The House by Sabastian One spooky, mysterious and creepy night I was walking across the cobblestone road

. I was on my way to my home. It was very tiring walking 15 kilometres every night. On my way home for the last few nights I keep walking past 38 Rainbow Road. Every time I walk there I get a shiver up my spine. Today I decided to have a look so I opened the gate and the rusty gate creaked. I walked in and saw a man burying something .... in a sack .... it ..... looked like a person. I was so scared I ran straight home. I couldn’t stop thinking about the man and the sack. The next morning I went back to 38 Rainbow Road….with a shovel. I went out the back. After checking the coast was clear I started digging. I soon hit the sack. I knew it wasn’t going to be good because of the smell coming from it. I carefully heaved it out and peeked inside. It was a dog. Just as I’d finished burying it, I heard a car coming into the drive. I hid behind a bush. The man went to the hole with tears trickling down his face. He placed a bunch of flowers on the grave. Ending by Ethan, UPPS

The Rusty Gate by Angus The rusty gate creaked. It slowly opened. Thoughts were rushing through my head. Should I go in or should I just walk away? I didn’t know what to do. It was so hard. I thought with my head and went in. I just had to and so I did. I thought to myself – How did the gate just open? I knew it had to be someone or something. I went in walking slower than ever. I didn’t want anything to jump out but then I heard a yell. “Hey, why is the gate open?” a man asked with an angry voice. I quickly sprinted as the man came after me with a pitch fork. “HEY what are you doing my private property?!” he said while running. Finally I got to my house and he stopped following me. Later that night I heard a voice coming from outside. I looked out my window to see the man except he was a ghost. He came inside. I screamed, “Mum, Dad there is a ghost in my room!” They came running and then the ghost asked, “Is this is your son?” “Mum said, “Yes.” “He came on my property,” the ghost said. They worked out an agreement that I shall never go on his property again and he will never bother us again. Ending by Tanyshah, UPPS

Halloween Trick by Lucy It was Halloween and we were trick or treating. We went to my friend Amy’s house. We had a garbage bag three quarters full. Amy and her family, even her cat, love Halloween. Their house was covered in Halloween decorations; I told you they love Halloween. I was walking up the driveway, I got to the front gate then the rusty gate creaked. I screamed and ran down to the gate. I saw something black. I screamed again but it was just Amy’s cat, Pepper. I heard someone giggling. It was Amy’s giggle but it wasn’t coming from Amy. I looked down to see Amy’s cat laughing Amy’s laugh. I couldn’t see Amy anywhere. “Hello Cat,” I said. “Pineapples,” replied the cat. “What did you say?” I asked the cat. “I said pineapples.” I couldn’t believe it. The cat was talking to me. It wasn’t making much sense but it was talking! The next thing I heard was ‘Beep, beep, beeeeeeeeep’ and the cat said “Oh, no I batteries are going dead.” I had another look at the cat and saw a walkie talkie strapped upon the cat’s collar. The batteries died completely and Amy’s Halloween trick was up. Ending by Matthew, UPPS

Take Away Child by Montanna It was a rainy, windy night. It was the worst time to go. My mother was holding me in her arms sobbing loudly and my father was standing firm with a stern face but in his eyes I saw his sorrow weep from his face. I don’t want to go like my brother. I felt my mother hold me tighter as she looked at her watch. My mother began to weep louder. “Stop that!” my father said furiously. “There’s nothing we can do.” He says sounding softer in his voice. “We can run again.” “No. no! We can’t. No more running.” We heard the rusty gate creak open and we all huddled together. “This is it,” I said. “Time to go.” We ran towards the gate and Mum was the first one out. Just as Mum took one step out of the gate it slammed shut. We were stuck inside and Mum was outside. We heard a scream and somebody yelling. We saw black figures running towards us. My brother ran away from the black figures. Mum was screaming on the other side of the gate and trying frantically to open it. Mum yelled, “I’ll go and get help!” Help arrived just in time and busted through the gate with a car. We were safe and they were arrested. We didn’t have to run anymore. Ending by Brock, UPPS

The Creaky Castle I quickly rushed to get my clothes on. I was running around my room like a mad woman. Today I’m going to the haunted castle behind Mt. Nelson. Dad called out and said, “We are going now.” I ran down the twirly staircase at top speed, jumped off the bottom step and skipped into the car. We were soon there. I hopped out of the car and trotted carefully up the delicate, cobblestone steps. Dad told me to slow down. He soon caught up and the rusty gate creaked as we hauled it open. As we walked through the gate we saw black figures. The gate slammed shut behind us, locking everyone in… except Mum who was stuck on the other side. The gate wouldn’t budge. She started to panic as she could see the black figures coming towards us. They were bigger than us and seemed to be talking in their own language. I smiled, hoping they would know that I was friendly. One reached for my backpack. It wanted me to give it to it. I handed it over and it quickly opened it, grabbing my banana. With one gulp the banana was eaten and the black figure zoomed off happily. Ending by Brodee, UPPS

The Castle by Zac I was strolling in the woods one dark night. I was lost. I was cold but then I ran into something. It was a gate; a tall gate with pointy ends at the top of it. It was locked. I tried so hard to open the gate but it wouldn’t budge. There was a wooden fence on each side of the gate. I tried to climb over but it was too tall. Next to me was a long piece of rope with a hook on the end. Before I could do anything else the rusty gate creaked and then they swung open. I could see a man just at the gates. He had an axe. He had an angry face on him. He started to swing the axe. I ducked and sprinting away. I sprinted for home. I looked back and the man wasn’t far behind me. I tried opening the doors but they were locked. I tried to smash a window but the security lock was on them. I jumped on my skateboard and started riding away. I smashed into a tree. The man swung his axe and I died. People have written a lot of books about this night. Ending by Zach, UPPS

The Magic Park by Ben T One day there was a boy called Luke. He played in a park every day after school. Every day the rusty gate creaked when he passed through. One day the gate creaked and opened. He didn’t pass through. He screamed. The gate spoke. It said, “Pull the branch on the old gum tree.” So he pulled the branch down. Whoosh! He fell down a huge hole. There was a wizard in the room. The wizard said, “You are my apprentice now for one whole year. Training starts tonight.” .... Luke’s first job as apprentice was to clean all the wizard’s shelves. He picked up a potion to throw at the wizard so he could escape. But the wizard used his magic and teleported behind him without Luke knowing. The wizard put him in a cage and fed him dead rats to teach him a lesson. The next day Luke had another shot at being apprentice wizard. Whilst the wizard was outside getting rats Luke speed read all the wizard’s books and became SUPER WIZARD. Before the wizard could do anything else, Luke grabbed a broomstick and flew out of the hole. Ending by Brodie, UPPS

The Haunted House by Jess There’s no such thing as a haunted houses, right? Wrong, there is! Ghosts haunt them along with spiders, zombies and heads with no bodies, covered in blood, laughing at you. Sneaking up and grabbing you. Does your house creak at night? Everyone knows night is when ghosts and zombies come out so you had better hide under your bed unless the bogeyman is there. Being adventurous at night doesn’t do you any good. That is what Ruby never knew! It was a dark, gloomy night. Ruby and her friend Katie were not asleep though, but of course not, as every night they snuck out. This time they went too far. The rusty gate creaked. Ruby and Katie walked through. “A haunted house!” exclaimed Ruby. “I can’t wait to go inside.” They went inside the spooky house. It was dark and scary. The girls walked down a creepy hall way. There were weird pictures of people, coffins and creepy ornaments. The phone started to ring. They were too scared to answer it but they did in the end. There was a weird scary voice on the phone and they got even more scared. Then they went into a room and found a diamond. The diamond was on a pillow with a laser around it. Ruby said, “Let’s grab it!” The girls grabbed it but touched the laser. There was an alarm and zombies, vampires and skeletons ate them. Ending by Jarrad, UPPS

The Freaky Christmas by Max R It was Christmas Eve and we were putting up the Christmas tree. As we were looking at the Christmas tree it snapped and fell on the ground. My brother said it was a ghost but I didn’t believe him. I was going to stay up all night and see Santa. Because we don’t have a chimney he will come in the front door. As I was waiting for Santa I thought about what my brother had said. Just then I heard the rusty gate creak but it was not Santa ..... It was Mrs Clause. I had to go to the window to see for myself. Mrs Clause’s bottom was stuck between two fence posts. She was in desperate need of help, so I went outside to help her. I pushed as hard as I could. That’s when I heard one of the loudest noises I’ve ever heard. Mrs Clause had farted. The noise was so loud it woke everyone in our street. They all came out of their houses to see what the noise was. No one knew that the toxic fumes could cause an extremely smelly death. Ending by Daniel, UPPS

The Haunted Garden by Elizabeth The rusty gate creaked open and I tiptoed in to the overgrown garden. I was looking for my sister. She’d wandered away from me while I was staring at an interesting, bright bird. I really needed to find her before Mum found out. I was certain she was in here somewhere. Why wouldn’t she? What five year old wouldn’t walk into this garden? It looked ... well ... it looked enchanted or haunted or something! The bushes rustled around me. I saw something run along the ground in front of me. I stepped forward desperately fighting back my fear. “Sally?” I shouted as I took a step forward. I heard a terrified scream. Just then the lights turned on inside the house. I didn’t know who or what it was. I quickly hid behind a blueberry bush and watched furiously. When the lights turned off I ran to the back gate and opened it slowly. I heard a screechy hiss and suddenly felt a scratch on my leg and looked down. It was Shadow my pet cat. I picked him up, looked around and saw a face behind a tall tree. I walked over to Sally and she was safe. Ending by Sophie, UPPS

House 146 by Thomas “OK, kids” said Dad, “let’s go to Grasstempon.” My brother, Carl, said “Eh, OK, I’m good with that.” And he kept on texting his friends. I put my headphones on and put some music on our tablet. “Ahhh.” I said “I love Gentlemen.” And I closed my eyes. When I woke up I was inside the holiday house. “Whhaattt?” I shouted. My brother looked at me and then the lights went out. The rusty gate creaked outside. Then I saw a light. Walking over here is a big regret, I thought, then something fell down. It was a picture of me. It had something written on it. It said - don’t look behind you - in my brother’s writing. I looked behind me, saw my brother and then I fell over and landed on the couch. “Carl, you scared me!” Wait, where did he go? I wondered. “C c Carl…where are you?” I started to panic. Where could he have gone? I heard the gate creak again and saw the light flicker again. I saw my brother’s figure standing in the doorway. “Hey, wake up sleepyhead!” my brother said to me. It sounded real. I woke up in my real house and not my holiday house. “What just happened?” I asked. “I don’t know but hurry up, we’re going to kick the footy for a bit,” said Carl. Ending by Blaise, UPPS

The Night Out by Henko The rusty gate creaked as Jeremy and his dog, Filep, opened it. They were now in the old graveyard and it smelt horrible; full of rotten flesh and not very well buried bodies. Filep started barking. Suddenly in front of his eyes it appeared. It looked like the spirit of a man in an olden day suit with a briefcase. It told Jeremy to beware of the ghost in the red suit or he will pay the consequences dearly with his life. There was no doubt Jeremy was scared of ghosts. The ghost in the red suit appeared. He jumped forward and started to speak. “I warned you not to come here,” the ghost said. “All this time I have been waiting for someone to come,” he went on. “I didn’t think anyone would have the guts to open that gate and enter.” There was a silent pause for a moment. “Oh well, you didn’t listen to the rules so I guess, um prepare to be a spirit!” With all of this said, Jeremy and Filep made a run for it. Passing through the deadly smell was disgusting. Jeremy and Filep ran home. But were they safe? Ending by Chelsea, UPPS

The Danger Dad by James I jogged home. When I opened the rusty gate it creaked. I shouted, “Mum!” She said, “What, Jimmy?” “I lost my dollar.” “Of course you did. I am out the back.” So I ran to the back. “Mum you grew facial hair?” “No, that’s your Dad.” “I knew that.” Dad works for the FBI. “I think it might be time for school, Jimmy,” said Mum. “Jim?” said Sam. “Where are you?” “Meeting my Dad.” “Ow man,” Sam said, “that’s bad.” “No, that’s bad,” said Jimmy. My Dad said, “You’re under arrest and then he threw Jimmy and Sam in his car. Poooooofffff ........ Mum said, “Noooo what are you doing?” But Dad just drove off fast. Instead of taking the boys to the police station he took them to the airport so they could go to Africa. There was to be an execution in Australia so they were going very far away from everyone. Sam yelled “Let me go!” “No,” replied Dad. They went to the airport and caught a flight to Africa. Ending by Mitchell, UPPS

The Trip by Jordan One day there was an old man named Bob and he lived in a very old house. In the middle of the night he woke up. He heard a sound coming from outside. He went outside then the rusty gate creaked. The old man looked back and he saw a person walking through the gate. It was his son. His name was Larry. Then they both went inside. “But why are you so late?” Bob says. “I just got back from my trip to India.” “How was it?” “It was good.” “What did you do on your trip?” Larry stared into space. He didn’t answer. “You okay, son?” Larry began to cry. “Tell your father what’s wrong.” The soothing of poor Bob comforted Larry. “I had a great time. It was very enjoyable….” Bob looked at his sad son. It was the broken hearted look. Bob had been through it too. “It’s about a girl, right?” asked Bob. Larry nodded in agreement. “I met a girl,” he said. “She WAS the most beautiful thing ever. But her boyfriend was mad. I never saw her again…..” A tear plopped down his cheek. “She took me to see all the greatest Indian sights. I loved her.” “I understand, son. But sometimes we get a broken heart. I’m sure you had a great time, though. Let’s get some sleep.” “Goodnight Dad.” Ending by Eve, UPPS

The Chasing Wolf by Georgie “Don’t go,” I said to my sister in a stern voice. “I don’t care what you say. I am going anyway,” my sister said as she jumped out the window. I took a deep breath, looked out the window and saw my sister was OK. Then I looked harder .... THERE WAS A WOLF IN THE FOREST AROUND OUR HOUSE! “SIS, LOOK OUT!” I shouted at the top of my voice. Just as I said that I realized she was too far away to hear me so I got my torch and made it point in her direction. She ran back straight away. The rusty gate creaked as she pushed it open. She sprinted inside and so did the wolf. The wolf ran straight to MY room and curled up on my bed. This was strange. I tiptoed over to see if the wolf was friendly. It looked small and cute, nothing like the big scary wolf I imagined. It looked pretty skinny so I went downstairs to look for some food. We were out of dog food so I settled on last night’s left overs. I put the food outside the front door and the wolf followed. After gobbling down dinner, the wolf wandered back to the forest. To this day, I see it every morning when it comes for breakfast before I go to school. Ending by Paige, UPPS

The House

by Sam

One day a small boy called Sam lived in an old house with his Mum and Dad. The old house was very rusty in some spots like the fences and roof. One day his friend Jack came over for the first time. He was a bit scared but be eventually got used to it. So Sam took him outside. After a little while the rusty gate creaked and scared Jack. He screamed but he noticed that it was just a cute, fluffy, white dog. Jack bent down to give him a pat. The dog sat down for the wonderful pat he had been waiting for. After that Sam and Jack went back inside to find there was no house. One minute there was a house and the next minute it was gone. “WHAT HAPPENED!!!?” screamed Jack. “I don’t know,” replied Sam. “What could have done this?” “Maybe the dog had something to do with it?” “It can’t have been the dog.” Then Sam saw Jack at the gate. He was playing with the gate and it was making the house go invisible and visible. The boys couldn’t figure out how it was happening. Then the gate flew away. That is why Sam was late for school. He got detention and the gate still visits him in detention every day. Ending by Sam and Ethan, UPPS

The Death Spirit by Louis The red, faded spirit slowly crept down the dark, rocky cobblestone path looking for a soul to rest in after its previous ghost, that it had lived in for over ten centuries, had been killed by the brave assassin’s knife. The rusty gate creaked open as the nearly dead spirit rushed into the yard of an abandoned house. It was dark with the stench of a dead corpse. The spirit needed to find a body to rest in before it died. The red spirit turned to blue then white then slowly crept into a dead rat’s corpse. The rat slowly lifted up into mid-air and roamed the town. Every now and then it would turn into an old man. I had no idea what it was going to do. “W-w-w- who are you?” said Jai with fright. “W-w-w-what are you going to do?” “I’m going to go find a cemetery and rule it for ever,” said the spirit with a huge smile on its little rat face. So the spirit went to a massive cemetery that was so dull and boring. In a quick second the spirit disappeared and from that day on Jai never saw it again….. Ending by Billie, UPPS

Witch by Emily “There goes the football,” I said as I watched the ball I had kicked fly into Mrs McGyllian’s garden. Mrs McGyllian was the vilest creature alive. Once Peter from across the road kicked his soccer ball over the fence and he never saw his ball again. “I dare you to go get that,” my friend, Tom said. “Okay,” I retaliated trying to feel brave. I walked down the garden path and the rusty gate creaked as I opened it. I knocked and a sweet voice answered. “Come in, come in.” I stepped in and the door swung and locked behind me. “Wahahahahaaa!” the witch cackled. “Wahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!” My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. I had no idea what was going to happen. She started to make this dark red and green potion. I was so scared and mumbled to myself that it was all just a dream. “Don’t be scared my pretty, this will just hurt A LOT! Hahahahahahahaha!!!” said the witch cracking up laughing. “W-w-w-w-what are y-y-you going to d-d-do?” I stammered. “Just one sip, it takes like vanilla,” instructed the witch. She tried to get me to take a sip but I pushed it towards her. She took a sip and slowly started to melt. “I-I-i-immmm m-m-m-melting!” she cried. I slowly started to make my great escape. Ending by Billie and Madison, UPPS

Creepy! by Ava I was walking home from school when I saw a house I had never seen before. I knew this because I had been walking home since I was only 7 and now I am 13. I was curious to see how it had possibly gotten there in a day. I walked closer and closer and then the rusty gate creaked. How had the gate creaked when no-one had opened it or touched it? Was there a ghost? Was I imagining it? No, I heard it and I am not even the slightest bit crazy. Then the house’s door opened and out came an old lady. I was not even scared because she looked as casual as anyone would be anyway, and even looked nice in a way. She said “How dare you open the gate!” she was coming towards me in an angry way. I said to myself, “Second thought she actually isn’t nice, she just looks like an old grumpy person, and I don’t like those kind of people that would just come up towards you in an angry way, and I just like people that would just say “That’s ok I will just close it for you” I mean that is just so rude!” So I just sprinted out of this place, and before I knew it I was on the step to the front door. “But I still can`t figure out how the gate opened by its self, and that it was not me that opened the gate. What is with person and that house? By Monique, UPPS

The Scary World of Mike by Ben S “Hello, Mike,” said Ben. “Ben, I heard a rusty gate creak.” “A what?” “I heard a” “I heard you. We have to investigate the area. Come on, Mike.” “Mike, where was the rusty gate you heard?” said Ben. “Ththththththere,” said Mike. “Who goes there?” said a mysterious voice. Mike and Ben disappeared “BEN, MIKE WHERE ARE YOU?!!!” screamed Mike’s sister, Sarah. Sarah kept calling but Mike and Ben were nowhere to be seen “HELLO SARAH, WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR BROTHER MIKE AND HIS FRIEND BEN BACK?!” asked the mysterious voice. “YES I would and how did you know my brother’s name, Ben’s name and also MY NAME?” “Just a hunch,” squealed the mysterious voice. Sarah shined her torch where the voice was coming from. She turned around and to her fright saw Ben and Mike tied together on a stump with sticky tape covering their mouths. Sarah ran down the street to the nearby pay phone. Mike and Ben broke free and ran home as fast as they could. Ending by Kiera, UPPS

My name is Lilly and my story is called Sea World. It begins like this: Me, Zac, Jimmy and Micah went to Sea World for an adventure. Zac said, “I’m going swimming. Who is coming?” I said, “We will go there first then.” So we did. Then the rusty gate creaked. Jimmy said, “That’s where the water comes from.” A shark came as well. A man said, “Get out of the pool!” So we did. Then we saw a man get eaten. It was scary. The manager came and said, “We will call him Jaws.” We were not allowed in the pool for a while and then Zac tripped and fell into the pool, the same pool that the shark had been in. We all held our breath to see what would happen. “Hey, what’s that in the water?” asked Micah. “It’s Zac, silly!” said Jimmy. “No, not Zac. The baby sharks!” The baby sharks swam up to Zac and jumped on him, pushing him under. Momma Jaws came over to see her babies. She must have still been full from eating the other man because she didn’t eat Zac. The baby sharks saw Momma Jaws and jumped on her for a free ride. Zac quickly swam to the edge and we all pulled him out of the water. What a day! Ending by Lily, 5/6JC

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