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Six former bureaucrats who inuenced the way government runs - The Economic Times

10/11/13 5:25 pm

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Six former bureaucrats who influenced the way government runs

By Shantanu Nandan Sharma, ET Bureau | 10 Nov, 2013, 04.43AM IST
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Bureaucrats rarely hog the headlines and Post Your when they do it's inevitably when they wage a lonely, and often futile, battle within a faulty Comment Cool facts about 'Hawk 132' No Joking Matter Chhattisgarh Polls: Shadow o system. It's only once they quit the system and pursue their reformist passion that they become a much-needed catalyst for change. Some civil servants leave the service midway, and others begin a second life only after retirement. In both ways, their vantage point remains the same. After all, they are insiders with direct knowledge of the fault-lines.

"Changing the system is not easy. It can't happen overnight. Many of us have been knocking on the system with a hope that positive spirals begin," says former cabinet secretary TSR Subrahmanian, who along with some of his colleagues had a moment of satisfaction last week when the apex court heeded to their petition on fixed tenures for civil servants. NC Saxena, one of the other petitioners in the same case and former Twitter debut makes coEight cool facts about Navy's Desi comics go premium as Chhattisgarh goes to p Planning secretary, "Lack of good governance is still the biggest founders richer by over $1 bn advanced jetCommission trainer 'Hawk 132' adds: they become collectors item under the Naxal gun challenge in India. The government must address the hurdles that come in the way of sent out signals th Williams added over $ 1.07 bn to his 'Hawk 132' is equipped with advanced and Entry of Comic Con in India and websites Naxals have personal fortune, while Dorsey gained close reliable navigation systems and has the such as eBay & OLX that make buying and strike violently before or after th creating a better delivery mechanism."
to half a bn dollars, after Twitter made a debut at NYSE yesterday. India-born investor earns big from Twitter IPO Long way to go for Twitter to attract Indian internet users

capability to deploy an impressive array of selling a lot easier boosting trade in classic derail the govts aggressive effo weaponry. supporters Subrahmanian and Saxena chose comics. to be social activists only after they had away retired from from their fold

AgustaWestland seeks meeting with to remain popular means in digital Women outnumber men in se the government. But some don't waitTV that long. Arvind Kejriwal, a former income-tax Defence Ministry space for next 5 yrs reserved for STs officer founder the Aam Aadmi Party, and former IAS Jayaprakash Indian Navyand inducts HAL's of Hawk Why designers need to make new things Narayan, With NABARD, Murshidabad Advanced Jetof Trainers culturally useful for they usershad many years left spinning founder the Lok Satta Party, took the plunge when in the a new livelihood

service. Both said yes to politics with a hope they would garner support on the plank of good governance. Narayan is an MLA in Andhra Pradesh and Kejriwal is pitting himself against Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit in the December 4 Assembly polls. But there are others like Aruna Roy who left cushy government jobs at a young age to join the brigade of full-time social activists. By making the transparency tool RTI a reality, Roy has demonstrated that one can achieve social goals by influencing the political brass who matter. ET Magazine picks out six former bureaucrats who have made visible impacts in changing the way the government is run: TSR Subrahmanian, 75

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Six former bureaucrats who inuenced the way government runs - The Economic Times

10/11/13 5:25 pm

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Ex-IAS, former cabinet secretary Left government service: 1998 (Retired) Education: Masters in mathematics, public administration

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No Fixed Tenure for Him! In the 15 years since retirement, Subrahmanian has focused on improving governance and administration. To make his point loud and clear, he spends a lot of time on television talk shows but, when it comes to reaching his goals, he uses the judiciary. For instance, the former cabinet secretary along with a clutch of former bureaucrats scored a huge victory recently when the Supreme Court heard their petition for a fixed tenure for bureaucrats. The apex court agreed in principle with their argument and has requested the government to frame rules to enable such fixed terms. Subrahmanian, who is happy that the SC has paid heed to what they had lobbied for, has just finished writing a book on governance, and is scouting for a suitable title. Any suggestions?

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NC Saxena, 71

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Ex-IAS, former secretary of Planning Commission Left government service: 2002 (Retired) Education: Doctorate in forestry Of a Different Tribe Post-retirement, Saxena got busy raising social issues. Be it equal inheritance for the girl child or forest rights of tribal people, Saxena began to pursue causes he had signed off on as a GoI secretary, both in the rural development ministry and the Planning Commission. He recognizes that a faulty system can be repaired only via involvement and not by remaining a distant commentator. As a member of the National Advisory Council (NAC), the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi-led think tank, Saxena brought about changes in tribal areas in particular. He

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Six former bureaucrats who inuenced the way government runs - The Economic Times

10/11/13 5:25 pm

made a big impact when the government refused to give clearances to Vedanta Resources to mine bauxite on the Niyamgiri hills of Odisha after his panel warned in August 2010 that mining would threaten the survival of the Dongria Kondh tribe there.
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Srihari (Hyd) 31 Minutes ago Silver: 2150

Great guys who have shown their identity in their respective fields when they are in office and after retirement.

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Santosh Kumar (New Delhi) 12 Followers 1 Hour ago Gold: 7830

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Six former bureaucrats who inuenced the way government runs - The Economic Times

10/11/13 5:25 pm
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Bin212 (Bangalore) 7 Followers 2 Hours ago Silver: 2892

Frankly majority of them more seems like lobbyist than activist.

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Prasanta Das (Jagatsinghpur, Orissa) 22 Followers 5 Hours ago Gold: 7036

in pre-independent period Shri Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Swami Arabinda Ghosh also left ICS job and had participated in freedom movement

Agree (1) Disagree (0) Recommend (0) Offensive

Avis (TN) 55 Followers 6 Hours ago Gold: 19.8K

We require such watch dog body comprising people of eminence.

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Desh Bhakt (Delhi) 7 Hours ago

A very very misleading article, no doubt to curry favour with the exalted babudom and wonder whether the paper will have the courage to print this :- - Six noble babus, boys isnt that a rather high number....considering the teeming thousands who have populated the civil service ...u could dig only 6 and that too some who became politicians ? Understand the preprspective except for a few and the balance are self serving plutocrats. TSR is simpla front for babudom to express what those in service cant speak. - Why boys is that only politicians get the sack...why is it never the babu ? After all they are the "iron frame" which holds the country together ? Did the Home secretary get the sack after 26-11 ? The NSG chief certainly garnered the glory being IPS and being the only IPS when every single other member of the NSG was from the Army ? DId walktalk master guptaji interview secy home & secy internal secuirty ? When cyclone relief took place the media gave publicity to the darling dashing young collectors but when the floods followed thereafter it was the politicians who got the stick ? AHA AHA ? - With millions in the country starving are you aware evrey babu will go ABROAD for medical treatment ? they got it quietly sanctioned last month !!! We cry about raising the pay of our MPs and ministers, but never look at the thousands of babus who are already bleeding the country dry.

Agree (2) Disagree (1) Recommend (0) Offensive

COLRANBIRLAMBA Lamba (PTA) 487 Followers 7 Hours ago Platinum: 81.4K

ruined nation & down graded army... nation is toothless & directionless

Agree (1) Disagree (0) Recommend (0) Offensive

SN (Ch) 10 Hours ago

the single biggest problem in India today is the freebee culture. Harly a million out of 1300 million pay tax. Lakhs of parasite entertainers earn money by destroying productivity, collecting endorsement fee which in effect by a billion sonsumers. 66% of people do not work but earn money due to political compulsions. bribe is the way to get any govt related jobs done. political thugs extort any one seem to have some money. people who work are taxed in so many ways - income tax, service tax, tax on interest income and so on - no way to protect their own future in a country run by thugs and goondas. IT MUST BE MADE AN OBLIGATION FOR ANY ONE WHO USES AN AUTOMOBILE, HIGH END PHONE, HIGH END ELECTRONICS, HIGH END CONSUMER DUARBLES, OWNS A HOUSE, GETS A MONTHLY SALARY TO PAY INCOME TAX. LET THE TAX BE MINIMUM 5,000 RUPEES AND THEN BE FLAT 10% OF INCOME. HARDWORKERS MUST HAVE

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Six former bureaucrats who inuenced the way government runs - The Economic Times

10/11/13 5:25 pm


Govind (Mumbai) 18 Followers 10 Hours ago Gold: 7467

inspiring and after all, money is not everything!

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