Be careful with that axe Eugene

I lick my brain in silence Rather squeeze my head instead She was in an old cabin in the woods with an LP player spinning a mixtape that was signed by Tony Iommi and she did not like it when the record skipped. Midget man provoking violence Listen not to what I said uch better now. y nipples ha!e wilted. That"s always a good sign. It means the song is changing. I wonder which one will play next. Probably #cid Bath. $ne ne!er knows when one is listening to experimental rock. I said please calm it down Everything is turning brown She looked down on her chrysalis. It was rapidly turning into a rusty shade of brown and her temperature was rising. She needed to drink some sweat. She remembered that she had some in the refrigerator but it would be fro%en and she needed to li&uefy it &uickly before her chrysalis could splinter. She flew across the hall and opened the refrigerator. 'o fro%en perspiration but there was a sparkling new axe in the free%er. Mutilated lips give a kiss on the wrist of the worm like tips of tentacles expanding (hy do I get aroused e!ery time I see the axe) I was ne!er able to answer the &uestion* atleast not in this stage of my life. I picked up the axe and swung it o!er my face. It made one* long graceful arc in the air before chopping my lips and falling down on the floor with a loud clang. Made your bed rest your head !ut you lie there and moan The record has skipped to a new track. I wonder what I will end up mutilating next. I"m curious and my curiosity has gripped my senses far more strongly than my arousal. "here to hide suicide is the only way out #on$t you know what it$s really about%

I cleaned my kitchen e!ery week. Time is ticking. The only time they were tasty was when I had de!oured the little drummer boy after the Black Sabbath concert. Those were the days when the streets were lined with abandoned buildings and you could hear the snare drum hiss all the way up to the church. y chrysalis is too hea!y. It tastes of two parts purple truffle and one part bath salt. I do not ha!e the patience to get it back. 'o gra!y either* not unless you count the saline drippings of my now tur&uoise chrysalis. 'ow she had no strength. My muscles tighten as I feel the rush I look at your body starting to gush So many things to do but so little time. She hea!ed the cymbals and the record skipped. "hen I don$t have nothing I cook hands heads and feet in a soup &uffering through a rancid amputation ( pulsating artery accompanied by some veins I try to chase after my lips but it ends in a failed pursuit. (hene!er I went to har!est the corpses of dead rock musicians* I would ask . ( big plate of guts much better with some gravy' I need human meat' )othing else to eat' 'o guts. I cannot risk flying back across the hall to the room. I slice through the limb a human dissection portions of half*eaten flesh in my mouth 2 . There was whiskey.imi to swab the floors. The weight will drag me down. My kitchen is a horrible place but I like it' I$m not merciful' 'ot really. She had forgotten to mo!e the drum kit into the basement before the new tenant mo!ed in. This place is old and is a ha!en for black widows when it gets deserted. a&intosh. +annot "ine is fine but whiskey$s quicker &uicide is slow with liquor There was no li&uor in the fridge.The record is skipping forward. Those arachnids would swallow up whole rooms and not lea!e an iota of space for me to spread my wings. But she was not dead. $%%y $sbourne always promised more and failed to deli!er. It crawls through translucent cobwebs and into the next room was like an endless strangeloop. But they taste like corals and corals ne!er go well with human meat.

3 . ust be the eyeballs. /nocked out. I am a bird with two wings down.ouTube.ear off an arm (mputated neck Eyes removed cranium smashed #ecomposing remains severed in half (ell I don"t ha!e any arms. It"s easy. In the next cycle maybe. .ive them all a surprise 0eel something s&uishy under my chrysalis. #ll you ha!e to do is to dig them in and pull them out. It almost always creeps up on the nearest plant. I guess that makes me a misanthrope. I was playing them for the last fi!e years and ne!er knew that I could do so much with so little. I$m getting bored !eing part of mankind . Too late to bend down and pick up the axe. This place is a fucking warp %one. But I can echolocate it* it"s easy to do it once you get some practice.The cymbals would$s not a lot to do no more . +resh cut wounds beginning to clot Ripping through flesh is what I do best The blasted record had skipped again. I ate him instead. -eople rushing everywhere &warming around like flies .his race is a waste of time I picked up my old moth eaten fender and smashed it on my head. So be it. I ne!er eat any other life form other than human beings.hink I$ll buy a forty four . +ymbals are really effecti!e instruments to chop off the hinges on which your limbs dangle. y consciousness skipping along with the record. They smell like goats. I am raising a . -ow do you tear off your wings without an axe) -ow do you amputate your neck without a cymbal) $ne can of course gouge one"s eyeballs if one has claws for fingernails. I ought to make a !ideo of this and put it up on . I always forget to donate my eyes to the blind. # human once offered me a goat.apanese orchid in a flask and it"s time to crawl towards it.

The distortion makes me tremble in expectation.ake my fate .ohn single in the middle) This is definitely a per!erted world. Stockhausen mix in a plasticine box grinning at you from aisle B while you slouch in line at the $rion mall sucked in a soundscape full of tepid* corporate mu%ak. 2n a wave of mutilation "ave of mutilation "ave of mutilation "ave "ave So let"s take the mutilation into account shall we) Skull smashed to smithereens* eyeballs e!icted* and lips lacerated.ou ne!er know when they might bring out a 1.ake my fate . Lou Barlow always uses a lot of high gain in his songs. &tay and take my fate . . The feedback had punched a lot of holes in my scales back in the days when I had moth wings.. 3ey what$s bubbling down under there% "hy$s it screaming% "hat1s unfair% -lease excuse it for getting hard Let the 4shellfish%5 swell inside I can feel my heart throbbing.ake my fate (nd take my fate 4 . /ease to resist giving my goodbye #rive my car into the ocean 0ou1ll think I$m dead but I sail away #ll I ha!e now is a disembodied torso with two wings* a tail and two legs. The sooner you obliterate yourself* the better.hink I$m gonna kill myself /ause a little suicide &tick around for a couple of days what a scandal if I died (hat sort of a maniac would hand a mixtape full of hea!y metal songs and add an Elton .

y wings are fluttering wildly now.hought I oughta bare my naked feelings thought I oughta tear the curtain down I held the blade in trembling hands The tall one seems to particularly relish chopping off my testicles. I guess they are going to make leather purses out of it. -ere they come* swinging their mighty chainsaw and there goes my tail. . -e seems to be an expert at this* must ha!e watched one giallo horror films as a kid. They didn"t e!en lea!e the legs.ust me and my mind. Tiny little black holes sucking all light inside. I wish I could taste some of it but I don"t ha!e much time. -repared to make it but 6ust then the phone rang I never had the nerve to make the final cut End tape. (s you whisper down the phone would you send me packing or would you take me home The phone"s ringing. The fu%% in all its sonic glory2 The s&ueals and the 3igsaw chords* sludgy feedback and molasses4like riffs ripping and shredding what was left of my wings. (ell I guess it"s time for me to enter my next cycle. (ell in my next cycle I hope to morph into a starfish or a circus bear. -ere it comes. -opefully a world in which there are no malls or humans. They were busy making honey. End of passion play /rumbling away I$m your source of self*destruction The black widows ha!e started digging orifices into my torso. . I can hear the builders sawing the wood and I can hear the machine coming closer and closer. (ho could it be) (hy would it call me at this time of the night) (ell I cannot speak and cannot mo!e and I 3ust ha!e to let the humans deal with it. -e e!en looks like 5amsey +ampbell. 5 .

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