Sent: Monday, November 11, 2013 1:48 AM Subject: Anti-BHO "blasts" Continue -CCXXIII [Holocaust

] Last night, the JCC “Holocaust Museum” held its Annual Gala, with ~100 more people attending this year than were present last year; ~280 people were squished into Philmont C.C.’s quarters; note that it was not possible [as PAL does, for example] to expand onto the porch when an event occurs in November, although it may be desirable to employ contiguous rooms for an anticipated-to-be-larger crowd in 2014. {When this physician chatted amiably with Rep. Fitzpatrick, his “coda” was, “Dr. Bob, don’t get into any trouble!” This was a social-event, so official discussion of politics would have created unnecessary discomfiture; my response [“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do” (quoting John Steinbeck, John Dumelo, George Jetson, Tendo Choi and Woody Harrelson)] reflected the need to challenge [politely/firmly] a campaign-promise that had been broken. No one welcomes this [inevitable?] Civil War, but duty calls. The need to maintain awareness of the Shoah is enhanced by fear that Neville Chamberlain’s approach to Hitler [“appeasement”] is currently being replicated by BHO in his dealings with the Iranian Nukes; indeed, as European Jews Report a Rise in Anti-Semitism, the theme of the most recent issue [Fall, 2013] of the Middle East Quarterly was devoted to its forerunner as an inspiration for Hitler, exploring the slaughter of Armenians [What Is Genocide? The Armenian Case - Turkey, Past and Future], particularly as Revisiting the Armenian Genocide by consulting century-old records [newly-unearthed and still-shrouded] argue that it should no longer be allowed to remain unacknowledged by a regime that may be on the verge of resurrecting its worst elements [Islamic Supremacy Alive and Well in Ankara]. Also, illustrative of the import of teaching how governments can become demonized is what the Soviets did in 1921 [a neargenocidal famine] and in 1931-1932 [Ukrainian Famine]; as Guzzardi notes, this is hardly a sectarian issue, for it has critical historical value that reflects, for example, the effort to create a global caliphate [by exterminating Christians, such as Egypt’s Copts, as well as “erasing Israel from the map”]. {This problem also exists in Connecticut: anti-semitism-and-swastikas-meetthe-pine-bush-school.} There is no question that this information must be included within the highschool’s standard [“core”?] curriculum, inasmuch as college-students are ignorant of basic-data. Yet, efforts to mandate this be accomplished in PA [as occurs in NY/NJ] sit currently in the Senate’s Education Committee [Mike Folmer, Chair, a friend of both Guzzardi and this physician]; the House already passed this bill [HB 1424 - Teaching Genocide and Holocaust in Pennsylvania K-12 schools]. The political problem faced is the need to avoid issuing “unfunded mandates” due to the possibility others [with other “agendas”] would latch-on to this approach and, thereby, undermine the need to empower the localities. In a recent e-mail exchange, Guzzardi conveyed these concerns [amplified by having read Diana West’s “American Betrayal” book] to Rhonda Fink-Whitman [whose video served as the basis

for the above-referenced documentation of “ignorance,” both of the Holocaust and of WW -II]; she shares this intent and feels the above impediments can be overcome: The impression drawn from all available data is that cost is not an issue, resources are available gratis [e.g., Holocaust Awareness Museum, USHMM, Holocaust Resource Center of Central Florida, Internet] and Philly’s museum can invoke a volunteer-group of survivors to speak to the students for free, grant-monies may be available for this type of education, and other genocides [ e.g., Armenian] are encompassed [noting the bill includes “Holocaust and other Genocides”]. {During the dinner last night, it was noted that each session costs $125, a prod for ongoing “development.”}

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