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Patumahoe Village Incorporated Minutes of the AGM September 10th, 2013, held at Patumahoe Tennis Clubrooms Meeting Opened

at 7pm Present: Paula Crosswell, Vicki Lacy, Andrew Sinclair, Louise Sinclair, Glenn Hunter, Sam Sinclair, Julie Evans, Simon Bennett, Eli Ewens, Kay Carter, (Jack and Chris Hobbs available for AGM) Apologies: Gary Morriss Moved that apologies be accepted L. Sinclair P Crosswell All agreed 1. Previous Minutes Moved that the previous minutes are a true and correct record L. Sinclair P. Crosswell All agreed 2. Correspondence none for AGM 3.Treasurers Report See attached Annual Financial Statements Moved that the Annual financial statements be accepted Paula Simon All agreed Moved that no auditor be appointed for the year ended 30th April 2014 G. Hunter P.Crosswell All agreed 4. Co-ordinators report (See attached) Paula presented her report to the meeting, summarizing last years highlights and touching on ideas for future projects. Fantastic work, big thanks to everyone but especially to Paula and Andrew. Moved that Paulas report be accepted Andrew Julie All agreed 5. Election of Officers 1. Moved that Glenn Hunter be elected Meeting Chairman Paula Louise All agreed

2. Moved that Louise Sinclair be elected as Minute Secretary Vicki Simon All agreed 3. Move that Vicki Lacy be elected as Treasurer Sam Eli All agreed Election of management committee Moved that Paula Crosswell, Andrew Sinclair, Vicky Lacy, Louise Sinclair, Glenn Hunter, Julie Evans, Simon Bennett, Gary Morriss, Eli Ewens, Sam Sinclair be elected to the management committee Glenn Vicki Elections closed All agreed

6. General Business Glenn called for any other reports or business. There was a brief discussion that the requirement to have 12 as a quorum for the AGM was too high. Committee members had a range of opinions but most felt it could be lowered. 8 or 9 seemed to be the most favoured level. As this is a change to our constitution any change would need to be duly advertised and a special meeting called. Deferred this discussion to later meeting. There being no further business, the AGM closed at 7.40pm