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Adeel Omar Sidra Zafar

Duraiz Ahmed Saniya Najam


Unilever was founded in 1930 by the merger of the British soap maker Lever Brothers and the Dutch margarine producer Margarine Unie. Unileve is an AngloDutch multinational consumer goods company. Its products include foods, beverages, cleaning and personal care products. It is the world's third-largest consumer goods company measured by 2011 revenues (after Procter & Gamble and Nestl) and the world's largest manufacturer of ice cream.


The Unilever Pakistan Limited (UPL), formerly Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited was established in Pakistan in 1948. The town of Rahim Yar Khanwas the site chosen for setting up a vegetable oil factory. Unilever Pakistan is the largest fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company in Pakistan, as well as one of the largest multinationals operating in the country. Now operating six factories at different locations around the country. The Unilever's Head Office was shifted to Karachi from the Rahim Yar Khan site in the mid 60's. The company had a turnover of Rs. 23.3 bn (Euro 309 Mn) in 2007, and enjoys a leading position in most of its core Home and Personal Care and Foods categories, e.g. Personal Wash, Personal Care, Laundry, Beverages (Tea) and Ice Cream. The company operates through 5 regional offices, 4 wholly owned and 6 third party manufacturing sites across Pakistan.Since the time Unilever Pakistan began its operations in 1948, the Company has been closely connected to the Pakistani people and its brands have been an integral feature in their daily lives. In fact, the nature of our business enables our brands to be the pulse and heartbeat of the 164 million people in Pakistan. This is a huge commitment, which makes us responsible and accountable to all our stakeholders and society as a whole and strengthens our resolve to: - Make a positive difference to the lives of low income consumers.

- Create new opportunities for growth - Improve the overall quality of life in Pakistan, by promoting education, nutrition,
health and hygiene.

Company Registration Details

Company Registration Number: 0000140 National Taxation Number (NTN): 0912725-9

There is no department named as an HRM department in the company. But, a department named "Employees Relations Department" performs many functions in which HRM Dept functions are also performed. The main Functions performed by this department are: Employment Transfer and Promotion Training Compensation Administration Health and safety Benefits and Services Maintain relations with labor Human Resource planning

Personnel Department makes arrangements for the recruitments of the employees. It sees better such employee is available in the organization or not. In case of no, it gives the advertisement in the newspapers. It also collects all the applications of the applicants. It also makes arrangements for test. The Personnel Department uses different tests for different applicants. After that it arranges the interviews for the succeeded applicants. Usually the interviews are bland of different types of interviews. These interviews include panel interview, structured questions etc. The background information about the succeeded applicants is also gathered by the Personnel Department.

Transfer and Promotion:

The Personnel Department transfers the workers from one department to other department according to the circumstances. The function of promotion of the workers is also performed by this department after consulting with the top management and analyzing the past record of the workers.

Training function is also performed by the Personnel Department. It provides on the job training to the existing workers and arranges programs for new employees. The Personnel Department provides the following training facilities to management, staff and workers. On the job training Lectures Seminars Conferences The management is also sent abroad for certain training programs.

Compensation and Administration:

The Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited conducts the wages survey in the market and of the major competitors after every two years and compares the results with its own package and there is any difference then adjustment is made. The desire of LPBL is that its employees must be satisfied in every aspect because It has the opinion that satisfied employees are more productive as compared to dissatisfied. The LBPL gives 30 different types of allowances to its employees. Some of these are annual, some are semi-annual, and some are monthly while some are once in the whole employment period.

Health and Safety:

LBPL is much conscious about the health and safety. Proper equipments are available in all areas of the production where sensitive machinery is in operation. Furthermore, the organization has a well equipped Medical Center where MBBS doctors are available in order to meet with emergency cases. The Personnel Department provides all possible instruments to all workers and it has the desire that every worker should use those instruments in order to avoid losses. Following are the Instruments which are provided to the workers: Long shoes Helmets Gloves Fire Instruments

Benefits & Services:

LBPL also provides certain benefits and services to all its employees. A list of some benefits and services is given below: Attendance Allowance

Good attendance award Death Compensation Canteen allowance Tea Expenses Conveyance Allowance Family medical allowance Family medical care House rent Allowance Utilities allowance Meal Allowance Rehabilitation Allowance Retirement Jersey Shoes Tonga Allowance Traveling Announce Hajj Marriage Assistance To minorities The organization has a club for the employees of the organization. Indoor and outdoor facilities are also available. The company also celebrates Annual Sports Day on which different games are played and prizes are given to the succeeded players by the company.

Human Resource Planning:

The most important function performed by the department is the Human Resource Planning. For a smooth production there must be an effective Human Resource Planning. For This purpose it makes long term and short term plans to make the labor available for production. Short term Plans are made for those places where workers have gone on holidays or absent. Under these plans it has two types of recruitment: 1. Badli 2. Temporary For long term plans workers are recruited from the temporary workers who have become skilled one.

What is recruitment?
The process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job opening, in a timely and cost effective manner. The recruitment process includes analyzing the requirements of a job, attracting employees to that job, screening and selecting applicants, hiring, and integrating the new employee to the organization. There are mainly two types of recruitment sources are used in the organization. a) Internal sources b) External sources

Employee Referral:
Employee referral is an internal recruitment method employed by organizations to identify potential candidates from their existing employees' social networks. An employee referral scheme encourages a company's existing employees to select and recruit the suitable candidates from their social networks. As a reward, the employer typically pays the referring employee a referral bonus

Informal search:
Typically, the manager of the department having the vacancies speaks to the human resource manager and together they give consideration one or more possible candidates for the position. The manager may interview the employee who is first choice and offer the job to that individual or the manager may interview several employee and then offer the job to the one he favoures.although this informal method id quite commonly used, it tends to keep most employees, who might be interested in the opportunity, ignorant of the vacancy and to deny them the chance to apply.

The most popular method of recruitment is to advertise the vacancy and invite candidates to apply to the company it has been estimated that about 10% of all

press advertising expenditure is devoted to situation vacant advertising! there is no doubt that much of this huge some is wasted, chiefly because so little research has been carried out compared with research in the field of product advertising.

Employee Referral:
Employee Referral is also an external source of recruitment as you will recruit the talent from outside recommended by your existing employees. If you need an employee and your employees cannot refer to anyone within the organization than they can also refer someone outside the organization. They will brief the management about the capabilities and abilities of the referred person and than management will think to hire him/her or not.

What is selection?
Selection is the next stage, it mean assessing the candidates by various means and making a choice followed by an offer of employment.

Application Blank:
The application blank is practically universally use to contain information about applicants that will aid management in evaluating their suitability for employment. It is reviewed by the interviewer to give him/her written information describing the candidates the typical application contains questions that identify the persons(name, address, telephone no, faxed.),question about the individual educations and work experience, and questions that may be specific to the particular organization and its need(special skills, licenses, willingness to reallocate, etc.).

Preliminary Interviews:
Preliminary interview can be conducted either before or after the application blank has completed by the applicants. The preliminary interview is used to determine whether the applicants skills, abilities, and job preference match any of the available jobs in the organization to explain to the applicants the available job and their requirements, and to answer any question the applicant has about the available job or the employer.

Final Interview:
Final interview is used normally in all; of the organizations the basic objective of the

final interview is to supplement, information grab in others steps in the selection process to determine the selection of most suitable candidates for specific positions in the organizations.

Reference checking:
Many organization realize that the importance of the reference checking. Those organizations that they consider the references they provide a space on the application form for references. The employer contacts individuals from any one or all of the provided references. These referees may be colleagues, friends, school or college teachers, or past employee. Previous employer is the most used source to gain the most objective information of a person. Reference checking can take place either before or after the final interview in the selection process in the organization.

Medical Examination:
Now a days more emphasis is given to the medical examination of person nel along with other requirements of recruitment and selection. This is given not only to determine whether he/she is physically performing their duties in the organizations but also to determine the applicants eligibility for different benefits, which ar e provided by the organization to his employees. These benefits may be life insurance disability insurance and health insurance.

Induction and Probation:

If a potential employee passes the medical exam and he/she is selected in the organization, (final selection has been done) then the last step is in the recruitment and selection is the induction and probation. The accepted candidates are inducted in the organizations. After induction, their probation period starts which may vary in length from six months to two years depending upon the organization policy.