Md. Ariful Islam House#06 (4th Floor), Road#17, Block#“C”, Sectio #10, !ir"ur, #haka$ !o%ile& '(()017*017+,16, -.

ail& ari/ 0i%12.ail$co. To Sara Piazzano Chief of Party Actions for Combating Trafficking in Persons (ACT) Program inrock !nternationa" #ouse$2 (2n% &"oor), 'oa%$2()A *u"shan + 1, ,haka - 1212 Subject: Applying for the Internship Program ,ear Sir

August 14, 2011

This is my great o..ortunity to /rite to you e0.ressing my interest to obtain a .osition for the internshi. .rogram you are offering on your 1Actions for Combating Trafficking in Persons (ACT) Program23 4eing a stu%ent, ! ha5e been ab"e to kno/ about this o..ortunity through the Career an% Professiona" ,e5e"o.ment Ser5ices (CP,S) ,e.artment of 6orth South 7ni5ersity /hich is situate% at 4ashun%hara in ,haka city3 The .rimary reason for my interest in this internshi. .rogram is to "earn by e0.eriencing a .rofessiona" /orking en5ironment through both obser5ations, .artici.ation in your regu"ar officia" .rocess an% get in5o"5e% in fie"% acti5ities3 8oreo5er, an enthusiasm for im.ro5ing my situationa" ana"ytica" abi"ity by going through cha""enges, both forma" an% informa", has moti5ate% me to seek a .osition as an intern in your organization3 ! /ou"% "ike to inform you that ! am a stu%ent of 4343A .rogram of 6orth South 7ni5ersity an% my ma9or sub9ect is !nternationa" 4usiness3 ! ha5e a"rea%y com."ete% a"" the re:uire% aca%emic courses an% no/ "ooking for/ar% for an internshi. /hich is a"so man%atory for %egree re:uirement3 So far, ! ha5e been ab"e to maintain a C*PA of (3;03 !n res.onse to your internshi. o..ortunity .rogram ! /ou"% "ike to mention that %uring my gra%uation ! ha5e %one sociology, statistics for business and economics, micro and macro economics and legal environment of business3 8y moti5ation for /orking /ith 6*<s comes from the kno/"e%ge an% 9u%gment that ! ha5e got form my ma9or, !nternationa" 4usiness, /hich em.hasizes on %irect communication /ith .eo."e3 The un%erstan%ing of .rob"ems /hich inc"u%es i%entification, 9ustification an% fina""y recommen%ation of the best so"ution can best be "earne% by in5o"5ing in an en5ironment /here fre:uent interaction /ith 5arious .eo."e, kno/ing their cu"ture an% ho/ their moti5ation comes for a s.ecific action an% fina""y an o..ortunity to %ea" /ith these stuffs are .ossib"e3 A 6*< o.erating in the %e5e"o.ment sector can offer such an en5ironment /here a"" these things come a"ong /ith the 9ob3 8y .ersona" .reference an% moti5ation a"so %ri5e me to engage in community base% ser5ices3 ! ha5e the ski"", concentration, %irect focus an% .ersona" com.etence a"ong /ith a goo% communication ski"" re:uire% for this task /hich ! ha5e a"rea%y .ro5e% through my ro"e as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant an% Lab Support Assistant at my uni5ersity3 4esi%es, my e0.erience as a Survey Assistant and ata Analy!er at "uture Leaders, #angladesh /i"" he". me co.e u. /ith the cha""enges ! /i"" face3 &ina""y, ! /ou"% "ike to thank you for your kin% attention /ith an e0.ectation that ! /i"" get an o..ortunity to acti5e"y .artici.ate in your internshi. .rogram an% gather e0.eriences that /i"" he". me in my .rofessiona" career in future3 Sincere"y

8%3 Arifu" !s"am Contact= >??+01@(01@2A1B. Cmai"= arifulislamsanjib$gmail%com Attachment: Curricu"um Ditae .

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