Government Ran Kidnapping Ring? NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND!

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Rating: No Rating Posted by osoluckyme on August 4, 2009 at 8:52pm in Politics, Religion, & Controversial Issues Add as Friend View Discussions

Recently, I ran across the question on ‘Is Child and Family services a Government ran Kidnapping Ring?’ I have to answer this question with a firm “yes”. I’m not the only one who has done investigations of CPS, DCFS, DFS, DHS, or whatever they call themselves in your area, there have been many. As parents have access to the internet, and are asking the questions “why was MY child(ren) taken away?” they are discovering a bleak and traumatic truth. There are hundreds of websites, if not thousands, that parents have created to get the message out to unsuspecting parents out there, with information they have discovered. Parents have experienced that in these “Secret Courts” that are ran and administered by the same people that are taking the children, that it is in fact a “Tribunal Court”. There is virtually no possible way the parents can win. In these courts, parents are placed with Gag Orders, as to ‘not discuss the case’, this way, the social workers can conduct their business outside of scrutiny, and they can lie on the reports and to the Judges free to perjure themselves without question, after all who will complain?. Parents are often not even allowed in the court rooms while their cases are being discussed. All the people involved are playing the parents like a fiddle. Social Workers are very nice, claiming they are there to “help you” and they are sure ‘you’ll probably get your children back’, however each time you express any type of conflict with them or their decisions; something to either expose them, or to prove your innocents, they threaten that they will and can “put your child up for adoption”. This is not a false story,, this is a fact. The children are being taken at an alarming rate, and although they are only investigating ONE child… they will take them all, regardless of the circumstances. They are stealing the children legally. Social Workers (SW) have no problems falsifying documents, lying about parents and extended family members, they threaten the parents into so called “services” which by parents taking these services is an automatic admission of guilt (even if they have done nothing); SW’s will do whatever it takes to ensure your child WILL be placed up for adoption. Children are often placed into care and deemed “special needs” ensuring more Federal Funding and Non Profit Grants for these children. New Hampshire’s Social Services website states that one criterion to be deemed for a Special Needs child is simply to be of age 6 or more. It has been documented that babies as young as a few months old are deemed to have “mental issues” and are given strong psychotropic drugs. With each medial issue that can be found (or created) the state and Federal Government gets more money, not just from the demand for more taxes, but also from the Non Profit Grants that you so kindly donate to. The Governments motto is “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” I don’t believe this is only meant to be a slogan for

Educationm as most children are taken, from schools… “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” a slogan most likely used by Social Services.. a slogan for all government, after what I’ve seen, experienced, researched and learned I believe this to be true. No Child Left Behind, means that the Social Workers, the State, and Federal Government including the Non Profit groups, Adoptions Agencies and all their agents and affiliates have a guaranteed income, and I can tell you the economics involved is one of the highest in America. Just as Cancer will not be cured, due to the amount of job losses and business losses, government investments and Mental Health, too many doctors would be out of business, along with the countless Oncology Hospitals popping up, Child Stealing by the Government will also only increase. I was told by a Government Official, during my investigation, that Social Services does in fact “have a quota, and are REQUIRED to increase their child intake each year” per County. Does this scare you? If you have children or are thinking of having children, or even have grand children, this should scare you. I’ve had a few social workers tell me that “the majority of the children they take come from really good homes, and never go back” I was also told “if you don’t make the claims against the parents, you lose your job” I have spent approximately 3 years worth of time (in 1 ½ years time) looking into this, as I wanted to know why my own daughter was taken, and I was appalled at my discovery. CPS is a Government Eugenics agency. Please feel free to ask questions, I have many answers.. The picture below is of my daughter Jennifer Dearinger who was abducted at school by CPS in January 2008. No reason. No trial. No Jury. THEY BROKE ALL LAWS!!!
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Reply by Ed on August 4, 2009 at 9:54pm

I've heard of this before.

Reply by osoluckyme on August 5, 2009 at 2:53am

I assure you it's true. I am following the laws that are being passed right now and it looks like the Government is trying to raise all of the children!! My ex had this happen to her almost 35 years ago but there was a good reason. Her boy friend beat the kids. It was like going thru hell to get the kids back, next to impossible 35 years ago CPS was created. They became corrupt in 1998 when Judges began receiving kickbacks for obtaining children. I find it hard to believe they gave no reason?? Maybe a poor reason is given. But I have never heard of a case where NO reason was given. I have been involved with Foster care and abused women and childrens shelters for

Reply by Ed on August 6, 2009 at 7:37am

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights on August 6, 2009 at 12:57pm

Reply by Dave Thomas on August 6, 2009 at 7:55am

years. Some social workers use questionable Judgement sometimes. But NO reason is unexceptable by any standard.
Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights on August 6, 2009 at 12:56pm

Oh please.........Dave, why don't you do an internet search under "CPS Corruption". The evidence is EVERYWHERE! The only people who defend CPS are government workers because they depend on children to meet their paychecks. It's no secret anymore that CPS is a Government Eugenics Agency who targets low income people. That was Bill Clinton's Welfare reform at work. Problem is all of the Federal funds and other incentives have created mass corruption which has now spread to the legislative level. There are several senators who are speaking out against CPS corruption. Senator Schaefer is a dear friend and I am grateful for all of the hard work she is doing. Listen to her on Alex Jones at: If you study history it is quite clear what America is doing---> Kathleen

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights on August 6, 2009 at 1:21pm

Dave, CPS will take any useful child that they can make money off of. The excuse they gave in my case is a "paper clip cut" that was done at school a week earlier. My daughter was almost 17 and in love. She was distraught because I wouldn't let her see the Juvenile deliquent who was doing drugs. I told the school to switch classes and that I might homeschool my daughter since she kept ditching school to be with him. Little did I know that Homeschooling was up before the Senate and schools lose Federal funds....I guess this gave them a good excuse to steal my daughter. Our story is told on my blog. It is appalling what they did to my daughter. The Director of CPS, Lee Collins needs to be investigated! Here's an article that describes what a tyrant he is ----> Here are some of my posts on twitter for non believers:

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights on August 6, 2009 at 1:09pm

State Care / CPS Why Are These Children Dying?: Is it child protection or legal kidnapping? (Examiner): #CPS persisted for 6 months and made 3 or more videos trying to force a 6 year old to implicate her bio-dad: (they molested my child too) Want to see what 'really' goes on in "secret courts"?Order this documentary: Look at this State approved Foster home: ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES BY THE GOVERNMENT For Your MONEY and YOUR CHILDREN!:

Still don't believe me? Take a look at San Luis Obispo's non profits.....notice the income increasing? (research the names) (download 990 tax returns) I have a lot more proof at my websites:
Reply by Dave Thomas on August 6, 2009 at 2:06pm

As I stated earler. I have never heard of a case where a child has been removed without a reason (excuse) I did not say a good reason. But somewhere someone has raised questions about the childs welfare. Again I say. The reason, excuse, question are not always valid. But someone made a complaint to get the ball rolling in the first place. At this point there are hoops to jump through. Everyone sees things differently. If you drop the ball anywhere along the way. You loose. As in the case of the 17 year old girl. Things were mentioned Drugs, diching school, questionable friends, home school and so on. Someone filed a official complaint. And you are entiteled to know what was said and by who. Do you know you have the right to counter sue?? Force them to show cause. The powers that be made their decision. Right or wrong. They have the power. I know abuses happen on both sides. But to say no reason was given I find that hard to believe. Maybe you don't agree with the reason?? But one was given. It may be a poor excuse or reason. But you have a right to know who said what. I agree, one has to be given, if not you have a lawsuit on your hands. (wow dave is this the first time we've agreed on something :P) I have had a few family members that have been put in foster care, and for good reasons, and friends growing up that have been put into good foster homes (better then the ones they were living in). If they were taking kids left and right, then they are certainly missing quite a few in grover beach. I do believe that there are cases where children should have not been taken, just like there are people in jail that are innocent. Do I think prisons should go away because a few injustices?, but we should be doing everything possible to make those not happen. I also believe that some foster homes are just as bad as the homes children have been taken out of, but like I said before, that doesn't mean that all are bad.

Reply by Vanessa on August 6, 2009 at 2:19pm

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 1 day ago

Vanessa.....oh if you only knew. I have many tape recordings that will prove what they are doing......I just need an attorney to take on CPS. The problem is the attorneys are working 'with' CPS. Those who don't are losing their license. It is very difficult to find an attorney who will go up against them. There's one right now (Attorney Fine) sitting in solitary confinement in an LA jail for exposing the corrupt judges. If you take a look at my tweets and facebook you will see what's happening.

Please listen to this: My Feed (Facebook and Twitter)
Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 1 day ago

No one made any complaint. Jen was being a typical teenager and I was sick with anemia, trying to get her to stay in school. Even if my daughter was ditching it does NOT give CPS the right to kidnap and torture my daughter. They broke many many laws. They didn't have to take my daughter because I had the ditching under control. She was staying in school and I split the two up. What they did went BEYOND child protection. They were cruel. They coerced my daughter, bribed her, alienated her, forced her into 6 foster homes, placed her with chaperones 24 hours a day to make sure she didn't run home. My daughter even tried to get emancipated from them. They are like cockroaches and no wonder so many children are dying. All they care about is taking kids so they can profit. Jen will be 18 next month and I hope she sues them. Trust me they dont stick you in foster care for ditching school, they take you to the truancy board and then stick you in community school. I had it happen with me...

Reply by Vanessa 1 day ago

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 1 day ago

Trust you? It's happening all over the USA. CPS is snatching kids to obtain Federal Funds. This is a FACT and it's all over the internet. Please do some research! I found there are 3 sides to a story, your side, their side and the true. The true can be on your side. But I've seen a lot of times it been good that the kids were removed. Mainly from wacked out druggies. Vanessa. Is this the first time we agree?? Lets do it more often. It does not matter what area of life we are talking about. There are good and not so good and bad people on all sides. There are at least three sides to every story. Sometimes more depending on how many people are involved. We are all a proudct of our envirement. We all learn from different things in different ways. Wouldn't it be boaring if we were all alike?? Well you can look at the text message from my daughter. There are only two people who know the truth and then there's CPS who is full of corrupt individuals. Did she report it herself? That's what it sounded like when you said that she was upset about you not letting her see her boyfriend. Those who will not or can not govern themselves. Will be governed by the system. There are some lines that we will not be allowed to cross. If we are to survive in a society. We must learn and observe some boundrys.

Reply by Ed on August 6, 2009 at 2:35pm

Reply by Dave Thomas 1 day ago

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 1 day ago

Reply by Vanessa 1 day ago

Reply by Dave Thomas 1 day ago

No one is exempt from some boundrys. Sounds like your daughter will be responsible for herself soon. Good luck and God Bless you both.
Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 1 day ago

Excuse me? er...... Dave...I am not some lowlife who is unable to govern myself or my child. Your comment was very rude and It sounds to me like you are very close minded. That's too bad because as long as people ignore the problem children will continue to die. Do you work for the Government? Is there some reason you doubt what I say? Have you not looked at my website? You don't have to try to convince me that the system is a good one because the proof shows otherwise. If the system was so perfect children wouldn't be dying, and If social workers weren't so busy kidnapping children then maybe they might actually be able to do their job! The truth is CPS rarely helps children. For every 1 child they help they destroy 700 other families. They only want children who make them money. It's like selling you think they are going to pick the rotten apples over the the nice big red apples when they can make more money selling a nicer product? children are a 'commodity' and blue eyed blonds are CPS's favorite. They remind me of Hitler who collected Ayran children. They use the minorities for clinical studies. I resent people who are condescending towards others because Ignorance is no excuse! Kathleen ps. By the way I am a professional, a business owner who doesn't drink or use drugs. i don't have a criminal background, nor a history of child abuse. I was a foster parent for CPS

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 1 day ago

Our story is on my blog. They kidnapped my daughter for Federal Funds and shipped her out of state where she was forced to work. They trafficked my daughter. Lee Collins is corrupt. He needs to be investigated. Jenny loves me and knows that I want what's was best for her. In one of her text messages she admits that she was angry because I wouldn't let her see Adam but she understood it was for the best because he was abusive towards her and was into drugs and ditching school. CPS does not have a right to steal my daughter and hurt her. I think you should write a book on all you findings and expose all the corruption to mark a starting point to end all of the corruption. Mob

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 1 day ago

Reply by Mob Man 1 day ago

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 1 day ago

Mob is that you? lol. Thank you for being there for me. You know what they did to me and Jenny because you've talked to her and have heard the tapes. Please tell people what they did because they need to know what CPS in San Luis Obispo is doing to children. I am looking for a film producer and am in touch with several celebrities. I will not let them get away with what they did to my daughter. We will expose the Racketeering! YES WE CAN!!

Reply by Ed 1 day ago

You make sound as thou it's 100% this way, that every child taken is being tortured or was taken for no good reason. I'm here to say I know of a few case that there was good reason. Not every child, but most. They are taken then alienated, traumatized, drugged, and then moved from home to home. I speak to foster children who relay to me their experiences in foster care and its so sad that no one does anything to help them. My daughter begged everyone for help -- she asked the school, her attorney, and the DA for help. She begged CPS and the Judge to let her go. She even tried to get emancipated and asked the "chaperone's" that CPS hired to help her escape, but everyone was either corrupt or afraid to get involved. Even the GAL Attorney said to me at one point "this is getting ridiculas, your daughter needs to go home. I'm going to tell the Judge this on Monday morning". I called CPS's attorney to tell them this and their response to me was "no he's not". It's obvious they are all working in collusion together in Kangaroo courts. William Wagener of Santa Maria is covering these crimes on his TV show "On Second Thought". If people think CPS helps children they are sadly mistaken -- for every 1 child they help they destroy 700 other families. I have NEVER abused my daughter. Ever. In fact I couldn't even get the social worker to tell me why they even took my daughter. It states that she had a paper cut that was self inflicted while she was at school. This is NOT child abuse! CPS is supposed to reunify families but they rarely do. Kids are worth more money by being in the system. I believe they get around 60,000 per month per kid....and all at the tax payer's expense. People wonder why the health care costs are double in America -they need to take a look at all of the children that are disappearing and all of the medical fraud that's occurring. If you follow the money you will discover the truth -----------> take a look at their 990 tax returns at (search 'children' 'mental health') then take a look at the Political campaign contributions from Big Pharma: I was a foster mother. I have been on both sides. I am appalled at what CPS has become. I live on an island and there is no CPS here. If someone abuses their child people will take care of the situation. There is no reason to have a CPS when America has Police who have the proper equipment to document abuse. If all these parents were truly guilty don't you think they would be in jail? Where's the evidence? The only cases you hear about on TV are the true cases of abuse. This solicits sympathy so people make donations and pass laws to increase Federal Funds, like ASFA which recently doubled. One Mother recently responded to my facebook said this when questioned about the practices of CPS: "Sandra Ami: Betsy.. 9 tenths of the law doesn't apply in these courts.. no real laws do.. Parents are refused to defend themselves, and in many cases aren't even allowed in the court rooms when their cases are being discussed, that way, the parents can't object or get the truth on the records.. there is NO SUCH THING as a CONSTITUTION in these courts.. Parents are not allowed "free speech" and are

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 1 day ago

often threatened that their children will be "placed up for adoption" if they speak. They are NOT allowed access to Medical records of their children, as the law states they are, they are NOT allowed a defense, they are NOT allowed "familial contact" They are NOT allowed to be religious, as they are deemed "delusional" and "skitzephrenic", they can't kiss or hug their children, they are told NOT TO CRY (or your child will be adopted), disallowing freedom of expression, if a family has a gun in the house at all.. they make them get rid of it, or the child will be adopted, they can search and seize anything they want at anytime they want to, and you must let them or you will be arrested..Crime and Punishment doesn't apply to them.. and parents are threatened with the lives of their children if they chose to go to trial, it IS CRUEL AND UNUSUAL Punishment! They put the parents through SLAVERY, by making them go to "services" that they get paid for, the list goes on and on.. there is NO such thing as a Constitution in these courts! Children are worth far too much money to the Gov. and think about it.. if your child was kidnapped by the Gov.. who do you go to for help???" She's right. There is no help. I spent 16 hours a day 7 days a week calling and begging people to help me. This was a nightmare and I feel so horrible knowing they are committing these hideous crimes against children and families every single day. My daughter will be 18 next month and all I want is to get her out of America. She will be a target because of their lies and I worry that CPS will take her children. CPS is the most vile corrupt discusting agency of this century. Please read this letter and share it: Love, Light & Truth, Kathleen Dearinger Families Unite 4 Children's Rights Foundation
Reply by Rachel Hunt 1 day ago

I'm sure your experience and plight is very real. However, in reading your numerous postings - you are coming across as an out of control, hysterical, possibly paranoid woman which is the LAST impression you want to make if you want to be taken seriously. This site is a very small audience and it doesn't appear that anyone with any clout has stepped forward to take your case to the streets. If anything, this site has become a place for you to shout, vent, rant and beg for someone to help you spread the word. We get it. To be honest, you need a bigger audience or one that is able to help. I truly wish you the best and I hope you find someone somewhere with the courage to do what you ask. That is not me and from what I've seen here in response to your postings, it doesn't seem like your hero has shown up on CCT.

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 1 day ago

Rachel I appreciate your input, however, my posts are not for entertainment purposes. They are to educate people and get people involved because these crimes are occurring within your County. I did not get the impression that other people here don't care about children. I think many are being misled but ignorance doesn't mean they can't

learn. Do you have an objection to me sharing this information and if so please tell me why you would would want this information supressed. All I care about is children and I know the corruption is deep, but I'm not afraid anymore. I have already lost everything that meant anything to me. What else have I got to lose by sharing the truth with others? Your remark about me appearing paranoid is quite slanderous and fairly typical. Have you ever studied the Halocaust and the anti-Semitism the Jew had to deal with? Maybe you should. In Truth. Kathleen Dearinger
Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 1 day ago's my answer.....Rachel works for a school: From Rachel Hunt's Profile: "We have a new LOCAL school fundraising program: School Photo/Fundraiser. We give 40% of the sales back to the schools and they can place extra orders and view photos online. We will be launching the program and new website within the next two weeks and are contacting schools for scheduling now. If you know of a school or group that might be interested let me know....or...if you are a professional level photographer (with all of your own equipment) we may have some bookings that need an extra photographer we'd like to hear from you too." Rachel Hunt EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS --------> Any nasty responses will be posted to my facebook and twitter so others can see how deep this corruption runs. Thank you Rachel!

Reply by Rachel Hunt 1 day ago

I am encouraging you to find an audience that can better help you spread your message and make a difference. I am not being slanderous in any way, it is not my intent. But often when people get really frustrated and worked up they do not come across in the best light. I went out on a limb simply to point out to you that your behavior and the way you are presenting your case is not necessarily going to get you the results you want. That's all. FYI, I am self-employed and do not work for any school or government or organization. I have committed my work efforts to raising funds for the benefit of local, small organizations that help children. It's too bad you can't take some constructive criticism from someone who see's how passionate you are and is actually trying to give you some helpful advice. You are asking for help - yet you can't recognize it when it comes your way.

Reply by Rachel Hunt 23 hours ago

I am very sympathetic to you and your situation. I understand your pain and can only imagine the horror. You misunderstand me when you respond with the notion that I'm

trying to suppress your story or information. I just see that you have committed an enormous amount of time an energy to this site (and I'm glad you have informed us and you've done a thorough job). As I mentioned before, I'm not seeing many people respond other than to kick it around. How do you feel about the results you are getting here? Is anyone stepping up to help you? It seems that anyone who voices any remote objection or questioning or even leaves the chat room gets SLAMMED by you. The bullying tactics you've been using aren't effective and are hardly any way to win people over - if anything it's very alienating.
Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 21 hours ago

I have not bullied anyone, but I have fought off your insults. You are collecting money for a school so obviously the topic bothers you, otherwise you wouldn't be slandering me. The truth of the matter is CPS uses bullying tactics on parents. They slander them and spew antisemism about them all over town. They contact their friends, families and neighbors and manipulate them into telling lies. Some are even paid off. They tell people the parents are crazy, so yeah I get offended when I hear people suggest I need "therapy" because I feel this is an attempt to discredit me. If you don't like what I have to say and don't want to hear my message then the polite thing to do is just ignore me. It's really that simple. If at some point you want to learn some things then please feel free to contribute some positive suggestions on what can be done to stop the corruption. Thank you, Kathleen Dearinger Families Unite 4 Children's Rights

Reply by Gary 21 hours ago

Kathleen ... this is a social NETWORKING forum ... not a soapbox for you. If you're going to post your views ... you ought to be open to receiving replies ... and it's unrealistic to expect people to speak up if they agree with you ... and ignore you if they don't. You call helping children a "soap box"? Are you for real? You don't need to encourage me. I am already all over the internet! "Any nasty responses will be posted to my facebook and twitter so others can see how deep this corruption runs. Thank you Rachel!" And this people, is how conspiracy theories start....Rachel is part of no organization, but yet you are going to claim that she is on your twitter, and people will believe you. Her point (which is better put than mine) is that when people act hysterical, they are not listened to. I would assume this is your problem. If you went about things rationally then perhaps you'd be in a better situation. PS, before you say I'm a part of something, all I am is just a stay at home mom,

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 21 hours ago Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 21 hours ago Reply by Vanessa 23 hours ago

nothing more. I'm not a part of any clubs, or churches or any other type of organizations. However, I do call things as I see them.
Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 19 hours ago

Then perhaps she should not be so judgmental and keep insulting me. First she accuses me of being a stalker, then she tells me to go get "therapy", then she basically tells me get lost. She says "it's good to have silence", well obviously the subject matter makes her uncomfortable. I wondered why so I looked up her profile and saw that she is soliciting donations for schools. If Rachel is so concerned about children then why wouldn't she be interested in what I have to say? Her behavior is suspicious because people who are connected with children charities typically want to keep this subject quiet. Is Rachel is worried about losing donations. If she really cared about kids she would begin a fund to help innocent parents. And this is me calling things as I see it. Kathleen ps. Thanks for the IP tracker but the location is wrong. I have a redirector. We CPS victims are good at hiding.

Reply by Rachel Hunt 23 hours ago

And you are making assumptions about my cultural or religious heritage? You know nothing. Then please don't silence me. you might learn some things if you listen. Wow ... Kathleen. You have posted a TON of information about your plight and your beliefs ... for all of us to read and assess. But, you've attacked everyone who attempts to enter into a dialogue with you. I don't think anyone has even remotely tried to silence you. Quite the contrary, you are silencing and alienating everyone who has replied to you.

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 22 hours ago Reply by Gary 21 hours ago

Reply by Gary 21 hours ago

Learning by listening is a two-way deal. You should take your own advice. I'm not seeking your advice, nor do I need to be attacked for disclosing the truth about Child Protection Services. I am simply a messenger who is sharing information so that other people will get involved. It is my hope that I can open up your minds and your hearts to help these families who are victimized by a corrupt system. I don't want to see other children suffer the same way mine did. You are welcome to read my posts and respond, but no personal attacks please. I take this subject very seriously. Thank you

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 21 hours ago

Reply by Gary 21 hours ago

No attack intended ... just thought you might try to understand that people come to this forum for social interaction ... not to be educated.

But, you're right, I don't know what happened in your two year ordeal ... why don't you tell me about it ... might go a long way to helping me understand your situation ... and might help me open up to the message you're trying to spread.
Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 20 hours ago

It's very painful to talk about what they did. I have written portions about it on my web pages. Basically they kidnapped my daughter, tortured her and forced her to work. Then they shipped her out of State to cover up their crimes. They are all working in collusion....CPS, the Police, doctors, lawyers, therapists, contracted vendors, CASA, etc. They are breaking laws and defrauding the Government. Something is very wrong with CPS in San Luis Obispo. They are trafficking children. I believe they are also money laundering.

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 19 hours ago

Who said anything about your religion? But now that you mention it there does seem to be a religious overtone involving children being taken from Christian homes. This is where it all started some might call me nuts but back in the late 40's early 50' in a small town in New Mexico called Roswell. There was a flying saucer crash and some of the aliens escape. This is well documented and anyone w/ a brain can look this up. Well these alien life forms easily adapted to human life forms. They started to inter bred. Now they want to control the human race something like the Matrix. What better place to start than w/ the government. First you control the people next you control the young, exactly what Kathleen is saying. She has it right but she didn't follow it all the way out. You watch pretty soon our kids will be nothing more than mindless robots controled by another universe. thanks Kathleen like you people always look at me like I'm nuts when I start talking the truth.

Reply by Ed 1 day ago

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 22 hours ago

You're not nuts for wanting to know the truth to your existence, just like I want to know how the Government can continue to manipulate and fool the public using propaganda and lies. There is a thing called honesty and we all have to be true to ourselves. This is how I ended up becoming an Island Activist. I experienced something so evil and so profound that I knew I needed to share my message with others. There is a direct link between CPS and bioethics which involves Human evolution and DNA enhancement, so perhaps you might find my research interesting. You mention the alien theory and that's a curious subject. I am friends with a Scientist who tells me we are derived from Apes. Perhaps a bit of inbreeding? Kathleen ps They are doing Human experiments....have you ever heard of a Humanzee ----->

Reply by JOHN LANDON 19 hours ago

Perhaps a bit of inbreeding? ... Huh?

Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 18 hours ago

Ya think? Well I'm new in the sense of responding to people on this this site and in revealing who I am, but I don't want to scare people off -- not right off the bat, but since I already had my share of insults today I guess I can answer this question. What I can say is that I have done a lot of research on the subject of foster children, and there are things going on that many people may not be aware of. For example, children are being used in clinical studies that resemble Nazi experiments. There is cloning going on, and eggs being sold over the internet. No one ever discusses these things for they are kept secret. What people see is an illusion. They see what the Government wants them to see. That's why they have CPS and other phony non profits to serve as smoke screens. They use the media and propaganda to assist them in collecting children who can be indoctrinated with socialistic ideologies. Take a look at Clinton's Welfare reform and you will see how he states his goals of "doubling the number of children in the system by the year 2003". Now why would the President want to obtain more children and incur more expense unless children were profitable or he had a plan similar to Obama's Youth Brigade. (See Give Act). Lenin once said that in order to be a dictator you have to rip the family unit apart. That way you have an army of people who are loyal to the Government. it looks like CPS is doing a pretty good job.

Reply by SLO Swimmer 22 hours ago

I think I need my tin foil hat!

Ok, now I'm going back into hiding.
Reply by Ed 21 hours ago

SLO swimmer you joke but that very same hat has given me many nights of sound rest
Reply by Families Unite 4 Children Rights 21 hours ago

Yeah....they can joke. Maybe I'll send her pictures of all the children the State has killed. I just don't find this subject very funny. Don't get me wrong. I have a great sense of humor -- but not when it comes to kids. I truly am amazed by all of the close minded people on this site No wonder CPS got away with it -- No one cares. The funny thing is I believe in Karma and you know what laws are getting changed right under their noses. They can laugh now...but they won't be when it's their turn. Kathleen ps. is it just me or does that shit eating grin and tin foil hat offend anyone else?

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Yes, I was going to say the same thing, that cat has the strangest smile, like he just ate a canary. What's up w/ people dressing their animals? This is exactly what's going on in San Luis Obispo ----------> Wheew! Good thing I got out of Atascadero. Here's a showcase on Atascadero State Mental Hosp (A Criminal Mind): (Airs Sunday) CPS had slipped into my criminal file a fake mental report. The only only problem is I NEVER SAW THIS DOCTOR!!! This is a Men's Mental Institution! See what happens is CPS likes to get that phony mental diagnosis so they will go anywhere to get one. I made a visit to the hospital and this ruffled some feathers because this got back to the Doctor who was collaborating with CPS. I guess he was a bit worried that he would be exposed so he called me. I asked him what the hell was he doing. I told him I'd had never seen him so why was his name on my documents? I already had a Psyche eval but CPS didn't like that one, so they were attempting to get another (false) report. I told this doctor I had no problem taking any mental eval and I even offered to meet him.... HE DECLINED! He couldn't wait to get off the phone. Dirty dirty dirty.........

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Let me say after reading this whole discussion, that I don't see a discussion here. FU4CR has made a point and then used it to beat anyonewith a different opinion over the head. I'm not saying that what has been said is wrong, although highly unlikely as a subversive plot. But being attacked for not swallowing your statements as gospel shows some intelegence on its own. Are we expected to accept all theories upon reading on the internet? I will share something with you. Your arguments for your theory held much more wieght before you started making claims of 100% involvement, discounting others opinions and sarcastic replies. In most cases that makes 3 strikes and you know what that means.

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Pablo we have now focused all our energy on you. (sorry Rachel) You are now being put on out list and the tweeter police will soon come to visit. watch our for the funny foil hats. I know it's a give away but is truly the only way to protect ourselves. come on Ed, she means no harm ...

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