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Lesson Plan

‘Learning is not a spectator sport.'

Learning Environment
Ventilation, lighting, desk configuration, music, Set the learning environment.
learning stimulus?
Meet, greet and register.

Interact. Image, quote, task? Activate and engage.
Speed quizzing, picture reveal, concept bingo,
more quick recaps activities at

Confirm Learning Outcomes

Why should the student buy into the lesson?
Set challenging targets Aims
a) for the next task
b) for the overall lesson

Challenge and inspire

Lesson Development
Assess homework, debates, envoys breakouts,
jigsaws, cooperative competition, quizzes,
designing quizzes, teacher delivery,
manipulatives and collaborations. Activities
Check Learning
Give students time to think.
Traffic lights / Room zoom
Peer questioning or review
Micro presentation
Peer review

Probe Understanding
Assess and peer assess
Provide opportunities for feedback and summary

Lesson Summation
Any of the recap or recall activities.
Have ‘we’ covered the learning outcomes?
Ask the student for their highlights.
Signpost learning resources. e
Provide extension activities Signpost
Show your appreciation to the class.
Officially close the lesson.
Acknowledge positive contributors

Created By Kristian Still

Feedback on Your Lesson?
Yes Yes, but No
Classroom Environment
Was the teaching room a welcoming and stimulating learning environment?
In your opinion, was your lesson well planned? Did it have structure? Did it flow?
Recap and Recall
Did the teacher recap your last lesson or prior learning with you?
Learning Outcomes or Learning Aims
Were the learning outcomes or aims for the lesson displayed or shared with you at the
start of the lesson?
Learning Targets
Were you set a target for your achievement in the lesson or a target as part of a task?
Presentation skills
Was the teacher knowledgeable and enthusiastic in their presentation. Did they gain
your attention?
Active Learning
Did you take part in the lesson? In group work? Were you asked to your present ideas
or feedback to the group? Were you asked to teach? Were you asked to assess your
own work, or the work of one of your peers?
Were you asked questions, either as part of a lesson activity, in small groups or
individually? Did a learning activity ask questions of you?
Did the lesson challenge you? (If it was too difficult tick ‘yes, but’ if too easy tick no)
Promotion of ILT
Did your teacher make good use of IT? Handouts? Sound? Video? Mobile phones?
Digital cameras? Resources? Were you signposted to any web or IT resources?
Coursework / homework? Did you receive feedback today? Most importantly did the
feedback provide you with clear guidelines on how to improve your work? Were you
asked to assess your own work or the work of one of your peers?
Did you receive any positive feedback or recognition in class today?
Did your teacher give you the opportunity to confirm your understanding?
Independent and Signposted Learning
Were extension activities or readings signposted? Were you given opportunities to
learn outside of the classroom?
Integration of Key Skills or Cross Curricular Themes
Did your teacher identify were or how Key Skills could be used or developed? Were
cross curricular or cross modular themes highlighted?
Classroom contribution
Did you make a positive contribution to your lesson today?
Was today a ‘typical’ lesson?

Created By Kristian Still