Warren Noronha

006, D-23, Yogi Nagar. Borivli West., Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091 Tel: +912228335116 Email: warren.noronha@gmail.com

Once a system administrator and distribution hacker (since 1996); I now spend my time programming (since 2000) and helping non-profit organizations and invest my time in social causes. I am working on technologies to bridge the digital divide. I am one of the first 10 developers who jumped on the Ruby on Rails bandwagon, and been hooked on to it ever since. I love mashing up technology that changes the world in some way.

• • • • • • Programming: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Drupal, Perl, Python, Zope, XML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle Operating systems: Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX, Microsoft Windows WebServices: SOAP, REST, XML-RPC Payment Gateway Integration: Authorize.net, PayPal, CyberSource, 2-Checkout.com Misc: GoogleAPI, YahooAPI, SHOUTcast, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Yahoo! UI Library, Prototype Javascript Framework, Script.aculo.us, Wireless Mesh Networks

Sr. Geek. Moonlighting on OpenSource projects • Drupal: Flickr module • Drupal: Front page module • Drupal: Themes and Designs • Drupal: Support • Ruby on Rails: GMaps Integration • Ruby: Authorize.net CardPresent • Wireless Mesh Networking: GOA Mesh Network • Wireless Mesh Networking: Plug and Play Mesh Networking Device • Operating Systems: Custom Distro for Telecenters, Non Profits, Thin Clients Sr. Developer. Looksmart, San Francisco, USA • Design and development of the AdCenter API. Working with clients to create the new API. • Devlopment of the Cybersource Payment processing lib. • AJAX components. • Other components of the ad management system such as: Account, Campaign, Ad, User. Sr. Developer. i5Labs, San Francisco, USA • eCommerce for StoneTech USA (DuPont) • Testing, development and research on the PSP for Infected (Sony and MoonLight) • Support portal and developer center for Epson USA • Development of a kiosk, and website for Zubio • Drupal site for Planit Jewish (Prototype) • Drupal site for the CALO Project, a DARPA funded project (Prototype) 2001-2005



IT Manager. World Social Forum, Mumbai, India 2003-2004 • Policies making and budget management • Website development and server management. • Planning, setup of the media/tele center. 150 Computers • Customized Knoppix distribution with over 10 supported languages, targeted towards journalists. • Documentation of the entire process • Migration of the existing infrastructure from Microsoft Windows to Mandrake GNU/Linux • Training and troubleshooting.

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Sr. Developer. FreeOS Technologies, Mumbai, India 2003-2003 • LiveCD: LiveCD meant for low cost computers that can double up as think clients • DeveloperPC: High range product for students and developers. Customized version of Red Hat, integrated with an online support system.

• • • • BrainBench: Linux Administration BrainBench: IT Security ExpertRating: Javascript ExpertRating: AJAX

• • • • • • Free Software Foundation - Working Group Member Software in Public Interest - Member (Represent Drupal) Drupal - Site Admin Drupal India - Founder Our Project - Member and Administrator Hipatia - Member and Administrator