'I!!oJS 45 (5/97) - (Revised U.SD.C.

MA 3/25/20(1)

Case 1:13-cr-10200-GAO Document 3-2 Filed 04/21/13 Page 1 of 2
U.S. District Court - District of Massachusetts Category No. Related Case Information:
Superseding Ind.l Inf. Same Defendant Magistrate Judge Case Number Search Warrant Case Number R 20/R 40 from District of Case No. New Defendant 13-MJ-2100-MBB

Criminal Case Cover Sheet Place of Offense: City County Boston Suffolk

Investigating Agency



Defendant Information:
Defendant Name Dzhokhar Anzorovich Tsamaev Juvenile: ------------------Is this person an attorney and/or a member of any state/federal bar: Alias Name Address Jahar Tsarnaev (City & State) Cambridge, MA Sex M Race: Caucasian Address Nationality: USA ------DYes [ZJNo DYes [ZJNo

Birth date (Yr only): 1993 SSN (last4#): 0491

Defense Counsel if known: Bar Number
U.S. Attorney Information:




William D. Weinreb, Aloke Chakravarty DYes [{] No

Bar Number jf applicable List language and/or dialect: [{] Yes DNo

Interpreter: Victims:

[(]Yes DNo If yes, are there multiple crime victims under 18 USC§377I (d)(2) [ZJ Yes

Matter to be SEALED:
({]Warrant Requested

D No D Regular Process


In Custody

Location Status: Arrest Date
04/19/2013 04/19/2013 in FBI-Beth Israel Hospital [}\waiting Trial

!2JAlready in Federal Custody as of

DAlready in State Custody at - - - - - - - - - - - DServing Sentence D On Pretrial Release: Ordered by: [{]Complaint Dpetty--on

Charging Document: Total # of Counts:


T nformation


Indictment Felony



Continue on Page 2 for Entry of U .S.c. Citations

I hereby certify that the case numbers of any prior proceedings before a Magistrate Judge are accurately set forth above.
Date: 04/21/2013

CaseMA 1:13-cr-10200-GAO JS 45 (5/97) (Revised U.S.D.C. 12/7/05) Page 2 of2 or Reverse Document

3-2 Filed 04/21/13 Page 2 of 2

District Court Case Number (To be filled in by deputy clerk): Name of Defendant
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

U.S.C. Citations Index Key/Code
Set 1 18 U.S.c. 2332a(a) Malicious Destruction of Property Resulting in Death Set 2 18 U.S.C 844(i) 2

Description of Offense Charged
Use of Weapon of Mass Destruction

Count Numbers

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5 Set 6
Set 7

Set 8 Set 9
Set 10


Set 11 Set 12 Set 13
Set 14

_ _

Set 15


USAMA CRIM· Criminal Case Cover Sheet.pdf 3/4/2013

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