Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

Solving Email Problems
Quickie Email Migration
March 10th, 2010 | Posted by Pin Let me tell you about our most recent email migration feat. On Friday, March 15, at 1.18 pm, we received an online order for email hosting from Geh of Chua Trading. At the time, our team was having a mini vacation in Port Dickson to watch Le Tour de Langkawi. The race had started in Muar and was ending in Port Dickson, and being cycling enthusiasts, we just had to be there!


Guide to new email hosting

Geh was extremely prompt and helpful. He provided all the information we requested almost immediately. By 5.27pm, the email migration had been completed. A new email setup guide was prepared and sent to him to help him set up the new email system for all their email users. Before we closed the case, however, our team made sure that the new Mail Exchange (MX) settings were propagated correctly. A call was made on Monday morning to make sure that everything was working well. Then, we helped the customer to remove their own email domain from their previous email service provider. If we didn’t do that, they’d encounter missing emails, which can be a big problem. In response to our team’s quick action, Geh said, “Thanks for the info. Appreciate your fast reply.” Our team would like to thank you too Geh, for coming to us with your problem.

Malaysian Anuar Manan creates history in Le Tour de Langkawi

Thankfully, with our Remote Office concept, it didn’t matter where we were. Upon receiving the request, the team was able to ascertain immediately that this was an email migration instead of new email setup. With that in mind, we knew we had to act fast, because usually, the customer must have encountered some serious email problems that had forced them to migrate.

Getting to know Aizam
March 4th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Sneak peek of mobile office

First, we made a call and spoke to them about their problem. In this way, we wanted them to know that they weren’t dealing with a machine. Before that, we did some background checks to ensure that we had sufficient access to manage their email domains in order to estimate a completion time. The customer was relieved to hear that we could get it done within the same day, and we also informed them that our migration team was ready to continue working on their problem even on the weekend if necessary.

Muhamad Aizam, the cute and macho IT veteran

Allow us to introduce you to Aizam, who outsourced us to host and support email facilities for the company he works for. They’ve quite a huge number of users, and our set up for them in February went smoothly. Now, their email users are using our services without any problems. Q: Aizam, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and your work? I’ve been working in IT for more than 11 years. I used to work for IBM Malaysia (AS400) and CSA Malaysia ( KTM

Email Hosting

Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

Komuter Project ), but now I’m with Sime Darby Eng ( Senior System Analyst ).This is my 10th year with them. I’m responsible for preparing bids for new projects (local and international), designing and ensuring that new and existing systems are in working order, and last but not least, to analyse current systems for enhancement, in accordance to the company’s growth and expectations. Q: How did you find us and what made you choose to work with us? I found via the Internet, after I Googled for a top email hosting service in Malaysia. I decided to choose due to your minimum downtime for the whole year, and the support you offer to your customers. Q: Why did you opt to outsource an email host, rather than hosting it in-house? I chose to outsource due to my project-based requirements, plus the cost to implement an in-house email host is much higher in comparison to outsourcing the solution. Q: If you were to describe our email hosting services in one word, what would it be? GREAT – Good, Readiness, Easy, Archive, Total Solution Q: Okay, last question, which would you choose – iPhone or BlackBerry? Blackberry :) “Thanks Aizam! The interview really helped us to know more about you. Your words really motivate us and it’s made our team extremely excited! Rest assured, continued enhancement of services and support is at the top of our list of priorities, and it can’t be done without feedback and support from people like you!” said Pin, founder of

We were introduced to Shima by a friend who is a web developer. During our first visit to her office, we spoke to the people in charge to try and understand their issues with the existing email service provider. Apparently, they’ve been losing emails and having spam problems. It was clear that Shima and her team were frustrated, so we did a thorough technical review of their current email server. We found a few incorrect settings in their DNS servers, and noticed duplicate MX records which were pointing to same IP address. To make matters worse, one of the pointing used was “.asia” which isn’t recommended. Once the contract was signed, our email migration team took immediate action. There were several issues reported and our support team prioritised those issues and solved them immediately. It is also worth mentioning that usually, previous email hosting service providers tend to not remove email domain names from their system when someone terminates their email services. This causes internal routing problems, so we’ve informed Shima, who will in turn inform her previous email host to make the necessary removal.


Proxy4Wow, Mini Migration
July 8th, 2009 | Posted by Pin A few days ago, Kien asked for a new email mailbox for his “Proxy4Wow” project, which is specially created for Malaysian gamers who’d like to play the low latency US/Taiwanese version of “World of Warcraft”. Our migration team is never choosy about the projects we take on, so although the email migration involved just one mailbox, we took all the necessary steps to ensure that nothing could go wrong. Kien’s prompt reply to our queries was the key component to the speedy completion of the migration, which took less than two days! Kien was kind enough to drop me a message afterwards, saying, “Pin, thanks for everything you did.” No, thank YOU, Kien!

Shima’s Third Email Migration
September 13th, 2009 | Posted by Pin Our new client, Shima Asia Pacific, has had several bad experiences dealing with email service providers. They’ve often given her nothing but empty promises, but failed to provide her with the support she needs.

Shima's Third Email Migration

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Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

Teliti Computers, The Smile
July 8th, 2009 | Posted by Pin

economically for us to subscribe to your service. I hope maybe in the future your company will have a package that caters to SMEs like mine. Thank you for all your assistance so far. I will definitely recommend your company to others who are looking for a reliable service provider with excellent support.


It’s always nice to get feedback from people, and this is how potential clients become our friends, even without business transactions.

We put a smile on Hasniza's face

Continuous’ Email Migration Walk Through
July 8th, 2009 | Posted by Pin Has your email service provider ever made you feel like ripping your hair out? I bet it has. Well, our client, Continuus Consulting, certainly has had enough when they came to us for a solution. They’ve lost emails lost to cyberspace, received emails 2 weeks too late… you name the problem; they had it! One particularly distressing episode occurred when they lost the opportunity to bid for a tender, due to an email that arrived a week later. By the time they got it, the invitation to bid had closed, and there went their chances for the big bucks. The worst thing was, when they demanded answers, the technical support blamed power outages and virus attacks, but didn’t bother to provide alternatives or solutions. Well, we firmly believe that no one should have to suffer this kind of heartache or lose their sanity over something that’s supposed to make life and work easier. So, we helped Continuus Consulting switch to a new email system, and they can’t be happier with the results. I’m proud to say that our teams worked seamlessly together and the email migration took just 5 days to complete. Let me walk you through what happened: DAy 1 ThurSDAy, MAy 21, 2009 Teliti Computers has decided to outsource their web and email infrastructure to us. Don’t worry, this isn’t a lengthy tech post about how our team did the migration. Instead, we have something more refreshing! Hasniza may look like the girl next door, and she has dreams of becoming a tailor, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover because she’s responsible for all the technical aspects of her company, and not to mention over 200 staff! What’s more, she designed Teliti’s website, but she needed help and came to us to get her existing mail server out of their internal server room. We communicated with her mainly through emails and we started to learn more about each other and the problems she’s been facing. She’s very friendly and is a great person to work with, so we quickly became friends! She says, “Thank you so much for making it easier for me. I already went through the Control Panel. Simple interface and easy to administer. Can’t wait for Monday! The email migration sheet is excellent. I thought of creating something similar, but you have saved the day! Now I can proudly use Teliti’s mail to communicate with you. Thanks to you and your team!”

Are We Expensive?
July 4th, 2009 | Posted by Pin Someone wrote in to us recently, inquiring about our services and fees. We sent them the info and this is what they had to say in return: understand ‘‘ I fullypleased withyour explanation and am how you present your company. Having a stable and reliable service provider is very important in Malaysia, and it’s reasonable for your company to command this price with the level of service you provide. As my company’s email volume and usage is not that critical, even though it will be nice to have your company’s level of stability and reliability, it’s not really feasible

02:58 PM Continuus Consulting subscribed to our email services online. We acknowledge the order immediately and waited for payment. Meanwhile, our migration team assessed the time required, the complexity of the project, and the current email environment. 03:30 PM The client made the payment and filled up the payment acknowledgment form. Our migration team then outlined the overall migration plan and made a list of the information required. 04:30 PM Our migration team completed the setup with new DNS addresses. The client told their existing service provider to update their email domain with the new DNS addresses.

Email Hosting

Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

11:30 PM

Our migration team received a list of the client’s existing email users and began setting up mailboxes in the new email server. FriDAy, MAy 22, 2009 The client informed our migration team about the completion of the DNS change request submitted earlier.

DAy 2 03:54 PM

from the old Registrar to the new Registrar put us in a deadlock situation where we were not able to modify the DNS addresses to follow the agreed migration deadlines. Our original plan assumed that we were able to modify the DNS addresses first before performing the Registrar Transfer. The migration was postponed and took place 5 days later. Though the interruption did not affect the email services, but it definitely knocked a dent on our reputation as one of the leading provider in corporate email solution. We extend our gratitude as well to the client’s previous email hosting vendor professionalism that agreed to extend their account expiry to allow for the domain name transfer process to complete. With everyone’s cooperation we managed to roll out a new escalation plan immediately as backup. Luck was on our side as the domain name transfer process came through even as we were preparing to activate our agreed escalation plan before the deadline. “Glad everything worked and the transfer process was smooth. None of our staff are even aware of the migration.” “We cannot afford any disruption in our email communication as it is a critical service to our daily business operation” said the client’s IT Person who was responsible for the client’s email hosting service. The client’s IT Person is definitely one of the most resourceful and responsive guy we have ever worked with. He took extra effort to understand the technical part of the email migration and personally configured all of the client’s PC equipment are configured to use the new email server addresses. Since our new client is a listed financial institution, strict measures was taken to make sure we comply with their stringent email requirements and that we make available the resources to support their required level in terms of maintenance and troubleshooting of any problems with their new email hosting service. Even after the migration was complete, our email hosting team continued to monitor the status of their ‘email transactions’. We made sure their registration information for their domain name is current, as well as their email client configurations are correct. Additionally, we pointed their domain name to our fixed IP address to reduce the chances of their emails from being marked as [SPAM]. “What else can I say, ‘Muchos Gracias’. I didn’t know it could create a problem.”

05:30 PM Our migration team confirmed that all preparations were ready. All we had to do was wait for the actual migration, which was scheduled on Sunday at 8 pm. DAy 3 SATurDAy, MAy 25, 2009 We all took the day off. DAy 4 SunDAy, MAy 24, 2009


08:00 PM Our migration team changed the Mail Exchange (MX) record and performed a final live checking. They then sent the client email confirming that the migration had been successfully completed. DAy 5 MonDAy, MAy 25, 2009

09:00 AM The client returned back to work and changed to their new email setting by referring to a step-bystep guide that we gave them earlier. 09:37 AM The client started using the new email service without any problems! Here’s what they had to say: the simple instructions you provided. ‘‘ Thank you for for my company has been a success. AllThe new email service my outlook users are able to send and receive emails as usual. Another happy ending, brought to you by!


Murphy’s Law in Email Hosting
May 21st, 2009 | Posted by Pin What began as a flawless email migration plan was delayed a week longer for one of our new customer, a listed institution that is well known in the financial and banking sector in Malaysia thus proving Murhpy’s Law as valid. An oversight in the migration plan overlooked the delay in the domain name transfer process. In layman’s term, the transfer of domain name

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Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

Microlink Email Migration
December 3rd, 2008 | Posted by Pin We’ve just completed an email migration for Microlink Solutions Berhad, a leading banking solutions provider. We understand that the process of getting acquainted with a new email-hosting provider can be somewhat intimidating for a business, and that’s why we set up a dedicated “Transition Team” whose sole purpose is to take the headache out of email migrations and help our clients get their users up and running. The challenge, here, was to make sure the process was totally transparent to all of their users, who work in different offices and time zones. All this had to be done within a short time frame – we had less than a week. We worked out the migration plan together with their MIS teams, and the whole idea behind the process was to make as few changes as possible to the existing users’ email setting. We also had to ensure that NO emails were lost during the transition. We also introduced a new control panel to help them manage their users and monitor the new email service. Theirs was an experienced team that we enjoyed working with, and as usual, we continued to monitor the email transition progress even after the migration was completed. Our promise is - WorryFree & Zero Downtime migration, and trust me, we take this promise very seriously!

Q : How did you hear about us? A : By surfing Google. Q : Why is email important to you? A : It's fast and efficient, and is accessible from almost anywhere. Q : You booked an email-hosting service online with us, how did you find it? A : It was quite easy. Q : Why did you choose us? Do you have any comments on our pricing, online ordering, service or reliability? A : It was a relatively simple process, as the price structure was value for money. Q : Are you satisfied with our service? A : So far so good! Q : Any suggestions on how we can improve our email hosting service? A : None yet.


Amtek Changed Email Domain
April 12th, 2008 | Posted by Pin Amtek, a leading global precision metal stamping and tooling specialist, wanted to register the domain name “”, to better reflect their corporate identity. We were more than happy to study and plan the migration process for them. The challenge was that every existing user should continue receiving emails sent to their old address, “”, at their new email address under “”. There are 150 users altogether. We started by creating the forwarding rules using an email alias. Both email domains use DNS servers, which are managed by us. To bypass any possible downtime caused by DNS propagation, we set up the same pointing records in both the old and the new DNS servers during the DNS address change. Phew, lots of tech-speak there! Excuse me! By working closely with the technical team from Amtek, the name “” is now in use and running perfectly!

The white label webmail with customer's corporate identity

Interview with Muzaffar
June 30th, 2008 | Posted by Pin Mr Muzaffar Abdul Halim is one of our new customers; he runs a business on TV-content production, distribution and business consultancy. A short time ago, he contacted us about our email hosting service, and recently, we interviewed him via email to get his feedback on our services. You can tell by his answers that he’s a man that gets straight to the point, we like that! Check out what he had to say:

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Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

Zero-Downtime Email Migration for Furniweb!
March 15th, 2008 | Posted by Pin Furniweb Group is an industry leader and producer of internationally-recognised webbing products that are available in more than 30 countries. They recently decided to migrate all of their 120 email users from 8 different domains to the email solution that we host. Our team studied the case and came up with a migration plan, with full cooperation from Furniweb’s MIS team. Taking existing user preferences and settings into consideration, we started the migration process by setting up all email users in our new email servers. With help from their existing email service provider, the MX records were updated and the new email system started routing messages to the new email servers. The next step was to change all Furniweb’s DNS addresses to a more reliable one with dedudancy support. To avoid the DNS Propagation, the new DNS server will have identical pointing pre-defined. Glad to say that the migration for Furniweb Group was done successfully without any downtime and interruption to their users in various regions.

Business Email Solution for Khind
January 20th, 2008 | Posted by Pin Khind Holdings Berhad was in need of a reliable email service provider to control spam and viruses with more reliability. They were aware that outsourcing of email hosting will directly reduce costs and also improve their email service’s reliability. Quick-responding technical support is important, as email issues can easily affect their business operations. They had many users and all their email addresses needed to be managed, therefore, transferring to a new email hosting was a considerable challenge. Also, there was a need for a single control panel that would be able to control different email domains. To convince the management on the high-level reliability of our email hosting, a trial period was introduced. Upon the successful completion of the trial, the management of Khind Berhad was convinced and agreed to subscribe. The transfer of all initial email accounts was done without downtime, while maintaining the current email address of each user. Upon the setup completion, a transfer guideline was provided to ensure all users knew how to use the new webmail and configure POP accounts. The transfer of email hosting went smoothly and resulted in high customer satisfaction. Up to this date, there was no downtime, with almost 100% uptime for both SMTP and POP mail servers, while the configuration of email was error free, as shown in the DNS report. By using our email hosting facilities, Khind experienced significant reduction in spam and viruses, which indirectly improved their operational efficiency. The client was also satisfied as there was no need for hardware upgrading or purchase of additional software licenses.


Email Hosting

Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

Working Around Your ISP Blocking Port 25
March 10th, 2010 | Posted by Pin Ok, time for some tech speak! Many ISPs are blocking the outbound SMTP port 25. It allows ISPs to block spam sent out through their networks, but it tends to “punish” those who innocently need to send stuff through e-mail servers, rather than those belonging to their ISP.

Within a day, we arranged to have Aiktern, a friend and network specialist, attend to our customer in Johor. The onsite investigation was performed and all aspects of the network were checked. A summary of findings was compiled and shared with the customer. This is how we like to deal with our customer’s email problems, after all, that is our main business!

Email Archiving Solution
December 2nd, 2009 | Posted by Pin By default, 14-day nightly backups of email messages are bundled with our email hosting services. Daily snapshot backups are stored in a top tier cloud storage system where restorations from the past 14 days can be obtained directly from the control panel.


The port 25 is chosen by default

In a nutshell, here are some of the possible scenarios that you might encounter when using port 25: 1. Sending an email from your Outlook Express or Outlook (assuming you’ve configured the email client to use the default port 25 for your SMTP server)
14-days nightly backup

2. Submitting a web form (assuming the back-end was done using a SMTP method) 3. Using Groupmail to deliver email newsletter (assuming the Groupmail is configured to use port 25) In short, your emails will be blocked and the worst thing is, they’re usually dropped without any returned error messages or notices to the sender. To overcome this issue, we’ve setup an alternate port. You can use port 8025 or port 587 instead of port 25.

Existing Problems 1) Backup does not cover messages which have been downloaded via email clients, in the event the email client does not leave a copy of messages in the server. 2) Messages sent through the email clients will not appear in the Webmail, thus will not be included in the backup. 3) Deleted messages in the Webmail will not be included in the backup in the event the users ‘Purge’ the Trash folder. 4) Backup covers only 14 days. It is not a complete archiving solution.

On-Site Support
March 8th, 2010 | Posted by Pin In a recent case, one of our customers informed us that they’ve been experiencing duplicate emails and timeout problems. Their connection to our mail server was also extremely slow. We took immediate action to set up a test and confirm that the problem cannot be solved off-site. Though we suspected that the problem was largely due to their network problems, saying “No” to a customer isn’t how we like to do things.

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Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

Available Email Archiving Options 1) Email Archiving A full-fledge email archiving solution that comes with admin console. Securely store, search and retrieve archived messages in seconds.

Comparison Chart Features Backup specific mailbox Manage archive Email Archiving Can only be applied to ALL mailboxes Full admin console, with reporting, search and users management Authorized users to the Admin Console Bcc Archiving Can backup selected mailbox No. Messages are forwarded to a specific mailbox for archiving purpose. Authorized users to the mailbox that stores the archived messages Depends on the size of the mailbox that stores the archived messages Limited Search



Storage size
Admin console’s dashboard


Search options

Searches message text, attachments, and metadata with lightning-fast results and export to .pst, .pdf, .txt, MIME, and more RM120 per mailbox per year


Retrieve archived messages via search

2) Bcc Archiving A basic email backup solution that stores messages in a specific mailbox.

RM58.80* per mailbox per year + 1 additional mailbox (10GB) RM139.20 per year

*Between RM58.80 to RM99.00, depending on number of mailboxes selected

Estimated Cost Features Backup 20 selected mailboxes Backup 100 selected mailboxes Email Archiving Not available Bcc Archiving RM1,459.20 / year
(RM66 x 20 mailboxes + RM139.20)

Not available

RM6,019.20 / year
(RM58.80 x 100 mailboxes + RM139.20)

Archiving setting page

Backup all mailboxes (200 mailboxes)

RM24,000 / year
(RM120 x 200 mailboxes)

RM11,899.20 / year
(RM58.80 x 200 mailboxes + RM139.20)

Archived messages are forwarded to a specific mailbox

Email Hosting

Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

Using GroupMail (Part 1 – Configuration)
November 6th, 2009 | Posted by Pin E-mailing has become the revolutionary step in how companies and organizations choose to keep their partners, friends and clients informed and up-to-date. Using e-mail solutions like GroupMail has certainly simplified the job and it is very user-friendly. Here’s how the application can be configured, once installed on the user’s machine. Step 1: Open and run Group Mail from your installed machine. Go to Tools > Account Manager

Name for Account: Any Name Name: Your Name (appear in recipient’s email) Organization : Email Address : (appear in the From Address) Reply-to Address :


User Information

Step 4: Navigate the tab to “Delivery Options” and key in the information as shown below. Delivery Options: Standard SMTP Server: Tick “Require Authentication”
Go to Tools > Account Manager

Connections: 1 Pause every 1 message for 30 seconds

Step 2: Click on the “New” button to start configuration. A window titled “Account Properties” as shown on the right region will appear.

Delivery Options Account Properties

Step 3: Key in the information as shown below under the “User Information” tab.

Step 5: Click on the “Setup” button for Authentication Settings Tick: Use SMTP Authentication (outbound) Type: AUTH-LOGIN (Default) Username: Password: Your Password

Email Hosting

Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

Step 8: Upon successful sending of the test email, the following screen will be visible stating the status as “Success!”

Authentication Settings


Step 6: Click on the “Advanced” button for Advanced Email Settings. Key in the information as shown below: SMTP Port: 587 POP3 Port: 110 Note: Do not tick “Server requires an SSL connection” | other settings remain default

Email Testing Succesful

Using GroupMail (Part 2 – Managing Groups)
November 6th, 2009 | Posted by Pin Having successfully configured the GroupMail and running email tests, we can now proceed to managing the groups. Like the name of the software, GROUP MAIL, it simply means that it sends out e-mails in groups or in bulk. There are 2 recommended methods: Type 1: GroupMail Format (Default) – Recipients are stored internally Type 2: External database – Recipient information is retrieved from an external Database System

SMTP & POP3 Advanced Email Settings

Step 7: Click on the “OK” button on the Advanced Email Settings and start the email test by clicking “Test” button. Specify a Test Message To: email address:

Step 1: At the top tabs, click on “Groups” then navigate to the left panel, select “New Group”, and will be prompted to choose the Group Type.

Creating New Group

Testing Email Settings

Email Hosting

Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

Step 2: (GroupMail Format – Default)

Step 5: Lastly, give the group created a name.


Selections of Group Type

Name the Group

Step 3: Give the field a name, type and its size. [Type of text varies from Date, Text, Number, Currency, Boolean, Unicode)

Like we mentioned earlier, GroupMail can also be connected to an external database. Let’s see how is it done: Step 1: Choose the preferred group to be modified (Double-Click)

Selecting Database Group to be Modified

Field Customization

Step 2: Specify the database connection and define group contents by advanced data selection and qualification (Using SQL Query)

Step 4: Select the field name that represents the recipients’ email addresses. Usually, the check box below will not be ticked as duplicated email addresses will not be stored. It act as a validation feature for redundant e-mail detection.

Specify Email Field

Modify Database Group

Email Hosting

Composing the E-mail Message SQL Query

Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

Step 3: Writing the SQL Query by selecting the preferred columns in the database table.

Step 2: Writing the email message. GroupMail supports HTML email too.

That’s all!!! Here’s a couple of question that might arise.

Using GroupMail (Part 3 – Sending & Housekeeping)
November 6th, 2009 | Posted by Pin We would suggest letting our team of professionals handle the housekeeping of your mailing list. What is housekeeping? Well, it is an action whereby outdated email addresses are cleaned out. You might have noticed it yourself when you receive a rejected notification from specific e-mail address. But first, let’s learn how to send a personalized e-mail using GroupMail. Step 1: Start composing email messages with easy-to-use function like this below. Inserting a merge fields for name will simply look like this !*NAME*! | This !*NAME*! will be replaced by respective names specified in the group when sending to the particular recipient.

1. Now, when do we do housekeeping? Like it was said, when the information are not meaningful and out-of-date 2. How do we know when the email is not sent to the recipient(s)? Here’s how a sample looks like:

Delivery Status Notification | Rejected caused by typo error in the mail domain. Should be "yahoo" instead of "yaho"

To rectify the problem from recurring, perform a clean up / update to the email address. One-step Action: Go into the preferred group storing the e-mail address; locate it and delete / update Update : update details (user exist) Delete : remove (user does not exist)

Select Message tab > New > Start composing

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Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

Get your Mail on the iPhone
July 18th, 2009 | Posted by Pin If you want to retrieve your email with your iPhone, you have two options. Firstly, iPhone Mail allows you to access your email account in a way similar to email clients such as Internet Mail, Outlook or Outlook Express. Here’s how you do it:


Modify Recipient's Details

Email Archiving and Compliance Overview
September 22nd, 2009 | Posted by Pin Did you know that an organization with only 100 employees produces around 83GB of Data per year from sent and received emails? In US, federal or state agency, financial services or brokerage firm, bank, publically traded company or medical institution are required by law to have a compliant archiving solution. Our email archiving provides quick deployment of email archiving for all government agencies regardless of their email platform. With secure capture of all emails and full text indexing of emails/attachments, freedom of Information requests are fulfilled with limited expenditure of IT resources. The archiving service indexes all message components: Header, Body, and Attachments. All of these components are easily searchable through a secure web based user interface and retrievable to standards-based formats like .pst, .pdf, text, mime, etc.
Welcome to Mail screen

On the Settings screen, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Go to Add Account and select “Other” from the Welcome to Mail screen. 1. Name: Any Name 2. Address: Enter your email address. 3. Password: Enter your password for your email account. 4. Description: Any Description Save your account settings and select POP On the Incoming Mail Server screen, press “Enter” 1. Host Name: 2. User Name: Enter your email address as your user name. 3. Password: Enter the password from your email account On the Outgoing Mail Server screen, press “Enter” 1. Host Name: 2. User Name: Enter your email address as your user name. 3. Password: Enter the password from your email account. Your second alternative is Webmail, the Safari web browser on your iPhone allows you to see the real web - not a strippeddown mobile version. You can access the Webmail by pointing your browser to If you have a slower connection, try For those with privatelabeled webmail, you can try http://website.yourdomainname. com!

Email Hosting

Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

Behind Every Spam-Marked Mail
July 14th, 2009 | Posted by Pin One of our customers reported that one of their emails had gone missing. First, we verified if the sender’s mail server was working perfectly and not holding that particular email in queue. Second, we checked the recipient’s Spam folder in their Webmail, because emails are often intercepted and moved to the Spam folder. To help our customer understand why the email from that particular sender was marked as Spam, we gave them the following step-by-step guide: First, go to the Spam folder in your Webmail

Client host blocked?
July 9th, 2009 | Posted by Pin Our team member, Eunice, encountered a peculiar problem with her email recently. One of the emails she sent was returned with the following “error” message: “Client host [] blocked using pf-ip4tset.blagr. (in reply to RCPT TO command)” Our team figured out that the recipient’s mail server has been blacklisted. To get around this, all you need to do is add the recipient’s email address or domain to the “safe list”. But how do you do that exactly? Well, here’s how you’d do it through Webmail: In your Webmail, go to Settings > Spam Settings > Safelist


Select the spam-marked email you wish to view

View the full header of the Spam-marked mail you wish to investigate further

Webmail's Spam Setting

Mark any message as NOT SPAM and it will be added to your safelist automatically

View full header

The Couldmark Spam filtering system checks the sender’s email host for any incorrect configuration, previous spamming activities and any other things that makes this email suspicious.

Safelist email automatically

Do it from the Control Panel for entire domain or individual use

Anything more than 6 Spam-Score are marked as Spam Email Control Panel

Eunice said “The problem seems have solved already. Thank you very much. We will update u again.”

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Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

Archiving Corporate Email
July 9th, 2009 | Posted by Pin There’s no denying that emails are becoming more important these days, and having back up copies made of all incoming and outgoing messages can be crucial to your business. But, how can this be done? The challenge is that the archive copies must be made easily retrievable at any time. The system must also be transparent and easy enough for email users to understand, so that they don’t have to worry about extra settings in their email clients or Webmail. Rigel has just subscribed to this add-on; and our team set up the entire system for them in less than a day. Now they have peace of mind!

Group List and Discussion Over Email
July 9th, 2009 | Posted by Pin


Setup unlimited group list in your email control panel

Rigel provides solutions for world-class hygienic environments!

Quite some time ago, we founded an underground society with around 30 friends, many of whom are entrepreneurs, online business owners and grant recipients. We needed an email that could be easily remembered, and used by all members, so we came up with – Any message sent to this email address will simultaneously be forwarded to all 30 members on the list. The list is protected, so that no one other than the authorised sender can use it. It IS an underground society after all!

What Happens When Your Staff leave?
July 9th, 2009 | Posted by Pin One of your staff left, so the logical thing to do is to remove his/her email address to make room for your new staff, right? So what happens to the emails that are still being sent to the deleted email address? This is a very good question that was asked by our friends from VT Group. The solution is quite simple– create an “Email Alias”. It is unlimited, free and most importantly, it forwards all email messages it gets, to one or a few email addresses.

Smarter Auto-Reply Vacation Message
July 9th, 2009 | Posted by Pin

Each sender will receive only one auto-reply message

One of our email users was planning to go on a holiday, so he activated the auto-reply vacation message through Webmail. When activated, an auto-reply message should be sent out to people who are sending him emails. Everything seemed to be working fine in the beginning, but then, it started to fail. No more vacation message! Panic, he filled up our Contact us form immediately to get help!
Add new email alias in your email control panel

We informed him about the catch; our auto-reply system only sends the vacation message out once if it is from the same sender! We’re happy to say we fixed the glitch, and our client’s enjoying his vacation right now.

Email Hosting

Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

Email Lost & Found
March 2nd, 2009 | Posted by Pin Right after we have sent an email to all our email customers about how to retrieve lost emails, we came to the narrow rescue of Felicia, of Red Energy. She was kind enough to share the whole story with us after the incident (before her boss find out about it). We kid! :) 1. Can you tell us what your company does and a little bit about your background? Red Energy is a trading and engineering services company, established in 1983. Our company’s vision is to be the leader of heavy industrial solutions provider and to deliver responsive and reliable customized solutions. I’ve been working with the company for more than 16 years and I find that the job is challenging. I like dancing, especially Line dancing and Belly dancing. I also like travelling. 2. Tell us about the incident, how did it happen? Well, I accidentally got into my boss’ e-mail account, thinking that it was my own.. I went and deleted all the emails from the Trash Folder. I only realised that the account didn’t belong to me after I deleted all the emails! Ha! HA! 3. What was the first thing that came to mind after you accidentally deleted those emails? Oh! First thing that came to my mind was the mail you sent. “When someone accidentally deletes an important email…..” 4. Do you have anything to share with our readers on how to prevent such incidents from happening again? Don’t worry, we have, they will restore all the deleted data, but don’t over do it, I believe they are busy too. 5. How did you find dealing with our support team during the email restoration? Excellent, you have done a very good job.

1. Logon to

Browse a file and start uploading


2. Browse your files and start uploading. You can also fill in the Description, Recipient’s Email and Your Email, so that the recipient will receive an email with the download link right away after the file has been uploaded successfully. 3. During upload, don’t click on any link or navigate away from the page. Otherwise, it will cause the browser to terminate the upload. However, if you really wish to terminate the upload, you can click on the ‘Cancel Upload’ below the progress bar.

Copy download link and send to your friend

4. After the file has been uploaded successfully, you can copy the download link (in the red box) and send it to the recipient, so that they can retrieve the file.. The download link is also available in HTML and Forum code format. Why wait? Start sending large files with SendSpace today!

Solving the Email Problem for You
August 7th, 2008 | Posted by Pin TrIPlE rEDunDAnCY BACk-uPS

How to Send Large Attachment?
October 27th, 2008 | Posted by Pin Are you having problems in sending large attachments with your email? Normally, we don’t recommend attaching large files to emails, as it takes time to upload / download. As for those with slow connection, it would be difficult for them to attach or retrieve the files. Moreover, emails with huge attachments will occupy a lot of space in your mailbox. Now, with the introduction of SendSpace, sending big files couldn’t be easier. Now, you can send a file to anyone, anywhere – up to 300MB!

Your business data is your business. So to ensure the integrity of your email, we save three copies of your data in three geographically dispersed data centers. This triple-redundancy system is designed to give you peace of mind that your data will be stored securely. And if one of your users ever accidentally deletes an email, an entire folder, or even a mailbox, it’s easy to restore that data. The system administrator will just need to log in to the control panel and request a data restoration. Backups are retained for 14 days; so as long as the data was deleted within the past 13 days, a complete restoration can be performed.

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Solving Email Problems | Case Studies

Your backup data will be encrypted and safely stored in’s S3 storage system, which has a commitment to 100% system availability that matches our own guarantees. The entire triple-redundancy backup system is designed to ensure that your business data will be safe and secure, and there when you need it.

Stage 1: restricted Attachments Here, emails are scanned for dangerous types of file attachments. When an email is sent or received that contains a restricted file attachment, the email is rejected and the sender receives a “bounced" email notification informing them of the restriction. Stage 2: normalization This stage searches for email formatting vulnerabilities that can be used by viruses to hide from virus scanners. If any vulnerability is found, our system corrects the formatting of the message so that it can be thoroughly scanned for viruses. Stage 3: Decompression Next, if the email contains any compressed attachments such as zip files, the compressed attachments are temporarily unzipped so that the contents can be scanned for viruses. Stage 4: virus Scan After the above preprocessing is complete, a virus scanner is used to scan the email and all of its uncompressed attachments. Everything is scanned to ensure maximum protection against new virus threats. ClamAV is the current scanner of choice, although our system was designed to be able to plug-in any virus scanner on the market, should the need to do so arise.


SPAM FIlTErInG PrOvIDED BY ClOuDMArk It’s estimated that approximately 95% of all email sent is spam. Spam is the most complex problem for email hosting systems and leads to millions of dollars in lost productivity and additional infrastructure costs for businesses. Spammers adapt to technology changes and improve their techniques on a daily basis, learning new methods to elude common spam defenses and acquiring more sophisticated computer networks to bombard mail systems and penetrate inboxes. We evolve our spam defenses faster than spammers evolve their tactics. If you choose to outsource to Mailtrust, your business email will run on a state-of-the-art email hosting system with numerous levels of anti-spam protection. Our spam filtering system, powered by Cloudmark, features Advanced Message Fingerprinting and real-time threat intelligence to rapidly detect spam, phishing, and viruses. Instead of analyzing message text, Cloudmark generates electronic fingerprints that precisely identify abuse in all languages and formats. These message fingerprints are stored locally at Mailtrust and updated in sub-minute intervals. This automated approach delivers spam filtering accuracy of 98% or higher together with near zero false positives. We also empower our customers and end-users with control over their personal safelists and blacklists to further keep their inboxes clean. Safelists allow certain senders (email addresses, domains, or mail server IP addresses) to bypass the anti-spam system. Conversely, blacklists allow customers to block mail from certain senders. Customers can also control what to do with spam once it has been identified. vIruS PrOTECTIOn Our virus protection scans all inbound and outbound emails using a multi-stage process. The process is broken down into the following four stages:

Webmail Mobile
April 4th, 2008 | Posted by Pin Want to be more productive? Access your emails through your mobile phone, with Webmail Mobile. By simply pointing your phone’s browser to, you can manage your emails, calendar, tasks, and feeds, as well as access your contact list and company directory. There’s no additional charge for Webmail Mobile. Say Khind wants something more personalized, here it goes – It’s free!

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Understanding Web Hosting | Case Studies

understanding Web hosting
High Compute Cycle Problem
March 4th, 2010 | Posted by Pin In a perfect world, your web hosting company might assume that every website consumes the same processing power, but this is not the case. Busy websites with heavy codes can take up more compute cycles. Compute Cycle (CC) provides a better way to measure how busy awebsite is, apart from its bandwidth and storage. It's fair to say that those with higher CC's should be charged more. “Compute Cycles are a measurement of the processing time that your applications require, attained by calculating CPU processing time andaccounting for the disk I/O consumed by your application’s operations”. Our standard web hosting comes with 10,000 CC a month, more than enough for most websites. So far, we've only had two customers who've exceeded their CCs. Instead of charging them (or penalising them), we work hand in hand with them to look into their site and find out if we can reduce the high CC problem. Since both of them are running busy Blogs, we introduced the WP-Cache, a plugin that serves content from the cache for faster access and reduced CC. We limit our hosting package to host only one website for each hosting package subscribed. For example, if our customer wish to setupa new sub-domain (eg,, they need to subscribe to a new web hosting package. One of our friends who had subscribed to our web hosting service to host their Cradle award winning CRM project has subscribed to the additional hosting Each hosting is RM80 a year, though it doesn’t come with ‘unlimited add-on domain’ we are sure that is a better approach! “We’d like to continue supporting you as we really like your service,” said one of the founder of Coconect.


Working with Web Designer Jamie Soon
September 13th, 2009 | Posted by Pin Jamie’s approach to web design is definitely off of the beaten path. Not only does she use her own name as her website address (, but she always replies to your emails in a short but sweet fashion that makes you feel like you’re working with a friend, rather than a company. She’s definitely someone you can trust, and gives you peace of mind.

Unlimited Hosting Plan?
March 8th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Jamie has been designing websites since 2001

“XXX hosting company in Malaysia offers an unlimited hosting plan that comes with unlimited storage that allows you to host unlimited websites”. The word ‘unlimited’ is catchy but doesn't ring true. Many web hosting plans boast about supporting unlimited or certain number of add-on domains. In a nutshell, you can host a number of websites by subscribing only to one hosting package. Such a setup is messy and often turn the server unmanageable or abused.

On her website, you’ll find her impressive portfolio and also interesting travel photos of the places she has explored. You can tell by looking at these that she’s a very passionate person and it definitely makes you feel like you want to work with her. She has also posted some interesting articles such as: ‘Getting the right colours for your design‘, ‘Why making changes is a good thing‘, and ‘Getting a website without spending money‘ – I think people may not understand the joke.

Web Hosting

Understanding Web Hosting | Case Studies

online. Our team went the extra mile to install thefreshly-baked theme. Farid just couldn’t wait to see his new Blog in its perfect, outdoorsy feel! Us too! “Thanks, of course for your support and also to setup this blog. Thanks. Really have a great team and fast service. TQVM Pin” Enjoy blogging!
Camping in Gunung Nuang


We’re proud to say that she’s now one of our hosting referrals. We’ve worked with her on many successful migrations, transferring her customers to our new hosting servers. Here’s what she has to say about our services: “I am glad that I finally found an affordable hosting plan at The hosting package is perfect for installing a blog and the price makes it more affordable for my clients who are starting small businesses or want to start a personal or nonprofit site. It’s cheaper than other hosting plans because the email hosting is a separate package, but it’s no problem because my clients can use their Yahoo or Gmail email accounts. Not only is the price great, I’m impressed with the friendly service, fast response to my enquiries and the effort put in to get the new hosting is up as fast as possible. I highly recommend Pin and his team at!” Thanks Jamie! It’s been a pleasure working with you too! So, if you’re on the lookout for a web designer/developer, do check out

Premier Wood Web And Email Migration
April 29th, 2009 | Posted by Pin

We were given short notice and only, strictly speaking, a weekend to get both web and email hosting done for Premier Wood. Although Premwood products are sold in more than 10 countries, this wasn’t exactly a mega transfer, but our team took the job very seriously nonetheless. In all, there were about 10 mailboxes to be transferred, and the website. I’ve heard horrible stories from friends who’ve been through such a migration. Some irresponsible hosts would gave them only a login to the hosting control panel, and didn’t care to explain, plan or help set up the new email or website. We started by retrieving all the important information we need during migration. A migration plan was drafted and sent to our client before the actual migration. Our client just need to sit back and relax. When they have came back to work on Monday, there was no “Monday blues”, as the migration was a complete success. Happy clients = happy us! While we were working on their project, we noticed that their Contact us form wasn’t working. In fact, it hadn’t been working for a long time. Through it wasn’t in our scope, our migration team fixed that as well. We believe that knowing how to solve problem is more important than pointing fingers.

Perfect Golf Swing Revealed
May 8th, 2009 | Posted by Pin

A perfect gold swing Blog in a perfect theme!

“Ok Pin I like your support I will banking today,” Said Farid! Farid was skeptical before signing up our web hosting package. Apparently, he is looking for a web host that is WordPress or Blogready. He has engaged someone to design the theme for this new Blog- A Perfect Gold Swing! Both his hosting and domain name is ready, two hours after he placedthe order

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Understanding Web Hosting | Case Studies

cPanel, Control or Complicated
March 12th, 2010 | Posted by Pin We’re definitely not a cPanel fan, yet, you find them bundled in with most of the web hosting packages available on the market. To web hosting providers, cPanel makes their lives easier. It claims to manage all settings under one root, which is by the customer themselves.
Each site's directories are defined clearly


Allowed Memory Size Error
January 19th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

cPanel's dashboard

A kid was looking at the Great Orion Nebula

The default view of cPanel's FTP

Attention Wordpress users, this is worth a read. One of our web hosting customers enabled the “all in one SEO pack plugins” in his WordPress account and got this error message: “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 491520 bytes)” Always ready to lend our customers a helping hand, we informed him that he could try to increase the allowed memory size limit via: 1. htaccess e.g. (php_value memory_limit 64M). 2. wp-config.php e.g. (define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘64MB’);) Technical jargon aside, there’s a happy ending, and here’s what the customer told us “Thanks for the quick reply. I have tried the first method and it works like a champ! You’re superb. It also solves the problems that have bugged me for so long. There were some “sub dashboard” at the dashboard that wouldn’t load properly. After I increased the memory limit to 64M, everything just works now. Previously I thought it could be due to the confliction among the plugins. Thank you very much,” said Robin of Astronomy Notes. You’re very welcome!

Is this really what a customer would want? If you find cPanel too complicated, like we do, check out the control panel that comes with our web hosting package.

Dashboard with subtle yet comprehensive design

Web Hosting

Understanding Web Hosting | Case Studies

Malware Injection Attack
September 13th, 2009 | Posted by Pin Malware injection attack is spreading like wildfire these days, and countless websites have been affected. The attack is done via a compromised FTP, and many believe that the virus can actually “sniff out” FTP passwords and send it back to the hacker. The hacker then uses your FTP password to access your website and add malicious iframe coding to infect other visitors who browse your website.

Website Encoding Problem
March 11th, 2009 | Posted by Pin After days of research done by our team member Weikiat, we have finally found the solution to solve the Unicode problem. Earlier, websites with pages in Unicode encoding such as ‘你好 吗’ was messing out. Apparently, this line was not recognised:

Example of encoding problem

<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” charset=UTF-8″ />
Malware injection warning sign by Google Chrome


Most web browsers will put up a notice when they’ve detected malware in your website. This prevents other people from unknowingly downloading the malware. If you’d like to check if your website has been infected, use the Website Security Check from Unmask Parasites.

For .html files to auto display unicode characters, you have to add following line to htaccess. AddType application/x-httpd-php .html Read more here: php-in-html-files.html Basically, it will treat html file as php, as unicode will display correctly in php files.

New PHP5 Platform
March 6th, 2009 | Posted by Pin
Security report from Unmask Parasites (beta)

You might also like to take the following preventive measures to protect your website from malware: 1. Upgrade your Adobe Reader to the latest version 2. Install anti-virus software like Malwarebytes and Comodo 3. Use SFTP instead of FTP 4. Remove all malicious coding from your website 5. Upgrade to latest WordPress if you have a self-hosted Blog 6. Change your FTP password For further reading, check out Hidden iframe injection attacks.

We would like to announce that our new PHP5 platform (previously referred to as PHP5 ITK) is ready to be deployed globally. This new PHP5 platform provides suPHP functionality and has been specifically patched to allow common LAMP applications to work without any modifications. Key Features of the New PHP5 Cluster - $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] contains expected value - $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"] contains expected value - Files owned by user - Mail functions operate as expected Upgrading from PHP4 to PHP5 Because the PHP team ( announced an official end of life for PHP4 in August of 2008, Mosso | The Rackspace Cloud will no longer be supporting the technology. All existing PHP4 sites will be upgraded to our new PHP5 platform. Sites currently hosted on our legacy PHP4 cluster and will be migrated to the new PHP5 platform beginning on today.

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Understanding Web Hosting | Case Studies

Sendmail Error
February 22nd, 2009 | Posted by Pin Sendmail are enabled in our web hosting by default. To use it, please add this line to your .htaccess file (yes, no space after -f): php_value mail.force_extra_parameters -fREPLACEYOUREMAILHERE A word to share, you might want to consider using SMTP method than built in Mail() function. SMTP method is more reliable and it was implemented for serious email delivery and can reduce email missing problem. See this review.

Cloud Hosting Specifications
November 4th, 2008 | Posted by Pin Cloud hosting? That means you don’t have to fight with hardware, ever. Our platform is flexible to provide you with room to space. You can run Windows, Linux, or both too in the same account! From the first byte served, your site is hosted on advanced clustered technology designed for high-traffic, highperformance websites. When your site grows bigger than what’s included, you pay inexpensive scale pricing for exactly what you use and nothing more. Our Ready-to-Blog package comes with: • 12GB Disk Space • 10GB Monthly Data Transfers • 1,000 Monthly Compute Cycles • Unlimited Additional Databases • Urchin Website Statistic • Web Based Control Panel • 24×7 Technical Support • High Uptime Are you a Techie? (Yes, the following features are available in one package, no switching required!): • Linux / Apache / PHP 5.2.0 • Linux / Apache / PHP 4.4.7 • Windows Server 2008 / IIS 7.0 • .NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 / ASP 5.6 • Ruby on Rails • MySQL 4, 5 • MS SQL (Extra Charge) • CGI/Perl Scripting • phpMyAdmin 2.11.3 • Raw Logs • SSL Security (Extra Charge) • Chroot’d FTP Access on Different Users • Configure Website Welcome Message • Scheduled Tasks (Cron Jobs)


FTP Howto
November 19th, 2008 | Posted by Pin For those who has subscribed to our web hosting services, you will receive a login information to the Hosting Control Panel. Your FTP information is available in the Control Panel, and you can change your FTP password there. If you are not sure how to use the Control Panel, check this guide. The default FTP address is Check if you have the server-side filtering options. Enable it with ‘-a’ to allow showing all files with ‘.’ extension in front of file name, such as .htaccess.

Enable server side filtering to show .htaccess

Web Hosting

Understanding Web Hosting | Case Studies

How to Use Web Hosting Control Panel?
October 29th, 2008 | Posted by Pin 1. Logon to Enter your Username and Password to login.

5. If you wish to customize your hosting package, go to ‘Features’ section under Technologies. Click on ‘Customize’ and you are allow to switch your hosting between Linux and Windows Server. Also, you can choose between PHP 5.2.0 and PHP 4.4.7 for Linux hosting.

Web hosting features

Web hosting control panel login page

2. Now, you can see the websites in your account listed in the middle of the page. Click on the website domain which you want to edit.

List of websites in the account

3. Under ‘General Settings’, you are able to view the Bandwidth, Disk Space and Compute Cycles allocated for you monthly. If you wish to look at your website statistics, click on the ‘View Web Statistics’.

Traffic and disk space

4. You can also check your FTP login details under ‘General Settings’.

FTP login details

Web Hosting

Managing Domain Name | Case Studies

Managing Domain name
Domain Name Change for EDMS
September 13th, 2009 | Posted by Pin EDMS recently informed us that they’ve decided to change their official domain name to reflect their new corporate identity.

Retrieving A Hijacked Domain,
September 13th, 2009 | Posted by Pin I was told by my friend that their domain name was hijacked. Someone has transferred the domain name to another Registrar. Apparently, it was an inside job. My friend said No to an offer from the domain theft and immediately make a police report. A new domain name was registered to resume their business operation, but it is tedious for sure. Despite the police report, my friend tried everything but in vain, for a month! They wrote to both original and new Registars, as well as the domain name reseller in Malaysia – but no luck! The domain name was originally registered with Tucows, 4 years ago, through their reseller ACME Commerce in Malaysia. The domain theft transferred the domain name to a new registrar called This was done anonymously. True to say, many Registrar take no action on such issues. To them, it was a legal transfer. The dispute is between the staff and the company, none of their business. Tucows requested a so called International court order, a document equivalent to – we are not going to do anything. ACME, in this case – the billing party, failed to do anything too. Many domain name owners do not bother to update their domain name registration information, or WHOIS record. It is too late until your domain name was transferred and only you find out your contact information is not updated. Domain name reseller or registrar never bother to inform client on keeping the up-to-date WHOIS record too. Run a WHOIS check, make sure Registrant and Administrator information shows the owner of the business, not any Technical staff or someone who provide the domain name registration. Make sure it is your email got listed, than any other email which you do not have access. Remember, any changes or transfer to the domain name triggers email notification, and you will be the first one to know, to take immediate action. The Story Continues – retrieving the Domain name! I wrote an email to Tucows, no reply. My second email to was replied within a day who promise to look into this matter. This was great! Here comes, the proof of ownership of a domain name. While WHOIS shows the ownership of the domain name in text, but not in action. Yes, same thing to contract. The conduct of a business utilizing the domain name in their brochure, namecard, emails – all shows a conduct of the usage of the domain name. My friend’s company pay for the


EDMS Consultants provides software that makes business sense

We responded by wasting no time in registering the new domain name they wanted, and then we notified them about the scope of work that would be involved. This included addressing the following issues: 1) The old website address must point to the new one 2) We must update the content in the website to show the new names 3) An email migration must be performed to switch to a new email domain 4) Messages sent to the old email address must continue to be forwarded to the new email address

Securing a Brand, Hap Seng Land
July 13th, 2009 | Posted by Pin Some time ago, Hap Seng Land Holding Berhad registered their official domain name with us. Recently, they’ve decided to secure the domain name associated with the brand names they have, including “The Podium” and “Menara Hap Seng”. We were chosen because our team would be taking care of the domain name in the long term. Something like this requires proper registration procedures and two high availability DNS servers. Three names were proposed and an order was made through our domain name order form. I’m happy to report that our team has successfully registered and secured the name for them!

Domain Name

Managing Domain Name | Case Studies

renewal yearly, another solid proof! With all document compiled and emailed to, we are expecting to retrieve the domain name back soon! :) updates: The case was finally resolved. The ownership was returned to my client via a account transfer done by All thanks to the prompt action taken by and the initiative to liaise between the parties.

Blogspot Redirect Helps Alot
March 9th, 2010 | Posted by adrian Nowadays, in the tech-savvy era, more people have familiarized themselves with the world-wide-web (WWW) and thus, having online social networks like the popular one – Facebook is nothing to be surprised. And now, more and more people uses a blog to start an online business. A blog is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. A simple blog that dedicates useful and meaningful information, of course with interesting graphics of a particular product, will draw the attention from viewers. So when your business expands, you might consider to get a personalized domain name, like, and started to worry that current viewers might not be aware of that the owner had moved to a new website. Now, Blogspot plays the important role here. It is able to redirect users accessing the initial blog to the new website address specified of the owner.


Solving Infinity’s Domain Dispute
July 9th, 2009 | Posted by Pin The title of this post doesn’t seem very welcoming, I know, but don’t worry, there is a happy ending; I assure you. It is, however, kind of a long story, which I’ll cut short. You see, the domain name “” had been registered many years ago, but instead of having it registered to the owner, it was mistakenly registered under the name of the company that provided the domain name registration service. It went unnoticed, even by the domain name’s owner, and it was only until Infinity decided to let us manage the domain name for them that the mishap was discovered. We raised the issue immediately, as we knew this had to be resolved once and for all. To get to the bottom of things, our team started from scratch, a bit like CSIs working a crime scene. Our client didn’t even have information on the domain name login, so we contacted several related parties, but had no luck. We even considered filing a dispute report to MyNIC, which would cost at least MRY5,000! But that was to be the last resort. Luckily, we hadn’t run out of options. Our team’s persistent investigation and tireless effort paid off, and our client regained ownership over the domain name in the end. I told you there was a happy ending! Before that, however, Wan, the domain name owner said, “If this is settled, please come to my new office at Botanic and I’ll bring you to the best food in Bukit Tinggi, Klang.” Thanks Wan! We’re glad it’s over, and we’ll be coming by for the food soon! :)

Blogspot Setting

Go to your blogspot admin page, Click Settings > Publishing > Custom Domain. Now, user will be prompted 2 choices, if you choose to purchase it from blogspot, no CNAME record needed to be set up; while purchasing it from third party, CNAME need to be set. Both of these redirection are done at no cost unlike other Content Management System.

Securing .MY Domain
March 8th, 2010 | Posted by Pin Just a quick share. The usage of the .my domain name is increasing. Even organizations like MyNIC are using instead of Well, basically most companies have now decided to publish .my as the official domain name, instead of Obviously, the trend is picking up. We estimate more and more companies will be doing so. If you happen to have a domain name registred under

Domain Name

Managing Domain Name | Case Studies, we believe that it is good to secure the .my version as well. For example, if you happen to have, it is good to register and secure the name The registration fee for the .my domain name is only RM120 a year. You can do a name search at http://whois.domainregistry. my/. If it returns ‘..does not exist in database’, the name is available. Then, let us know, we can register the domain name for you, or you can order online. There’s certainly a risk that someone might take the name from you. In that case, you can file a dispute case to MYNIC’s Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (MYDRP), if you can prove that the person holding the name has bad faith and that it is an infringement ofm your trademark. Bear in mind that the case usually takes up to 6 months to resolve and may cost you more than RM5,000 on the legal fees alone.

Defend your Brand Online
November 6th, 2009 | Posted by Pin Domain management safeguards brands and revenues easily and efficiently. It reduces the impact to your business as part of the Business Continuity Plan. What is Domain Name Management? 1) Enabling secure registration, renewing, tracking and approval workflow from any location. 2) Identifying issues and opportunities through a seamlessly consolidated domain assets. 3) Domain recovery service from trusted leader in domain portfolio management 4) Prevents illicit domain abuse tactics—such as cybersquatting and domain kiting. Glossary Brandjacking – To hijack a brand to deceive or divert attention; often used in abusive or fraudulent activities devised for gain at the expense of the goodwill, brand equity and customer trust of actual brand owners. Cybersquatting – The practice of abusing trademarks within the domain name system. Domain Kiting – The process whereby domains are registered and dropped within the five-day ICANN grace period, and then registered again for another five days. Kiting a domain lets the registrant gain the benefit of ownership without ever paying for the domain. eCommerce Content – Websites containing a specified brand that appears in visible text, hidden text, meta tags or title in conjunction with other site content that indicates online sales are being transacted on the site. False Association – The practice of using a specified brand or trademark in web content to imply a relationship with a company or brand where none exists. Offensive Content – Websites containing a specified brand that appears in visible text, hidden text, meta tags or title in conjunction with pornographic, online gaming or hate content. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) – Paid placement advertising appearing on web pages. Operators of websites hosting PPC advertising derive revenue from ads that are clicked, hence the name PPC. Phishing – Criminal use of email to divert traffic to websites in order to fraudulently acquire usernames, passwords, credit card details and other personal information. The email and


Domain Masking for Free Blogs
January 19th, 2010 | Posted by adrian If you’ve ever come across a corporate blog with an address like, your first impression might be that it’s way too casual or even unprofessional. But, if you have a professional blog hosted on one of those services, how do you overcome it? Well, first of all, you’ve got to register a domain name for yourself, eg.; and now, for the fun part – the tweak! Ask your service provider to mask or cloak the website address so that no matter where your visitor clicks within the page to navigate, it will still show your domain name: www. It’s really easy, and you only have to pay RM55 a year for the domain name. That’s it. Now you’ve got to choose wisely between the Content Management Systems. Let’s look at the two most popular blog platforms, Blogger and Wordpress. Blogger (aka Blogspot) doesn’t charge you when you’re pointing to your registered domain name, whereas Wordpress may charge you USD$9.97 per year, per domain for its domain mapping service. For blogger (aka Blogspot) 1. Go to and login 2. Click the tab above Settings > Publishing 3. Switch to “custom domain” 4. Enter your domain name For Wordpress 1. Go to and login 2. Click the tab Settings > Domains 3. Enter your domain URL

Domain Name

Managing Domain Name | Case Studies

websites used in these operations employ “social engineering” techniques to trick users into believing they are interacting with a business or organization that they trust. Rock Phishing – A method of phishing first implemented by the ‘rock’ phish gang that utilizes multiple layers of redundant infrastructure to increase the difficulty of shutting down the attack. Other phishers are now using these tactics as well. SEO Manipulation – The use of brands, slogans or trademarks located in visible text, hidden text, meta tags and title in order to manipulate search engine rankings so that the brandjacker’s site can gain a more favorable search engine placement. Traffic Diversion – Hijacking a brand to drive web traffic to a competitive or illicit site in order to generate revenue at the expense of the rightful brand owner.

the others don’t, it pulls the IP address out of the list. 4) If none of the IPs respond, and a failure IP/URL is defined, it points the site to the failure IP/URL 5) If the system can’t get to all of the IPs, then it assumes that the fault is its own connection and it takes no action 6) If any of your IPs come back online, they’ll be restored This effectively and safely keeps your site online, even if one of your web servers is down. The average failure detection time is 10 minutes, but the time varies depending on the speed of your site and the nature of the failure. Recovery times are faster, averaging 5 minutes.


Failover Service
September 13th, 2009 | Posted by Pin Managing DNS (Domain Name Server) is part of the scope of work covered in our domain name management services. Our DNS servers are hosted on geographically-dispersed networks, because we’re aware that one’s email and web services can be badly affected once a DNS server goes down.

Failover support control panel

In a recent case, we helped Infinity Logistics to configure the failover support for their in-house hosted email server. We’re proud to say that it works perfectly now.

What Are Your Rights as a Domain Owner?
March 12th, 2009 | Posted by Pin
Email can be marked as Spam without Reverse DNS

Each domain name has their own “pointing” recorded in a Zone file hosted in the DNS servers. Those records are used to tell your email where it should be routed and how visitors are to be directed to your website. Besides standard pointing, we do provide additional services such as Failover Support and Critical DNS Servers. How does the failover service work? The failover monitoring service works when you have two or more web servers running the same (or similar) website. 1) First, you’ll need the IP address of your domain and get it working. Then you add the failover monitor. 2) The failover monitor watches your web server(s) by hitting a URL you’ve specified and looking for text in the results. 3) When the system detects that one of them has an error, and

Registry, Registrant, Registrar, Domain Name Reseller, Admin contact, Billing contact, Technical contact… It is never easy to understand the difference between them. You are lucky if you have one good domain name service provider who take care of your domain name so well that you don’t need to deal with those terms! Finding a good domain name provider is not a hit-or-miss decision. To understand your rights as a domain name owner, it would be helpful if you know what should be done by a domain name company. Companies who provide you the domain name registration services, should at least be responsible for the following matters, 1. Assist the domain name owner to maintain up-to-date registration info (WHOIS records). At least remind your customers every one or two years!

Domain Name

Managing Domain Name | Case Studies

2. Collect renewal fee and renew the domain name. Reminder and a short note on successful renewal is a must! 3. Able to provide their customers an access to the domain name manager to make any changes. Customers should have the rights to ask for this information. Most Registrars provide domain name manager, except a few country-level registrars such as Vietname or Cambodia Nic. 4. To respect domain name owner’s decision to choose for new domain name service provider. Full support such as providing Auth Code without delay, is the industries ethics!

Managing Domain Name for Linguaphone
October 30th, 2008 | Posted by Pin


What Makes a Good Domain Reseller?
February 12th, 2009 | Posted by Pin 1. You might have come up with a really good domain name that may be worth some money, like, but be sure to check the availability of your domain name from sources that you can trust. NEVER use, they have a strange policy that blocks you from registering the new-found-name from others within a certain period of time. 2. Instead, find a domain name reseller with a shorter processing time. Domain name registration can be done in minutes except country-based domain names such as .com. my which may take hours or a day. Before placing an order, make sure your reseller can process your domain name without any delay. 3. After your domain name has been successfully registered, run WHOIS to make sure that the domain name was registered under your name or organization. Make sure it’s your email under the Registrant section. Your name and email are the two most important bits of information to prove ownership of your domain. 4. You can find two DNS addresses associated with every domain name. Remember when you entered a domain name in the web browser and hit enter? The query is sent to DNS to find where your web server is, etc. If your DNS server is down, the query will fail. Check out this DNS uptime report! 5. Your domain name expires every year unless you have renewed it in time. A good renewal system by your reseller is important and make sure you don’t miss any of the important dates like

Linguaphone domain name registered since 1999l

Like all other online services, domain name owners are given a set of logins to manage their domain name. But it isn’t as easy to use as it sounds. Imagine if you have a domain name registered 10 years ago, and it has passed through several hands, what if you needed to login now? Linguaphone turned to us recently. We’ve helped them to restore the login and switching their DNS servers to a more reliable one, fully managed by us. In short, management of a domain name should cover: 1. House keeping WHOIS information 2. Maintain a reliable DNS servers 3. Collecting renewal

Retrieve MYNIC Domain Name Login
October 27th, 2008 | Posted by Pin Making changes to your domain name records require the use of the UserID and Password of the current Administrative Contact, Technical Contact and/or Billing Contact. Follow the step-by-step guide below to retrieve your UserID and Password. 1. Logon to 2. Mouseover ‘Update your domain name’ and select ‘User ID and Password’

Select User ID and Password

Domain Name

Managing Domain Name | Case Studies

3. Click on the check UserID link

5. If your UserID found, your email address for the MYNIC Handle will be published. If the email address if no longer available, you can assign a new email address and click ‘Submit’. Print out the change request form and fax it to +603-89917277. If the email address is still active, enter a keyword and the UserID will be sent to your email.

Proceed with check UserID


4. Fill in the MYNIC Handle as required and proceed to Check UserID. If you are not sure about your MYNIC Handle, you can check using the ‘Search your contact MYNIC handle’ or check in WHOIS record.
Check your MYNIC Handle email address

6. After you have retrieved your UserID, go back to Step 3 and proceed with reset password. Key in MYNIC Handle, UserID and Keyword to reset your password. Again, the new password will be sent to your email. Now, you are ready to modify your domain name.

Fill in MYNIC Handle

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