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DIVINE HEALING: A Biblical and Practical Study Guide

by William H. Heinrich, D. in.

All Bible Scripture quotations are from the New American Standard Version of the Holy Bible. Copyright !"#$ !"%$ !"&$ !"'$ !( $ !(%$ !(&$ !()$ !(($ !!) by the *oc+man ,oundation. -sed by permission courtesy of the .onder/an 0ublishing House.

DIVINE HEALING: A Biblical and Practical Study Guide 1SBN2 !('3#3))(3""# %34 Copyright %##4$ %# 6e/ised %# All rights reser/ed 0ublished by 7/idence of 8ruth 9inistries$ 1nc. 0: Bo; 5itmer$ 0A ()') by 5illiam H. Heinrich

*ibrary of Congress <ata 0ractical 8heology Spiritual healing 0rayer All rights reser/ed. No portion of this boo+ may be reproduced in any form without the written permission from the author. 0rinted in the -nited States

What !ther" ha#e "aid 1n my 4# years of the ministry 1 ha/e not read a boo+ that is so thorough on the sub=ect of healing. 1t is a great tool for anyone who is longing to be used by >od to do as ?esus said @>o forth and heal the sic+.A 8his Boo+ will ignite new faith in your heart for >od to use you today. 6e/. 9el 5ea/er$ Senior 0astor >race Chapel$ 7liBabethtown$ 0A 8his boo+ is an enlightening summary of two of the many fine qualities of Bill HeinrichCs life. He is a passionate teacher and a recipient of >odDs miraculous healing power. 1 remember when 1 first met Bill because he willingly shared his testimony of ?esusD miraculous healing of his body. 8hat e/ent had a ma=or impact on the testimony of who he now is. BillDs o/erriding passion in life$ ne;t to see+ing and lo/ing the *ord$ is being a teacher. He is the consummate teacher$ one who lo/es and li/es a lifetime of learning$ and possesses a commitment of passing those lessons and re/elations on to others. 8hat is precisely what this boo+ does so well. ,rom start to finish$ it presents a /eritable banquet of Scripture passages$ teaching and edifying the reader with what the 5ord of >od says about the sub=ect of di/ine healing from many angles. As a healing e/angelist myself$ 1 am happy to endorse this boo+ as a fine$ comprehensi/e resource for learning not only what >odCs will is for healing today$ but also how to bring His healing power into the li/es of others. 6e/. <r. Ee/in 5agner$ Healing 7/angelist 5agner 1nternational 9inistries :wasso$ :E <r. Heinrich has pro/ided a helpful guideboo+ to preparing for healing$ suitable for teachers$ those in/ol/ed in healing ministry and for those in need of healing. He presents sound biblical and theological principles for healing

in a simple$ easy3to3read format. 8hese principles come not only from study$ but from his e;perience of >odDs healing power in his own life. 0aul *. Eing$ <. 9in.$ 8h.<. Associate 0rofessor of 8heology ,aculty Coordinator of Bible 1nstitute 0rograms$ :nline Campus :ral 6oberts -ni/ersity 8ulsa$ :E

9ay those who minister in the Name of ?esus always remember it is not they who heal or should be honored$ but Christ ?esus 5ho heals and is the focus of all life and ministry.

8his boo+ is to be a compliment to the Bible$ not a replacement of it.

$able !% &!ntent" Le""!n ': 5hat is the 0urpose of 9y *ifeF Le""!n (: -nderstanding the Names of >od ! Le""!n ): Healing is in the Name of ?esus %) Le""!n *: 8he Atonement &) Le""!n +: Healing through the Centuries 4) Le""!n ,: 6enew Gour 9ind in Christ ?esus ) Le""!n -: 0rayer and ,asting )( Le""!n .: 8he Significance of ,orgi/eness in Healing "( Le""!n /: 1nner Healing with an 7mphasis on ,ear (& Le""!n '0: 0ractical Ad/ice for the 6eco/ery of Addictions (( Le""!n '': 9aintain Gour HealingH the 8est of a 9iracle ' Le""!n '(: 7at Healthy ') Le""!n '): Healing Scriptures ! A11endi2: 1nformation you might find useful #4

Abbre#iati!n" AN, ,C

Ante3Nicene ,athers IAN,J ,athers of the Church

*C* N0N, B8 :8 N8 cf

*oeb Classical *ibrary Nicene and 0ose Nicene ,athers Babylonian 8almud :ld 8estament New 8estament Compare to.K

Intr!ducti!n 9ost people$ including Christians$ are not too concerned about their health until they lose it. 5hen the need of medical care arises we quic+ly hurry off to see the doctor. :nly when a situation becomes serious do some loo+ for spiritual help. Now letCs throw in the pro/erbial mon+ey wrench and be a bit more honest. 5hether healthy or not$ most of us ta+e minimal care of oursel/es. ?un+ food is gobbled down while we pollute our minds with 8V programs and magaBines that only a few decades ago would ha/e offended the worst pagans. Add to this mi; the growing popular /iews of Christians pic+ing and choosing what they want to belie/e in the Bible. 8he result is that our pews are filled with those who are sic+ physically$ mentally Iin terms of attitudes and belief systemsJ as well as spiritually. 8hey ha/e the image of a Christian but lac+ the power of ?esus in their li/es. :f these three realms 33 physical$ mental and spiritual 33 the latter two generally lie dormant and do not cause problems other than emotional discord. 9ental issues can be a serious problem$ whether caused by physical problems$ demonic$ or drug or alcohol abuse. Howe/er$ when the physical body becomes ill$ especially with a terminal disease$ there is a passionate desire to obtain a healing. 8he sic+ will care little whether a healing comes from a doctor or a minister of faith healing. 8hey =ust want to get well.

Howe/er$ that is not what ?esus wants. He wants to ha/e e/ery person made whole L physically$ mentally and spiritually. 8he entire sal/ation message is to transform the wandering person who is lost in the culture without a meaningful purpose in life$ into a child of >od who reflects the character and personality of ?esus. 8hat includes a transformation of mind$ body and soul. 5hile ?esus had a three3fold ministry of preaching$ teaching$ and healing$ only the healing segment of His ministry is discussed in this boo+. 8he basics of healing the mind$ body$ and soul are presented in outline form. Since ?esus desires the entire person to be transformed into His image$ and that includes physical and emotional healing$ this study must begin with a loo+ at the purpose of life. :nce this is understood$ the reader will de/elop a better focus and relationship with ?esus$ which in turn will enhance his or her healing.

Why I 3r!te thi" "tudy 4uide 1 wrote this boo+ that others may grow in their faithH grow strong in Christ ?esus. 1t was moti/ated first by my own struggle with terminal cancer$ and second by the requests of others for copies of my study notes that 1 gathered during medical treatments. 5hether you ha/e a health challenge or are blessed with good health and wish to minister to others$ this boo+ will benefit you. 8o the unbelie/er$ di/ine healing is a sign that ?esus is *ord. 5hen 1 was a teenager 1 had a periodic bac+ problem two or three times a year that lasted a wee+ or two. 8hese episodes were painful and 1 was unable to wal+ without assistance. 8hen one day someone prayed for me and 1 was instantly healed. 8he power of >od manifested itself and changed my life. 1t would be nice to say that e/er since then 1 did e/erything according to biblical directi/es$ but that is simply not the case. Gears later in !!4$ as the result of an auto accident$ 1 was diagnosed with a late stage 4 chondrosarcoma tumor in my left hip. 1t was huge I " cmH "M inchesJ and had an appendage that went around my spinal column. 5hen diagnosed my life e;pectancy was only ) or " months without surgery and % or & years if 1 sur/i/ed surgery with a rare chance of sur/i/ing ) years. By the grace of >od surgery went well and 1 had a quic+ reco/ery$ but 1 lost my left hip and leg. 1 was informed at my &3year chec+3up that during surgery doctors were debating whether to cut me in half to sa/e my life. 8hey concluded that a quality short life with one leg would be better than a longer one being bedridden. 1 had a unique tension ha/ing both the peace of faith and being confronted with natural thoughts of immanent death. Since my spinal column was filled with cancer cells$ se/eral months later 1 underwent radiation therapy. 9y pastor and church prayed that 1 would not e;perience the ad/erse side effects that are associated with such procedures. >od inter/ened and 1 was full of energy$ =oy and had no side affects. 1n the se/en years that followed chondrosarcoma nodules appeared four times. 8he result of three lung surgeries was that the upper lobe of one lung and sections of the other were remo/ed. 8he last time nodules appeared

was in %## . :ne e/ening at a church ser/ice se/eral people prayed for my healing. 8wo months later at the ne;t medical e;am the N3rays and C8 scans re/ealed that the nodules were gone. No mystery$ =ust ?esus. 8hroughout this e;perience there were two Bible /erses that became significant to my faith L promises that 1 accepted as if written for me personally. 8he first was 0salm '2 ($ @1 will not die but li/e$ and will proclaim what the *:6< has done.A 8he second was$ ?eremiah %!2 $ @O,or 1 +now the plans 1 ha/e for you$C declares the *:6<$ Oplans to prosper you and not to harm you$ plans to gi/e you hope and a future.CA 1 began to gather Bible promises$ boo+s$ audio tapes and anything 1 could find on di/ine healing. Some information came from friends to whom 1 am greatly indebted as they helped me grow closer to ?esus. :ther tidbits came from /arious sermons$ boo+s$ and tele/angelists. At that time 1 cared little as to who authored or published them because 1 was more concerned about the challenge to my life. >od clearly had my attention. 1t soon became e/ident that >od was more interested in a relationship with me than my health. >ood health will gi/e a certain number of years of life upon this earth$ but a relationship will gi/e life for eternity. 8he double blessing is that with the relationship with ?esus is the gift of health. But while both are free$ it may be costly in terms of commitment to li/e a life according to >odCs directi/es. 1 ha/e learned that there are se/eral +eys to healing. :b/iously one is to ha/e faith that ?esus is the Healer. Another is forgi/enessPsomething that is especially difficult if one has e;perienced a deep hurt or loss. Another is to pray for the healing of others first and yourself last. 5hile principles as these are important$ it is equally important not to try to put >od into a formula @to getA what you want. 1t is >odCs desire that you desire >od. 8hat is why this boo+ was written in outline form. 1t would ha/e been easy to ma+e a recording of a sermon series$ transcribe the audio tapes and print a boo+. 1n fact$ some readers would prefer that format. 1n an age where multiple con/eniences of life are ta+en for granted$ where e/eryone has instant3on 8V and microwa/e$ we ha/e also become spiritually laBy and biblically illiterate. 8his outline

pro/ides the s+eletal framewor+ for a do3it3yourself comprehensi/e study. 1t is only when you become an acti/e participant in study$ prayer$ reflecti/e thin+ing and meditation in his or her relationship with >od$ spiritual growth and healing. ,inally$ from one of our early healing ser/ices comes this story2 1 was conducting a healing ser/ice in a small 7/angelical ,ree Church in my wifeCs home town of 1isalmi$ ,inland. :f those who came forward for prayer was a woman with a chronic s+in condition. 9y wife 0ai/i and 1 prayed for her healing. Se/eral wee+s later someone in the church mailed a letter to us$ stating that this woman went to her doctor who said she was completely healed. 5hen as+ed how this happened$ she said that @a man with one leg prayed for me.A >od certainly has a sense of humor.


Ac5n!3led4ement" As pre/iously stated$ when 1 started writing this boo+ 1 organiBed$ pages and pages of notes 1 had gathered while fighting cancer. 9any came from the diligent wor+ of other ministers and teachers to whom appropriate credit is due. 8he first edition of this boo+ was published for a pastorCs conference in Nigeria in %##4. Howe/er$ since 1 felt 1 did not ha/e proper credits the Nigerian boo+let was not reprinted. 1n the inter/ening years$ howe/er$ there were se/eral requests for copies. Hence$ 1 ha/e decided to re/ise and publish this edition. 1ts sole purpose is to benefit the reader that he or she may grow closer to ?esus and e;perience His di/ine grace and healing touch as did 1. 8o any author whose comments herein ha/e not been properly credited or referenced$ +indly accept my apology and write me. ,inally$ 1 honor the late 6e/. Bob Nic+elson of 6ichardson$ 8e;as. 1 first met Brother Bob in Bradenton$ ,lorida in !'#. 1 ha/e always been impressed with his simple healing ministry technique which was as follows2 0rior and during a healing ser/ice he prayed and relied upon the Holy Spirit for wisdom and discernment. <uring the healing ser/ice he would read /arious Scriptures with minimal commentary. 1n essence$ he seldom preached a sermon$ but merely read >odCs 5ord to those who needed a di/ine inter/ention. He then as+ed >od to manifest His promises to those who called upon the name of ?esus. 1 suggest you do the same. <i/ine healing is simple because it is a @>od thing.A 3 Bill Heinrich



Le""!n ' What i" the Pur1!"e !% Pur1!"e: 8o understand the basic purpose of life re/eals the relationship potential between man and >od$ and how man is therefore to li/e. 7b8ecti#e: 8he student will understand the significance of placing focus on >od and to ser/e Him rather than to focus all attention on hisQher illness. 8o +now >od and to ma+e Him +nown to others. 8he question of purpose of life has been argued among philosophers and theologians for centuries. 1t generally becomes critical to laymen at a time of crisis and is rooted in an;iety$ despair and hopelessness. 1t points to the question of ultimate concern and hence$ it is discussed in *esson . Self3centered plan /s. >od3centered plan Self3centered plan 6each the pinnacle of personal fulfillment. 9y goals$ ambitions$ career$ etc. @1 did it my way.A 6om. '2" 0assion with self R death >od3centered plan Gou were born by >odCs purpose and for >odCs purpose. ?n. &2 "$ etc. 0assion for ?esus R life 8he ultimate goal of man is to ha/e fellowship with >od who lo/es us. y Li%e6


0s. &" >od +new each of us indi/idually prior to the creation of the earth. 8his re/eals our importance to Him ?n. &2 " 5ith the crucifi;ion of ?esus$ >od made the ultimate sacrifice to pay for our redemption of sin Iincludes the loss of healthJ. 9t. "2&& Search first for the Eingdom of >od$ then His blessings will be yours. 9+. "2 (3 ' All belie/ers$ including those who are sic+$ are to pray and lay hands on those who are sic+ that they will be healed. G!d 5n!3" me: 0s. &'2' >od wants to fulfill His purpose in me. 0s. &!2 ) >od +nows my wea+nesses and strengthsH @inside and out.A 0s. &!2 " >od saw me before my birth and +new how long 1 would li/e. Acts (2%" 7/ery part of my life has a purpose. Note2 >od understands that people sin and ma+e mista+es and He certainly does not condone sin or cause e/il. Howe/er$ He is able to redeem any and all situations and change them for His good. He also sees and understands us from His perspecti/e. ,or e;ample$ we might see an illegitimate child$ but >od sees lost$ illegitimate and irresponsible parents. He can create in them new life that is o/erflowing with =oy and happiness. G!d ha" a 1lan %!r e#ery 1er"!n: ?er. %!2 person. 7ph. 2 life. He has a plan for a future and hope for each 1n Christ we find our identity and purpose of

9t. %'2 !3%# 8he >reat Commission. :ur bodies are the temple of >od. Hence we need to care for our health. 8his includes2

>al. )2 (3% $ %" 8o re=ect attitudes and beha/ioral patterns that are representati/e of a depra/ed sinful humanity. 6om. %2 3& 6enew oneCs thought3life to be li+e that of Christ. >al. )2%%3%) Accept a new lifestyle that reflects the character and nature of >od. As a belie/er your purpose is to lo/e >od and reflect His character by your attitude. 8he blood of ?esus remo/es all stain from sin and forgi/es your failures. 9t. %'2 !3%# 8he >reat Commission 8herefore$ if >od has a plan for our li/es then ob/iously it is not His plan to ha/e illness shorten or limit life.

I have purpose in my Father 9t. )2 & 1 am the salt and light of the earth. Acts 2' 1 am a witness of >od to the world. % Cor. )2 ' 1 am a minister of reconciliation for >od. % Cor. )2%# 1 am >odCs ambassador to the world. 0hil. 42 & 1 can do all things in Christ. 9anCs ultimate purpose is to +now >od and ma+e Him +nownH to worship Him in times of quiet meditation and other times by ser/ing others. >od has a purpose and wor+ for e/ery person on earth. 8he successful life is one whereby someday you will +neel before Christ and hear Him say$ @5ell done my good and faithful ser/ant.A But first$ the essential question is$ <o you +now >odF D! y!u 5n!3 G!d6 1f you do not +now >od$ then there are fi/e essential laws that you need to consider. 5e ha/e a problem2 >od is perfect$ pure and holy. No matter how good we are$ none of us can attain the perfection$ purity and holiness of >od with our own efforts. 8herefore$ >od has established fi/e spiritual

laws that need to be understood to begin a personal relationship with >od. 8hey are2 La3 N!. ' 9 G!d ha" a 3!nder%ul 1lan %!r y!ur li%e. 8he Bible says that whoe/er belie/es in Him will not perish$ but ha/e eternal life I?ohn &2 "J. 5e see this in 0salm "2 that reads$ Gou will ma+e +nown to me the path of lifeH 1n Gour presence is fullness of =oyH in Gour right hand there are pleasures fore/er. 8he phrases @1n your presenceA and @at your right handA are Hebraic idioms that refer to a close personal relationship =ust as >od said$ @Abraham my friendA in 1saiah 4 2'. La3 N!. ( : H!3e#er, man i" "in%ul and there%!re, "e1arated %r!m G!d. 8he Bible says that all ha/e sinned and fallen short of the glory of >od I6om. &2%&J and that the ultimate result of sin is eternal damnation or death I6om. "2%&J. Again we read this in 7cclesiastes (2%#$ @1ndeed$ there is not a righteous man on earth who continually does good and who ne/er sins.A >od cannot accept anyone with sin according to Haba++u+. 8his prophet said of >od$ @Gour eyes are too pure to appro/e e/il$ and Gou can not loo+ on wic+edness with fa/or why do Gou loo+ with fa/or on those who deal treacherouslyF 5hy are Gou silent when the wic+ed swallow up those more righteous than theyFA IHab. 2 &J. 1saiah said thatK @But your iniquities ha/e made a separation between you and your >od$ and your sins ha/e hidden His face from you so that He does not hearA I1sa. )!2%J. 1n 0salms we read that$ @,or 1 +now my transgressions$ and my sin is e/er before me. Against Gou$ Gou only$ 1 ha/e sinned and done what is e/il in Gour sightKA I) 2&34aJ and @,or Gour lo/ing +indness toward me is great$ and Gou ha/e deli/ered my soul from the depths of Sheol IhellJ.A La3 N!. ) : $he re3ard !% "in i" death. ?eremiah said that because of sin$ e/eryone must die I?er. & 2%!3&#H cf 7Be+. '2%#J$ and the 0rophet Nahum said$ @8he *ord is slow to anger and great in power$ and the *:6< will by no means lea/e the guilty unpunishedKA I 2&aJ. As a result of this separation$ neither man nor >od can en=oy this relationship

each desires. 9an cannot resol/e the issue by good community deeds$ a moral lifestyle$ prayers$ sacrificial gi/ing$ or anything else. Ges$ e/en our good deeds are as filthy rags to >od I1sa. "42)J because of our sinful nature. 1t is true that there are good and bad people$ but in the eyes of >od$ e/en the best of us ha/e sinned and therefore$ are unrighteous in His sight. 1f man cannot ma+e any +ind of pro/ision to restore the relationship$ then it is the responsibility of >od to do so. Hence$ the wonderful plan that >od has for each of us comes into focus. La3 N!. * 9 $he Pr!#i"i!n by G!d. 8he 0ro/ision of >od is that He paid the penalty of our sins. Centuries ago His prophets$ loo+ing into the future$ said that >od would pro/ide a pro/ision. Note the incredible words of 1saiah )&$ written in the 'th century BC.

5ho has belie/ed our messageF And to whom has the arm of the *:6< been re/ealedF ( ,or He grew up before Him li+e a tender shoot$ And li+e a root out of parched groundH He has no stately form or ma=esty 8hat we should loo+ upon Him$ Nor appearance that we should be attracted to Him. ) He was despised and forsa+en of men$ A man of sorrows and acquainted with griefH And li+e one from whom men hide their face He was despised$ and we did not esteem Him. * Surely our griefs He Himself bore$ And our sorrows He carriedH Get we oursel/es esteemed Him stric+en$ Smitten of >od$ and afflicted. + But He was pierced through for our transgressions$ He was crushed for our iniquitiesH 8he chastening for our well3being fell upon Him$ And by His scourging we are healed. , All of us li+e sheep ha/e gone astray$ 7ach of us has turned to his own wayH But the *:6< has caused the iniquity of us all 8o fall on Him. He was oppressed and He was afflicted$ Get He did not open His mouthH


*i+e a lamb that is led to slaughter$ And li+e a sheep that is silent before its shearers$ So He did not open His mouth. . By oppression and =udgment He was ta+en awayH And as for His generation$ who considered 8hat He was cut off out of the land of the li/ing ,or the transgression of my people$ to whom the stro+e was dueF / His gra/e was assigned with wic+ed men$ Get He was with a rich man in His death$ Because He had done no /iolence$ Nor was there any deceit in His mouth. '0 But the *:6< was pleased 8o crush Him$ putting Him to griefH 1f He would render Himself as a guilt offering$ He will see His offspring$ He will prolong His days$ And the good pleasure of the *:6< will prosper in His hand. '' As a result of the anguish of His soul$ He will see it and be satisfiedH By His +nowledge the 6ighteous :ne$ 9y Ser/ant$ will =ustify the many$ As He will bear their iniquities. '( 8herefore$ 1 will allot Him a portion with the great$ And He will di/ide the booty with the strongH Because He poured out Himself to death$ And was numbered with the transgressorsH Get He Himself bore the sin of many$ And interceded for the transgressors. 8he :ne who @bore the sin of manyA I/. %J was ?esus. Howe/er$ since >od +new that it would be difficult for man to accept ?esus$ His prophets ga/e numerous prophecies that would identify Him.

A few of them are2 He was to be a descendant of <a/id I?er. %&2)3"H 9t. 2 H !2%(J.

He was to be born in Bethlehem I9ic. )2 H 9t. %2 3"J. He was to be preceded by a herald I1sa. 4#2&H 9+. 2%H ?n. 2%'3&4J. He was to be li+e the prophet 9oses I<eut. '2 )3 !H *+. (2 "H ?n. "2 4H (24#J. He was to be ha/e a unique nature I?er. %&2)3"H 9ic. )2 H 1sa. !2)3"J. He was to be a miracle wor+er of healing I1sa. &)243"H 4%2"3(H 9t. 42%&3%4H %2%%3%&J. He was to die by crucifi;ion I0s. %%2 43 (J. He was to be buried in a tomb of a rich man I1sa. )&2!H 9t. %(2%(3"#J. He was to be raised to life after his death I0s. "2 #H 1sa. )&2 #H Cor. )2&3'J. 9ost important2 He was to li/e and die before the destruction of the Second 8emple I<an. !2%"J. 8hese identifying prophecies describe only ?esus of NaBareth 5ho li/ed a pure and sinless life$ was crucified$ but resurrected from the gra/e so we can be resurrected from death. ,urther3more$ the Bible states$ @But >od demonstrates His own lo/e toward us$ in that while we were yet sinners$ Christ died for usA I6om. )2'J. ?esus once said$ @1 am the way$ and the truth$ and the lifeH no one comes to the ,ather but through 9eA I?n. 42"J. Clearly$ ?esus was the 0ro/ision for man to recei/e eternal life through a personal relationship with >od Himself. La3 N!. + 9 ;!u mu"t acce1t the Pr!#i"i!n !% G!d. 5hile life and sacrificed life of ?esus is a gift that is offered to e/eryone$ only those who decide to accept the gift will ob/iously recei/e it. 8he gospel writer ?ohn said$ @But as many as recei/ed Him I?esusJ$ to them He ga/e the right to become children of >od$ e/en to those who belie/e in His nameA I?n. 2 %J. 5hen you recei/e ?esus$ you also as+ and will recei/e forgi/eness of all your sins ICol. %2 &J.


8he only way to >od is to accept ?esus as your *ord and Sa/ior. 5hen you recei/e Him$ you accept >odCs pro/ision for the penalty of your sins. 8he death of ?esus was your death and therefore$ His life is your life. 8hen you can begin to li/e the abundant life L the perfect plan for your life L that >od destined you to ha/e I?n. #2 #H % Cor. )2 (H 8hess. )2 'J. 8o begin simply pray and confess your sins$ as+ Him to forgi/e you and to gi/e you new life. 5hile there is no prescribed prayer$ an e;ample is this2 <ear >od$ 1 come to you in the name of ?esus. 1 repent of my sins and need you to forgi/e me. 1 than+ you for your forgi/eness$ for eternal life and for placing your Holy Spirit within me. 8han+ you for completing your perfect plan in my life. 1n ?esusC name 1 pray$ Amen. 5elcome to the family of >od. Gou can now proceed with the fullness of life that is part of His di/ine plan. S S S Notes S S S


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Le""!n ( <nder"tandin4 the Name" !% G!d Pur1!"e: 8o understand that the meaning of the names of >od in the :ld 8estament that include healing. 7b8ecti#e: 8he student will understand the character of >od by understand3ing the names of >od. 8his is followed by an introductory )3step process of healing as well as a brief historical sur/ey of healing in the early church in *esson 4. Howe/er$ note that the application of faith is a constant theme throughout both 8estaments. Name" !% G!d 8he Names of >od can become confusing$ especially since most belie/ers are accustomed to using only @>od$A @,ather$A or @?esusA in their prayer language. Since names such as @7lohim$A @7l$A and @?eho/ahA are confusing$ a brief clarification is presented below. 8he names of >od re/eal his character and thereby His true passion and concern is +nown. 0raying to >od using His /arious names helps us understand our identity in ?esus. 8here are many of names of >od$ these are only a few of them. $he name Jehovah e21lained: 8he primary meaning of this <i/ine Name originated from the Hebrew word Havah meaning @to beA or @to e;ist$A but o/er the course of centuries it also suggested the meaning of @to becomeA or @to become +nownA. 8he latter translation has become a prefi; for other descripti/e names of >od as is shown below. Jehovah by itself is now defined as @8he 7;isting :neA or @*ord$A the latter of which is commonly used in Bible translations.


Jehovah-rapha =I am the L!rd 3h! heal" y!u> I7;. )2%"H <eut. &%2&!H 0s. #&2&$ etc.J. 8he name Rapha Ira3paJ means @to restoreA$ @to healA or @to ma+e healthfulA and when combined with Jehovah, the new terms become @?eho/ah 5ho Heals.A Icf. ?er &#2 (H ?er. &2%%H 1sa &#2%"H 1sa " 2 H 0s. #&2&J. 1saiah ga/e a prophecy that the 9essiah would ha/e a ministry of healing and ?esus was faithful to that calling I9t. '2 (J. Jehovah-shamma =$he L!rd i" there?1re"ent> I7Be+. 4'2&)J. >od re/eals to us the redempti/e pri/ilege of being in His presence. ?esus said that He would be with us always I9t. %'2%#J. 5e ha/e that promise because of the blood of ?esus as described in 7phesians %2 &. Jehovah-shalom @$he L!rd i" !ur 1eace> I?udg. "2%&3 %&J. 5e are pri/ileged to li/e in di/ine peace. ?esus said$ @9y peace 1 gi/e to you alwaysA I?n. 42%(J. 8he redemption that gi/es us that incredible peace was promised by 1sa. in )&2) and confirmed in Colossians 2%#. Jehovah-raah @$he L!rd i" my "he1herd> I0s. %&2 J. ?ust as a faithful shepherd in ancient times was willing to die for his sheep$ li+ewise ?esus was our shepherd who died for us I?n. #2 $ )J. Jehovah-jireh @$he L!rd 3ill 1r!#ide> I>en. %%2'$ ?esus was the sacrificial offering for our sins. 4J.

Jehovah-nissi =$he L!rd i" !ur banner, #ict!r, !r ca1tain> I7;. (2 )J. 8he Hebrew name Nes is the root from which Nissi deri/ed the meaning @banner$A as with a banner with an insignia attached and placed on the top of a flagpole. 0oles with banners were commonly used on the front lines of ancient military conflicts as this permitted troops to identify their focal point and leader. 9oses recogniBed that the *ord was 1sraelCs banner when they defeated the Amale+ites I7;. (2 )J. ?esus is our banner as in times of conflict. He is our leader and focal point and in His presence we ha/e /ictory I1 Cor. )2)(J.

Jehovah-Tsidkenu =$he L!rd i" !ur ri4hte!u"ne""> I?er. %&2"J. 5e ha/e the gift of righteousness I6om. )2 (J because ?esus too+ our sins to the cross. $he name Yahweh (YHWH) e21lained: 8his name is belie/ed to ha/e been deri/ed from a /erb that means @8o e;istA or @to beA. 5hile its meaning is uncertain$ its primary e;planation is found in 7;odus &2 &3 ). 1n the :ld 8estament it is used more than any other name to refer to >od I"$'%' timesJ and is the personal name for >od. Get it was ne/er to be pronounced e;cept by the High 0riest on the <ay of Atonement$ Gom Eippur$ but its pronunciation was lost during the Babylonian e;ile. 8herefore any pronunciation such as Yahweh or Jehovah is sheer speculation. 8oday ?ewish people commonly use the name Adonai I*ordJ in the synagogue and in general con/ersation they use the name Hashem, that simply means @the Name.A% Compounds that can be attached are the same as with Jehovah. By the 9iddle Ages the ?ews feared that they might mention the holy name inappropriately and thereby /iolate the commandment of 7;odus %#2($ @Gou shall not ta+e the name of the *:6< your >od in /ain$ for the *:6< will not lea/e him unpunished who ta+es His name in /ain.A 8herefore it was no longer mentioned and today its original pronunciation is un+nown. 1t was e/entually replaced by Adonai. 8here are doBens of compounds that describe the character of >od. Se/eral additional e;amples are below. Yahweh-jireh ISee Jehovah-jireh abo/eJ Yahweh-nissi ISee Jehovah-nissi abo/eJ Yahweh-shalom @8he *ord is 0eace.A 0oints to the *ord as the means of our peace and rest I?udg. "2%4J.

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Yahweh-sabbaoth @8he *ord of Hosts.A A military figure portraying the *ord as the commander of the armies of hea/en I Sam. 2&H (24)J. Yahweh-ma addesh em @8he *ord your Sanctifier.A 0ortrays the *ord as our means of sanctification or as the one who sets belie/ers apart for His purposes I7;. & 2 &J. Yahweh-ro!i @8he *ord my Shepherd.A 0ortrays the *ord as the Shepherd who cares for His people as a shepherd cares for the sheep of his pasture 0s. %&2 J. $he name "donai e21lained 8his name is similar to ! ohim IbelowJ in that it is a plural of ma=esty. 8he singular form IAdonJ means @master$A or @ownerA. Adonai was used to underscore manCs relationship to >od as his master$ authority$ and pro/ider I>en. '2%H 4#2 H Sam. 2 )H 7;. % 2 3"H ?osh. )2 4J. 1t is not a prefi; name. 1t is comparable with the >ree+ "yrios. $he name #lohim e21lained 8he Hebrew Name ! ohim is the plural form of ! , meaning the @strong oneA or @mighty one.A Numerous ancient cultures used ! with their false deities. 1n its plural form it identifies the 8rinity$ although ?ewish scholars disagree with this interpretation Idue to <eut."24J. ! ohim was used of >odCs so/ereignty$ creati/e wor+$ mighty wor+ for 1srael and in relation to His so/ereignty I1sa. )42)H ?er. &%2%(H >en. 2 H 1sa. 4)2 'H <eut. )2%&H '2 )H 0s. "'2(J. ?ust as Jehovah was used as a prefi; to describe the character of >od$ so was ! . :nly three e;amples are listed below. #l $haddai% =G!d Almi4hty> >od is seen as the Almighty :ne who stands upon a mountain from where He corrects and chastens I>en. 42 !H 0s. !2%H <an. (2 '$ %%$ %)J. #l #lyon =$he !"t Hi4h G!d> 8his name signifies the strength$ so/ereignty and supremacy of >od I>en. 42 !H 0s. !2%H <an. (2 '$ %%$ %)J.

#l &lam =$he E#erla"tin4 G!d> 8he name signifies the unchanging character of >od and is connected with His perpetual energy and strength Iine;haustiblenessJ I>en. "2 &J. $he name Ha'adosh e21lained 8he name means @the Holy :neA and is the most commonly used term today by religious ?ews as in #ha-"adosh-$ar%&h-H%' translated is @8he Holy :ne$ blessed is He.A& $he name Father e21lained A distincti/e New 8estament re/elation is that through faith in Christ$ >od becomes our personal ,ather. 8his term is used of >od in the :ld 8estament I ) timesJ but is used of >od %4) times in the New 8estament. As a name of >od$ it stresses His lo/ing care$ pro/ision$ discipline$ and the way He is to be addressed in prayer I9t. (2 H ?am. 2 (H Heb. %2)3 H ?n. )2 "H "2%&H 7ph. %2 'H &2 )H 8hess. &2 J. 7ld $e"tament e2am1le" !% callin4 u1!n the name !% the L!rd: . Abraham called on the name of the *ord I>en. %2'H &24J. %. 8he *ord proclaimed His own name before 9oses I7;. &&2 !H &42)J. &. >odCs people were warned against profaning the name of the *ord I*e/. &2% H %%2%$ &%J. 4. 8he name of the *ord is not to be used inappro3 priately I7;. %#2(H <eut. )2 J. ). 8he priests of the *ord were to minister in the name of the *ord$ meaning they represented Him I<eut. '2)H % 2)J. ". 8he name of the *ord was deemed to be wonderful I?udg. &2 'J. (. 8o call upon the name of the *ord was to worship Him as >od I>en. % 2&&H %"2%)J.

*udwig Schneider. @Names of >od.A Israe Today. I<ecember$ %##!J. ).


<nder"tandin4 Scri1ture: . 5hile the names of >od re/eal His character$ the purpose of Scripture is the re/elation of >od to man for his restoration to >od. %. 8he theology of healing is dependent upon a biblical theology of >od and the incarnation and resurrection of Christ ?esus. 5ith that said$ healing is not a formula or theology$ but is in the person of ?esus. S S S Notes S S S

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Le""!n ) Healin4 i" in the Name !% @e"u" Pur1!"e: 8o understand that healing in the name of ?esus is not only for today$ but the name of ?esus is used in a similar way to the name of >od in the :ld 8estament. 7b8ecti#e: 8he student will understand the character of ?esus by understand3 ing the names of ?esus. 8his is followed by an introductory )3step process of healing as well as a brief historical sur/ey of healing in the early church. Howe/er$ note that the application of faith is a constant theme throughout these lessons. Pur1!"e !% healin4: . 0ower of >od as a credential of ?esus I*+. )2%&3%4J. %. *o/e of >od for belie/ers and unbelie/ers ali+e I9t. !2&"H 9+. 24 J. &. 6estoration of man to >od. Why are "!me 1e!1le n!t healed6 . 6eason un+nown. ISome reasons remain the secrets with >odJ. %. *ac+ of passion for ?esus and lac+ of applied faith I9t. &2)'J. &. 8hey /iolate Corinthians 2%(3&%. 4. N:8 because it is >odCs will to be sic+. Ai#e rea"!n" %!r belie#in4 that G!d heal" t!day: . ?esus is the same yesterday$ today$ and fore/er IHeb. &2'J.


%. Healing is in the atoning wor+ of ?esus. Sal/ation includes healing. 1t is part of our co/enant with >od. 1t affects all aspects of life. &. Body$ soul$ and spirit of man are not dis=ointed but all segments are @sa/edA by the redempti/e wor+ of ?esus. 4. Sal/ation is to be understood as a restoration of man+ind from a fallen world I6om. )2 %3 (J. ). <i/ine healing is an integral part of the gospel message <eli/erance from sic+ness is pro/ided for in the atonement$ ISacrifice of the life of ?esus on the crossJ and is the pri/ilege for all belie/ers I1sa. )&243)H 9t. '2 "3 (H ?as. )2 43 "J Ne3 $e"tament e2am1le" !% callin4 u1!n the name !% the L!rd: 1n ?esus are all the characteristics of >od. 8herefore$ all the definitions applied to >od the ,ather are in Christ ?esus . :ne finds sal/ation only in the name of ?esus I?n. 2 %J %. Belie/ers were to gather in His name I9t. '2%#J. &. 0rayers to >od are to be made in His name I?n. 42 &3 4J. 4. Belie/ers who are +nown to bear the name of the *ord will be hated I9t. #2%%J. ). Christians in the boo+ of Acts frequently worshiped$ performed ser/ice and suffered in the name of ?esus IActs 42 'H )2%'$ 4 H #24&H !2 (J. E2amine the"e Scri1ture" !n the healin4 mini"try !% @e"u": 1n the :ld 8estament doBens of compound names were used to identify >od. 1n the New 8estament$ howe/er$ all these names were manifested in the name and person of ?esus. . 9t. 42%&3%)H '2 43 (H !2&) %. 1sa. )&24)

&. 0s. #&H #(2 (3%# ,i/e benefits of being a child of >od IChristianJ. 4. 0s. #(2 ( A reason for illnesses. Be more concerned about pouring the 5ord of >od into them than praying for them. ). 0s. 4(2& ?esus heals the bro+en hearted. ". 0ro/. &2'H 42%#3% 0reparation for healing. (. 0ro/. 42%% 0romise of healing. '. 0ro/. 42&# Calm and undisturbed mind is the life of the body whereas en/y$ =ealousy$ and wrath lead to illnesses. !. *+. )2 )$ (H "2 (3 ! Come hear and be healed. #. *+. #2 ! 1 ha/e gi/en you authority...o/er the enemy. . 9+. 2%&3%4 As+ for forgi/eness. %. 9+. 2%) Gou must forgi/e others. 8he most common reason for not recei/ing a healing is unforgi/eness which is co/ered in more detail in *esson '. &. 9+. "2 (3 ' 8he laying on of hands. 4. Acts #2&'H %'2' Sic+ness is of the de/il. All illnesses and diseases are the result of humanity li/ing in a fallen world. 8hese are directly or indirectly the result of SatanCs inter/ention with natural biological acti/ities since the days of Adam and 7/e. Hence$ many cures are a/ailable with natural andQor medical procedures accompanied with prayer. :ften the prayers of righteous men and women will produce healing results where medical procedures fail. Bn!3 3h! y!u are in &hri"t @e"u": ,or a prayer to be effecti/e$ a belie/er must +now hisQher relationship @in ChristA. Since most Christians ha/e only a limited +nowledge of this relationship$ /ery few e/er fulfill the potential that ?esus has pro/ided for them. 8he primary reason is that negati/e thoughts ha/e formed oneCs character and prayer life. ,or all the negati/e thoughts that

people con/ince themsel/es$ >od has a positi/e response for each one. ,or this reason the Apostle 0aul said that you must renew your thin+ing to the character of Christ ?esus I6om. %2 3%J. 7;amples are2 You say( Gou say2 @1tDs impossibleA >od says2 @All things are possibleA I*+. '2%(J Gou say2 @1Dm too tiredA >od says2 @1 will gi/e you restA I9t. Gou say2 @Nobody really lo/es meA >od says2 @1 lo/e youA I?n. &2 "H &2&4J Gou say2 @1 canCt go onA >od says2 @9y grace is sufficientA I% Cor. %2! T 0s. ! 2 )J Gou say2 @1 canCt figure things outA >od says2 @1 will direct your stepsA I0ro/. &2)3"J Gou say2 @1 canDt do itA >od says2 @Gou can do all thingsA I0hil. 42 &J Gou say2 @1Cm not ableA >od says2 @1 am ableA I% Cor. !2'J Gou say. @1tCs not worth itA >od says2 @1t will be worth itA I6om. '2%'J Gou say2 @1 canDt forgi/e myselfA >od says2 @1 forgi/e youA I ?n. 2!H 6om. '2 J Gou say2 @1 canDt manageA >od says2 @1 will supply all your needsA I0hil. 42 !J Gou say2 @1Cm afraidA >od says2 @1 ha/e not gi/en you a spirit of fearA I% 8im. 2(J Gou say2 @1Dm always worried and frustratedA >od says2 @Cast all your cares on meA I 0et. )2(J Gou say2 @1Dm not smart enoughA


>od says2 @1 gi/e you wisdomA I Cor. 2&#J Gou say2 @1 feel all aloneA >od says2 @1 will ne/er lea/e you or forsa+e youA IHeb. &2)J )od loves me( ?er. & 2& ,ather lo/es me with an e/erlasting lo/e. ?n. &2 " ,ather lo/es me so much that He ga/e His only Son to die for me so 1 might +now His lo/e. ?n. "2%( ,ather lo/es me so much He wants to e;press His lo/e and affection to me. 6om. '2&! Nothing can separate me Inot e/en my faultsJ from >odCs lo/e for me. ?n. (2%& ,ather lo/es me =ust as much as He lo/es His Son ?esus =ust because 1 lo/e ?esus. 7ph.%243" 7/en when 1 ha/e sinned$ the ,ather lo/es me and as+s me to sit beside Him with Christ. 7ph.&2 ! ,ather wants me o/erflowing in His lo/e. I am pleasin* in Father!s eye 0s. 4!24 7/en when 1 am wounded ,ather sees me as beautiful and ta+es pleasure in me. ?er. %!2 ,atherCs thoughts toward me are always good and filled with hope. SS. 2 )$ " He sees me as beautiful$ handsome$ and pleasant in His eyes. SS. 42 # 9y lo/e for Him fills Him with ecstasy and =oy. *+. )2& ,ather is so pleased with me being His child that He will ne/er lea/e me and He wants to meet all my needs. ?n. 42%& ,ather lo/es me so much that He made His home within me. I have purpose in my Father 9t. )2 & 1 am the salt and light of the earth.

Acts 2' 1 am a witness of >od to the world. % Cor. )2 ' 1 am a minister of reconciliation for >od. % Cor. )2%# 1 am >odCs ambassador to the world. 0hil. 42 & 1 can do all things in Christ. )od is not ashamed o+ me Heb. %2 Heb. ?esus is not ashamed of me. 2 " >od is not ashamed to be my >od.

)od has +or*iven me ?er. & 2&4 He has forgi/en my iniquity and remembers my sins no more. 9ic. (2 ' He has put all my sins under His feet and cast them into the depths of the sea. Col. 2 4 >od has redeemed me and forgi/en all my sins. ?n. 2! >od forgi/es and cleanses me from all my sin. I am a epted by my Father

?n. 2 % 1 am called a child of >od. ?n. )2 ) 1 am called ChristCs friend. 6om. )2 1n Christ it is =ust as if 1 had ne/er sinned. Cor. "2 ! 1 belong to the ,ather. 7ph. 2) 1 ha/e been adopted by ,ather >od. Col. %2 # 1 am complete in Christ. I am se ure in my Father 6om. '2 $ % 1 am free fore/er from condemnation. 6om. '2& 8he ,ather is always for me$ not against me. 6om. '2&) 8roubles do not separate me from >odCs lo/e. Col. &2& 1 am hidden with Christ in the ,ather. % 8im. 2( 1 am filled with power$ lo/e$ and a sound mind. Heb. 42 " 1 can find grace and mercy when 1 am hurting. ?n. 42 ' His perfect lo/e casts out all fear.

?n. )2 ' 8he e/il one has no right to touch me. 1sa. ""2 %$ & ,ather wants to hold me when 1Cm afraid. Father does not jud*e me ?n. &2 "3 ' >od did not send His Son to die for me so that 1 might be =udged by Him. 5hen 1 belie/e in Him$ 1 am not =udged. ?n. )2%% 8he ,ather does not =udge me. ?n. %24( 5hen 1 hear ?esusC words and do not +eep them$ He does not =udge me$ for He came to sa/e me$ not to condemn me. How an a wonder+ul )od not *ive us anythin* but *reat joy, pea e, and happinessUuestion to ponder2 1f the name of >od includes healing$ then what can be said of healing concerning the name @ChristianFA E""ential "te1" t! recei#in4 a 1hy"ical healin4: 8his is an introductory )3step process which will be co/ered in greater detail in following lessons. 1t should be noted that this process has been used by /arious church leaders throughout the centuries$ which is co/ered in the ne;t lesson. . 9+. you. %. 7ph. 42& As+ ?esus to forgi/e you of all your sins Icf. ?n. 2(3!J. &. 9emoriBe /arious promise Scriptures of healing. I9t. '2 "3 (H !2&)H ?n. 42 &H 1sa. )&243)H 9+. )2%)3%!$ &4H *+. &2 3 &J. 4. -nderstand that it is only by the shed blood of ?esus on the cross that the belie/er is healed I9t. '2 (J. 2%) Acti/ely forgi/e those who ha/e hurt


). 0lace your hands on the afflicted area and as+ ?esus to dri/e out all sic+ness$ pain$ and spirits of infirmities in the name of ?esus. Pray in the name !% @e"u" Ci.e., =in y nameD>E.

8he Name of ?esus is the source of the belie/erCs authority. 9+. "2 (H *+. #2 ($ ! @<o this in 9y name...A 0s. ! 2 4 @Because he +nows my name.A ?n. 42 & @As+ in my name and 1 will do it...A Why 1ray in the name !% @e"u"6 . So the ,ather may be glorified in the Son. %. 1t is the source of di/ine authority for the righteous ser/ant. &. Because >od wants to use you to demonstrate His lo/e to others. &all u1!n the name !% G!d. 8he names of >od are miniature portraits of Him. 8here are se/eral /erses where the name of >od is not mentioned$ but where the term @nameA is a clear reference to >od. >en. %2'H &24 Abraham called on the name of the *ord. <eut. '2)H % 2) 8he priests of 1srael ministered in the name of the *ord. >en. % 2&&H %"2%) 8o call on the name of the *ord was to worship Him as >od. ,rom these :ld 8estament references it can be concluded that phrases such as @the name of the *:6<A or @the name of >odA refer to the character of >od. -nderstanding the character of >od re/eals how we must relate to Him. 1n the New 8estament the name of ?esus is used in the same manner as the name of >od was used in the :ld 8estament. . ?n 2 % Sal/ation is through His name. %. 9t. '2%# Belie/ers are to gather in His name.

&. ?n. 42 &3 4 0rayer is to be made in His name. 4. 9t. #2%% 8he ser/ant of the *ord who bears the name of Christ will be hated. ). Acts 42 'H )2%'$ 4 H #24&H !2 (. 8he boo+ of Acts ma+es frequent mention of worship$ ser/ice$ and suffering in the name of ?esus Christ. ". 0hil. %2 #3 1t is at the name of ?esus that e/ery +nee will one day bow and e/ery tongue confess that ?esus Christ is *ord. 8herefore$ =ust as the di/ine name of >od in the :ld 8estament referred to the holy character of >od the ,ather$ so li+ewise the name of ?esus in the New 8estament refers to the holy character of >od the Son2 ?esus. Pray the name !% G!d that 1ertain" t! y!ur "ituati!n. As a born3again belie/er you pray to >od the ,ather using the appropriate Name that is applicable for your need. 1f you ha/e a financial need$ then you might pray li+e this2 @1 come to Gou$ ?eho/ah ?irah$ in the Name of ?esus$ to than+ Gou for being the pro/ision of my needK.A 1f you ha/e problems that ma+e you an;ious and you cannot sleep well$ then consider a prayer similar to this2 @8han+ you ?eho/ah Shalom Ithe *ord is peaceJ$ that in the Name of ?esus you fill me with your Holy Spirit and with your peace.A 1f you ha/e a health challenge$ or if you are praying for someone else with the problem$ then you could pray in this manner2 @?eho/ah3rapha$ 1 come to you in the Name of ?esus and than+ you that your healing power is manifested in VVVV. 1 than+ you that your promise of 1saiah )& is fulfilled in himQherK.A

0raying in this manner may seem uncomfortable$ but that is simply because most of us ha/e ne/er prayed in this manner. 8he many names of >od are generally translated in 7nglish Bibles as either @>odA or @*:6<.A Hence$ the full meaning of the name is lost in the translation. 1f you continue to feel uncomfortable using this technique$ pray about it. 8he *ord is good.

What i" =1rayin4 thr!u4h6> @0raying throughA means that one has prayed to >od until He has either answered or has gi/en a deep inner peace that the request will be Ior isJ answered e/en though there is no /isible indication of di/ine inter/ention. Such prayer is anchored in perse/ering faith that does not gi/e up @until.A 8his is prayer that does not quit$ e/en if the answer does not come quic+ly or e/en for an e;tended timeH e/en if things get worseH e/en if the answer seems more and more impossible. @u"t a th!u4ht 9 Ha/e you e/er thought that ?esus is saddened because you ha/e not turned to him in your times of difficulties and distress$ or when you were in sinF S S S Notes S S S


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Le""!n * $he At!nement Pur1!"e: 8o understand the atonement and its significance. 7b8ecti#e: By faith the student will be able to apply the biblical principles of the atonement through the blood of ?esus to his or her life. N:872 8he application of faith is a constant theme in these lessons. What i" the =at!nement>6 Atonement is the reconciliation between man and >od. 1n the past I:8 7raJ atonement for sin could only be achie/ed by the sacrifice of an animal IlambJ since the life of a body is in its blood. 8he innocent and harmless lamb was a picture of a future ?esus who willingly sacrificed His life and blood for our sins. Hence ?esus paid the penalty for our sins$ but through Him we also ha/e eternal life and blessings in our lifetime. . 8his is an abstract thought for many belie/ers. %. Synonyms2 redemption$ restitution$ compensation$ payment$ reconciliation. &. @AtonementA in 6om. )2 is also translated as reconciliation in 6om. 2 ) and % Cor. )2 '3 ! IE?VJ. 4. 1n the :ld 8estament period the ?ewish people had to sacrifice a lamb at 0asso/er that would atone or blot out their sins. 8he lamb was symbolic of the @*amb of >odA 5ho was ?esus. ).@AtonementA Hebrew (ipp%r means @co/ering with a priceA8hat price was the cross of ?esus I6om. )2 #H % Cor. )2 '3 !J. $he nature !% G!d i" healin4: of pre/ious lessonJ IBelow is a partial re/iew


Jehoval-rapha I am the L!rd 3h! heal" y!u. I7;. )2%"J See notes in Chapter %. N:872 @1 am the *ord your healerA is a contrast to the false gods and =udgments against the 7gyptians$ not against physicians. >rammar2 Acti/e participles gi/e literal meaning as2 @8he ,orgi/er of all your sins Wmisdeeds$ in=ustice$ causing harm or trouble$ falsenessX$ the 0hysician for all your diseasesA I0s. #&2&J @5ho forgi/es all your sins and heals all your diseases.A $he bl!!d !% @e"u" i" the at!nement: . 8he blood ma+es the Atonement for the soul I*e/. (2 J. %. 5ithout the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sin IHeb. !2%%J. &. *ife is in the blood I>en. !24J. 4. ?esus offered His life for us in accordance to the :8 concept @a life for a lifeA I<eut. !2% J. ). Since we are all damned to death for our sins I6om. "2%&J ?esus sacrificed His life that oursC could be sa/ed. ?esus was the scapegoat. I*e/. "2(3%"H Heb. &2 %3 &J. $he 1r!ce"" !% the at!nement: :ld 8estament L by the priest . *e/iticus "2 <ay of Atonement. %. 0riest would sprin+le blood se/en times on the altar I*e/. "2 4$ !J. &. Symbolic of the 9ercy Seat of Christ. 4. 8he Atonement was cleansing from sin I*e/. "2&#J. New 8estament 3 ?esus bled ( times at the end of the 0assion 5ee+. . >arden of >ethsemane %. ?esus was beaten by the Sanhedrin T 6omans &. Crown of thorns 4. Scourging after the trial

). ?esus carried the splintered cross3beam on his wounded bac+ ". He was nailed with iron spi+es (. 8he spear was thrust into His side Eey 0oint2 8he Atonement is for the remo/al of all sin and restoration of man into the image of >od. Pur1!"e !% the at!nement 3a" t! re"t!re man t! the ima4e !% G!d: 9an cannot atone for his own sinsH atonement is a gift of >od I6om. &2%)3%"H cf 0s. ")2&H ('2&'H (!2!H 6om. &2% 3%'J Healin4 i" in the at!nement !% @e"u": . *e/. "2%% @NasaA to bear the sin of man on a sacrificial scapegoat +nown as the @7labenA in the Septuagint4 %. 1sa. )&243) 1saiah is often called the gospel of the :8. &. 9t. '2 "3 ( connected with 1saiah. 4. 9t. '2 ( ?esus bearing @7labenA our illness and sin. Healin4 9 A "i4n !% the Bin4d!m that @e"u" 1reached: . ?esus fulfilled 1sa. &)$ )&$ and " . %. 0hil. %2) Christ Hymn. &. Acts #2&'. 4. 9+. 2 4 Healing is a manifestation of the Eingdom of >od. H!3 did 7ld $e"tament 1e!1le 4et healed6

1n the mid &rd century BC$ ?ews li/ing in 7gypt needed their Scriptures translated into >ree+ because their Hebrew language was being replaced by >ree+. 8his translation became +nown as the @SeptuagintA and is commonly symboliBed by @*NN.A


8hey found healing and sal/ation through the promise of a coming Sa/ior and the future sacrifice of ?esus on the cross of Cal/ary. . 7;ample2 8he suffering of ?ob a. Sowing and reaping is a biblical principle$ but not the only one. b. 5hy did the sons and daughters of ?ob dieF i. 8hey were =ust as important to >od as was ?ob ii. 8heir li/es were not as important as the test of ?ob %. 7;. % 2 ! :ne who causes in=ury pays for the lost wages and doctor bills of the in=ured &. 8o be healed R to be doctored by a doctor$ not a priest 4. Naaman$ the Syrian commander went to 7li=ah because the prophet had established an international reputation. 8herefore it is reasonable to belie/e that 7li=ah did miracles that were ne/er recorded in Scripture. ). % Chron. "2 % 8he Bible condemns Eing Asa because he sought healing only from the physicians. He also went to Syria for help I "2(J. :b/iously he searched for heathen physicians. Sh!uld belie#er" 4! t! d!ct!r"6 . ?er. '2%% 0hysicians had an honorable place in ancient 1srael. 8he office or practice of a medical doctor did not /iolate the di/ine name of ?eho/ah3 rapha. %. *+. #2&4 ?esus referred to oil and wine$ an ancient medical procedure. &. 9+. )2%" ?esus ne/er condemned the woman for going to physicians$ nor did He forgi/e her of /isiting a physician. ?esus did what the physicians could not accomplish. Nowhere in the Bible are physicians cast in a negati/e light because of their healing practice. Criticism is recorded only when one sought a physician instead of >od.

Note2 Healing was so significant in the early church$ that the Council of Nicaea in &%) authoriBed the construction of hospitals to care for the ill Isee Appendi;J. Illne"" may be a 8ud4ment !r may be 1ermitted %!r a hi4her 1ur1!"e: . Num. %2 #3 ) 9iriam was made sic+ as an ob=ect lesson to the 1sraelite people. %. % Chron. % 2 '3 ! Eing ?ehoram suffered and died as a =udgment of sin. &. Boo+ of ?ob 3 classic illustration of Satan as an agent of >od. <iseases brought upon ?ob were of Satan$ but permitted by >od. 7pisode ser/ed the higher purpose of >od and defeated Satan. N:872 9ost illnesses occur simply because we li/e in a fallen world and are a part of life. All too often well3meaning Christians place an undue emphasis on the spiritual cause rather than ha/ing compassion for the sic+ as ?esus demonstrated so well. Bey 1!int" 9 1rimary and "ec!ndary cau"ality: >od is the primary cause of e/erything but permits limited actions by Satan and people. Hence$ the latter two are the promoters of secondary causality. I?ob 2%#3%%H !2%)J. 1n ?ohn &2' ?esus destroyed the wor+s of the de/il. An e;ample of secondary causality by Satan was when he to harmed ?oseph in >enesis )#2%#$ but >od turned it to good. 8he worst secondary causality of man+ind was the crucifi;ion of ?esus$ but >od turned it into the sal/ation of man. N:872 8o say that e/erything is sub=ect to >od does not mean that >od agrees with all the things one does in life. 9an is a free moral agent. I% G!d i" l!#e, 3hy did He =cau"e> di"ea"e" in the 7ld $e"tament6 1n the :8 there are numerous references to diseases being caused by >od. An e;tensi/e study will demonstrate that the disease itself L bacteria$ /irus$ etc. L is the result of sin and the curse that followed and was not part of >odCs original

creation. Howe/er$ in the :8$ Satan was the secondary causality L the administrator of sic+ness and health and >od permitted or @causedA diseases to occur. 8his leads to the second question2 5hy doesnCt the Bible state this factF 8he Bible was written in the conte;t that the 1sraelites would understand. ,or e;ample$ the first commandment I7;. %#2&J reads that there should be no other gods before the >od of the 1sraelites. 8hat would suggest that there are many other gods in the uni/erse =ust as the >ree+s and 7gyptians belie/ed. Get there is only one >od and all others are demonic beings that present themsel/es as gods. 1n another e;ample ?esus was amaBed that his disciples did not understand what He was saying I9t. "2!3 H 9+. 42 &H '2 ($ % H !2&%H ?n. &2 %J. 1t is interesting that He chose not to increase their cranial capacity. ?esus always functioned within the fallen world system to redeem man+ind from sin$ disease$ etc. ,or without disease$ how could anyone +now that ?esus healsF G!d and nature: . >od is so/ereign and He permits secondary causes through the laws of nature. 8he popular idea that nature is independent of >od is a secular concept. 1t cannot be biblical since >od created nature and rules all nature. %. An anti3biblical /iew of sic+ness2 @8hatCs the way the coo+ie crumbles.A &. 8he belie/er is not sub=ect to the @forces of destiny or fate.A $he belie#erF" challen4e: 8he challenge of belie/ers is to trust >od without e;pecting an immediate benefit. 8he +ey point is to praise and than+ >od continuously in spite of the circumstances. 8his is not to than+ Him for the difficulties$ but because He is >od and will help you through the tough times.


U-7S81:N2 8o what point can a belie/er @command >odA in reference to fulfilling a biblical promiseF :ne ne/er commands >od$ but comes to Him in humility and with the +nowledge of who he or she is in Christ ?esus. See 1sa. 4)2 .

$he at!nement and %aith: ?esus did not heal e/eryone . NaBareth and the cities of Capernaum$ Bethsaida$ and ChoriBim. 6easonF -sually it was the lac+ of faith. %. 1n >enesis "2& >od placed a limit on manCs life of %# years Inot (#J. >od ne/er placed a limit on manCs health. Aailure t! rec!4niGe the di%%erence bet3een %aith and 1re"um1ti!n: 8here are those who say that if you ha/e enough faith$ e/erything will be fine and you will not get sic+. :r$ if you get sic+$ confess your sin and with enough faith you will get well. 1n reality$ these indi/iduals do not ha/e faith$ but hyper3 faithH faith in faith. 8his faith is also identified as spiritualiBed presumption as they ha/e applied selected biblical passages that ha/e been stretched out of conte;t to support their belief system. 1t is a sic+ theology. E2am1le" !% a "ic5 the!l!4y !n healin4: . @1f you had eno%)h faith you would be healed.A Some people use faith li+es spiritual dollars. 1f you ha/e eno%)h spiritual money you can buy your healing. 1n other words$ the reason you did not get healed is because you did not ha/e enough faith Ispiritual dollarsJ. 1t is a sin to thin+ that by faith you can manipulate >od. %. @Blab it and grab it.A Some refuse to admit that they ha/e an illness. 6ather they ha/e con/inced themsel/es that they must ma+e

a @positi/e confessionA of biblical /erses$ that in general con/ersation they lie about their physical condition. ,aith is not a denial of reality$ but an utter dependence upon a so/ereign >od. 8hose who are o/erdosed with the @faith theologyA cannot deal with the so/ereignty of >od because they ha/e no theological answers for it. 8he proper solution is to admit the condition that is present$ but then focus totally on >odCs pro/ision. :neCs con/ersation and thought3life should be on ?esus$ not the illness. See 9t. "2&&. &. A prayer with the phrase$ @1f it be your will$ *ord...A 8his is not a prayer of faith but a prayer of doubt. 8hose who pray li+e this admit they do not +now the will of >od relati/e to healing. 1ts theology is rooted in hyper3Cal/inism and states that >od has willed e/erything$ including the suffering of selected people. 8his erroneous church doctrine ma+es prayer a useless e;ercise. Shared wea+ness opens the door for intimacy in a group$ but not necessarily shared /ictories. Study of an unhealthy spiritual system is seen as persecution rather than attempted disco/ery of truth. 4. So3called healing through saints2 Healings that resulted from prayers to the Virgin 9ary or other saints are not a /erification of correct theology$ but rather$ is e/idence that I J >od$ in His great mercy$ heals people who do not interpret the Bible correctly or I%J these healings are the result of demonic origins. Satan can also produce miracles as in the case when 9oses and Aaron were before the 0haraoh of 7gypt. I7;. (2 3 %J. 5hy would demons healF 8o +eep oneCs focus away from ?esus. 8he true miraculous healing will always point men and women to ?esus. 8he Bible identifies todayCs culture in % 8imothy &2 3!$ in reference to the end3times that there will be false teachers and deceptions I% 8im. &2 &3 4J.


). Some ha/e said$ @5ell$ the Apostle 0aul had a Othorn in the flesh.C :b/iously it was not >odCs intention to heal him.A How can it be that gi/en all the Scriptures on healing$ >od did not want to heal himF 8hose who hold this position mista+enly focus their attention on the word @fleshA rather than @thorn.A 8rue faith in Christ ?esus includes the entire counsel of >od and the application of the entire 5ord on oneCs life. $he Bin4d!m !% G!d: 8he Eingdom of >od is both now and in the future. 1t is now in the hearts and li/es of indi/idual belie/ers and in the future it will be a Eingdom with the 9essiah ruling from his 8emple in ?erusalem. Healin4 a11ear" t! be m!"t e%%ecti#e 3hen a""!ciated 3ith e#an4eli"m: Healing is a gift to the belie/er and a sign to the unbelie/er. ?esus performed miracles and preached the Eingdom of >od to authen3ticate His calling and 9essiahship. 8he church is called to preach the Eingdom of >od and pray for the sic+ as needed to point men to Christ. N:872 >ifts of the Holy Spirit Ii.e.$ healingJ were not =ust for the first century or the gifts would ha/e been called the @gifts of the Apostles.A A dial!4 bet3een V!ltaire and a 4r!u1 !% 1a"t!r": Among the many atheists and s+eptics throughout history was the famous ,rancois39arie Arouet I "!43 (('J$ better +nown as Voltaire. He was a ,rench philosopher who promoted ci/il liberties including the freedom of religion$ but was also an ardent critic of Christianity. Voltaire once met some pastors on a train. 8hey thought they would challenge the famed atheist$ so they introduced themsel/es and as+ed for a few minutes with the scholar. 8hey soon disco/ered that he could defend the Bible better

than they. Voltaire belie/ed the Bible was full of mista+es and outdated$ that it was a collection of myths and Christianity would soon be a thing of the past. Voltaire as+ed them if they belie/ed the entire Bible. 8hey quic+ly responded that they belie/ed all of it. So he as+ed them some questions L @Can you heal the sic+FA @No$ that was =ust for the first century apostles.A @Can you cast out demonsFA @No$ that was =ust a way of describing mental illnesses.A @Can you spea+ with new languagesFA @No$ that too was =ust for the first century.A Voltaire ended the con/ersation by saying$ @Gou are worse than me because you are an infidel. Gou say you preach the whole Bible yet you =ust confessed that you do not belie/e all these things. 1 am honest when 1 say 1 do not belie/e in >od$ but you are liars.A I1ncidentally$ today VoltaireCs home is the home of the ,rench Bible Society.J U-7S81:N2 1s ?esus only our role model or are we being transformed by the Holy Spirit to be li+e HimF

$he P!3er !% 7ur W!rd"+ 1 repent of words 1 ha/e spo+en that ha/e brought death and harm to me and others. 1 choose to spea+ words that bring life to me and others 1 will use the power of my tongue to produce life 1 will spea+ words that transform and shape my future

Courtesy of 0astor Sam Smuc+er.


1 will consistently deposit the 5ord of >od into my heart. 1 belie/e the words Ibased on >odCs wordJ that 1 spea+ will shape my world for His purposes. S S S Notes S S S


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Le""!n + Healin4 $hr!u4h the &enturie" Pur1!"e: 8o re/eal the historic fact that healing has been ma=or function in the church throughout the centuries. 7b8ecti#e: 6eaders will ha/e an understanding that healings and miracles occurred throughout the church age$ but the emphasis in this study is on the early church leaders. 9atthew #2 was ne/er rescinded. ?esus too+ our sins$ infirmities and carried our diseases I9t. '2 (J to the cross$ not =ust our sins. All too many belie/ers ha/e the opinion that the current 0entecostal 3 Charismatic mo/ement was resurrected around the year !## after being dead since the apostles. 8hey seldom as+ why ?esus did not heal throughout the centuries if He is the same yesterday$ today$ and fore/er IHeb. &2'J. Howe/er$ the historical e/idence clearly demonstrates that >od has healed throughout the centuries. Enowledge of this information is a faith builder for those who desire a di/ine inter/ention but ha/e doubts whether >od is still in the healing ministry. Since an entire historical spectrum of di/ine healing is far too time consuming for this study$ only a few significant church leaders in the early centuries of the church will be e;amined. Howe/er$ first a few significant points need to be addressed2 . 8he early church deliberately and consciously assumed healing was associated with sal/ation. %. History has demonstrated that nearly e/ery di/ine healer senses that >od is wor+ing in a particular way through him Ior herJ$ and therefore$ each healer belie/es that this is the only manner in which >od functions. 7/ery person called to this ministry needs to be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit$ and

therefore a methodology may be de/eloped that is different from another minister or from this author. &. >od wants to deal with the whole person$ not =ust a specific illness or life condition. 4. Healings are ne/er proof of doctrinal correctness$ but rather$ point beyond to what was to be accomplished by ?esus on and through the cross. Coupled with the message$ the healings not only demonstrated the di/inity of ?esus but began to unfold the Eingdom of >od to all who chose to belie/e I9t. !2&)3&"J. 9iracles are proof that a new dispensation of >odCs plan has arri/ed. 8hese would be a /isible form to confirm the message of sal/ation that He preached. ). 8he Eingdom of >od is not a place but a reign and rulership of ?esus in the hearts and li/es of men and women. ?esus$ the incarnate Son of >od$ brought the Eingdom into this world at His birth. <uring His years in ministry He challenged the de/il repeatedly and then defeated him with a profound resurrection three days after a horrible e;ecution. 9iracles and healings are a sign of the Eingdom. ". 9iracles are not proof of faith$ but it is faith that ma+es miracles possible. (. ?esus still has the capability of dealing with sin and its consequences and He desires to do so in His church today. (nd &entury: Habbi I"mael and the =heretic healer.> 1t is well +nown that in the early years of the church$ the ?ews considered Christians to be heretics. 8herefore$ the second century account found in the Babylonian 8almud is of particular interest. Apparently a well +nown ?ewish scholar$ 6abbi 1smael$ had a nephew who was bitten by a /enomous

sna+e. A ?ewish belie/er$ ?acob of Eafar Sa+hnia$ was a +nown faith healer and desired to bring healing to the young man. Howe/er$ the rabbi considered the healer to be a heretic and his nephew died IB8 A/odah .arah %(bJ. 8he question arises as to why the rabbi refused to permit the healer to treat his nephew. Clearly there was animosity between traditional ?ews and ?udeo3Christians as well as >entile Christians. Howe/er$ the 8almud implies that ?acob of Eafar Sa+hnia had a reputation of being a Christian faith healer L a reputation that would not ha/e e;isted among the ?ews if it were not true. Healin4 te"tim!nie" rec!rded by early church %ather": 8estimonies of the early church fathers ha/e been collected in a number of /enues. 8he writings of those who li/ed between the first century and A< &%) can be found in a ten /olume set +nown as the Ante3Nicene ,athers IAN,J. Another source is the *oeb Classical *ibrary I*C*J$ which also includes a number of >ree+ and 6oman writers. 8hese and many others testify that the age of miraculous healings did not end with the apostles. Iuadratu" I7arly %nd CenturyJ Uuadratus was one of the earliest apologists of the Christian faith and debated scholars of pagan religions as well as 7mperor Hadrian Iwho destroyed ?erusalem in A< &%J. All the writings of Uuadratus disappeared and only se/eral quotations by 7usebius ha/e sur/i/ed history. Uuadratus stated that some who were healed by ?esus were still ali/e during his lifetime. But the wor+s of our Sa/ior were always present$ for they were true$ those who were cured$ those who rose from the dead$ who not merely appeared as cured and risen$ but were constantly present not only while the Sa/ior was li/ing$ but e/en for some time after he had gone$ so that some of them sur/i/ed e/en to our own time.

Uuadratus as quoted History &$ *C* .&#! @u"tin artyr I ##3 ")J



!&& esiasti&a

?ustin 9artyr was born and li/ed in Samaria$ and ob/iously was close to the ?ews and early ?ewish belie/ers. He stated thatK 5e belie/ers in ?esus our *ord$ who was crucified under 0ontius 0ilate$ cast out all de/ils and other e/il spirits and therefore ha/e them in our power. ?ustin 9artyr$ *ia o)%e with Trypho. ("$ ,C ".%"!. $ertullian I7arly %nd CenturyJ 8ertullian$ in reference to the =oys of being a Christian rather than a pagan$ said because as a belie/er you couldK ,ind yourself trampling underfoot the gods of the >entiles$ e;pelling demons$ effecting cures$ the spectacles of Christians$ holy$ eternal$ and free. 8ertullian$ *e. spe&ta&% is. +The ,hows-2 %!$ *C* %!)$ %!(. Irenaeu" I*ate %nd CenturyJ 8his early church father was a bishop in *yons in South3 central ,rance$ then +nown as >aul. He stated that some in the church authenticated the power of >od when hands were laid upon the sic+ and the sic+ were healed and others were raised from the dead. ,or e;ample$ he saidK 5herefore$ also$ those who are in truth are His disciples$ recei/ing grace from Him$ do in His name perform WmiraclesX$ so as to promote the welfare of other men$ according to the gift which each one has recei/ed from Him.... WSomeX heal the sic+ by laying their hands upon them and they are made whole. 1renaeus$ A)ainst Heresies. %.& .4$ AN,. ).4#!.

9oreo/er as 1 ha/e said$ the dead e/en ha/e been raised up$ and remained among us for many years. 1renaeus$ A)ainst Heresies. %.& .%$ AN,. ).4#(. &y1rian Icirca %##3%)'J Cyprian was born into a wealthy pagan home$ but when he con/erted to Christianity$ he ga/e away his fortune. 1n %4' or %4! he was appointed to be the position of bishop in North Africa. He was influential in spreading the gospel and thereby became contro/ersial among pagans. Hence$ nearly a decade later he was martyred in Carthage. His ministry reflected the power of ?esus Christ. Hence$ his words concerning e;orcisms are noteworthy. Get these WspiritsX when ad=ured by us through the true >od$ immediately withdraw and confess and are forced to go out of the bodies which they had possessed. Cyprian$ That Ido s are Not Gods. ($ ,C$ &".&)). 7ri4en I ')3%))J :rigen first li/ed in Ale;andria$ 7gypt but later mo/ed to Syria. He is regarded as one of the most brilliant minds of the Ante3Nicene 0eriod IA< ##3&%)J. He said$ By these Wthe names of >od and ?esusX we also ha/e seen many deli/ered from serious ailments$ and from mental distractions and madness$ and countless other diseases$ which neither men nor demons had cured. :rigen$ .ontra .e s%m, &.%4. *C* 4%. Au4u"tine I&)434&#J 9any scholars ha/e concluded that Augustine was the greatest theologian since St. 0aul. Augustine also recogniBed that miracles were performed in different ways by different faith healers$ and therefore$ he refused to ta+e a firm position on the sub=ect other than that these were acts of

>od by much intercession and prayer. Concerning miracles he stated their importance when he said$ >reat wor+s of miracles are necessary... in order to bring into the church ignorant men and infidels. Augustine$ .onfessions %.%($ N0N, .%#4. He does miracles through His ser/ants$ it is all one whether He does these things through the spirits of martyrs$ as though they were still li/ing in their bodies$ or whether He uses angels and affects His purposes by His orders$ which are gi/en in/isibly$ inaudibly$ WandX immutably. 1n that case$ miracles which we thin+ are done by martyrs are the result$ rather$ of their prayers and intercession$ and not of their actions. Augustine$ .ity of God %%.!$ ,C %4.4) . He#. @!hann &hri"t!1 Blumhardt I '#)3 ''#J ?ohann Blumhardt was a pastor in 5ottlinger$ 5urttemberg in >ermany. He was used by >od in bringing about a re/i/al mo/ement and was well +nown for his ministry of healing the sic+ and deli/ering the demon3possessed. &!uld the"e acc!unt" ha#e been e2a44erati!n"6 8hese writings were made as a defense of the Christian faith. 8he strength of these recorded statements lies in the fact that anyone could e;amine the reports and ma+e a determination if there were in fact sufficient healings and e;orcisms to establish e/idence$ such as recorded by 8ertullian. 5hereas there is no doubt that some testimonies are e;aggerations$ a great many are ob/iously true or these would not ha/e been referred to as supporting e/ents of the continuing wor+ of ?esus Christ in the li/es of many belie/ers. 8he writings of reliable church fathers should be accepted in the same manner as are other statements about their instructions and doctrines. 9any were so sincere of their faith

that they willingly suffered martyrdom. 9any of these dedicated men made huge sacrifices because of their faith. 8hey most certainly would not lie or e;aggerate +nowing they would one day be held accountable to an angry >od. 8he miracles they witnessed and recorded fortified the faith of many in the early church. 1f such signs and wonders were mere myths$ they would ha/e been the chieftains of fools. Nonetheless$ it should be noted that the writings of some indi/iduals are considered e;aggerations. Hence$ these men are not honored among the church fathers. Why d! "!me &hri"tian critic" di"re4ard the hi"t!ric e#idence6 8here are two primary reasons. ,irst2 it =ustifies why there are no healings in their own churches. 8hey ha/e established a theological construct to support their position which is beyond the scope of this study guide. Second$ for historical e/idence they frequently loo+ to early writings such as the erroneous Apo&rypha A&ts of the Apost es Iwritten A< )#3%&#J and classify all other ancient writings as being of the same deceitful quality. 8he accounts recorded in the A&ts bear little resemblance to the New 8estament and therefore are not e/en in the same literary classification as the early church fathers. 8hroughout history the A&ts were ne/er seriously considered to be inspired or authoritati/e because they refer to grossly e;aggerated stories of miracles of /arious +inds. 1n fact$ in the fifth century$ 0ope *eo the >reat said they should all be burned. 8he significance of these false writings is$ howe/er$ not in what is recorded$ but what the authors unconsciously ac+nowledged about themsel/es L they belie/ed in miracles. 8his is the irony of those who use these documents to attempt to pro/e there were no miracles after the apostles. Did di#ine centurie"6 healin4" di"a11ear thr!u4h!ut the

:b/iously not but were often absent. 8here are multiple reasons. 8here was moral sin$ financial and political corruption$ and frequent anti3Semitic actions against local ?ewish people. *ittle wonder then that many church leaders$

especially within 0rotestantism$ belie/ed that miracles ended with the apostles. 8o the credit of the 6oman Catholic Church$ in spite of its periodic internal problems it continued to promote the doctrines of miracles and healings. @?esus died for e/ery one of us$ as if there was only one of us.A 3 Saint Augustine


Le""!n , Hene3 ;!ur Pur1!"e: How to successfully recreate a Christ3focused mind. 7b8ecti#e: 8he Student will learn to effecti/ely wage spiritual warfare by belie/ing$ spea+ing$ and acting on the 5ord of >od as the power source of /ictory. Note that faith in >odQ?esus is a constant theme in the biblical lessons. 8o li/e as Christ is to li/e with the ,ruit of the Holy Spirit operati/e in oneCs life. 8o attain this /ictory one must ha/e$ . A basic understanding of the e/il one and o/er come his influences by spea+ing the 5ord against him. %. Ha/e an attitude to be obedient to Scripture and the blood of ?esus will co/er the rest. 8his is not to eliminate the need for prayer and fasting$ but is in addition thereto. 1t is important to renew the mind in ?esus prior to renewing the mind in the principles of >od relati/e to di/ine healing. 8he Eingdom of >od is to be searched first$ then the blessings will follow I9t. "2&&J. Aruit !% the e#il "1irit #". %ruit !% the H!ly S1irit: ?ust as godly deeds are preceded by wholesome thoughts$ so li+ewise sinful deeds are preceded by sinful thoughts Icf. >al. )2 "3%4J. 8he battle of thoughts in your mind influences your self3esteem$ your relationship with others and >od$ and your o/erall Christian maturity. 8here is no question this can be a ma=or challenge$ especially in a nation of declining moral and ethical /alues. Nonetheless$ one must be pro3acti/e in controlling hisQher thought life. As the pro/erbial clichY says$ @decisions determine destiny.A <nder"tandin4 y!ur enemy and y!ur De%ender:

ind in &hri"t @e"u"

8o understand the enemy ISatanJ and the defender I?esusJ is how one needs to respond to /arious thoughts and situations. Below is a partial listing of descriptions and directi/es.

Aear" and 3!rrie": 0s. ((243! Uuestions by <a/id while he is depressed. 0s. ((2 #3 % He then prays and meditates on >od. ?n. #2 # 8he e/il one comes to +ill$ steal$ and destroy. 0et. )2( 0lace your worries upon Him L ?esus. 0et. )2' Satan comes to de/our and destroy you. 0et. )2! Gou are to resist him. % Cor. #2&3) 7/ery thought you ha/e must be obedient to ?esus. 7ph. "2 #3 ' 8he armor of >od is your defense. N:87 2 8hose who need /ictory in their thought life need to mentally put on this armor one piece at a time as part of a morning and e/ening de/otional e;ercise. 5e are more than conquerors by the blood of ?esus I6om. '2&(H Col. %2 )J. N:87 %2 Becoming successful in personal relationships is a ma=or step in becoming successful in winning the battle of our minds and thought life. 0ro/. #2 %H 42&# 6esults of hatred /s. lo/e ?n. 42% 6esults of true lo/e 0ro/. (2 4 7ffects of small strife 0et. 42'H Cor. & Significance of lo/e 0ro/. (2! ,orgi/eness /s. repeated memories 9t. (2 3% 5isdom in =udgment 9+. %2%'3& 6e/. %2

T %nd Commandments

9y /ictory is secured by the blood of ?esus

S1ea5 Cc!n%e""E the W!rd int! y!ur bein4:


E7G 0:1N82 9emoriBe and recite these Scriptures daily2 6om. '2" Carnal mind R death Q Spiritual mind R life 0ro/. 42&# 7n/y R destruction % Cor. #2&3) Enow your weapons of warfare 7ph. 42%"3%( 6esol/e anger issues % 8im. 2( 0lace thoughts under self3 Ior >odCs3J control 0hil. 42'3! ,ocus on pure thoughts Inot e/il onesJ ?n. 42 8est the spirits N:872 A @spiritA in this conte;t can often be considered the same as a thought Heb. &2)b 8he *ord will ne/er abandon us @e"u" bled "e#en time" %!r u": CStated pre/iouslyJ >ethsemane means @oli/e press.A 8he blood of ?esus was shed for such times as when we ha/e se/ere pressure. ?esus was beaten by the Sanhedrin T 6omans 1sa. said he was marred. 8he gospels record that ?esus did not retaliate. He shed His blood so 1 would not ha/e to retaliate Crown of thorns 1n moc+ery and shame and they cursed Him ?esus became the curse so that 5e can be free of the consequences due to sin$ and we could recei/e the Holy Spirit so that ultimately we could be transformed into the image of >od. IEingdom of >odJ $he 1ur1!"e !% the "c!ur4in4 !% @e"u": He was scourged for our healing I1sa. )&H 1 0et. %2%4J ?esus carried the cross3beam on his wounded bac+ He shed blood for our hea/y loads and burdens He was nailed with iron spi+es He then said @,ather forgi/e themA

5e are free of sinH our sins are nailed to the cross 8he spear was thrust into His side He spilled water and blood 5e are washed in the water of His 5ord 8he 5ord wor+s in our li/es only because of the shed blood of ?esus Prayer !% #ict!ry: @,ather >od$ forgi/e me for permitting my mind to wonder into sinful thoughts and 1 place e/ery e/il thought in obedience to ?esus I% Cor. #2)J. 1 call upon you to renew my mind in accordance to your 5ord I6om. %2 3%J and 1 as+ you to bless those whom 1 desired to harm. 1 than+ you ,ather$ that you will guard me and +eep me in perfect and constant peace I1sa. %"2&34J and that my mind is well3balanced$ godly$ and under self3Ior your3J control I% 8im. 2(J. 1 place my faith$ hope$ and confidence in Gou and in your 5ord that my life will be abundantly blessed and full of =oy I?n. #2 #J. 1n the name of my precious Sa/ior 1 pray$ Amen.A Acti#ate the tran"%!rmin4 1!3er !% the Bible in y!ur th!u4ht": 8he 5ord is all powerful to the glory of >odH that is to do His purpose. As Saint Augustine once said$ @?esus died for e/ery one of us$ as if there was only one of us.A ?esus died not only for the sal/ation of our souls and the healing of our minds and bodies$ but also that we could become producti/e change agents in this world to bring the Eingdom of >od into the hearts and li/es of other people. -nderstanding your identity in Christ is absolutely essential to your success at li/ing the /ictorious Christian lifeZ 8he full understanding of the death and resurrection of ?esus for a lost humanity is beyond human comprehension. Get it is somewhat understandable when Colossians 2 !3%% is read in a personaliBed format as follows2


,or it was the ,atherDs good pleasure for all the fullness to dwell in ?esus$ and through Him to reconcile me to Himself$ ha/ing made peace through the blood of ?esusC crossH through Him$ 1 say$ whether things on earth or things in hea/en. And although 1 was formerly alienated and hostile in mind$ engaged in e/il deeds$ yet He has now reconciled me in His fleshly body through death$ in order to present me before >od the ,ather holy and blameless and beyond reproach. A"5 G!d 3hy y!u are "ic5 !r ha#e the 1r!blem y!u are %acin4: . 8here may be a spiritual or psychological reason for your problem. %. As+ >od$ as well as a few trusted friendsQprayer partners. &. 1f a cause is re/ealed$ deal with it first before mo/ing toward your healing. 4. >od will re/eal the cause whereas the de/il will ha/e you run endlessly in circles thin+ing @maybe itCs thisA or @maybe itCs that.A 5hen >od re/eals$ he will gi/e you inner peace when it is resol/ed.

Per"!naliGe Scri1ture: 8o personaliBe Scripture is hardly a new concept. Howe/er$ in pre/ious years Christians would post /erses on their door posts. ,or e;ample$ in the early "##s the 7nglish 0ilgrims posted 1sa. 4 2!3 # on their door lintels declaring the promises of >od. ,irst century ?ewish men would wear a phylactery on their forehead which was a small leather bo; containing a blessing. Such practices were not only symbolic$ but also reflected the de/otion men and women had to their faith. 8he end purpose has always been$ and continues to be$ to be in >od and ha/e Him in the belie/er. 8he late ?ohn :steen once taught his congregation the transforming power of the Bible. He frequently instructed e/eryone to hold up their Bibles and recite the following confession that re/eals profound truth2

$hi" i" my Bible. I am 3hat it "ay" I am. I ha#e 3hat it "ay" I ha#e. I can d! 3hat it "ay" I can d!. $!day I 3ill hear the W!rd !% G!d. Aaith 3ill c!me int! my "1irit. I b!ldly c!n%e"" y mind i" alert, y heart i" rece1ti#e. I am ab!ut t! recei#e $he inc!rru1tible, $he inde"tructible, E#er9li#in4 "eed !% the W!rd !% G!d. It 3ill chan4e my li%e IFll ne#er be the "ame a4ain In @e"u"F Name, Amen.


S S S Notes S S S


Le""!n Prayer and Aa"tin4 Pur1!"e: 8he student will understand the significance of prayer and fasting in order to obtain /ictories o/er ma=or challenges and difficulties. @8hat is why 1 would remind you to stir up 3 re+indle the embers$ fan the flame and +eep burning 3 the gracious gift of >od$ the inner flame that is in youA I% 8im. 2"3(J. 7b8ecti#e: 8he student will e;ercise the practice of prayer and fasting for either personal /ictory or on behalf of someone else. N:872 0rayer is a dialogue$ not a monologue$ with >od to understand His desire and obtain directi/es on how to completely fulfill His desire. >od is not a bell3hop to ma+e us comfortable and rich$ but rather$ we are His ser/ants in need of re/erence and listening silence to hear and discern His still quiet /oice. Biblical e2am1le": Boo+ of 7sther &2"b &2 & 42 3& 42 )3 " )2% (2( '2 ( Haman considered the destruction of 1srael. <estruction planned. 9ordecai and others cried and fasted. ,asted and prayed for three days and nights on behalf of 7sther. 8he +ing responded in 7therCs fa/or. Haman was =ustly rewarded. 8he ?ews re=oiced.

Boo+ of % Chronicles %#2%3& %#2 ( ?ehoshaphat declared a fast. 8he battle is the *ordCs

%#2%# %#2% 3%&

>od is with you Victory in praise

E7G 0:1N82 prayer and fasting lays the foundation that praise and worship is built upon. Boo+ of <aniel #2%3& #2 Boo+ of ?oel 2 4 %2 % %2 ) ?oel fasted and cried out to the *ord. 6eturn with your whole heart and with fasting and weeping. Announce a fast. 8hree wee+ fast >od heard the prayers of <aniel during the fast.

Boo+ of 1saiah )'24 )'2" )'2(3' )'2! )'2 # Boo+ of *u+e 42 Satan tempted ?esus after a 4# day fast. 5HGF After a 4#3day fast one is physically wea+$ but spiritually strong and ?esus used >odCs 5ord to defeat Satan. 5rong way to fast 6easons to fast2 Brea+ e/ery ensla/ing yo+e and bondage. Benefits of fasting. 8he *ord will answer. 7;tra blessings

Why "h!uld 3e %a"t6 . ,asting was di/inely instituted by >od as the @master +eyA whereby the impossible becomes possible. 1t strengthens and implements prayer IActs #2&#3& J.

%. 8he Bible says we should I9t. "2"$ "$ etc.J$ but there is no &omp% sion to fast because >od does not /iolate manCs freewill. &. A free3will offering to >od for repentance and sincerity of the heart I Sam. )3"H Neh. !2 3&H <an. !2&3 !J. 4. 0rayer and fasting gi/e a new ability to concentrate on the things of >odH it produces a spiritual and physical discipline I*+. %2&"3&(H Cor. (2)J. ). 8o let >od +now$ and to pro/e to oursel/es =ust how serious we are. ". 8o gi/e the stomach a rest. (. 8his is a way to gi/e faith the opportunity to rise for the impossibilities. '. A sure way to defeat Satan if e;ercised properlyH to e;ercise power and authority in spiritual warfare I9t. 42 3 J. !. 5hene/er we are in need of a spiritual re/i/al$ /ictory$ or brea+3through I9t. (2% J. #. 8o recei/e re/elation from >od concerning a particular matterH to recei/e His directi/es for the future Ie;ample in <an. !J. Su44e"ti!n" !n h!3 t! %a"t: . 0rayer with fasting is the denial of @selfA for the higher purposes than mere abstinence from foodH to impress others or as a @means to an end.A 1t is /ital to chec+ oneCs moti/es and heart attitudes prior to prayer and fasting I?er. 42 3 %H *+. '2 %3 4J. %. 1f you ha/e a medical condition$ see a doctor prior to beginning a fast. &. 5rite a list of prayer needs. 4. 0ray for strength and guidance for the coming fast. 8his includes requesting the desire to fast. ). Set a date for fasting.


". A/oid coffee and tea for a wee+ prior to a fast. Similar be/erages tend to produce headaches during a fast. (. As the first day of fasting approaches$ begin reducing rich foods. '. Be alone with >od where there is no interruption Ii.e.$ telephone$ children$ etc.J !. <uring the fast$ spend time in prayer to impro/e your relationship with >od$ as+ for a holy and pure attitude. #. <rin+ plenty of water. 8his is a purifying agent for the body. . <o not end the fast if you feel any wea+ness or ha/e a headache$ often a symptom of eliminating caffeine. %. As+ the Holy Spirit to re/eal any sin in your life that may hinder your request and spiritual growth. &. 6ead Scriptures related to your need. 4. 7nd the fast with some light food Isalad$ yogurtJ for a day or two before ser/ing a full course meal. $!tal Aa"t 8he total fast e;cludes all foods but permits drin+ing of water as needed. ,ast must be ended Ibro+enJ slowly beginning with diluted =uices for one or two days$ followed by blended fruits and /egetables. N:87 of warning2 A full meal at the end of a long fast may cause serious stomach problems. N!n9t!tal Aa"t ,ast e;cludes all foods but permits limited amounts of diluted fruit or tomato =uices. Hot drin+s can be prepared without mil+. Scri1ture" !n %a"tin4: . 0hil. &2 # %. ?n. (2%#3%&

>et closer to >od -nify the churches

&. <an. %2% 4. ?oel &2 &3 4 ). % Chron. (2 4 ". *+. %2&"3&' prayed (. Acts !2'3 "

8urn toward Christ 8o see a har/est of souls 6e/i/al of >odCs people 8he 0rophetess Anna fasted and 8he Apostle 0aulCs total fast :bedience$ prayer and alms Brea+ passion for food ,asting will loose the chains of un=ustice and untie the cords of e/ery yo+e Iaddiction$ spiritual oppression$ etc.J and set the oppressed free.

'. Acts #2 3&$ &#3& !. 0hil. &2 (3%# #. 1sa. )'2"3'

Prayer 3ith!ut e21ectancy !% a healin4 i" unbelie% in di"4ui"e2 0rayers prayed in faith ha/e an e;pectant result. 1f there is no e;pectant result$ then the prayer was not a prayer of faith$ but useless blabber.

E2am1le" !% 1er"!naliGed 1rayer" !% healin4: @,ather$ 1 come to you in the Name of ?esus$ and 1 worship and than+ Gou for my sal/ation. 1 than+ Gou for your precious blood that was shed on the cross$ redeeming me$ sa/ing me$ healing me$ and gi/ing me eternal life.A @*ord$ 1 lift up Iname of personJ to Gou in prayer. 1 than+ Gou that Gou ha/e redeemed himQher and quic+ened hisQher mortal body and ha/e raised himQher by the same Spirit that raised ?esus from the dead. 1 than+ Gou$ that$ by the stripes of ?esus heQshe is healed.A @,ather$ in ?esusC Name$ Gou said that if we as+ anything according to your will$ Gou will answer us. 1 than+ Gou that healing belongs to VVVVVVVV. Healing is

Gour will because you ha/e come to gi/e us life and to gi/e it more abundantly. *ord$ Gou said in your 5ord$ that one of the signs of those who follow Gou is that they are to lay hands on the sic+ and the sic+ shall reco/er. *ord$ 1 am a belie/er$ and 1 belie/e your healing power has been released into hisQher body when 1 laid hands on himQher.A @*ord$ Gou instructed us in your 5ord to spea+ to the mountain$ belie/e it to be remo/ed$ and it shall be mo/ed. So 1 spea+ to this disease in VVVVVVV body$ and 1 command it in the name of ?esus to be gone. 8han+ you *ord$ for the healing and a cure in hisQher body.A @1 worship Gou$ ,ather$ and than+ Gou for your blessing of health upon VVVVVV life. 1 declare that VVVVVV shall li/e and not die and shall declare the wor+s of the *ord. 1n the Sa/iorCs Name 1 pray$ Amen.A 6eferences2 7;. %&2%)H 0s. '2 (H 6om. '2 H 0et. %2%4H ?n. )2 4H ?n. #2 #H 9+. "2 (3 'H 9+. 2%&3%4. Prayer and Prai"e 8han+fulness and 0raise to >od our ,ather through ?esus is the highest form of faith. 1t brea+s the bondage of depression$ sends the de/il on his way and unloc+s the blessings of Hea/en. 1tCs the only way to begin and end a prayer.

Be4in a 3ee5ly W7HD J PHA;EH Ni4ht 5ord and 0rayer Night is based on 9ar+Cs account I%2 3 %J of a paralytic who wanted to be healed by ?esus who was preaching inside a house. Since there was a huge crowd of people around ?esus his four friends carried him up the stairs on to the roof. 8hey opened it and lowered him to down to

?esus. Verse ) states that by the faith of his friends he was healed. 5hen one has a need$ ?esus wants the community of belie/ers to support him. 8he Christian life was ne/er intended to be a solitary one. 8he question you must as+ is this2 1f you had a need$ would you ha/e four friends to support you and @carryA you to ?esusF A 5ord and 0rayer Night is a group of belie/ers who are focused on @carryingA each other to ?esus. 1n essence$ it is a dedicated group that meets wee+ly to meditate on one or more /erses and pray. 1t is also committed to daily prayer and fasting once a wee+. 7/eryone follows the format IbelowJ and the leader maintains a prayer =ournal that monitors the prayer requests and records how the *ord responds. 8he =ournal is an important faith builder as it becomes a testimony of >odCs faithfulness. After se/eral months une;pected blessings will be noted. ,ormat for W7HD J PHA;EH Ni4ht Pur1!"e: 8he purpose of a wee+ly 5:6< T 06AG76 Night is for the attendees to commit to daily prayer and fasting once a wee+. 0articipants desire to come closer to >od$ to ha/e all the gifts of the Spirit manifest in their li/es and to become effecti/e agents to minister the lo/e$ grace and power of ?esus to others. Attendees also understand the co/enant relationship between >od and belie/er$ and therefore$ e;pect ?esus to respond to a holy lifestyle that is coupled with prayer. 8he 5ord and 0rayer Night are for those who ha/e an intercessory prayer ministry and those who desire to commit and discipline themsel/es to serious prayer. A!rmat: Belie/ers gather and briefly share important e/ents for no more than a half hour. 8his is followed by Scripture reading and an hour of prayer. <uring the prayer time participants are free to sing$ gi/e a word of +nowledge or read Scripture as the Spirit leads. Since many home groups are a gathering with coffee$ ca+e and gossip with a @sprin+le of ?esus$A it is

recommended that no refreshments are ser/ed other than be/erages. 5:6< T 06AG76 Night is not . A Bible study or an e/angelistic tool. %. A meeting for a curious occasional church attendee. &. ,or an unbelie/er who wants to +now about ChristianityH it is not see+er3friendly. 5hile these elements are important$ they are better offered at a different time. 5:6< T 06AG76 Night is less of a social e/ening and more of a prayer meeting. 9eetings are focused on applying biblical promises and principles into li/es through prayer and action followed by the recording of the results. 1t is for serious belie/ers who ha/e a passion to follow ?esus and ha/e Him accomplish the wor+ of the +ingdom through each attendee. Prayer Li"t: 7/ery wee+ the attendees recei/e an updated 5:6< T 06AG76 N1>H8 list that contains the name of the requestor Ithe sponsor who is also an attendeeJ and hisQher prayer request. 8his is followed by the 0raise 6eports Ianswered prayersJ. 1n most other prayer meetings$ all too often prayers are requested and no one +nows if anyone prayed or if there are any results. 8he leader of 5ord and 0rayer monitors and records the wee+ly progress. 8estimonies of answered prayers become an encourage3ment and faith builder. 8he 0raise 6eport is followed by 0oints to 6emember Ispecial announcementsJ and /erses of >odCs 5ord that are significant to the group. A sample copy is below2



At Bill J Pai#iF" H!u"e Sunday @anuary '- K ,:)0 1.m.

General Prayer HeLue"t"

3 0ray that the Holy Spirit will re/i/e our hearts that we may grow closer to ?esus. 3 Sal/ation for our families 3 0ray for our go/ernment I 8im. %2 34J and 1srael I0s. %%2"J$ especially for ?ewish and Arab belie/ers. 3 0ray that our pastors and belie/ers become the pure unspotted bride of Christ. 3 0ray for our missionaries and the persecuted church 3 0ray that each of us is co/ered by the blood of ?esus and wears the armor of >od I7ph. "2 #3 'J.

S1eci%ic Prayer HeLue"t"

S1!n"!r Need Bill T 0ai/i . Healing of 5ilhelmCs arthritic bac+. %. <ic+Cs sal/ation. &. Healing for Cindy was diagnosed with cancer. She has three to ' months to li/e. 5es >odCs direction for a possible missionary trip. <oug and 0at . Continued prayer for both <a/e and Clyde. %. <i/ine wisdom for ?essicaCs career and employment. <ottee 8o be healed so she can get off 0rednisone.

<on T Stephanie . Healing for 9erlin who was diagnosed with li/er tumor. %. ,or Nathanial and his future goals ImilitaryFJ Prai"e He1!rt CAn"3ered Prayer"E No/ember . 9ichele accepted ?esus. %. <onCs father ,rances had a successful surgery$ still needs sal/ation. &. >iesla has been blessed with a part time that she needed. <ecember . Sergei was offered a new =ob that he accepted. 08*$ %. <a/e and Clyde are responding well to chemotherapy. ?anuary . <ebbie has a part3time =ob$ 08* Z %. <on and Stephanie recei/ed good news from their attorney. A!ur P!int" t! Hemember . See+ first the +ingdom of >od. %. *et us remember to fast one meal this coming wee+ for these prayer requests. &. 5e all ha/e many responsibilities that ha/e demands upon our time. Howe/er$ for prayers to be most effecti/e dedicated belie/ers need to meet regularly. 4. 7;pect results. 0rayers without e;pectant results are faithless prayers. <ne21ected Ble""in4" that 3ere n!t reLue"ted by Gr!u1 Prayer

. Stephanie reported that >od +ept her safe from a near accident on 1nterstate (' during a hea/y storm. %. <on recei/ed an une;pected blessing concerning legal bills. &. Hans has a new =ob with a significant pay increase. 4. 5e raised [&&# for Harry in 1ndia. N:87 2 :ccasionally the group leader should remind e/eryone to +eep faithful to the daily prayer and wee+ly fasting. 8he groups may to decide to fast more frequently of modify the format. N:87 %2 Since healing is part of the co/enant between >od and His faithful belie/ers$ and since communion is a critical element of that co/enant$ the group may decide to incorporate communion as part of a regular prayer and worship. What a5e" thi" Gr!u1 Di%%erent6

CommitmentZ 8he attendees ma+e a commitment to worship our *ord and Sa/ior$ pray daily and fast at least one meal per wee+ for the needs shared by the group. Visitors are in/ited to come once or twice to see if they would li+e to be acti/e participants. Howe/er$ we +now that some committed belie/ers cannot always attend due to employment andQor other circumstances beyond their control. 8hey are in/ited to participate if they promise to pray for the listed needs daily and fast at least one meal per wee+. After three months partici3 pants may consider fasting two meals per wee+. 1t should be noted that fasting is a time of prayer with oneCs focus upon ?esus$ not dieting or =ust going hungry. 1t is >odCs desire that we desire Him L results will follow us. 5ord and 0rayer Night is not =ust for healing$ but for de/eloping a closer relationship with ?esus and permitting Him to respond to all issues of life as the each member of the group does hisQher part for the Eingdom of >od. S S S Notes S S S

Le""!n . $he Si4ni%icance !% A!r4i#ene"" in Healin4 Pur1!"e: 8o study the significance of biblical forgi/eness and the two hindrances that pre/ent the mo/e of >odH that encumber the possibility of recei/ing a di/ine healing. 7b8ecti#e: 8he student will understand basic biblical principles concerning forgi/eness and its effect on recei/ing answers to prayers$ including healings. N:872 8he application of faith is a constant theme in these lessons -nforgi/eness is self3=ustification which is a process of condemning >od I?ob 4#2'J Biblical %!r4i#ene"": A life of forgi/eness is only one element in li/ing in co/enant with >od. 1t is howe/er$ not only critical to the effecti/e Christian life$ but it is also one that is a persistent problem in that unforgi/eness is rampant in the church. 8herefore$ it is the sub=ect of a lesson. 1t has been said that the greatest impediment that pre/ents anyone from recei/ing a healing is unforgi/eness. 8herefore$ . ,orgi/eness is a decision. Choose to forgi/e$ e/en if e;tremely /iolated. %. Confess the sin of unforgi/eness I?as. )2 "J. &. -nforgi/eness gi/es Satan an ad/antage o/er us I% Cor. %2 #3 J. 4. 0ersonally as+ for forgi/eness from those to whom you did wrong I9t. )2%&J. 8his will effect your finances$ health$ etc. ). ,orgi/e others who do not as+ for forgi/eness from you I6om. %2 'J. ". <o something nicely to those who hurt you. I6om. %2% J

(. Accept the wrongful person e/en if he is still in the wrong I6om. )2(J. 0arents should not disconnect from their teens. '. As+ >od to bless those who hurt you and ha/e not admitted their sin I9t. )24&34)J. !. *oo+ at others with the eyes of faith and belie/e the best I Cor. &243(J. 8his is how >od sees you. Practical "te1" t! %!r4i#ene"": . <o not tell anyone what the guilty person did to you. %. <o not permit anyone to intimidate you. &. <o not permit the guilty person to feel guilty. a. <o not limit your forgi/eness only if heQshe is sorry. b. Gou will need grace if the other person is not sorry. 4. Sa/e face of the other person$ do not cause embarrassment ). 0rotect the from gossip ". ,orgi/eness is a life sentence a. Gou forgi/e once only to the person in/ol/ed b. ,or se/ere /iolations$ you may ha/e to silently forgi/e multiple times. (. As+ >od to bless those who offended you. '. ,orgi/eness does not mean forgetfulness. !. ,orgi/eness does not mean reinstatement of trust. #. 8he greater the difficulty to forgi/e$ the greater the rewards of peace and grace from >od. &!mment": . >od will not ha/e mercy on those who do not forgi/e I9t. "2 43 )H '2&)H 9+. 2%)J. Hence$ if you do not forgi/e$ Christ cannot forgi/e you I9t. '2&)J. %. ,orgi/e (# ; ( I9t. '2% 3%%J. Not related to 4!#$ but to the (# member ?ewish high court ISanhedrinJ. Se/en wasQis considered the number representing

wholeness and perfection. Howe/er$ forgi/eness does not equal trust restored. 8rust is earned$ not deser/ed. 8herefore in bro+en relationships the restoration of trust must be established after forgi/eness$ it is not assumed. &. Comments on forgi/eness by Stephen IActs (J$ ?esus on the cross. @,orgi/e as the *ord forga/e youA ICol. &2 &J. 4. Nothing pleases >od more than someone who desires to please >od. ). 1t is possible to die before your appointed time I7cc. (2 (J. Smo+ing$ drugs$ alcohol$ foolish actions$ war$ suicide$ illnesses$ etc. ". ,aith pleases >od IHeb. 2"J. (. 9urmuring and complaining displeases >od INum. 2 J as it represents unthan+fulness for >odCs pro/ision in the past$ present and future. 1t re/eals a negati/e attitude I<eut. 2%(J$ it re/eals a lac+ of faith I0s. #"2%43%)J and is rooted in immaturity. '. Complaining gi/es opportunity for Satan to attac+ I Cor. #2!3 &J as it releases negati/e and demonic forces. Complaints demonstrate that you do not act on the 5ord of >od I?ude "3%4H 0hil. %2 4H Num. & T 4J. Complaints will not toss mountains into the sea$ but impede the hand of >od to wor+ in your life. 8han+ful faith will bring success and =oy I9+. 2%&J. !. Negati/e confessions I7ph. 42%!3& J. :ur thoughts and words must correspond with the Bible. Complaints re/eal the condition of the heart I9t. %2&)3&(H )2 $ '3 !J. #. ?oshua saw the effects complaining I?osh. 2'J. of murmuring and

. 5e are to re=oice in our suffering ICol. 2%4H 0et. 42 &J. 5e do not re=oice because we are suffering$ but because in the midst of our pain we +now that >od is still >od and He will enable us to ha/e ultimate /ictory. 5e re=oice that >od has /ictory o/er our problems I0s. %#2)J. %. 0raise and worship and a positi/e confession I>odCs 5ordJ is >odCs method.

A le""!n %r!m .en $ira h% IA ?ewish non3biblical boo+J. A profound passage from an intertestamental boo+ +nown as /en ,ira&h Icirca (# BCJ was written during the reign of the wic+ed >ree+ dictator Antiochus 7piphanes 1V. His cruelty was so monumental that it was described by the first century historian ,la/ius ?osephus in the Anti0%ities of the Jews$ and recorded in the 1irst and ,e&ond 2a&&a$ees. 1n essence$ Antiochus was an Adolf Hitler of antiquity as he brought se/ere persecution upon the ?ewish people in an attempt to eradicate them. <uring those horrific days of suffering and star/ation$ some ?ews turned against each other in a struggle of sur/i/al. Some became apostates and betrayed their religious brothers causing them to die. 1t was within this setting of bitterness and anger that the forgi/ing words of /en ,ira&h were written. He that ta+es /engeance will suffer /engeance from the *ord$ And he will firmly establish his sins. ,orgi/e your neighbor the wrong he has done$ And then your sins will be pardoned when you pray. <oes a man harbor anger against another$ And yet see+ for healing from the *ordF <oes he ha/e no mercy toward a man li+e himself$ And yet pray for his own sinsF 1f he himself$ being flesh$ maintains wrath$ 5ho will ma+e e;piation for his sinsF 6emember the end of your life and cease from enmity$ 6emember destruction and death and be true to the commandments. 6emember the commandments$ And do not be angry with your neighbor. Ben Sirach %'2 3" Le""!n" %!r a relea"e:

:ne ne/er +nows what tomorrow will bring but it is good to +now the :ne who holds tomorrow. ?eremiah %!2 3 4a states$ @,or 1 +now the plans 1 ha/e for you$ declares the *ord$ plans to prosper you and not harm you$ plans to gi/e you hope and a future. 8hen you will call upon me and come and pray to me$ and 1 will listen to you. Gou will see+ me and find me when you see+ me with all your heart. 1 will be found by you$ declares the *ord.A 8his will ne/er occur in a climate of unforgi/eness. 8he good news is this2 ?ust as unforgi/eness has incredible power to steal and +ill$ the power of forgi/eness is greater to restore and bring forth new life in relationships. 1t is remar+ableZ 8here are ten indicators of unforgi/eness in oneCs life. 8he bitter and unforgi/ing person will be2 Barren Biased fearful Brief Brittle Blind =oy Bigoted Brutal Base Blea+ BiBarre *ac+ of concern for othersH consumed with self3 pityH preoccupation with self Super3sensiti/eH touchyH paranoid and Ha/e few friendsH too busy for close relationships Afraid to meet new peopleH infle;ibleH fear re=ection Show little or no gratitudeH negati/eH no Harshly criticalH dogmatic and e;treme Holds grudges for long periods of time StubbornH sul+y >loomy and coldH distant. Se/ere mood swingsH no sense of stability

How can we o/ercome unforgi/enessF @See to it root of bitterness springing up causes trouble$ and by it many be defiledA IHeb. %2 )J. Prayer !% relea"e !% the b!nda4e !% bitterne"" and?!r a 4rud4e:


<ear ,ather in Hea/en$ 8han+ Gou for forgi/ing me of my sins. 8han+ Gou for the cross. 8han+ Gou for the empty tomb. 8han+ Gou for ?esus. 0lease help me to remember that my battle is not with other peopleH it is with spiritual forces that are in rebellion against Gou. 1 +now that 1 will be disappointed$ e/en hurt$ from time to time. Help me to see those situations through Gour eyes$ and to learn from them. 0lease help me to forgi/e others as ?esus forga/e me. 6ight now$ 1 as+ Gou to bring to my mind the names of indi/iduals against whom 1 am harboring a grudge. Help me to respond to those hurts in a way that honors Gou and leads to true restoration. ,ather$ in the name of ?esus$ and by His power$ 1 choose to forgi/e those people$ and 1 as+ you to bless them. 6emo/e the root of bitterness 1 ha/e allowed to grow in my heart. Bring healing and liberty. 1n ?esusD name$ Amen. 7% 1!""ible intere"t: 1n the late !4#s the infamous <ead Sea Scrolls were disco/ered in clay =ars near the <ead Sea. 5ritten by ?ewish scribes at the time of Christ$ they recorded the e/ents of daily life in addition to writing copies of :8 boo+s. Among the writings was this blessing found in a scroll +nown as the .omm%nity R% e. 9ay he I>odJ bless you with e/erything good and may he protect you from e/erything bad. 9ay he illuminate your heart with the discernment of life and gi/e you eternal +nowledge. 9ay he lift upon you the countenance of his fa/or for eternal peace. <ead Sea Scroll .omm%nity R% e US %$ b34

S S S Notes S S S

Jo%rna of the !van)e i&a Theo o)i&a ,o&iety.. Vol. )%. %2&4 ff.


Le""!n / Inner Healin4 3ith an Em1ha"i" !n Aear Pur1!"e: 8he Student will understand the biblical steps to inner healing with an emphasis on /ictory o/er fears 7b8ecti#e: 8he student will either apply the steps personally or will aid someone else N:872 8he application of faith is a constant theme in these lessons 6ead 1sa. " H ")2 (3 ! S!me c!nditi!n" %!r inner healin4: >uilt Addiction 1nferiority Anger 7n/y ?ealousy Condemnation <iscouragement 5orry 6esentment Self3pity Self3hatred Icommon in high schoolJ Se;ual problems

<epression Suicidal


&!mm!n %ear": Being a failure$ re=ection$ sic+ness and pain$ death$ loneliness$ financial problems$ marriageQdi/orce$ children$ unemployment or underemployment$ 7motions Iillogical or uncontrolledJ$ hell$ failure to please >od. 0ast e;periences troubles$ tragedies and personal /iolations Ii.e.$ rape$ abusi/e relationships$ failures$ etc.J. What i" AEAH6

Aalse E/idence Appearing Heal . ,ear is a lac+ of faith in >od$ and therefore is a sin. %. :ften fears appear to ha/e a legitimate reason. &. 8here is no legitimate fear listed in the Bible. 4. 7;ception2 fear of hell. ). @,ear the *ordA means to respect our *ord. ". ,ear is a sin L lac+ of faith in >od to pro/ide for oneCs needs. $he e%%ect" !% %ear: . 0aralyBes oneCs ability to ma+e right decisions. %. 8emporarily paralyBed emotionally$ physically$ mentally. &. 7ncumbers oneCs ability to focus rightly on >od. 4. :ne is unable to face the future. ). Spiritual life and growth is either terminated or hindered.. ". :ne becomes a sla/e to the e/il one$ human passions$ and the world I6om. '2 )J. (. 0ossible inability to ha/e a healthy personal relationship with a spouse and family. '. 1neffecti/eness in the Eingdom of >od. Biblical "!luti!n" t! %ear: 0s. '2% 0s. %(2 34 8he *ord is my shield ,ocus on the *ord who is your strength and stronghold. >od is a refuge and He will be e;alted. 8he *ord is ?oy I5ith ref. to /. J Gou will not fear. I7sp. /. (3'J :ur help is in the name of the *ord.

0s. &424$ "$ ($ ! 8he *ord deli/ers from fear$ troubles. 0s. 4" 0s. '42 % 0s. ! 2)3" 0s. %4

0ro/. %!2%) :/ercome the fear of man.


1sa. &)2&3"

8he *ord will come. <o not fear because >od is with you.

1sa. 4 2 #$ & *+. #2 !

*+. 2(43() ?esus enables us to ser/e Him without fear. 1 ha/e gi/en you authority...o/er the enemy. *+. %2& 3&% See+ first the Eingdom of >od and do not be afraid. ?n. 42%( 0hil. %2! ?n. 424b ?n. 42 ' ?esus gi/es peace$ do not be afraid. 7/ery +nee Iincluding fearJ will bow. @>reater is He who is in you than he that is in the world.A 8here is no fear in lo/e$ but fear brings the thought of punishment. 0hil. 2 &3 4 0aul$ a prisoner spea+s fearlessly.

Student" t! daily recite the %!ll!3in4: 1sa. )&2) ?esus too+ our sins$ sic+nesses$ sorrow$ and pain to the cross. 8he common reaction is not to act ICol. &2'J. *i/e as ?esus did

7ph. 42%"3%( <eal swiftly but prudently with anger. 7ph. 42& Col. &2 &

0hil. &2 &3 ) Be determined to forget the past and +now that you ha/e established a mar+ of maturity. H!3 i" %ear !#erc!me6 0s. '"2"3( 1sa. )&2) ?n. "2&& 0s. '42 % 6e/. %2 Call upon the name of the *ord and He will answer you. By His stripes we are healed. ?esus has o/ercome the world. Blessed is the man who trusts in the *ord. 9y /ictory is secured by the blood of ?esus.

A "am1le 1rayer "h!uld include the"e "te1": . Be willing to forgi/e e/ery person you e/er met and those who hurt you e/en though you may ne/er ha/e

met them. Special attention to parents$ family members$ di/orced spouse$ in3laws$ teachers$ pastors$ etc. %. As+ >od to forgi/e you. &. 0ray for the healing of memories AN< self condem3 nation beginning from the time of your conception. 8his is to include traumatic e;periences Ihouse fire$ rape$ etc.J$ re=ection$ fears$ and horrors of any +ind. 0ray for sections of life at a time such as the childhood years$ teen years$ twenties$ thirties$ etc. 1nclude special e/ents such as a summer camp$ time of marriage$ etc. a. 0ray for the healing of fear of re=ection and failure$ 1sa. 42%. b. Cut the roots of re=ection with each time segment$ Heb. 42 %. c. As+ >od to bless those who hurt you Ithis might be challengingJ. 4. 0ray by faith that the Holy Spirit will fill e/ery area and /oid in your life. ). Close with two prayers similar to these2 @,ather >od$ 1 than+ you for the plan of sal/ation and the wor+ that ?esus did on the cross for me. 1 confess my sin of fear and as+ that Gou forgi/e me. ,ather >od$ Gour 5ord says$ that if 1 confess my sins Gou are faithful to forgi/e me of my sins and will purify me I ?n. 2!J. 1 than+ you for that forgi/eness and cleansing. *ord Gour 5ord also promises that 1 can ha/e peace in my mind$ my ner/es$ and throughout my body. ,ather >od$ 1 recei/e Gour peace gi/en to me by the blood of ?esus. 1 than+ Gou for Gour peace and a sound mind$ emotions and body. 1n ?esusC Name 1 pray$ amen.A :r @,ather >od$ 1 promise to +eep my thought on Gou$ especially when 1 am tempted to thin+ on fearful things. 1 also promise to forgi/e all those who ha/e

offended me and further promise to pray for them that they too may recei/e Gour bounty full of blessings as 1 ha/e. ,urthermore$ 1 as+ Gou to fill me with Gour Holy Spirit that 1 may be full of =oy and lo/e in the Name of ?esus. 1n His Holy Name 1 pray$ Amen.A ". 5elcome the Holy Spirit 5hen the spirit of fear is cast out$ a /oid is left within a person. 1t must be filled with the Holy Spirit or the e/il spirits will return. 6emember that perfect lo/e will cast out all our fears. 8here is no fear in the lo/e of ?esus. 8he prayer must close with a request for an in3 filling of the Holy Spirit.


Le""!n '0 Practical Ad#ice %!r the Hec!#ery !% Addicti!n" Any pastor will tell you that @the deeds of the flesh$A meaning the sins of humanity listed in >alatians )2 !3% $ are hardly a complete listing. 8hese sins were listed to a/oid as well as to compare to the fruit of the Holy Spirit in man+ind I>al. )2%%3 %4J. Nonetheless$ there are many within the church who are struggling with one or more of these issues. Note the words of the apostle 0aul$ Now the deeds of the flesh are e/ident$ which are2 immorality$ impurity$ sensuality$ idolatry$ sorcery$ enmities$ strife$ =ealousy$ outbursts of anger$ disputes$ dissensions$ factions$ en/ying$ drun+enness$ carousing$ and things li+e these$ of which 1 forewarn you$ that those who practice such things will not inherit the +ingdom of >od. >alatians )2 !3%# 5hen 0aul wrote this letter to Christians in >alatia$ he ga/e a warning for those who practiced these sinful actions and assumed they were li/ing a good Christian life. His letter was not intended to condemn those who are struggling to o/ercome such practices and addictions$ but to those who refused to repent. Nowhere in Scripture is there condemnation for those who are struggling to o/ercome a problem. Successful a/oidance of these sins is both a constant attitude and an accomplishment. 8odayCs technological and materialistic$ self3centered 5estern culture has ta+en these sins to a greater depth of depra/ity. 8here are many who come to ?esus because they ha/e reached @their endA of their agoniBing addiction and ha/e no where else to go. ?esus does not condemn them. :n the other hand$ some Christians$ for one reason or another fall into one of these addicti/e sins and struggle to get reco/er. ?esus is their second chance. :ften people in these situations ha/e challenges that are more complicated than most realiBe. 9any are also struggling with secondary influences Icalled dual diagnosisJ.

,or e;ample2 A secondary influence is when someone$ who is struggling with drugs or alcoholism$ may also be dealing with an;iety$ depression or other serious psychiatric condition such as a bipolar disorder. 8his can ma+e regaining physical and mental health difficult and complicated. 8he cause of the secondary influence could simply ha/e been a bad choice during high school. :r it could ha/e been a more serious issue such as the pain resulting from a horrific e/ent. 5hile the drug or alcohol addiction may be the moti/ation for see+ing a counselor$ the primary cause may be hidden in the history of oneCs life. 8elling someone not to drin+ or ta+e drugs when the causality is an e/ent from years past is not going to pre/ent the drin+ing or ta+ing of drugs. Neither will ad/ise one to simply pray$ ha/e faith$ and read a Bible /erse e/ery day. 8hese well3intended suggestions will only add frustration to the reco/ery process. 6ecei/ing treatment for only one element of a dual diagnosis will not result in a complete healing. 1t is crucial that rehabilitation focus on both the addiction and the secondary IpsychiatricJ symptoms in/ol/ed. 5hile not all persons with an alcohol or drug addiction ha/e dual diagnosis conditions$ the trend is that as the American family continues to brea+ down$ the number is steadily increasing. ,or proper treatment$ one needs to find a reputable Christian counselor who will apply solid counseling techniques with Scripture to help the client in the healing process. 8here is hope. 8here is always hope. Christian drug and alcohol facilities such as 8een Challenge ha/e consistently had a higher than national a/erage reco/ery rate. 8he combination of the Holy Spirit$ guidance from a competent Christian counselor$ and your dedication to apply technique and >odCs 5ord into your life wi result in a new man or new woman described in >alatians )2%%3%4. ,rom the time the foundations of the earth were laid$ >od had a plan for you.

@,or 1 +now the plans 1 ha/e for you$A declares the *ord$ @plans for welfare and not for calamity to gi/e you a future and a hope.A

?eremiah %!2 An amaBing characteristic about >od is that$ once you accept ?esus as your Sa/ior$ He sees you as a member of the royal priesthood I 0et. %2!J who is pure and holy. 8he difficulty is that2 . 5e do not see oursel/es that way and thereby ha/e difficulty accepting His lo/e. %. 5e may ha/e difficulties forgi/ing oursel/es for past deeds. &. 5e may still ha/e to resol/e issues such as anger or an addiction. 5e question how >od could lo/e someone li+e that. But the true difficulty is that we cannot comprehend the lo/e of >od I?n. &2 "J. 5ithout question the leading organiBation helping those who ha/e fallen into alcohol abuse and addiction is Alcoholics Anonymous 5orld Ser/ices$ 1nc.$ more commonly +nown as @AA.A ,ounded in !&)$ its founders considered the Sermon on the 9ount$ Corinthians & and the Boo+ of ?ames essential for the reco/ery process to be successful. 1n !&! AA published the %3step reco/ery program that is essential to any reco/ery process. 5hile this organiBation had its roots in the Bible$( as the American culture grew increasingly secular$ references to @>odA were replaced by phrases such as @>od as you +now him.A $he '( Ste1" %!r a Succe""%ul Hec!#ery.' Step 3 5e admitted we were powerless o/er our addiction 3 that our li/es had become unmanageable.

See <ic+ B.$ The Good /oo( and the /i) /oo(3 A.A.4s Roots in the /i$ e. Bridge Builders ed. IEihei$ H12 0aradise 6esearch 0ublications$ 1nc.$ !!(J$ )!3"#.

8his /ersion of the % steps is an adaptation from the original % Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and is intended for general use with any addicti/e or dysfunctional beha/ior.


Step % 3 Came to belie/e that a 0ower greater than oursel/es could restore us to sanity. Step & 3 9ade a decision to turn our will and our li/es o/er to the care of >od as we understood >od. Step 4 3 9ade a searching and fearless moral in/entory of oursel/es. Step ) 3 Admitted to >od$ to oursel/es and to another human being the e;act nature of our wrongs. Step " 3 5ere entirely ready to ha/e >od remo/e all these defects of character. Step ( 3 Humbly as+ed >od to remo/e our shortcomings. Step ' 3 9ade a list of all persons we had harmed$ and became willing to ma+e amends to them all. Step ! 3 9ade direct amends to such people where/er possible$ e;cept when to do so would in=ure them or others. Step # 3 Continued to ta+e personal in/entory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it. Step 3 Sought through prayer and meditation to impro/e our conscious contact with >od as we understood >od$ praying only for +nowledge of >odDs will for us and the power to carry that out. Step % 3 Ha/ing had a spiritual awa+ening as the result of these steps$ we tried to carry this message to other addicts$ and to practice these principles in all our affairs. A sister organiBation is Narcotics Anonymous I@NAAJ for those with a challenge of drug abuse or addiction. 5hile both organiBations are based on biblical and practical principles of reco/ery$ whate/er emphasis is gi/en to the Bible and >od is directly dependent upon the counselor. -nfortunately$ many today chose to ignore the power of >odCs 5ord. 8hat said$ two Bibles that are highly recommended for study are the .e e$ration Re&overy /i$ e ! and the 5ife Re&overy /i$ e. # Both Bibles ha/e editorial comments that help the reader connect the >odCs grace and promises to meaningful life situations.

.onder/an 0ublishers. %##(. 8yndale House 0ublishers$ %##(.


5hen we e;perience challenging or o/erwhelming difficulties$ often we con3clude that >od can no longer use us. 1t is then that we need to remember that >od is the >od of a second chance. 7;amine the li/es of those in Scripture2 Noah was a drun+ Abraham was too old 1saac was a daydreamer ?acob was a liar *eah was ugly ?oseph was abused 9oses had a stuttering problem >ideon was afraid 6ahab was a prostitute ?eremiah and 8imothy were too young 7li=ah was suicidal 1saiah preached na+ed ?onah ran from >od Naomi was a widow ?ob went ban+rupt 0eter denied Christ .accheus was too small 0aul was too religious 8he disciples fell asleep while praying 9artha worried about e/erything 8he Samaritan woman was di/orced many times Samson had long hair and was a womaniBer <a/id had an affair and was a murderer 8imothy had an ulcer and *aBarus was deadZ So whatCs your problemF ?eremiah %!2 is =ust as true today for you as when it was first written. 1n fact$ >odCs 5ord has a ways e;isted L e/en before the prophet ?eremiah was born. 9editate on that. @,or 1 +now the plans that 1 ha/e for you$A declares the *:6<$ @plans for welfare and not for calamity to gi/e you a future and a hope.A 5ith ?esus all things are possible.


Le""!n '' aintain ;!ur Healin4 : the $e"t !% a Pur1!"e: How to maintain a healing and identify a true miracle. 7b8ecti#e: 8he student will understand basic biblical principles and will be instructed to incorporate them into his or her daily life. 8his is a lifestyle change. N:872 8he application of faith is a constant theme in these lessons. Attenti!n t! G!d: <aily praise >od for your healing. 0s. 4#2% 9emoriBe sal/ation and healing Scriptures. 0s. &424 Iincluding the fear of losing a healingJ 1sa. )&243)H " 2 H 0hil. &2 & Spend regular time with >od. ?n. )2( Attenti!n t! !ther": 0ray for the healing of others. ?as. 2%%$ %) Share your healing e;perience with many others. 0s. 4#2!aH #(2%$ and especially 0s. 9t. "2 43 )H 9+. *et anger rest in peace 7ph. 42%"3%(H 0ro/. "2&%H %)2%' 6espect your spouse


'2 (.

,orgi/e e/eryone. Be certain not to hold any grudges. 2%)3%"

0et. &2( Be merciful and gi/ing to the poor. 0s. 4 2 3% 0astors must care more for others than for themsel/es. 7Be+. &42 3 # Attenti!n t! "el% 1re"er#ati!n: 6esist the <e/il and put on the armor of >od. ?as. 42(H 6e/. %2 0et. %2%4 Be a li/ing sacrifice$ holy and acceptable to >od. 6om. %2 H "2 & 9y /ictory is secured by the blood of ?esus 6e/. %2 A true te"t !% a miracle: 1t is important that ministers of the gospel maintain the highest le/el of integrity. 5e are told to worship Him in spirit and in truth$ and the latter includes the testimonies of what is obser/ed in the li/es of people who are touched by the healing grace of >od. At times people become e;cited thin+ing they ha/e recei/ed a miracle$ when in fact they wished for it so badly their emotions led them to a false conclusion. :thers en=oy the popularity ministry can gi/e them. 8herefore$ the following four points established by the late Eathryn Eulhman are considered to be a true test of a genuine miracle. 8he disease or in=ury should be organic or structural in nature L and should ha/e been medically diagnosed. 8he healing should ha/e occurred rapidly$ or instantaneously. 8he changes would ha/e to be abnormal and not the +ind that could result from suggestion. All healings would ha/e to be medically /erified L preferably by more than one doctor. At least one of the doctors must be the patientCs pri/ate

H 7ph. "2 #3 '

<ie to sin$ li/e to righteousness

physician. 8he healing should be permanent$ or at least of sufficient duration as not to be diagnosed as a @remission.A 8he irony of the abo/e test is that it is ideal for a 5estern culture$ but doctors are generally impossible to find in 8hird3 world countries. Get this does demonstrate the discernment of delineating the difference between a genuine miracle and one that is false. 7l Shaddai 3 8he >od who is more than enough for me I0s. ! 2 43 )J. >od will. >od will answer me I?er. &&2&H 1s. 4&2%)3%"H 9t. (2(3'H 9+. 2%4H ?n. "2%& Heb. &2'J. >od will deli/er me I0s. &42 !J. >od will set me on high and honor him$ because 1 ha/e +nown >odCs name. I0s. %42&3 4H ! 2 )J. &!mm!n "en"e: 0ossibly one of the greatest horrors that must behold Hea/en is to see how people in the 5estern culture eat. 5e ha/e become a culture wherein we eat oursel/es sic+ and then as+ >od to heal us. 5hen He does$ we re/ert bac+ to the same =un+ food that crippled our immune system in the first place. 5hen you recei/e your healing$ whether naturally or by di/ine miracle$ gi/e than+s to >od. 8hen reduce the calories and carbohydrates. Consider the fact that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. 8reat it respectfully. 1t will add years to your life. &l!"in4 c!mment: 8here are those who claim to ha/e such incredible faith that they refuse to see a doctor$ and furthermore$ they insist that others do li+ewise. 8his is not faith$ but a power struggle to demonstrate super spirituality. 8rue lo/e searches for the highest and best good in others. 1f someone has a medical condition$ then than+ >od for that personCs healing and ta+e him or her to see a physician. >od ga/e all of us the mental faculties to ma+e rational decisions. 1f we were to li/e solely by faith and ne/er use our thin+ing faculties$ then >od made a horrible mista+e at the time of creation.
?amie Buc+ingham in *a%)hter of *estiny, )%$ cited by 6on Eydd in Hea in) Thro%)h the .ent%ries3 2ode s for Understandin). IHendric+son$ !!'J. ''.


S S S Notes S S S

S S S Notes S S S


@*et the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Gour sight$ : *ord$ my strength and my 6edeemer.A Eing <a/id I0s. !2 4J


Le""!n '( Eat Healthy Pur1!"e: 8o encourage the reader to research basic health information and thereby attain and maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. 7b8ecti#e: 8he student will understand se/eral basic guidelines of good health and nutrition. N:872 8his sub=ect is beyond the scope of this boo+$ but is a necessary component to li/ing a long and healthy life in a modern 5estern culture. Attenti!n t! G!d: 8he human body is the temple of >od. 9any Christians are selecti/e of how they will honor >od with their bodies. 8hey insist on not smo+ing and drin+ing but neglect some of the weightier issues such as =un+ foods Ii.e. white sugar$ white bread$ white saltJ that cause obesity and degenerati/e diseases. After spending years eating unhealthy foods they complain to >od that they are sic+ and wonder why. 8hey ha/e forgotten is the principle that states$ @6hatever a man sows$ this he will also reapA I>al. "2(J. 8his principle applies to all areas of life2 spiritual$ social$ diet and e;ercise or the lac+ thereof. Bey Ver"e: :r do you not +now that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you$ whom you ha/e from >od$ and that you are not your ownF Corinthians "2 ! Air"t See5 Pr!%e""i!nal &!un"el: . See a medical professional prior to beginning any diet or e;ercise program.

%. 8hen see a natural health care professional. 8he American medical establishment is the best in the world for curing diseases$ but cannot legally ad/ocate alternati/e natural methods without the possibility of facing medical3malpractice. Natural health care professionals will guide you to /arious resources in boo+s and on the 1nternet. Princi1le" and Guideline" %!r Health: . 1n the O(#s a popular slogan was that @you are what you eat.A 8he fact that Americans are suffering from degenerati/e diseases related to the diet suggests the slogan is true. 8. Colin Campbell in his boo+$ The .hina ,t%dy confirms this with startling results and has become a college reference boo+ for those in nutritional studies. % %. Cholesterol le/el in China is low$ as are heart diseases$ diabetes and cancer. 8he death rate of breast cancer is ) times higher in China than in the -.S. No heart disease fatalities among patients with cholesterol le/els below )# mgQd*. & &. <o you ha/e a problem with weightF 8. Colin Campbell says you should disregard calories. @Gou can eat as much as you want and still lose weight L as on) as yo% eat the ri)ht type of foods.' 4 4. <octors can measure your blood cholesterol but cannot measure how much cholesterol you consume with your food. >enetics is only about % or &\ of the health ris+. ) ). 8he following foods are strong anti3o;idants that fight cancer2 Blueberries$ Acai Berries$ 6aspberries$ Cranberies$ >reen 8ea$ >arlic$ Broccoli$ Cabbage$ :nions$ *ee+s$ 8omatoes$ 6es/eratrol$ Soy$ 8urmeric$ 5atercress and Spinach.

% & 4 )

8. Colin Campbell. The .hina ,t%dy. <allas$ 8N2 Benbella Boo+s. %##". 8. Colin Campbell$ (!. 8. Colin Campbell$ 4#. 7mphasis by Campbell. 8. Colin Campbell$ ( .


". Calcium and protein that come from low3fat dairy products promote weight loss and maintain muscle mass. (. A -nited States <epartment of Agriculture study concluded that as little as ] teaspoon of cinnamon will reduce blood sugar le/els and increase insulin le/els. '. Beans are a good source of protein$ fiber and iron. 0rotein +eeps blood sugar le/els steady and hunger at bay. !. Consuming fish regularly has been shown to lower le/els of the essential fatty acid leptin$ a hormone lin+ed to slower metabolism and obesity. #. 0ectin has a water3binding ability that may limit the amount of fat your body can absorb. All fruits ha/e pectin$ but it is especially plentiful in apples and berries. . >arlic is said to be a miracle herb. 1t boosts metabolism and +eeps insulin le/els low by ma;imiBing fat burning. Bad breath is a small price to pay for good health. %. >inger has the health benefit of increasing metabolism while also e;panding blood /essels$ and thereby impro/ing blood flow. &. >reen tea containing caffeine will increase metabolism %' to ((\ depending on how much is consumed. 4. Soybeans are a high3source of low3fat protein and are low on the glycemic inde;. 8his means that oneCs blood sugar will not spi+e and then crash an hour later. ). Spicy foods can ma+e one sweat and increase heart rate for a short time$ during which time the metabolism rate is increased. ". :li/e oil is a good fat. (. Gou burn more calories digesting protein that you do digesting carbohydrates or fats. 8hat is one reason low3carb diets wor+. '. <ehydration slows down metabolism and often disguises itself as hunger.

!. 7/eryone must consume some carbohydrates. 7at only whole wheat or whole grain breads and pastas. %#. A/oid artificial sweeteners. 8he ,ederal ,ood and <rug Administration refused to appro/e Aspartame for " years until a powerful politician was appointed into office and managed to get it legaliBed. 1t and other artificial sweeteners ha/e been lin+ed to brain cancer$ memory loss$ impaired /ision$ =oin pain and other health challenges. ,urthermore$ these sweeteners slow down the metabolism rate and increase appetite. Hence$ diet foods ha/e results that are opposite of intended goals. % . A/oid 9S> and its e;citoto;in cousins. 9S>$ or monosodium glutamate$ is a chemical additi/e commonly used by the food industry as a @fla/or enhancerA. -nfortunately$ it is put into most processed foods. 7/en CampbellCs soups ha/e 9S>$ which is sometimes decepti/ely labeled as @natural fla/oring.A :ne of its e;citoto;in cousins is Aspartame. %%. A/oid sodas. :ne can of sugar sweetened soda per day can add ) pounds per year. %&. A diet made of '#\ fresh /egetables and =uice$ whole grains$ seeds$ nuts and a little fruits help put the body into an al+aline en/ironment. About %#\ can be from coo+ed food including beans. ,resh /egetable =uices pro/ide li/e enBymes that are easily absorbed and reach down to cellular le/els within ) minutes to nourish and enhance growth of healthy cells. 8o obtain li/e enBymes for building healthy cells try and drin+ fresh /egetable =uice Imost /egetables including bean sproutsJ and eat some raw /egetables % or & times a day. 7nBymes are destroyed at temperatures of #4 degrees , I4# degrees CJ. %4. A/oid coffee$ tea$ and chocolate$ which ha/e high caffeine. >reen tea is a better alternati/e and has cancer3fighting properties. 5ater2 best to drin+ purified water$ or filtered$ to a/oid +nown to;ins and hea/y metals in tap water. <istilled water is acidic$ a/oid it. %). 9eat protein is difficult to digest and requires a lot of digesti/e enBymes. -ndigested meat remaining in

the intestines becomes putrefied and leads to more to;ic buildup. ,at and e;cessi/e protein from red meat is lin+ed to obesity. N:872 Some recent health studies suggest a/oiding red meat totally. Consume only unfarmed northern fish such as salmon$ some poultry and minimal por+. %". Cancer cell walls ha/e a tough protein co/ering. By refraining from or eating less meat the body will free more enBymes to attac+ the protein walls of cancer cells and allows the bodyCs +iller cells to destroy the cancer cells. %(. Some supplements build up the immune system I10"$ ,lorssence$ 7ssiac$ anti3o;idants$ /itamins$ minerals$ 7,A s etc.J to enable the bodyCs own +iller cells to destroy cancer cells. 8oo many other supplements such as /itamin 7 are +nown to cause apoptosis$ or programmed cell death$ the bodyCs normal method of disposing of damaged$ unwanted$ or unneeded cells. %'. Cancer is a disease of the mind$ body$ and spirit. A proacti/e and positi/e spirit will help the cancer warrior be a sur/i/or. Anger$ unforgi/eness and bitterness put the body into a stressful and acidic en/ironment. *earn to ha/e a lo/ing and forgi/ing spirit. *earn to rela; and en=oy life. %!. Cancer cells cannot thri/e in an o;ygenated en/ironment. 7;ercising daily and deep breathing helps to get more o;ygen down to the cellular le/el. :;ygen therapy is another means employed to destroy cancer cells. &#. 5arning2 9icrowa/e radiation from cell phone use is suspected to brain tumors. -nfortunately$ case studies are often biased in fa/or of the sponsors of the study Ii.e. cell phone industryJ. A new re/iew of more than ## studies on the safety of mobile phones has concluded that cellular de/ices are poised to cause an epidemic of brain tumors that will +ill more people than smo+ing or asbestos. INatural News. August %#$ %##' by <a/id >utierreBJ.


& . 0arsley will reduce blood sugar and diabetes dangers. A pinch of bay leaf will also bring down blood sugar. &%. 7ating a few stal+s of celery daily will reduce high blood pressure. &&. $4## 1- of Vitamin 7 with %3&$### mg Vitamin C per day is belie/ed to be ""\ effecti/e against AlBheimerCs <isease. &4. %$ ## mg Co3U3 # with $%## mg 6ed Geast 6ice lowers cholesterol. Howe/er$ some researchers belie/e that high cholesterol is N:8 a primary reason for heart disease Isee reference to The .hina Report belowJ. &). 43)$### 1- Vitamin <& daily is "#M\ effecti/e against cancer$ heart disease$ the common cold$ etc.J. &". Se/en foods to a/oid2 canned tomatoes$ corn3fed beef$ micro3wa/e popcorn$ farmed salmon$ nonorganic potatoes$ con/entional apples$ mild produced with artificial hormones I0re/ention. No/. %##!J. &(. Sugar is a cancer3feeder. By cutting off sugar it cuts off one important food supply to the cancer cells. Sugar substitutes li+e NutraSweet$ 7qual$ Spoonful$ etc are made with Aspartame and are harmful. A better natural substitute would be 9anu+a honey or molasses but only in /ery small amounts. &'. 8able salt has a chemical added to ma+e it white in color. Better alternati/e is BraggCs aminos or sea salt. &!. 9il+ causes the body to produce mucus$ especially in the gastro3intestinal tract. Cancer feeds on mucus. By cutting off mil+ and substituting with unsweetened Soya mil+ cancer cells are being star/ed. 4#. Cancer cells thri/e in an acid en/ironment. A meat3 based diet is acidic and it is best to eat fish$ and a little chic+en rather than beef or por+. 9eat also contains li/estoc+ antibiotics$ growth hormones and parasites$ which are all harmful$ especially to people with cancer. 4 . Concerning 0lastic Containers2 <o not use plastic containers in microwa/e$ water bottles in freeBer$ or plastic wrap in microwa/e.


A!r Aurther Study: <o you want to +now how the foods you eat affect your healthF The .hina ,t%dy is a landmar+ boo+ authored by <r 8. Colin Campbell that conclusi/ely shows the lin+ between diet and many serious ailments such as heart disease$ cancer and diabetes. 8his boo+ details the largest study e/er of diet$ disease and o/erall health in more than %$4## counties in China sur/eying o/er "$)## indi/iduals. 7/en though the -nited States is one of the richest countries we suffer from diseases of affluence lin+ed to our diet. 6ich$ high protein$ high fat foods are our nemesis and they are ta+ing their toll on our health and healthcare system as Campbell shows. :ther recommended resources include 7revention magaBine. Also chec+ out H.9. Ewo+ article$ @Chinese 6estaurant SyndromeA New !n) and Jo%rna of 2edi&ine. !"'. 42(!". 6ussell *. Blayloc+ has authored three must3read boo+s2 !8&itoto8ins3 The Taste That "i s. Hea th and N%trition ,e&rets That .an ,ave Yo%r 5ife, and Nat%ra ,trate)ies for .an&er 7atients. A %inal 3!rd: Gou can ha/e all the faith in the world and all the grace of >od in Hea/en$ but if you fail to care for your physical wellbeing$ you will get sic+ or continue to be sic+. 5hile the abo/e recommendations are focused on dietary guidelines$ the sub=ect of physical e;ercise is equally important. <iscuss an e;ercise program with a medical professional andQor therapist for ma;imiBed results. Gour health is your responsibility. Gou do your best and let >od do the rest. S S S Notes S S S


Le""!n ') Healin4 Scri1ture" Abraham prayed to >od$ and >od healed Abimelech and his wife and his maids$ so that they bore children. Gene"i" (0:'And He said$ ^1f you will gi/e earnest heed to the /oice of the *:6< your >od$ and do what is right in His sight$ and gi/e ear to His commandments$ and +eep all His statutes$ 1 will put none of the diseases on you which 1 ha/e put on the 7gyptiansH for 1$ the *:6<$ am your healer.^ E2!du" '+:(, Honor your father and your mother$ that your days may be prolonged in the land which the *:6< your >od gi/es you. E2!du" (0:'( 1f you wal+ in 9y statutes and +eep 9y commandments so as to carry them out$ then 1 shall gi/e you rains in their season$ so that the land will yield its produce and the trees of the field will bear their fruit. Le#iticu" (,:)9* Gou shall wal+ in all the way which the *:6< your >od has commanded you$ that you may li/e and that it may be well with you$ and that you may prolong your days in the land which you will possess. Deuter!n!my +:)) Gou shall therefore impress these words of mine on your heart and on your soulH and you shall bind them as a sign on your hand$ and they shall be as frontals on your forehead that your days and the days of your sons may be multiplied on the land which the *:6< swore to your fathers to gi/e them$ as long as the hea/ens remain abo/e the earth.

Deuter!n!my '':'., (' 8he *:6< will remo/e from you all sic+nessH and He will not put on you any of the harmful diseases of 7gypt which you ha/e +nown$ but He will lay them on all who hate you. Deuter!n!my -:'+ 1 call hea/en and earth to witness against you today$ that 1 ha/e set before you life and death$ the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may li/e$ you and your descendants$ by lo/ing the *:6< your >od$ by obeying His /oice$ and by holding fast to HimH for this is your life and the length of your days$ that you may li/e in the land which the *:6< swore to your fathers$ to Abraham$ 1saac$ and ?acob$ to gi/e them. Deuter!n!my )0:'/9(0 6eturn and say to HeBe+iah the leader of 9y people$ D8hus says the *:6<$ the >od of your father <a/id$ ^1 ha/e heard your prayer$ 1 ha/e seen your tearsH behold$ 1 will heal you. :n the third day you shall go up to the house of the *:6<. ( Bin4" (0:+ So the *:6< heard HeBe+iah and healed the people. ( &hr!nicle" )0:(0 : *:6< my >od$ 1 cried to Gou for help$ and Gou healed me. : *:6<$ Gou ha/e brought up my soul from SheolH Gou ha/e +ept me ali/e$ that 1 would not go down to the pit. Sing praise to the *:6<$ you His godly ones$ and gi/e than+s to His holy name. P"alm )0:(9* 9any are the afflictions of the *:6< deli/ers him out of them all. P"alm )*:'/ righteous$ but the


How blessed is he who considers the helpless. 8he *:6< will deli/er him in a day of trouble. 8he *:6< will protect him and +eep him ali/e$ and he shall be called blessed upon the earthH And do not gi/e him o/er to the desire of his enemies. 8he *:6< will sustain him upon his sic+bedH 1n his illness$ Gou restore him to health. P"alm *':'9) ,or all our days ha/e declined in Gour furyH 5e ha/e finished our years li+e a sigh. As for the days of our life$ they contain se/enty years$ or if due to strength$ eighty years$ yet their pride is but labor and sorrowH ,or soon it is gone and we fly away. P"alm /0:/9'0 Get those who wait for the *:6< will gain new strengthH 8hey will mount up with wings li+e eagles$ they will run and not get tired$ they will wal+ and not become weary. I"aiah *0:)' <o not fear$ for 1 am with youH <o not an;iously loo+ about you$ for 1 am your >od 1 will strengthen you$ surely 1 will help you$ surely 1 will uphold you with 9y righteous right hand. I"aiah *':'0 He I?esusJ was despised and forsa+en of men$ a man of sorrows and acquainted with griefH And li+e one from whom men hide their face He was despised$ and we did not esteem Him. Surely our griefs He Himself bore$ and our sorrows He carriedH Get we oursel/es esteemed Him stric+en$ smitten of >od$ and afflicted. But He was pierced through for our transgressions$ He was crushed for our iniquitiesH 8he chastening for our well3being fell upon Him$ and by His scourging we are healed. All of us li+e sheep ha/e gone astray$ each of us has turned to his own wayH But the *:6< has caused the iniquity of us all to fall on Him. I"aiah +):)9,


8hen your light will brea+ out li+e the dawn$ and your reco/ery will speedily spring forthH And your righteousness will go before youH 8he glory of the *:6< will be your rear guard. I"aiah +.:. 9y son$ do not forget my teaching$ but let your heart +eep my command3 mentsH ,or length of days and years of life and peace they will add to you. Pr!#erb" ):'9( ,or by me your days will be multiplied$ and years of life will be added to you. Pr!#erb" /:'' ,or 1 will restore you to health and 1 will heal you of your wounds$D declares the *:6<. @eremiah )0:'-a Behold$ 1 will bring to it health and healing$ and 1 will heal themH and 1 will re/eal to them an abundance of peace and truth. @eremiah )):, 1f you then$ being e/il$ +now how to gi/e good gifts to your children$ how much more will your ,ather who is in hea/en gi/e what is good to those who as+ Him. atthe3 -:'' 8his was to fulfill what was spo+en through 1saiah the prophet2 ^H7 H19S7*, 8::E :-6 1N,1691817S AN< CA6617< A5AG :-6 <1S7AS7S.^ atthe3 .:'Christ redeemed us from the curse of the *aw$ ha/ing become a curse for us33for it is written$ ^C-6S7< 1S 7V76G:N7 5H: HAN>S :N A 8677^33in order that in Christ

?esus the blessing of Abraham might come to the >entiles$ so that we would recei/e the promise of the Spirit through faithK. And if you belong to Christ$ then you are AbrahamDs descendants$ heirs according to promise. Galatian" ):')9'*, (/ Children$ obey your parents in the *ord$ for this is right. H:N:6 G:-6 ,A8H76 AN< 9:8H76 Iwhich is the first commandment with a promiseJ$ S: 8HA8 18 9AG B7 57** 518H G:-$ AN< 8HA8 G:- 9AG *1V7 *:N> :N 8H7 7A68H. E1he"ian" ,:'9) ,or you ha/e been called for this purpose$ since Christ also suffered for you$ lea/ing you an e;ample for you to follow in His steps$ 5H: C:991887< N: S1N$ N:6 5AS ANG <7C718 ,:-N< 1N H1S 9:-8HH and while being re/iled$ He did not re/ile in returnH while suffering$ He uttered no threats$ but +ept entrusting Himself to Him who =udges righteouslyH and He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross$ so that we might die to sin and li/e to righteousnessH for by His wounds you were healed. ' Peter (:('(* Belo/ed$ 1 pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health$ =ust as your soul prospers. ) @!hn (

Healin4 Scri1ture" !% @e"u" ?esus was going throughout all >alilee$ teaching in their synago3gues and proclaiming the gospel of the Eingdom$ and healing e/ery +ind of disease and e/ery +ind of sic+ness among the people. 8he news about Him spread throughout all SyriaH and they brought to Him all who were ill$ those suffering with /arious diseases and pains$ demoniacs$ epileptics$ paralytics$ and He healed them.

atthe3 *:()9(* And a leper came to Him and bowed down before Him$ and said$ ^*ord$ if Gou are willing$ Gou can ma+e me clean.^ ?esus stretched out His hand and touched him$ saying$ ^1 am willingH be cleansed.^ And immediately his leprosy was cleansed. atthe3 .:(9) ?esus got up and began to follow him$ and so did His disciples. And a woman who had been suffering from a hemorrhage for twel/e years$ came up behind Him and touched the fringe of His cloa+H for she was saying to herself$ ^1f 1 only touch His garment$ 1 will get well.^ But ?esus turning and seeing her said$ ^<aughter$ ta+e courageH your faith has made you well.^ At once the woman was made well. atthe3 /:(09(( As ?esus went on from there$ two blind men followed Him$ crying out$ ^Ha/e mercy on us$ Son of <a/idZ^ 5hen He entered the house$ the blind men came up to Him$ and ?esus said to them$ ^<o you belie/e that 1 am able to do thisF^ 8hey said to Him$ ^Ges$ *ord.^ 8hen He touched their eyes$ saying$ ^1t shall be done to you according to your faith.^ And their eyes were opened. atthe3 /:(-9)0a ?esus summoned His twel/e disciples and ga/e them authority o/er unclean spirits$ to cast them out$ and to heal e/ery +ind of disease and e/ery +ind of sic+ness. atthe3 '0:' But ?esus$ aware of this$ withdrew from there. 9any followed Him$ and He healed them all. atthe3 '(:'+


Now when ?esus heard about ?ohn$ He withdrew from there in a boat to a secluded place by HimselfH and when the people heard of this$ they followed Him on foot from the cities. 5hen He went ashore$ He saw a large crowd$ and felt compassion for them and healed their sic+. atthe3 '*:')9'* 5hen they had crossed o/er$ they came to land at >ennesaret. And when the men of that place recogniBed Him$ they sent word into all that surrounding district and brought to Him all who were sic+H and they implored Him that they might =ust touch the fringe of His cloa+H and as many as touched it were cured. atthe3 '*:)*9), <eparting from there$ ?esus went along by the Sea of >alilee$ and ha/ing gone up on the mountain$ He was sitting there. And large crowds came to Him$ bringing with them those who were lame$ crippled$ blind$ mute$ and many others$ and they laid them down at His feetH and He healed them. So the crowd mar/eled as they saw the mute spea+ing$ the crippled restored$ and the lame wal+ing$ and the blind seeingH and they glorified the >od of 1srael. atthe3 '+:(/9)' Seeing ?esus from a distance$ he Ia demoniacJ ran up and bowed down before Him I?esusJH and shouting with a loud /oice$ he said$ ^5hat business do we ha/e with each other$ ?esus$ Son of the 9ost High >odF 1 implore Gou by >od$ do not torment meZ^ ,or He I?esusJ had been saying to him$ ^Come out of the man$ you unclean spiritZ^ KAnd coming out$ the unclean spirits entered the swineH and the herd rushed down the steep ban+ into the sea$ about two thousand of themH and they were drowned in the sea. ar5 +:,9., ')b A woman who had had a hemorrhage for twel/e yearsK. after hearing about ?esus$ she came up in the crowd behind Him and touched His cloa+. ,or she thought$ ^1f 1 =ust touch

His garments$ 1 will get well.^ 1mmediately the flow of her blood was dried upH and she felt in her body that she was healed of her affliction. ar5 +:(+, (-,9(/ 5hen they had crossed o/er they came to land at >ennesaret$ and moored to the shore. 5hen they got out of the boat$ immediately the people recogniBed Him$ and ran about that whole country and began to carry here and there on their pallets those who were sic+$ to the place they heard He was. 5here/er He entered /illages$ or cities$ or countryside$ they were laying the sic+ in the mar+et places$ and imploring Him that they might =ust touch the fringe of His cloa+H and as many as touched it were being cured. ar5 ,:+)9+, 8hey brought to Him one who was deaf and spo+e with difficulty$ and they implored Him to lay His hand on him. ?esus too+ him aside from the crowd$ by himself$ and put His fingers into his ears$ and after spitting$ He touched his tongue with the sali/aH and loo+ing up to hea/en with a deep sigh$ He said to him$ ^7phphathaZ^ that is$ ^Be openedZ^ And his ears were opened$ and the impediment of his tongue was remo/ed$ and he began spea+ing plainly. ar5 -:)(9)+ But after hearing of Him$ a woman whose little daughter had an unclean spirit immediately came and fell at His feet. Now the woman was a >entile$ of the Syrophoenician race. And she +ept as+ing Him to cast the demon out of her daughterK.And going bac+ to her home$ she found the child lying on the bed$ the demon ha/ing left. ar5 -:(+9(,, )0 And one in the crowd answered Him$ ^8eacher$ 1 brought Gou my son$ possessed with a spirit which ma+es him muteH and whene/er it seiBes him$ it slams him to the ground and he foams at the mouth$ and grinds his teeth and stiffens out. 1 told Gour disciples to cast it out$ and they could not do it.^

And He answered them and said$ ^: unbelie/ing generation$ how long shall 1 be with youF How long shall 1 put up with youF Bring him to 9eZ^ 8hey brought the boy to Him. 5hen he saw Him$ immediately the spirit threw him into a con/ulsion$ and falling to the ground$ he began rolling around and foaming at the mouth. And He as+ed his father$ ^How long has this been happening to himF^ And he said$ ^,rom childhood.^ 1t has often thrown him both into the fire and into the water to destroy him. But if Gou can do anything$ ta+e pity on us and help usZ^ And ?esus said to him$ ^D1f Gou canFD All things are possible to him who belie/es.^ 1mmediately the boyDs father cried out and said$ ^1 do belie/eH help my unbelief.^ 5hen ?esus saw that a crowd was rapidly gathering$ He rebu+ed the unclean spirit$ saying to it$ ^Gou deaf and mute spirit$ 1 command you$ come out of him and do not enter him again.^ After crying out and throwing him into terrible con/ulsions$ it came outH and the boy became so much li+e a corpse that most of them said$ ^He is deadZ^ But ?esus too+ him by the hand and raised himH and he got up. 5hen He came into the house$ His disciples began questioning Him pri/ately$ ^5hy could we not dri/e it outF^ And He said to them$ ^8his +ind cannot come out by anything but prayer.^ ar5 /:'-9(/ And He came to NaBareth$ where He had been brought upH and as was His custom$ He entered the synagogue on the Sabbath$ and stood up to read. And the boo+ of the prophet 1saiah was handed to Him. And He opened the boo+ and found the place where it was written$ @8he Spirit of the *ord is upon me$ because he anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the capti/es and reco/ery of sight to the blind$ to set free those who are oppressed$ to proclaim the fa/orable year of the *ordA And He closed the boo+$ ga/e it bac+ to the attendant and sat downH and the eyes of all in the synagogue were fi;ed on Him. And He began to say to them$ ^8oday this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.^ Lu5e *:',9('

1n the synagogue there was a man possessed by the spirit of an unclean demon$ and he cried out with a loud /oice$ ^*et us aloneZ 5hat business do we ha/e with each other$ ?esus of NaBarethF Ha/e Gou come to destroy usF 1 +now who Gou are33the Holy :ne of >odZ^ But ?esus rebu+ed him$ saying$ ^Be quiet and come out of himZ^ And when the demon had thrown him down in the midst of the people$ he came out of him without doing him any harm. And amaBement came upon them all$ and they began tal+ing with one another saying$ ^5hat is this messageF ,or with authority and power He commands the unclean spirits and they come out.^ Lu5e *:))9), 5hile the sun was setting$ all those who had any who were sic+ with /arious diseases brought them to HimH and laying His hands on each one of them$ He was healing them. <emons also were coming out of many$ shouting$ ^Gou are the Son of >odZ^ But rebu+ing them$ He would not allow them to spea+$ because they +new Him to be the Christ. Lu5e *:*09*' ?esus came down with them and stood on a le/el placeH and there was a large crowd of His disciples$ and a great throng of people from all ?udea and ?erusalem and the coastal region of 8yre and Sidon$ who had come to hear Him and to be healed of their diseasesH and those who were troubled with unclean spirits were being cured. And all the people were trying to touch Him$ for power was coming from Him and healing them all. Lu5e ,:'-9'/ And there was a woman who for eighteen years had had a sic+ness caused by a spiritH and she was bent double$ and could not straighten up at all. 5hen ?esus saw her$ He called her o/er and said to her$ ^5oman$ you are freed from your sic+ness.^ And He laid His hands on herH and immediately she was made erect again and began glorifying >od. Lu5e '):''9')


:n another Sabbath He entered the synagogue and was teachingH and there was a man there whose right hand was withered. 8he scribes and the 0harisees were watching Him closely to see if He healed on the Sabbath$ so that they might find reason to accuse Him. But He +new what they were thin+ing$ and He said to the man with the withered hand$ ^>et up and come forwardZ^ And he got up and came forward. And ?esus said to them$ ^1 as+ you$ is it lawful to do good or to do harm on the Sabbath$ to sa/e a life or to destroy itF^ After loo+ing around at them all$ He said to him$ ^Stretch out your handZ^ And he did soH and his hand was restored. Lu5e ,:,9'0 1n these lay a multitude of those who were sic+$ blind$ lame$ and withered$ Wwaiting for the mo/ing of the watersH for an angel of the *ord went down at certain seasons into the pool and stirred up the waterH whoe/er then first$ after the stirring up of the water$ stepped in was made well from whate/er disease with which he was afflicted.X A man was there who had been ill for thirty3eight years. 5hen ?esus saw him lying there$ and +new that he had already been a long time in that condition$ He said to him$ ^<o you wish to get wellF^ 8he sic+ man answered Him$ ^Sir$ 1 ha/e no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up$ but while 1 am coming$ another steps down before me.^ ?esus said to him$ ^>et up$ pic+ up your pallet and wal+.^ 1mmediately the man became well$ and pic+ed up his pallet and began to wal+. @!hn +:)9/a As He passed by$ He saw a man blind from birth. And His disciples as+ed Him$ ^6abbi$ who sinned$ this man or his parents$ that he would be born blindF^ ?esus answered$ ^1t was neither that this man sinned$ nor his parentsH but it was so that the wor+s of >od might be displayed in him. ^5e must wor+ the wor+s of Him who sent 9e as long as it is dayH night is coming when no one can wor+. ^5hile 1 am in the world$ 1 am the *ight of the world.^ 5hen He had said this$ He spat on the ground$ and made clay of the spittle$ and

applied the clay to his eyes$ and said to him$ ^>o$ wash in the pool of Siloam^ Iwhich is translated$ SentJ So he went away and washed$ and came bac+ seeing. @!hn /:'98he thief comes only to steal and +ill and destroyH 1 came that they may ha/e life$ and ha/e it abundantly. @!hn '0:'0 Healin4 a" a &hri"tian Li%e"tyle He will call upon 9e$ and 1 will answer himH 1 will be with him in troubleH 1 will rescue him and honor him. 5ith a long life 1 will satisfy him and let him see 9y sal/ation. P"alm /':'+9', 9y son$ gi/e attention to my wordsH 1ncline your ear to my sayings. <o not let them depart from your sightH Eeep them in the midst of your heart. ,or they are life to those who find them and health to all their body. Pr!#erb" *:(09(( <o not be e;cessi/ely wic+ed and do not be a fool. 5hy should you die before your timeF Eccle"ia"te" -:'^8ruly 1 say to you$ whate/er you bind on earth shall ha/e been bound in hea/enH and whate/er you loose on earth shall ha/e been loosed in hea/en. Again 1 say to you$ that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may as+$ it shall be done for them by 9y ,ather who is in hea/en. ,or where two or three ha/e gathered together in 9y name$ 1 am there in their midst.^ atthe3 '.:'.9(0


And ?esus answered saying to them$ ^Ha/e faith in >od. ^8ruly 1 say to you$ whoe/er says to this mountain$ DBe ta+en up and cast into the sea$D and does not doubt in his heart$ but belie/es that what he says is going to happen$ it will be granted him. ^8herefore 1 say to you$ all things for which you pray and as+$ belie/e that you ha/e recei/ed them$ and they will be granted you. ^5hene/er you stand praying$ forgi/e$ if you ha/e anything against anyone$ so that your ,ather who is in hea/en will also forgi/e you your transgressions. ^But if you do not forgi/e$ neither will your ,ather who is in hea/en forgi/e your transgressions.^ ar5 '':((9(, ^5hate/er you as+ in 9y name$ that will 1 do$ so that the ,ather may be glorified in the Son. ^1f you as+ 9e anything in 9y name$ 1 will do it. @!hn '*:')9'* 1n that day you will not question 9e about anything 8ruly$ truly$ 1 say to you$ if you as+ the ,ather for anything in 9y name$ He will gi/e it to you. -ntil now you ha/e as+ed for nothing in 9y nameH as+ and you will recei/e$ so that your =oy may be made full. @!hn ',:()9(* And He said to them$ ^>o into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. He who has belie/ed and has been baptiBed shall be sa/edH but he who has disbelie/ed shall be condemned. 8hese signs will accompany those who ha/e belie/ed2 in 9y name they will cast out demons$ they will spea+ with new tonguesH they will pic+ up serpents$ and if they drin+ any deadly poison$ it will not hurt themH they will lay hands on the sic+$ and they will reco/er.^ So then$ when the *ord ?esus had spo+en to them$ He was recei/ed up into hea/en and sat down at the right hand of >od. And they went out and preached e/erywhere$ while the *ord wor+ed with them$ and confirmed the word by the signs that followed. And they promptly reported all these instructions to 0eter and his companions. And after that$ ?esus Himself

sent out through them from east to west the sacred and imperishable proclamation of eternal sal/ation. ar5 ',:'+9(0 8he crowds with one accord were gi/ing attention to what was said by 0hilip$ as they heard and saw the signs which he was performing. ,or in the case of many who had unclean spirits$ they were coming out of them shouting with a loud /oiceH and many who had been paralyBed and lame were healed. Act" .:,98here he found a man named Aeneas$ who had been bedridden eight years$ for he was paralyBed. 0eter said to him$ ^Aeneas$ ?esus Christ heals youH get up and ma+e your bed.^ 1mmediately he got up. Act" /:))9)* At *ystra a man was sitting who had no strength in his feet$ lame from his motherDs womb$ who had ne/er wal+ed. 8his man was listening to 0aul as he spo+e$ who$ when he had fi;ed his gaBe on him and had seen that he had faith to be made well$ said with a loud /oice$ ^Stand upright on your feet.^ And he leaped up and began to wal+. Act" '*:.9'0 >od was performing e;traordinary miracles by the hands of 0aul$ so that hand+erchiefs or aprons were e/en carried from his body to the sic+$ and the diseases left them and the e/il spirits went out. Act" '/:''9'(

So faith comes from hearing$ and hearing by the word of Christ. H!man" '0:'119

?esus Christ is the same yesterday and today and fore/er. Hebre3" '):. 1s anyone among you sic+F 8hen he must call for the elders of the church and they are to pray o/er him$ anointing him with oil in the name of the *ordH and the prayer offered in faith will restore the one who is sic+$ and the *ord will raise him up$ and if he has committed sins$ they will be forgi/en him. @ame" +:'*9'+ Ainal c!mment 8here is an old clichY that says$ @>od said it$ 1 belie/e it$ that settles it.A 8he fact of the matter is that what one belie/es or does not belie/e has little to do with the authority of the Bible. 8he clichY would be more accurate if it said @>od said it 33 that settles itA L periodZ S S S Notes S S S


S S S Notes S S S


A11endi2 In%!rmati!n ;!u mi4ht %ind <"e%ul 5hen organiBing this study guide$ some interesting historical information did not fit into any con/entional lessons. 8his data is placed below and it might be useful in your instructional lessons or sermons. '. $he u"e !% the term =1hy"ician"> in the 7ld $e"tament: . Raphe or rophe from the Hebrew root word$ rafa or rapha %. @0hysiciansA mentioned ! times in the :8$ such as2 a. 7mbalmers of ?acob I>en. )#2 3 J b. 5ounds and ulcers Icf 1sa. 2"H &#2%"H Hos "2 J. c. Bone setters I7Be+. & J d. 0hysicians condemned for gi/ing useless ad/ice and worthless treatment I?er. '2%%H ?ob &24H % Chron. "2 %J &. @1 am the *ord your healerA 4. Contrast with the false gods$ not against physicians. (. $he church e"tabli"hed h!"1ital": 1n &%) 7mperor Constantine con/ened a church council for the purpose of establishing a consensus on /arious doctrines. Among the many sub=ects the bishops appro/ed were the establishment of hospitals for the sic+ and wounded. Note the brief reference of the (#th Canon on the Nicaean Council. :f the hospital to be established in e/ery city$ and of the choice of attendant and concerning his duties. W1t is interesting to note that one of the duties of the superintendent isP@8hat if the goods of the hospital are not sufficient for its e;penses$ he ought to collect all the time and from all Christians pro/ision according to the ability of each.AX "
" http2QQwww.fordham.eduQhalsallQbasisQnicea .t;t 6etrie/ed <ecember 4$ %##!.


). DidnFt @e"u" 3arn u" !% th!"e 3h! u"ed Hi" name relati#e t! healin46 1n 9atthew (2 )3%& and its parallel in *u+e "24&34) ?esus predicted that false prophets would call Him @*ord$ *ordA and perform miracles in His name. 8his passage has been interpreted by some well3meaning belie/ers as to state that other Christians who do call upon the *ord ?esus to heal the sic+ and cast out demons are those false prophets. 1n fact$ they belie/e that since miracles and healings ended with the death of the last apostle$ only false prophets can perform similar miraculous signs and wonders. Note the following /erses % 3%& from 9atthew (2 Not e/eryone who says to 9e$ D*ord$ *ord$D will enter the +ingdom of hea/en$ but he who does the will of 9y ,ather who is in hea/en will enter. 9any will say to 9e on that day$ D*ord$ *ord$ did we not prophesy in Gour name$ and in Gour name cast out demons$ and in Gour name perform many miraclesF And then 1 will declare to them$ @1 ne/er +new youH <70A68 ,6:9 97$ G:5H: 06AC81C7 *A5*7SSN7SS.A 8he point of theological misinterpretation is the phrase$ @*ord$ *ord$ did we not prophesy in Gour name$ and in Gour name cast out demons$ and in Gour name perform many miraclesF And then 1 will declare to them$ @1 ne/er +new you.A 8his passage has been one of contro/ersy throughout the centuries. 8he primary point of difficulty is that someone who professed to e;ercise the power of ?esus but is un+nown by Him. 1n ancient times$ e;orcists often called upon the names of se/eral deities to e;ercise supernatural IspiritualJ powers. 8wo ancient non3biblical documents help bring clarification to this passage. 8he first is an e;orcism that in/o+ed the names of Solomon and Gahweh against Belial and the *iliths Ide/ilsJ. W8e;t missingX of <a/id. Concerning the words of the spell in the name of GH5H Wte;t missingX of Solomon$ and he will in/o+e the name of GH5H to set him free from e/ery affliction of the spirits$ of the de/ils$ *iliths$

owls and =ac+els. 8hese are the de/ils$ and the prince of enmity is Belial who rules o/er the abyss of dar+ness Wte;t missingX to Wte;t missingX and to magnify the >od of wonders... the sons of his people ha/e completed the cure Wte;t missingX those who ha/e relied on your name. 1n/o+e Wte;t missingX guarding of 1srael. *ean on GH5H$ the >od of gods$ he who made the hea/ens$ and the earth and all that is in them$ who separated light from dar+ness. <ead Sea Scroll Apo&rypha 7sa m of !8or&ism I W U0sApaXJ$ Col. $ *ines 3 &. ( U

8his manuscript ob/iously indicates that this first century ?ew had a functional +nowledge of using the name and authority of >od to cast out demons. His success$ howe/er$ is un+nown. Nonetheless$ it is +nown that he was dedicated solely to ?esus$ and therefore$ he would not be considered @sa/ed.A 8he second e;ample is a third century A.<. document found in 7gypt. 1t was written by a ?ew who called upon more than the >od of his faith. A large portion of the te;t was omitted because the spirits were repeatedly ad=ured. 1t should be noted that the word @1 ad=ure youA is a command that means @to cast out.A 8he abbre/iated form is as follows$ ,or those possessed by demons$ Where isX an appro/ed charm by 0ibechis. 8a+e oil made of unripe oli/es$ together with the plant 9astigia and lotus pith$ and boil it with mar=oram I/ery colorlessJ$ Saying$ @?oel$ :ssarthiomi$ 7mori ...Come out of such3a3one.A But write on the phylactery... @?aeo$ Abraothioch$ 0htha ...and hang it around the sufferer2 it is of e/ery demon a thing to be trembled at$ which he fears. Standing opposite$ ad=ure him. 8he ad=uration is this2 @1 ad=ure you by the god of the Hebrews ?esu$ ? that appear in fire$ you that are in the midst of the earth and snow and /apor$ tannetis2 let your angel descend$ implacable one$ and let him draw into capti/ity the
,lorentino >arcia 9artineB. The *ead ,ea ,&ro s Trans ated. %nd ed. I5ilfred >. 7. 5atson$ trans. >rand 6apids2 7erdmans. !!"J. &(".


demon as he flies around this creature which >od formed in his holy paradise.A 8he magical formula

closes with the following2

1 ad=ure you by him who appeared unto you : 1srael in the pillar of light and in the cloud by day$ and deli/ered his word from the tas+ wor+ of 0haraoh and brought upon 0haraoh the ten plagues because he did not listen. 1 ad=ure you$ e/ery demonic spirit$ whoe/er you are...1 ad=ure you by >od the light3bringer$ in/incible$ who +nows what is in the heart of all life$ who from dust formed the race of men... 1 ad=ure you by the great >od Sabaoth through whom the ?ordan 6i/er flowed bac+ward$ the 6ed Sea also$ which 1srael =ourneyed o/er and it was impassable. 1 ad=ure you 33 e/ery demonic spirit 33 by Him that loo+s down on the earth and ma+es the foundations tremble thereof$ and made all things out of things which were not into being. But 1 ad=ure you$ you who see the ad=uration2 the flesh of swine you must not eat$ and there shall be sub=ect to you e/ery spirit and demon$ whate/er he may be. But when you ad=urest$ blow sending WyourX breath from abo/e Wto the feetX$ and from the feet to the face$ and he Wthe demonX will be drawn into capti/ity. Be pure and +eep it. ,or the sentence is Hebrew and +ept by men that are pure. Selections from the lines &$##(3') of the 7aris 2a)i&a 7apyr%s of Jewish 9ri)ins ! 8he command @come outA is the same word used by ?esus in *u+e 42&) Icf. 9+. 2%)$ )2'$ !2%)J and was a common
1t is not the intent to teach demonic formulas or ancient witchcraft$ but rather to present e/idence that e;orcism was practiced by pagan e;orcists who call upon the name of >od andQor ?esus. C.E. Barrett. The New Testament /a&()ro%nd. ISan ,rancisco2 Harper3San ,rancisco$ !!!J. &43&(H See also Adolf <eissmann$ 5i)ht 1rom the An&ient !ast. I*ionel 6.9. Strachan$ trans. 0eabody$ 9A2 Henderson$ first ed. !%($ reprint !!)J. %)#3"#.
! '


formula used in ancient e;orcism. @0hthaA was the name of an 7gyptian god. @Ad=ureA is a formula to command a spirit to act and the name @?esuA is the abbre/iated name of ?esus$ the power source used to cast out the demon. ?ews had a high regard for the name of >od. So much that e/en today orthodo; ?ews will spell the name of <eity as @>3dA. *i+ewise$ any ?ew who considered the deity of ?esus spelled His name @?esu.A 8hese writings re/eal that the demons were commanded to lea/e in a manner similarly used by ?esus. 8he typical e;orcistCs formula used by both ?ews and >ree+s had the same essential elements. >enerally there was the in/ocation of the names of deities$ the use of magical names$ the use of a religious ob=ect Igem or piece of leadJ$ and some form of a religious rite.%# 1n contrast$ ?esus simply commanded demons to lea/e their /ictims. His disciples were told to do the same by simply using the authoritati/e phrase$ @in the name of ?esusAI9t. #2 H *+. #2 !J. 8he abo/e e;orcisms differ from those of the early Church in that the Church fathers used only the name of ?esus for their authority and power. :ne of the earliest church fathers who ac+nowledged this di/ine power by the Holy Spirit was ?ustin 9artyr who li/ed in Samaria about a century after Christ. He stated that$ @5e WareX belie/ers in ?esus our *ord$ who was crucified under 0ontius 0ilate$ cast out all de/ils and other e/il spirits and thus ha/e them in our power.A % 1n the early third century$ 8ertullian constantly and aggressi/ely attac+ed pagan philosophies and their accompanying lifestyles. 1n star+ contrast$ he spo+e of the =oys of being a follower of Christ and stated that as a Christian$ what could be better...


Clinton 7. Arnold. 7ower and 2a)i&3 The .on&ept of 7ower in !phesians . I>rand 6apids2 Ba+er$ !!%J. ('.

?ustin 9artyr$ *ia o) "2%"!.


8han to find yourself trampling underfoot the gods of the >entiles$ e;pelling demons$ effecting cures$ see+ing re/ela3tions$ li/ing to >odF 8hese are the pleasures$ the spectacles of Christians$ holy$ eternal$ and freed. 8ertullian$ *e ,pe&ta&% is %!. *C*$ %!)$ %!( :rigen was another early church father of the early third century who recorded the signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit in the li/es of Christians. 1n one of his apologetic writings of his Christian faith$ he stated By these Wthe names of >od and ?esusX we also ha/e seen many deli/ered from serious ailments$ and from mental distractions and madness$ and countless other diseases$ which neither men nor demons had cured. :rigen$ .ontra .e s%m &.%4

1n the 6oman3>reco world$ the pagan religions promoted the teaching that the spirit world had an o/erriding influence on e/ery aspect of the daily affairs of men. 8he Apostle 0aul referred to the powers of Christ being dominant o/er the powers of e/il in his letters to the 7phesian and Colossian churches. 1n ancient religions$ when one prayed$ one commanded the gods to a particular action$ and therefore$ e;pected the requested results. 5hen the early church leaders prayed they e;pected and recei/ed results. <emonic powers are bro+en in the name of ?esus because of His death and resurrection$ His ascension and e;altation by His hea/enly ,ather Icf. 7ph. 2% H Cor. %2 %3 )H 0hil. %2!J. %& Note2 5hile ancient magical te;ts describe elaborate methods with repeated phraseology to ad=ure an e/il spirit$ ?esus uttered a simple command to lea/e and the demons obeyed Him.

.ontra .e s%m &.%4 trans. by Henry Chadwic+ ICambridge2 Cambridge -ni/ersity 0ress$ !)&J. %4.

Aune )% with reference to ancient writers :rigen Contra Celsum ".4 H (.4 and 0hilostratus /it. Sophist. )%&$ )!#H See also Arnold$ !.


*. $he "1iritual 3ar%are !% E1he"ian" ,: 8he full meaning of 7phesians "2 #3 '$ is best understood within the cultural contest of the 6oman capital city of 7phesus. 1t was a significant cultural and religious center +nown for the worship of the patron >ree+ goddess Artemis I6omans called her <ianaJ. 8he 8emple of Artemis also ser/ed as a ban+ because it housed the ta; re/enues of the eastern third of the 7mpire. Hence it was a strategic city of immense importance and wealth. Artemis was the multi3purpose patron goddess of war$ childbirth$ wildlife$ hunting and the defender of the city. As goddess of protection and war she was depicted wearing a fortress3type crown. She was said to ha/e superb archery s+ills$ enabling the hunter to bring home wild game and help the warrior +ill his enemy. 6oman Soldiers in 7phesus soa+ed their arrows in oil and ignited them prior to shooting at their targetsH arrows belie/ed to ha/e been guided by her. 1n time of war$ the 7phesians tied an idol of her to the protecti/e city wall so her power could flow into it. She was the cunning goddess of the underworld and ruled at least forty3four other deities IdemonsJ that were also worshipped by the 7phesians. *ittle wonder then that she was called @sa/ior$ lordA and @queen of the cosmos.A %4 Some idols depicted her as a multi3breasted woman wearing a long flowing robe on which are inscribed images of those deities IdemonsJ that she nursed. 0aul did not focus his writing on =ust any deity$ but on the feminiBed form of Satan who was supreme commander of the spiritual world of the 7phesians. 1n 7phesians 0aul described the identity of a belie/er @in Christ ?esusA and the end of Chapter " commands the belie/er to fight the good fight of faith with the power of ?esus. ,or any spiritual battle to be successful one must +now who heQshe is in Christ ?esus and +now the enemy. No better illustration of spiritual warfare could be gi/en than a


Arnold$ 4!3) .


/ictorious belie/er dressed in the armor of >od /s. the satanic commander of 7phesus. E1he"ian" ,:'09'.: $he dual ima4ery !% the arm!r !% G!d: 1magery of a 6oman soldier. 5e fight the good fight of faith I 8im. "2 %H % 8im. 42(J. 1magery of the high priest in ?erusalem. 5e are a royal priesthood I 0et. %2!J. V. #. Be strong in the *ord. 8he *ord is our strength. V. 3 &. 8he armor of >od 5hole armor of >od R 5hole counsel of >od. 5ord of >od R +nowledge of >od >odCs +nowledge in proper IR wisdomJ use wins battles. Cannot e;pect to win with only one element of the armor. 0urpose of the armor2 8o stop satanic attac+s that include destruction to health$ finances$ relationships$ etc. 8o stop thoughts$ ideas$ suggestions gi/en to us by human nature and Satan. All sin originated by a thought$ idea$ of e/il suggestion. 7;ample2 7/e made a wrong decision based on thought$ but she had +nowledge that she failed to use. V. 3 & <emonic power Artemis is identified as the <e/il

Her cunning schemes should be opposed successfully Stand firm in the faith I/. &$ >al. )2 J against demonic forces 9ilitary combat terminology IHosea 42"J. V. 4. Belt of 8ruth 8he belt held the sheath of the sword. 0aul affirms the importance of truthfulness in order to ha/e a successful /ictory o/er demonic forces. ?esus said @Sprit of truthA I?n. "2 &J. Shall guide you into all truth Shall spea+$ show things to come. V. 4. Breastplate of 6ighteousness SoldierCs protecti/e co/ering of his chest 0riest wore a breastplate I7;. %'2%!J with which he made important decisions. 8hess )2' Breastplate of faith and lo/e. 8o the first century readers of the letter to the 7phesians$ the priest represented worship and sacrifice before >od$ not warfare. Get the Christian life is one of worship$ sacrifice and spiritual warfare. 0aul underscored the power of >od a/ailable to the belie/er with the fact that Christians are dedicated to be holy to >od Isignified by the helmet of sal/ationJ and are to ma+e godly decisions Isignified by the breastplateJ. 8he priest was not only to ha/e the character of >od Ifruit of the SpiritJ$ but was also to be dedicated to >od. Hence$ 0aul used :8 words such as @faithfulnessA and @righteousness.A 6elati/e to the breastplate of /erse 4$ 1n the pouch of the breastplate worn by the High 0riest were two stones$ urim and thummim$ that brought either a blessing or cursing I<eut. 2%"3%'J life and good$ or death and e/il I<eut &#2 )J. 1n the :8 the co/enant became binding when 9oses sprin+led it IbreastplateJ and the people with blood I7;.

%42'JH and in the N8 the co/enant became binding when ?esus shed his blood I*e/. (2 H 9t. %"2%'H Heb. !2 )3 'H #2 3%%J. V. ). Shoes 0rotecti/e co/ering for the feet$ symboliBed ser/anthood. V. ). >ospel of peace 0aul said to be ready to proclaim the gospel of peace. Artemis was the goddess of war and the defense of 7phesus I<emonic forces create terrorism$ war$ and anarchy.J V. ". Shield of faith 0aul said that faith in >od will be the shield that will not only protect us from the flaming arrows IdartsJ of the enemy$ but will also quench them. V. (. Helmet of sal/ation Helmet was the soldierCs protecti/e co/ering of the head 0riest wore a head band that read @H:*G 8: 8H7 *:6<A I7;. &!2&#J Success depends on oneCs acti/e thin+ing and thought life 7/ery thought needs to beQis screened. 8houghts filtered or e/aluated by what you +now. Some innocent thoughts ha/e bad consequences. *ittle biblical +nowledge R little filtering ability % Cor. #2) 8a+e e/ery thought capti/e. <o not ma+e decisions by emotions. 8im. 2 ' ,ight the good fight @=ihadA L a holy war to control your mind.

5ar with thought3life is a lifelong process. ?n. "2 & Spirit of truth will guide you ?esus spo+e more of the Spirit of truth than of miracles. 0eter )2' 9aintenance of thought life @SoberA R clear minded @AlertA R obser/ant of the <e/ilCs possible attac+s 7/ery person who has e/er failed$ first failed in thought life. ?n &2 3 % <e/il put an e/il thought in heart of ?udas$ that he accepted. Acts )2 Ananias and Sapphira failed because of an e/il thought they accepted. @EnowledgeA use as in military phraseology2 >odCs people in e;ile due to lac+ of +nowledge I1sa. )2 &J. >odCs people die due to lac+ of +nowledge IHosea 42"J. @Set you freeA military combat terminology in ?ohn '2&%. V. (. Sword of the Spirit Sword of Spirit R 5ord of >od IBibleJ 8he 5ord of >od is to be used in con=unction with clear thin+ing. V. '. 0ray in the Spirit. 0rayer is the dialog between man and >od . ?esus said Holy Spirit is the @Spirit of truthA I?n. 42 "J ?esus said Holy Spirit @teach you all thingsA I?n. 42%)J @Bring all things to remembranceA 8he Holy Spirit is spo+en of more as a 6e/ealer of truth than a 5or+er of miracles ISee Cor. %J Vict!ry thr!u4h @e"u":

?esus disarmed demonic powers and principalities ICol. %2 )J. ?esus came to destroy the wor+s of the de/il I ?n. &2'J. >od ga/e us /ictory through ?esus I Cor. )2)(J. Because of ?esusK@1t is finished$A Satan is defeated I?n. !2&#J. ?esus gi/es freedom from Satan I?n. '2&"J. ?esus$ not Satan$ has the +eys of death and Hell I6e/. 2 'J. E1he"ian" ,:'09'. 1er"!naliGed: # ,inally$ I am strong in the *ord and in the strength of His might. I wi put on the full armor of >od$ so that I will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the de/il. % ,or my struggle is not against flesh and blood$ but against the rulers$ against the powers$ against the world forces of this dar+ness$ against the spiritual forces of wic+edness in the hea/enly places. & 8herefore$ I have ta(en up the full armor of >od$ so that I will be able to resist in the e/il day$ and ha/ing done e/erything$ to stand firm. 4 I wi stand firm therefore$ HAV1N> >16<7< 2Y *:1NS 518H 86-8H$ and HAV1N> 0-8 :N 8H7 B67AS80*A87 :, 61>H87:-SN7SS$ ) and ha/ing shod 2Y ,778 518H 8H7 0670A6A81:N :, 8H7 >:S07* :, 07AC7H " in addition to all$ I am ta+ing up the shield of faith with which I will be able to e;tinguish all the flaming arrows of the e/il one. ( And I wi ta+e 8H7 H7*978 :, SA*VA81:N$ and the sword of the Spirit$ which is the word of >od. ' 5ith all prayer and petition I wi pray at all times in the Spirit$ and with this in /iew$ I wi be on the alert with all perse/erance and petition for all the saintsK Su44e"ted 1rayer:

8he following prayer is for someone who has a demonic spirit$ but must first accept ?esus as *ord and Sa/ior. ,ather >od 1 than+ you that 1 am in your co/enant through faith and the blood of ?esus. 1 am co/ered by His blood and 1 command you Idemonic spiritJ in the name of ?esus to come out of your /ictim. 5ith the authority of ?esus and in His name$ we command you to go at once to the place that ?esus has prepared for you. 8here He will bind you for e/er. Gou cannot return. ,or the /ictory belongs to ?esus$ and in His name 1 pray$ AmenZ N!te" !% intere"t: . 0eople feel that if signs and wonders are not flowing there is something wrong with the pastor or the church. %. ?esus is more interested in your obedience and what you +now than a display of His power. Ii.e.$ 9arriages are sa/ed by display of obedience to the 5ord and character$ not powerJ. &. 5e are destroyed by lac+ of re/elation +nowledge$ not by lac+ of signs and wonders. Enowledge in proper use wins battles. 4. ,orgi/eness is best demonstrated when you$ as the one who was /iolated$ as+ >od to bless and prosper the one who /iolated you. ). Consider this thought for your purpose in life2 >odCs plan for humanity ta+es into account human sin and human errors. ". 8his does not mean that >od condones sin and errors$ but it does mean that >od is able to redeem any and all situations and use them for His purpose and glory. (. ,inally2 8o anyone who has not dealt with demonic spirits$ this is not childCs play. :ne must fast and pray before becoming in/ol/ed and minister only with others who are e;perienced in this ministry. ?esus spo+e to demonic spirits. He ne/er touched one who

was demonically possessed or oppressed. *i+ewise$ you need to apply wisdom.

+. In"i4ht" int! ancient medicine Di"ea"e": Archaeoparasitology is the scientific e;traction and identification of parasite eggs from archaeological sites. 8he purpose is to identify the parasites that inflicted the people of Bible times. Ancient leprosy as described in *e/iticus & and 4 was a classification of /arious s+in diseases that is not related to the modern leprosy$ or HansonCs disease. Some of these s+in diseases were effecti/ely treated when the sufferer bathed in hot sulfur springs. Consequently$ people with all +inds of ailments came to the hot springs hoping to be cured. Howe/er$ the question raises as to why >od had 9oses write two chapters I & T 4J in *e/iticus related to leprosy when there would be only two reported healings of the disease in the :ld 8estamentF 8he answer lies in the fact that by the first century it was common +nowledge that only the 9essiah would be able to heal this dreaded disease. 8herefore$ when ?esus healed the ten lepers and sent them to the temple to be declared @cleanA it was a profound statement that He was the 9essiah. 9any had claimed to be the 9essiah$ but ?esus was generally silent about His 9essiahship and demonstrated it. Caiaphas and many other temple leaders were aware of the cleansing of the lepers and still chose to ha/e Him crucified. Ancient Sur4ery 8rephination or trepanation is the medical process in which a hole is drilled in the s+ull to relie/e a medical problem. 1n '"( the 0arisian Anthropological Society captured global attention when reported that ancient brain surgeries had a ((\ reco/er rate. According to ?oe .ias$ who is the curator

of anthropology for the 1srael Antiquities Authority$ some physicians in ancient 1srael were apparently successful. .ias said$ 1n 1srael %' trephinated crania$ ranging in time from the pre3pottery Neolithic at ?ericho I'&)#3"### BCJ to the early Arab 0eriod I'th century A<J$ ha/e appeared. 8he post3operati/e sur/i/al WrateX is ((\....A %) 8he appearance of new bone tissue at the surgical site indicates that healing$ and ob/iously reco/ery$ had occurred. Human s+ulls ha/e been found in 7urope where$ in the 9iddle Ages$ the sur/i/al rate was much lower than in ancient 9iddle 7ast due to post3surgery infection and possible climate conditions. Amulet" 8hroughout history people ha/e always turned to the supernatural when confronted with problems$ whether health or military conflict. By the first century the ancients$ and especially the Babylonians$ had de/eloped a massi/e amount of literature on magic and incantationsH more than half of them written in the ?ewish3Aramaic dialect. %" 8his is probably due to the influence of the ?ewish people and their belief in G5H5 IGahwehJ. 9any ?ewish amulets that were written against a disease or e/il spirit contained Bible /erses. An e;ample is one that was disco/ered in an ancient synagogue near EibbutB Nirim in 1srael. 1t reads$ An amulet proper for 7sther$ daughter of 8Ctys$ to sa/e her from tormentors$ from e/il eye$ from spirit$ from demon and shadow3spirit$ from all e/il tormentors$ from e/il eye$ from pure spirit. @And he said$ Oif thou wilt diligently hear+en to the /oice of the *ord thy >od$ and wilt do the right in his sight and wilt gi/e ear to his

.ias$ ?oe. @Health and Healing in the *and of 1srael.A I ness and Hea in) in An&ient Times. Haifa$ 1srael2 -ni/ersity of Haifa$ !!(. ".

Na/eh$ ?oseph. @1llnesses and Amulets in AntiquityA I ness and Hea in) in An&ient Times. Haifa$ 1srael2 -ni/ersity of Haifa$ !!(. %4.


commandments$ and +eep all his statues$ 1 will put none of these diseases upon thee$ which 1 brought upon the 7gyptians for 1 am the *ord that healeth thee.CA I7;. )2%"J%( 8he /erse indicates that the amulet was written to sa/e 7sther from any illness caused by any demonic spirit identified in /arious forms. 0eople had faith in their amulets and in their >od that they would be healed. 8herefore$ by the time ?esus came on the scene$ He performed the miracles they requested and taught the 5ord they belie/ed in. 8hey had to ma+e the decision as to whether to accept ?esus as was the 0romised :ne I1sa. )&J 5ho would personally heal them. 8he reason 0hysicians condemned for gi/ing useless ad/ice and worthless treatment I?er. '2%%H ?ob &24H % Chron. "2 %J was that they probably applied remedies common in pagan cultures instead of pointing their clients to >od as their Healer. Since then amulets ha/e since e/ol/ed into spiritually useless good luc+ charms. Lu5e *:).9)/ and an amulet C6E 5hen ?esus went to Simon 0eterCs home in Capernaum$ He found Simon 0eterCs mother3in3law sic+ with a high fe/er I*+. 42&'3&!J. ,irst century ?ews had /arious prayers and written amulets for the cure of /arious diseases. An amulet found by archaeologists in a tomb in 8iberias$ =ust a few miles south of Capernaum$ calls upon >od I@GahA for G5H5J for the of a fe/er. 1t reads$ Gah$ Gah$ Gah$ Gah$ GahK I(# timesJ 7radicate from the body of 1na$ daughter of .eCirti$ all hectic fe/er and illness and sic+ness K.A%'
%( %'

Na/eh$ %)3%). Na/eh$ %(.


8he written amulet calls upon >od se/enty times to heal the daughter. 1t is assumed that she died due to the fe/er and illness. 8his was typical of practical principals of di/ine healing at the time of ?esus. 8his is not to imply that there was an amulet related to the *u+e 4 narrati/e. But the use of them by the ?ews and other people groups is well +nown to scholarship. Nonetheless$ in this case$ when ?esus arri/ed He did not call upon the @GahA Ifor G5H5J because He was >od in human form. Simon 0eterCs mother3in3law was healed simply by the spo+en word of ?esus. Numerous times ?esus demonstrated His power o/er amulets and other superstitions. ,. $rial", Di%%icultie" and $ribulati!n": 5e all go through trials and tribulations and yours might seem to be the worst of all. *ife would not be normal without those challenges$ but how often ha/e we as+ed oursel/es$ @5here is the *ord during these troubling timesFA 6e/. <a/id 5il+erson pro/ides a thought on this that is particularly encouraging from ?eremiahCs boo+$ *amentation. I?eremiah is often referred to as @the weeping prophetA.J Be blessed by the hope and promise that comes from the scriptures that suggests that when we are at our lowest we are N:8 A*:N7. >uess who is there waiting for youF 1 ha/e +nown of great Christians who ha/e e;perienced a trial so dar+ and deep that life itself seemed almost not worth li/ing. 1n his /ery dar+est hour$ ?eremiah disco/ered a glorious truth that mind. 1t was something he already +new about >od$ but it didnDt touch his soul until he came to the end of himself. He disco/ered that at the /ery bottom$ >od was thereZ 8he farther down he went$ the more >od was to be disco/ered. >od was not to be disco/ered up there in some blissful soaring into untroubled s+ies$ but in the shadows of grief and despair. 5hen ?eremiah hit bottom$ he bumped into >odZ He fell hard against the faithfulness of a compassionate >od. *isten to his disco/ery2 @>od is a >od of compassion...his compassions for me cannot fail.... 8hey are new e/ery morning...great is his faithfulness...A I*am. &2%%3%&J.

*ittle by little$ ?eremiah came to realiBe great truths that can only be disco/ered by those who are down. . 5hen 1 am at the /ery lowest pointH when troubles flow o/er my heart li+e water$ and 1 say$ @1 am cut off$A >od draws near and whispers$ @<o not fearZA I*am. &2)43)(J. %. 5hen >od seems to ha/e @co/ered himself with a cloud$ so that my prayers could not pass through$A he will still see my oppression and will @=udge my caseA I*am. &244$ )!J. &. 1f the *ord allows grief and sorrow$ he will at the same time uphold me with abundant compassion and lo/e I*am. &2&%J. 4. >od is not against me$ trying to crush me under his foot when 1Dm down li+e a prisoner in trouble I*am. &2&4J. ). >od is not trying to sabotage any of my plansH he is not causing my confusionH he is not wor+ing against me I*am. &2&)3&"J. ". 7/en in my despair and bitterness$ when 1 hated to face a new day$ his compassion failed not. His mercies were waiting for me$ new each morning. I*am. &2%%3%&J. (. Because >od is always faithful$ he will not cast me off. He will do right by me and sa/e me I*am. &2%)3%"J. '. 5hen 1 am at my lowest$ 1 ha/e nowhere to turn but to >od$ so 1 will lift up my heart and my hands$ and than+ him for his faithfulnessZ I*am. &24#34 J. !. Being down has spent my strength and hope. 1 am left empty and humbled$ so now 1 depend totally on his merciesZ I*am. &2 '$ %#3%%J. -. D! n!t 4! t! Hell !#er a my"tery. 7r, 3hy i" =Why> a %utile Lue"ti!n6


1t seems that there are more and more people e;periencing life altering e/entsH e/ents that are so traumatic that they ne/er return to normalcy. 8o ma+e matters worse$ often the instigator of pain and suffering continues to en=oy life while /ictims lay emotionally paralyBed. 6eoccurring memories replay mental /ideos in both nightmares and frightful day dreams. At such times professional counseling often needed in con=unction with spiritual healing. Some become angry at >od for percei/ed in=usticeH when innocence has been /iolated. 1t ma+es little difference whether the in=ustice is related to health$ employment$ or whate/er. But disappointments are most de/astating if one ne/er reco/ers. <o not let an unresol/ed mystery become a tic+et to hell. 1t is the question of @5hyFA 8he answer is that painful e/ents will happen in a fallen sinful world. ?esus ne/er promised a rose garden but He did promise to gi/e us strength and endurance for lifeCs difficulties. Some mysteries will fore/er remain hidden in Hea/en. ,urthermore an answer would not heal the resulting pain and suffering. 1n fact$ the search for @5hyA is a pursuit of futility. 1f an answer were gi/en$ it would not resol/e anything but generate another @5hyFA 1t is important to let go of the @5hyA question. -nderstood that =ust because >od allows bad things to happen$ that does not mean He appro/es of it. 8his may sound strange$ but at times an important step in the healing process to forgi/e >od. Not that >od has done anything wrong$ but forgi/ing >od is a human way of @letting goA of what emotionally binds you. 8he @forgi/eness of >odA is a healing tool that will permit one to reco/er. 5ith the emotional pain out of mind one can then obtain a healthier perspecti/e of life and en=oy restoration with ?esus. %! .. Dem!n Ba"ic"6
%! &#

,or further study$ see ?ames <obsonCs boo+ 6hen God *oesn4t 2a(e ,ense, by 8yndale 0ublishers.

Notes acquired from 0astor Curt Seaburg$ :ctober & $ %# #.


. 5hat are demonsF *ucifer$ who is later called Satan$ and his angels ser/ed >od . 5hen he decided to be equal to >od$ he was thrown out of Hea/en and fell to earth. Notice that @1 willA appears fi/e times in 1saiah 42 %3 4. See also 6e/elation %2(3!. %. <emons influence the leaders of nations. <an. #2 & &. <emons desire to inflict suffering on you and e/eryone else. <emons do not discriminate. 9t. (2 )$ (3 ' 4. <emons scheme to lure people away from >od. 8im. 42 8hey +now e/eryoneCs wea+ points and temptations. 0ride$ porn$ drugs$ alcohol$ gossip$ white lies$ amulets$ etc. 9ost people ha/e no problem choosing between right and wrong$ but fail to ma+e correct choices between good and best. Solution2 <o not flirt with temptations including horoscopes$ /arious 1nternet sites of unholy content$ etc.$ but renew your mind in Christ ?esus I6om %2 3%J. <eut. '2 #3 % >od clearly defines His hatred for those who practice di/ination$ sorcery$ omens$ and other forms of witchcraft Iincl. horoscopesJ. ). <emons want to paralyBe you with fear and worry. ,ear is the opposite of faith in Christ I% 8im. 2"3(J. Spiritual battles are fought in the mind. % Cor. %2 9t. 42 3 H 42&34H #2&3)H 2&34. ". 5e do not fight with our power but with >odCs authority. H #2 H ?ames 42(3'. ,ight Satan with Scripture and praise >od at all times for your /ictory. (. 5hy do demons ha/e a /endetta against peopleF

Satan and his demons were thrown out of Hea/en and now ha/e a passion to destroy people L creatures who were created in the image of >od. 1f the e/il one cannot conquer >od$ then he will try to conquer and destroy >odCs priBed possession. 8he success of Satan in your life is dependent upon your decisions. 1n essence$ decisions determine destiny.



A n!te t! remember : 9ay those who minister in the Name of ?esus always remember it is not they who heal or should be honored$ but Christ ?esus 5ho heals and is the focus of all life and ministry.


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