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The report on the following pages is the outcome of four weeks training at the industry. The report is the outcome of the practical knowledge that we acquire during our training. This report presents the brief summary of our industrial training. I had the privilege of receiving such training at HINDU T!N !"#$N!UTI% &I'IT"D (&U%)N$*.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to e+press my sincere gratitude to the management of HINDU T!N !"#$N!UTI% &I'"T"D for having given this opportunity to carry out my training. I am grateful to my esteemed guide . ,eneral manger of instrument department for his whole hearted cooperation and support. I also acknowledge my gratefulness to 'r. #.) -andey( training and placement officer( H.".%. .agadhri( for giving me the opportunity to undergo this training !nd last but not the least( I would like to pay my

sincere gratitude to all the employees of the H!& ( &U%)N$*( for there valuable help and technical support at various times.

There could not be a better place to learn/ COMPANY PROFILE HINDU T!N !"#$N!UTI% &I'IT"D &U%)N$* The history of the Indian !ircraft Industry can be traced to the founding of Hindustan !ircraft &imited at 0angalore in December 1234 in association with the erstwhile princely tate of 'ysore and late hri eth *alchand Hirachand( an Industrialist of e+tra 5ordinary vision. ,ovt. of India became one of its shareholders in 'arch 1231 and took over the management in 1236. Hindustan !ircraft &imited was merged with !eronautics India &imited and !ircraft 'anufacturing Depot( )anpur to form Hindustan !eronautics &imited 7H!&8 on 41st $ctober 1293. Today H!& has got 19 production units and 2 research and design centers spread out in seven different locations in India. Its product track record consists of 16 types of aircraft from

in house # :D and 1; types by license production. HAL h ! !" # $ %$"&'()& "*)$ ++00 ,$($ #-. +400 A)$")/0,/)! /& "*)$h '1)& "*)$ 2200 ,$($ #- /& 34000 )/0,/)!. H!& has engaged : succeeded in number of # : D programs for both the military and civil aviation sectors. ubstantial progress has been made in the current pro<ects like Dhruv 5!dvanced &ight Helicopter 7!&H8( Te<as5&ight %ombat !ircraft 7&%!8( Intermediate .et Trainer 7I.T8 and various military and civil upgrades. The deliveries of Dhruv were effected to Indian !rmy( Navy( !ir =orce and %oast ,uard in 'arch 6446( in its first year of production which is a unique achievement. H!& has played a significant role for India>s space programs in the manufacturing of satellite launch vehicles like - &? 7-olar atellite &aunch ?ehicle8( , &? 7,eo tationary &aunch ?ehicle8( I# 7Indian #emote atellite8 : IN !T 7Indian National atellite8. H!& has also two <oint venture companies( 0!eH!& oftware &imited and Indo5 #ussian !viation &imited 7I#!&8. !part from the two( other ma<or diversification pro<ects are Industrial 'arine ,as turbine and !irport ervices. everal co5production and <oint ?entures with

international consideration.




H!&>s supplies @ services are mainly to Indian Defence ervices( %oast ,uard and 0order ecurity =orce. Transport aircraft and Helicopters have also been supplied to !irlines as well as tate ,overnments of India. The %ompany has also achieved a foothold in e+port in more than ;4 countries( having demonstrated its quality and price competitiveness. H!&( has won several International : National !wards for achievements in #:D( Technology( managerial performance( e+ports( energy conservation( quality and fulfillment of social responsibilities. '@ ,lobal #ating( United )ingdom in con<unction with The International Information and 'arketing %enter 7II'%8 has awarded the AINT"#N!TI$N!& ,$&D '"D!& !*!#DB !T TH" INT"#N!TI$N!& U''IT 7,&$0!& #!TIN, &"!D"# 644;8 &$ND$N( U) to '@s. Hindustan !eronautics &imited for %orporate !chievement in Cuality and "fficiency. H!& was also presented the INT"#N!TI$N!& A !#%H $= "U#$-"B !*!#D IN ,$&D %!T",$#D in recognition for its commitment to Cuality( &eadership( technology : Innovation. !t National level( H!& won the top award instituted5 by %$-" 7 tanding %onference of -ublic

"nterprises8 5The E,$&D T#$-HDE for e+cellence in -ublic ector 'anagement. The %ompany scaled new heights in the financial year 64465644; with a turn over of #s. ;164 %rores and e+port of #s. 14;.F2 %rores. ATo become a globally competitive aerospace industry while working as an instrument for achieving self reliance in design( manufacture and maintenance of !erospace equipment( civil transport aircraft( helicopter and missiles and diversifying to related areas( managing the business on commercial lines in a climate of growing professional competence.B

In the si+ decades( H!& has spread its wing to cover various activities in the areas of Design( Development( 'anufacture and 'aintenance. Today H!& has 19 production divisions spread over at 0angalore( Nasik( )oraput( )anpur( &ucknow( )orwa( Hyderabad and 0arrackpore. These divisions are fully backed by nine Design %entres( which are co5located with the production divisions. These centres are engaged in the Design and Development of combat aircraft(

helicopter( !eroengine( "ngine Test 0eds( !ircraft communication and Navigation systems and !ccessories of mechanical and fuel systems and instruments. Its product track record consists of 16 types of aircraft from in house # :D and 1; types by license production. H!& has so far produced over ;;44 aircraft( ;344 !eroengines and overhauled over GG44 aircraft and 69444 engines. The current programme are series production of !&H and delivery to our defence and civil customers( production of .aguar( the deep penetration strike aircraft( Dornier Do566F( 'ulti 'ission !ircraft and &!N%"# the &ight !ttack Helicopter and upgrades of 'i,561 0i ( 'i,56G ' and .aguar. *ith the signing of Inter ,overnmental !greement and ,eneral %ontract the license manufacture of U 'kI has been launched. H!& is the ma<or design partner for aircraft and system @ equipment as well as for system integration of &ight %ombat !ircraft 7&%!8 which successfully completed the first block of flights.The new initiative in # : D will include an Intermediate .et Trainer 7 I.T 8( a trainer for the 61st century( &ight $bservation Helicopter( replacement for %heetah and %hetak Helicopter and a &ight !ttack Helicopter( a follow5 on pro<ect

for !&H.-artnership for co5production of !T#536( an invitation from !irbus to participate in !5;F4 pro<ect( and the new pro<ect to design and develop a 'ultirole Transport !ircraft 7144 seater8 are signs of growth for the largely military aircraft manufacturing company in the commercially competitive aerospace industry.Design capabilities( modern facilities and skills combined with competitive pricing and prompt deliveries( make H!& a valuable partner for challenging programmes in !erospace and related fields. MAJOR PRODUCTS OF THE H.A.L. DIVISION The ma<or products of the Division areH I4 Undercarriage systems I1 I6 I; I3 IJ *heels and 0rake systems Hydraulic ystems !ircraft and "ngine =uel ystems -anel Instruments 70arometric and "lectric -ower ,eneration and

gyroscopic8 %ontrol systems

"nvironmental control Main Customers


Indian !ir =orce( !rmy( Navy( %oast

,uard( 0 = ii) Defence #:D &aboratories and Deptt

of paceK iii) %ivil !viation( tate ,ovt.( $rdnance

=actories( %orporate ectorsK iv) =lying !cademies : "ducational

InstitutionsK v) !irlines( !ir Ta+i( !ir %argoK

vi) $verseas customers for civil and military applications. vii) %ollaborators and &icensors. *hole factory divided into following section . =uel factory 'echanical factory

Instrument factory U5;4

=U"& =!%T$#D
This factory is called so because all accessories related from fuel tank to engine are manufactured in this factory .

=uel factory also divided into following section

'achine hop

-recise 'achine hop

&apping ection

'!%HIN" H$Here rough shape is given to raw materials . 'achines available in machine shop areH imple &athe machine "lectric discharge machining *ire cut "D'


! 1 -h) is a machine tool which rotates the workpiece on its a+is to perform various operations such as cutting (drilling or deformation with tools that are applied to the workpiece to create an ob<ect which has symmetry about an a+is of rotation . Important -arts of lathe machine are 1. Headstock 6. tailstock ;. spindle 3. tool rest J. 0ed LATHE MACHINE 1. Head stock H The headstock often contains parts to convert the motor speed into various spindle speeds. 6. Tailstock H It is a sliding part opposite to head stock and is used to support <ob while turning. ;. pindle H pindle is a rotating component which hold the <ob during machining operation. 3. Toolrest H It hold the tool.

J. 0edH &athe bed is a horiLontal beam on which all above parts rest. LATHE MACHINE (C"/-) $perations performed on &athe machineH %utting finishing turning drilling

knurling %utting fluid H =atty oil or blended fatty mineral oil.


"D' is a electric discharge machining which is used for hard metals or those that would be impossible to machine with traditional technique .

&imitation of this machining is only electrically conductive materials can be machined. It removes material by series of rapidly recurring current discharges between two electrodes


! 'illing machine is used to machine solid materials %lassification of milling machine H horiLontal milling machine ?erticle milling machine In milling machine spindle holds the cutting tool called milling cutter . $peration performed in milling machine are H lot and keyway cutting( planing( drilling

A milling machine is a machine tool used to machine solid materials. Milling machines are often classed in two basic forms, horizontal and vertical, which refer to the orientation of the main spindle. Both types range in size from small, bench-mounted devices to room-sized machines. Unli e a drill press, which holds the wor piece stationary as the drill moves a!ially to penetrate the material, milling machines also move the wor piece radially against the rotating milling cutter, which cuts on its sides as well as its tip. "or piece and cutter movement are precisely controlled to less than #.##$ in %#.#&' mm(, usually by means of precision ground slides and leadscrews or analogous technology. Milling machines may be manually operated, mechanically automated, or digitally automated via computer numerical control %)*)(. Milling machines can perform a vast number of operations, from simple %e.g., slot and eyway cutting, planing, drilling( to comple! %e.g., contouring, diesin ing(. )utting fluid is often pumped to the cutting site to cool and lubricate the cut and to wash away the resulting swarf.

M,11,/0 5 (h,/)


It is a shop where all type of turning operation on the <ob are done . $perations performed in turning shop areH Turning (=acing (,rooving ( 0oring and Threading etc. Types of machines in TU#NIN, H$-. NH566 %enter &athe NH569 %enter &athe SPECIFICATION


Height of center

664 mm NH566

694 mm JGJ mm

wing over cross slide

6G4 mm

;GJ mm J3J mm F44 mm

wing over carriage G64 mm wings wing in gap G64 mm


In lapping shop ( urface finishing operations are performed by reducing roughness( waviness( and other irregularities . In this shop various machines are there to perform above operation these are Drilling ( 0oring ( ,rinder machines .

?!#I$U $-"#!TI$N
Drilling is a cutting process that uses a drill bit to cut or enlarge a hole in solid materials. The drill bit is a multipoint, end cutting tool. It cuts by applying pressure and rotation to the workpiece, which forms chips at the cutting edge.

+n machining, boring is the process of enlarging a hole that has already been drilled %or cast(, by means of a single point cutting tool %or of a boring head containing several such tools(, for e!ample as in boring a cannon barrel. Boring is used to achieve greater accuracy of the diameter of a hole, and can be used to cut a tapered hole. ,here are various types of boring. ,he boring bar may be supported on both ends %which only wor s if the e!isting hole is a through hole(, or it may be supported at one end. Lineboring %line boring, line-boring( implies the former. Backboring %bac boring, bac -boring( is the process of reaching through an e!isting hole and then boring on the -bac - side of the wor piece %relative to the machine headstoc (.

A grinding machine, often shortened to grinder, is a machine tool used for grinding, which is a type of machining using an abrasive wheel as the cutting tool. 1ach grain of abrasive on the wheel2s surface cuts a small chip from the wor piece via shear deformation

!fter four week of my training (I found that H.!.& is a leading manufacturer of fighter planes and they also work with new technology . H.!.& lucknow accessories division makes different product which are needed in planes . =or better performance (the formed product are sent to quality control department .the product are properly checked then they are sent for assembly