Fucked My Virgin Colleague Neha In Office 3.46/5 (69. 9!" # $o%e& 'ahul ( )ugu&% 9* +,3 ( + Co--en%& ./ee% 0ey guy& and girl&.

I co-e again /i%h one of -y unforge%%a1le e23erience /i%h Neha (4ueen of %he &%ory".My&elf 'ahul* age 3* and heigh% 55,+. I a- curren%ly /orking /i%h MNC. I a- 1elonging fro- &-all ci%y of 0aryana. No/ don5% /a&%e %i-e on all %he&e* and co-e %o %he -ain %he-e of &%ory. I a- a 3rofe&&ional guy &o ha$e %o do %raining during our &%udie&. 6o I 7oined an office in 8elhi. I% /a& &-all office* only 3 3er&on& &%aff i& %here. One i& Neha* &econd i& Me and %hird one i& office 1oy. )& I %old you i% /a& &-all office &o %o%al %here are 5 3er&on&. One i& our 1o&& and hi& dri$er and 3 are u& a& -en%ioned a1o$e. 8ri$er al&o u&ed %o &i% in office /hen our 1o&& i& in %he office. I ha$e a huge cru&hed on -y colleague Neha fro- fir&% day of her office. 6he i& -y 7unior 1u% I didn5% 1eha$e /i%h her like &enior. 6he ha& $ery &e2y figure 369 #934. 6he al/ay& u&ed %o /ear 7ean& and &hir% in office. One day I 3ro3o&ed her and &he &ay& ye& %o -e. )& I &aid /e only are /orking &%aff in our office. 6o /e &i% %oge%her in office. Our 1o&& u&ed %o $i&i% clien% 3lace. 6o /e go% &o -uch %i-e %o %alk /i%h each o%her in office. :e are no/ co-ing clo&e %o each o%her day 1y day* /hene$er our 1o&& $i&i% clien% 3lace /e 1o%h hold our hand in %he office. Office 1oy u&ed %o &i% ou%&ide %he ca1in area. 6o %here i& no 3ro1le- /i%h %ha%. One day I -ade a 3lan and &aid %o her %ha% &he /an% %o &ee 3orn -o$ie on -y la3%o3. :e are girlfriend and 1oyfriend &o %here i& no 3ro1le- /i%h u& %o %alk like %hi&. :e are $ery o3en. 6he &aid ok /e /ill &ee. .hen I 3lay a 3orn -o$ie /i%h a -u%e $oice on -y la3%o3. I %ouched her %high& and ki&& her in office a% %ha% %i-e. :e 1o%h go% horny /hile /a%ching 3orn -o$ie. I &aid her %ha% I /an% %o &ee your 1oo1& 1a1y. 6he &aid no. )& /e are in office &o i%5& no% 3o&&i1le for u& %o naked in %he office. 6o %ho&e %i-e& I only %ouched her %high& and ru11ed -y hand on her 3u&&y o$er %he 7ean& and fir&% %i-e I 3re&&ed her 1oo1&. On %ha% day* /e 1o%h are eager %o ha$e &e2 /i%h each o%her 1u% i% /a& no% 3o&&i1le for u&. :e en7oyed a lo% /hene$er /e go% a chance in %he office. .hi& /ill go al-o&% e$ery day. :e are &o clo&e %o each o%her. 8aily I 3re&&ed her 1oo1& and no/ %hi& %i-e &he al&o hold -y dick in her hand in office. ;u% one day* due %o &o-e 3er&onal rea&on& /e are no% %alking %o each o%her. On %ha% day< %o -ake -e 7ealou&< &he -ade a 3lan. 6he &a% in a /ay %ha% our office 1oy i& 1ehind hi-. 6he 1en% for/ard &o %ha% her a&& i& $i&i1le %o our office 1oy. I no%iced i% 1u% I can5% do any%hing. Our office 1oy i& con%inuou&ly &eeing her. 6he %alked %o hiand %hey 1o%h /ere en7oying in fron% of -e. 6he /ore a &hor% &hir% &o her 1ack i& $i&i1le %o office 1oy and he i& en7oying %ha%. .hen &he go /a&hroo- and /hen &he ca-e I no%iced %ha% 1u%%on& of her &hir% are o3en. 0er clea$age i& clearly $i&i1le and

One day I -ade a 3lan %o fuck her.u---------. I a.I gi$e &kore condo. 6he &a% on %he %a1le and I ki&&ed her. In &%ar%ing /e 3lay 3orn -o$ie on -y la3%o3. I% /a& &o %igh% 1ec> &he /a& $irgin. :e 1o%h -ade a 3lan %ha% /e /ill en7oy on %ha% day in office.&he re-o$ed -y clo%h& and -ade -e nude. I licked her 3u&&y and fuck her %/ice a% %ha% %i-e. . Aou can5% e$en i-agine. 6o %hi& /ay I fucked -y $irgin colleague in office /ho -ade -e 7ealou&. 6he i& no% /earing 1ra a% %ha% day. ?lea&e fuck -e fuck -e.&he did %hi& only for office 1oy. 6he agree& %o %ha%. .in&ide and &%ar% our &e2 7ourney.ahhhhhhhhhh a//////////=. 6he /a& &haking -y dick and . 0er 1oo1& are clearly $i&i1le fro. I% /a& &%ra/1erry fla$oured condo-. I 3laced -y dick in her 3u&&y. I gi$e '& 5++ %o our office 1oy and &aid %ha% don5% %ell %hi& %o anyone. 6he i& on @%h cloud and -e al&o /i%h her. 6he i& looking &o ho% in %ha% dre&&.u% &o-eho/ /e &ol$e our 3ro1le-& and con%inue %o %alk %o each o%her. I ki&&ed her all o$er %he 1ody. 6he -oaned aaaaahhhhhhhhh*uhhhhhhhhhh*ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh=. I re-o$e her 1lack &kir% and no/ &he /a& in 3ink 3an%y. One year /e con%inuou&ly ha$e &e2 on /eekly 1a&i& and i% /a& &o -e-ora1le e23erience for u&. I re-o$e her 3ink 3an%y and &a/ her &ha$ed -ilky &ilky 3u&&y.her &hir%. I licked her 3u&&y &he /a& -oaning con%inuou&ly aaaahhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh fuck -e 'ahul 3lea&e fuck -e no/=. 6o &e2y guy&. 6he &aid fuck -e hard 'ahul. 6he hugged -e and &aid %ha% I lo$e u &o -uch. My dick i& fully erec% no/.3re&&ing 1oo1& &o hardly. 0er 1oo1& are a/e&o-e. I really /an% %o fuck her on %ha% day. Finally I fucked her and &he /a& &o ha33y /i%h -e.hen I hugged Neha %igh%ly.3re&&ing her 1oo1& hardly and hardly and ki&&ing her li3&. I% /a& 6a%urday &o I &aid her %o /ear &kir% in office.3re&&ing her 1oo1& hardly. 6he i& on %he %a1le in fron% of -e and /a& /earing only &kir% and 3an%y./e 1o%h are &o e2ci%ed=&he i& ki&&ing -y neck and &houlder=I re-o$e her &hir% and 1ig and &e2y 1oo1& are no/ in fron% of -e. .fuck -e fuck -e=. On %ha% day I fel% &o 1ad 1ecau&e &he i& -y girlfriend.in her hand and /earing on -y dick.%o her and &he %ake %ha% condo. Ooooooo -an %ha% /a& a/e&o-e=. I -ade a fe/ &%roke& and &lo/ly %rying %o fuck her. .oday /e are no% in %ouch and ho3ing %ha% &he read& %hi& &%ory. I 3re&&ed her 1oo1& and ki&&ing her. 6he /a& &o ho% yaaaar. I &ucked her 1oo1&. 6he ha& &o long hair and I lo&% &o-e/here in %ha% hair and fucking her &o &of%ly /hile a. :hen &he co-e& %o office &he look& like Megan fo2. . 0er ni33le& are 3urely 3ink. 6he i& al&o re&3onding 1y ki&&ing -e on neck and li3&.hen /e lock %he ca1in fro.

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