gnore button. 1ou can also add a word to the dictionary by clickin on the $)) button. Continue this process until you et the dialo box.

Click ok button.

)ail )erge:
It used to send same content to di""erent persons at same time. Steps: Click tools menu option. Select <etters and Mailin s option' then select Mail Mer e option. 3ow you will et a Mail Mer e window ri ht side o" the screen. 3ow select the document type i.e.' letters radio button' etc... then click startin document in that window. 3ow select the startin document by clickin the ;se the current document radio button. #hen click select recipients list. 3ow Select recipients by clickin the radio buttons. Click the #ype a new <ist 3ow click create a new list. It opens a 3ew $ddress <ist dialo e box..

$"ter enterin the details click close button .#hen it opens a Sa!e $ddress <ist dialo ue box. 4i!e some "ile name & click sa!e button.

#hen it opens a Mail Mer e recipients dialo ue box. In that we can add new record also. #hen click ok button.

3ow click 0rite your <etter Note: whene!er we create a Mail Mer e it automatically creates a Mail Mer e tool bar document and it will display below the standard tool bar. 3ow select the Insert Mer e Fields "rom Mail Mer e tool bar. It opens a Insert Mer er Filed dialo ue box.

Click Field name and click insert button and then close the window. Click pre!iew your letter and then click complete the Mer er 3ow click edit indi!idual letters. It opens a dialo ue box.

Click all radio button then click ok. #hen the letter will be distributed to other persons at a time.

7y usin this option we can record the content' as it is manner. 0e can in!oke that particular whene!er we want by usin shortcut keys. Steps: Select the tools menu bar.

Select & click the Macro' in that click 2ecord a 3ew Macros. #hen you will et a 2ecord 3e w Macro dialo ue box. &ere i!e the macro name then click keyboard click ok.

3ow you will et another window Customi=e keyboard. In that (ress 3ew Shortcut key as Ctrl,M.

3ow click close button. #he Macro will be started recordin until we stop the Macro 2ecordin .

Stop )acro (ecording:

4o to tools menu Select & click Macro & click stop recordin .

/nsert a Ta&le:
7y speci"yin the number o" rows and columns we can insert a table. Steps: 4o to #able menu. Click Insert option & click table 3ow you will et a window.

3ow i!e the number o" columns & rows as you re5uired and set column width also then click ok. #hen an empty table is inserted in the document.