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May 28, 2009 U.S. Army Garrisons Vicenza & Livorno www.USAG.Vicenza.Army.Mil Vol. 42, Issue 21

Darby’s Sperl named DoDDS

Beginning June 7, the
Caserma Ederle Commissary
will open on Sundays from 9

Mediterranean teacher of year

a.m. to 6 p.m.

Story and photo by

USAG Livorno Public Affairs
WANT MORE Suzanne Sperl, an art and video
MONEY? production teacher at Livorno Unit
You have a chance through School, was named the Department of
June 3 to change your OHA/ Defense Dependents Schools
MIHA, and put money back into Mediterranean district teacher of the
your bank account by logging year.
onto the OHA/MIHA survey site She was recognized during an award
at: https://www.defensetravel. ceremony May 21 at the school. “This recognition was a complete
miha.html See Page 7 for
surprise for me because I just had an
more information.
interview yesterday and I did not even
See SPERL Page 5
What’s Inside (At right) Suzanne Sperl congratulates a
Garrison news student on his work on the Book of Hope
pages 2 & 3 project. Sperl was named DoDDS
Mediterranean District Teacher of the Year.
Train Track Warning:

Speak Out: What is the Schools address

bullying - a dilemma
global fascination with
reality TV?

Community events
pages 4 & 5 with consequences
This is the first in a series of articles on
Community Camera: A bullying.
snapshot of what’s
going on at your Outlook editor
Bullying kills.
One mother found that out the hard way: when
Community news her 13-year-old daughter killed herself after a
pages 6 & 7 Missouri woman—posing as a young boy on the
MySpace Web site—was accused of bullying the
OUT & ABOUT: A listing young girl.
In the United States’ first cyberbullying trial, a
of concerts, festivals,
federal judge was scheduled to sentence the 50-
markets and events in year-old Lori Drew on Monday for her part in the
the local area hoax on three misdemeanor counts of accessing
computers without authorization. According to
Movie Schedule U.S. media reports, the sentencing has been
postponed until July 2.
While many consider the case an extreme
Sports Photo by Barbara Romano
example, any form of bullying can have dire
page 8 NEVER FORGET consequences. And there are many forms, said,
U.S. Army Africa Commander Maj. Gen. William B. Garrett III with wife Kimberly places Lauri Kenney, Caserma Ederle’s high school
Don’t miss Ladies flowers on the grave of a fallen American Soldier May 26 at the North African Cemetery
and Memorial in Tunis, Tunisia. Garrett traveled to Tunisia earlier this week, respresenting
Hoops - U.S. vs. Italy U.S. Army Africa during a Memorial Day rememberance at the cemetery where 2,841
Kenney said the Department of Defense have
May 31 at 4 p.m. in the service members are buried. See SCHOOL Page 3

fitness center gym.

Phase 2 suicide prevention training scheduled at garrison

by DAVE MELANCON deaths which are under April 24, encompasses the
USAREUR Public Affairs investigation to determine their physical, spiritual, and mental
cause. health of Soldiers and their It is a straight
The Army lost one active duty
Soldier to suicide in April and is To combat suicide within the families. 13 minutes of
At USAG Vicenza and
investigating six other potential
suicides, according to a May 7
Department of the Army press
The same report noted that
ranks, Army Vice Chief of Staff
Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli issued
a comprehensive, multi-
disciplinary Army Campaign
Plan for Health Promotion, Risk
through U.S. Army Europe, the
second phase of Army-
mandated suicide prevention
training for Soldiers and civilian
employees, which began in
people sharing
their real life
with suicide,

the Army had 35 active-duty Reduction and Suicide firsthand...
suicides during 2009 and 29 other Prevention. The plan, published See SPEAKERS Page 2
Garrison news
Riding rails
for trains
Members of the Vicenza military
community were apprehended by Italian
police this month because they were
walking on the train tracks. Not only is this
dangerous; it is against the law. European
trains run at high speeds and often their
arrival cannot be heard until it is too late.

In addition, taking a shortcut through

the Stanga neighborhood - over the fence
and across the railroad tracks separating
either side of Strada dei Pizzolati - to get
to the Villaggio housing area is not an

The correct way is: exit Gate 2, turn right

on Viale della Pace and go to the first
roundabout; take the sidewalk along the
underpass that connects Viale della Pace
to Via Martiri delle Foibe; this runs to the
other side of Strada dei Pizzolati.

USAG Vicenza PAO file photo

Speakers talk real-life issue during phase 2 suicide training

continued from Page 1 “Phase II is intended to augment Phase to the Army policy. Directors will notify Montgomery said chaplains, health
March and continues through July 15, I with a more deliberate and personal their employees when training will take care professionals and subject-matter
takes a more personal approach. approach to training.” place. experts from USAREUR, the Installation
“The training is conducted in small, “Phase II is set up in a way that the “This is not a scenario-based Management Command-Europe and the
squad-sized elements and is set up in a supervisor can really make it relevant to (presentation),” explained Chaplain Europe Regional Medical Command are
way to simulate a conversation about the Soldier. The facilitator’s guide lists (Capt.) David Montgomery, V Corps sharing resources and will back up
suicide and its risk factors among several scenarios for the trainer to chose Special Troops Battalion chaplain. “This training instructors to increase the
employees. It is aimed at decreasing the from that revolve around different points is a follow-up to the training that the program’s effectiveness.
stigma associated with seeking help,” in the training schedule- prior to Soldiers received in the first phase. It is One of the primary goals of the training
said Betsy Walters, USAG Vicenza’s deployment, during deployment/ a straight 13 minutes of guys and gals is to convince those who may be
health promotion coordinator. employment, and following deployment,” sharing their stories; real-life experiences contemplating suicide to get help,
Called “Shoulder to Shoulder: No said Walters. with suicide, firsthand.” Montgomery said, noting that sometimes
Soldier Stands Alone,” the training picks “The intent is to stress the ACE The chaplain said among the leaders Soldiers are afraid their reputations and
up where the “Beyond the Front” training response (Ask Care Escort) and to who tell their stories is Maj. Gen. Mark careers will be damaged if they ask for
conducted during a USAREUR-wide engage the group in a dialogue about risk Graham, commander of 1st U.S. Army’s help. The captain said the small group
suicide prevention stand-down in March factors,” she said. “The video uses real Training Division (West) and Fort Carson, sessions will allow participants to talk
left off. Small-unit leaders and first-line situations to once again work on Colo., who talks about how he and his about suicide in a safe environment, but
supervisors will conduct the training. decreasing the stigma associated with wife coped with the suicide of their son, stressed that they are not designed to be
“Phase I provided ways to intervene seeking help.” Mark. group counseling or therapy sessions.
in order to prevent suicidal behavior,” Soldiers and Department of the Army “They are coming at it from a parent’s “With the smaller groups will have a more
explained B. Joy Summerlin, Well-Being civilian employees must attend the course. perspective. They talk about what it did intimate setting and will give individuals
and Quality of Life program manager for Contractors and family members are to them,” he said. “It talks about what the opportunity to talk in an environment
the USAREUR personnel division. invited to participate as well, according they had to wrestle with.” where you do not have 200 other people.”

Speak What is the fascination with reality TV? Do you watch it?
Out -By Laura Kreider
USAG Vicenza Public Affairs

Gianfranco Bertacco Maj. Angel and Sara Mesa Rebecca Reynolds Lilibeth Sheppard Maya Zaborek &
HQ SETAF SETAF G-3 Family member SETAF Chantalle Perry
Ninth graders
“No, I don’t watch too “No, because we prefer “Hell’s Kitchen “Yes, because it is fun
much TV but my favorites to spend our time with our because my husband likes to watch Survivor.” “Yes. Real World,
are news and cultural or kids outdoors.” to watch Chef Ramsay because it’s hilarious, and
information programs.” throw fits.” we can relate to it.”

2 THE Outlook May 28, 2009

Garrison news
Year of the NCo
Quality leadership makes Army best in world
f you asked 10 Soldiers In short, it means on his subordinates. “DO” are strategic decisions on the critical tasks within the
to define leadership in accomplishing the mission the actions of leaders that battlefield. As NCOs, we must battalion. However, I cannot
their own words, you while making sure you take have a significant impact on ensure we are the leaders our do it alone. It takes a combined
would probably get 10 different care of your Soldiers. what their subordinates do, and Soldiers deserve – starting effort of all NCOs in the unit
answers. That concept, however, how they do it. with the basics. to maintain standards and

Most NCOs know the Army implies a lot Leadership is Most Soldiers would agree enforce discipline.
definition from Field Manual 6- and evolves what makes our that discipline is the foundation As first-line supervisors,
22: “the continuously. Army the best in of any great unit, and NCOs junior leaders must take the
process of The Army’s NCOs must be the world. NCOs are the enforcers. This lead, because they are where
influencing leadership flexible leaders, play a crucial includes the simplest of tasks – the rubber meets the road.
people by
nucleus is BE-
“BE” are the
values and
attributes which
define and
as they are
part in

decisions on the now more than


making strategic quality leadership,
ever, as we are
engaged in a war
ensuring Soldiers are in the
right uniform at the right place
and right time, and retraining
your squad until tasks are done
to standard. It is impossible to
say that you are a good leader
So, in the “Year of the
NCO,” I ask you to focus on
the basics and give your
Soldiers the leadership they

while operating to accomplish shape a leader. with an agile without enforcing standards CSM John Bagby
the mission and improving the “KNOW” is enemy. and instilling discipline.
1-503rd Infantry
organization.” the knowledge, whether it is NCOs must be flexible As a battalion command
What exactly does that tactical, technical or leaders, as team leaders and sergeant major, it is my Command
mean? What does it entail? organizational, a leader imparts squad leaders are making responsibility to oversee these Sergeant Major

Sperl calls decision to become teacher best of her life

continued from Page 1 guard down and this is the Italy, she taught art in Phoenix, for her is a true blessing.
beginning of a productive Ariz., for seven years. “There is nothing more
have the time to realize what was
relationship.” Sperl comes from a family of rewarding for an art teacher than Once the
going on,” said Sperl. “This was
really unexpected and I’m still
Sperl is part of a program teachers and in her youth she having the possibility to travel children realize
helping Livorno students wasn’t sure she wanted to and see art masterpieces” she
waiting for the news to set in.” follow her relatives’ path. said. “Italy is the center of art; I
that I am a
participate in “Book of Hope”-
During her interview with the
a project geared at supporting “It took me a long time to take could not ask for a better person, just like
Mediterranean District board, the decision to become a destination.” them and I can
less fortunate children in
Sperl was asked about her focus teacher, but now I can say that According to Department of
Uganda. make mistakes,
as a teacher.
“It’s extremely important to
build an environment of mutual
respect and appreciation first
with the kids,” she said. “Once
“It is important to incorporate
some service learning
experiences in the teaching
program,” said Sperl. “This will
help them feel supportive makes
this is the best decision I ever
made,” said Sperl. “I learn so
much from each of the children
that come into my class, it is
Defense Education Activity’s
(DoDEA) press release, the
DoDEA Teacher of the Year
Program recognizes and
promotes excellence in
they let their guard
down and this is the
beginning of a

the children realize that I am a their efforts worthy.” Sperl said being part of education. Sperl and other
person, just like them and I can Sperl has been a teacher for DoDDS and having the district winners will compete for relationship.
make mistakes, they let their 11 years. Before teaching in opportunity to travel the world the regional title.

School officials urge students to step up, help solve bullying

continued from Page 1 seventh and eighth grade students on how parents, students, PTSA and SAC and students are using the mediators to
Dependent Schools-Europe has a zero and what bullying can do to someone,” representatives. solve all problems,” said Kenney.
tolerance policy on bullying and she and said Kenney. “The biggest and the most impact in She suggested parents and students
school officials are working together to “Our school counselors, school battling the bullying problem is teaching report all activities of bullying.
stomp out the behavior in Vicenza. psychologist, ASACs and MFLC assisted students to step up and solve the problem “It is difficult to give names, because
“Some examples are calling people with the education process,” she said. “A themselves,” she said. “VM/HS and students fear they will be bullied even
names; leaving others out of a group; teacher volunteered to organize a parent Vicenza Elementary School trained more,” she said. “If we all stand together
creating rumors, gossip, physical fights. task force to educate parents on all topics students to be peer mediators to assist and say “STOP”, then it will work. The
At Vilseck Middle High School we have including bullying.” other students in problem solving. effects of bullying last a lifetime and
worked very hard on educating our The task force consist of teachers, “We have found this to be successful move into other parts of a person’s life.”

The Outlook May 28, 2009 Vol. 42, Issue 21 At your service USAG Vicenza Education Center
SETAF-U.S. Army Africa Commander off post at 0444-71-7000 or e- mail: DL
Maj. Gen. William B. Garrett III USAG Vicenza Outlook Editor
The Outlook is published weekly by Mark Summerlin is the education services officer,
USAG Vicenza Commander
and Publisher
the USAG Vicenza PAO, Unit 31401, Box division chief in charge of continuing education services
10, APO AE 09630. It is printed by Centro
Col. Erik Daiga Stampa Editoriale SRL, Grisignano (VI) for Soldiers and adult family members.
USAG Vicenza
Editorial publication is an authorized “As a young Soldier with a high school diploma, I walked
Public Affairs Officer
Jon Fleshman
section for members of the U.S. Army into the Army education center at Monteith Barracks, Furth,
overseas. Contents of The Outlook are
Editor not necessarily the official views of, or Germany in 1974. My experience there changed my life,”
endorsed by, the U.S. government,
Adriane Foss
Department of Defense, Department of
said Summerlin. “I used the skills and confidence gained
Laura Kreider
the Army, Installation Management through on post college programs and the Vietnam era GI
Command-Europe, U.S. Army Garrison
Vicenza or the U.S. Army Southern Bill to successfully pursue a college education and began
T h e O u t l o o k is an unofficial European Task Force.
publication authorized and provided by Submissions: Send all submissions
a career working in Army education centers in 1979.
AR 360-1. for publication to DL USAG Vicenza There’s something magic about helping people discover
All editorial content of The Outlook Outlook Editor. Submissions should be
is prepared, edited, provided and made via e-mail and must be received by and pursue their dreams.”
approved by the U.S. Army Garrison Monday at noon for that week’s publication.
Vicenza Public Affairs Office in building The editor reserves the right to edit all
His office is at Caserma Ederle, Bldg. 94B, Room 204.
3, room 101, on Caserma Ederle in submissions for style, brevity and clarity. Phone: 634-8933. Open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Vicenza, Italy. Telephone DSN 634-7000, Circulation is 2,500 per week.

May 28, 2009 THE Outlook 3

Community Camera
A snapshot of events making news in the Vicenza military community...


Families wait expectantly for the
return of 497th Movement
Control Team (MCT) Soldiers
after a 15-month deployment to
Afghanistan. This was the
unit’s third deployment in
support of Operation Enduring
Freedom and Operation Iraqi
Freedom. The troops, however,
will not remain at Camp Darby.
The 497th MCT is one of the
units U.S. Army Europe
announced in its fiscal year
2010 force structure changes
to support Army transformation,
increasing strategic
responsiveness in overseas
contingency operations.

Photo by Joyce Costello

Photo by 2nd Lt. Joey Fisher


Photo by Sgt. Nathan BowenMaj. Christopher Hammonds relinquished command of
HISTORICAL VIEW Headquarters and Headquarters Company to Capt.
Col. James Johnson III, commander of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, shows Gen. Carter F. Ham, USAREUR Jason Wayne by passing the company guidon to 1-503rd
commanding general, around the 173rd Room of Honor at the BCT’s headquarters in Vicenza, Italy, May 26. The Room Infantry Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Matthew
of Honor is dedicated to the preservation of the unit’s history and its fallen Soldiers. McFarlane May 20 on Hoekstra Field.

Marco Pranovi, a firefighter from the USAG Vicenza Fire and
Emergency Services (right) and Stefano Tonello, a parent
representative of a fourth-grade class from the local Italian
Tiepolo elementary school give two of the students a tour of a
truck at the Caserma Ederle Fire Department May 23.

Nearly 30 children visited the facility, where the event’s

coordinator, Pranovi, briefed them on emergency services and
safety. “The visit from the Italian Elementary school is part of our
working relationship with our Italian friends to make our Vicenza
community safer,” said Charlie Fattori, USAG Vicenza fire chief.

“The visit to the Caserma Ederle Fire Department gave the

opportunity to improve children’s knowledge about the fire
equipment,” said Giovanna Chiarizia, a Tiepolo teacher. “We
would like to thank especially Mr. Pranovi for his
professionalism and for his patience in guiding us through this
useful experience,” said Tiepolo teacher Giovanna Donadello.
Photo by Laura Kreider

„ CORRECTION: The May 21 Outlook incorrectly listed Lt. Col. G. Shawn Wells’ previous post as the assistant chief of st aff for Installation Management at the Pentagon.
Wells, who took command of the 509th Signal Battalion at Caserma Ederle earlier this month, worked for the assistant chief of staff at the Pentagon.

4 THE Outlook May 28, 2009

Community events
Sasha: USO morale dog laid to rest D arby
Vicenza’s 91-year-old furry friend bids final farewell Get in shape with
free noon classes
by Spc. GREGORY J. had antlers.
ARGENTIERI “I still get e-mails from guys Check out Eileen’s list of
173rd Airborne Brigade I knew down there asking about classes. There’s something
her,” said Lorenzana. “Sasha is scheduled almost every day
Sasha, the large, white, long- what you would call a teddy bear of the week.
haired USO morale dog was because she has a shorter snout Call the Fitness Center for
sadly laid to rest May 21 at a and she has small paws.” more information at 633-
local veterinary’s office with Sasha was the perfect 7440.
Caserma Ederle’s USO
matriarch and teacher for the
Director Linda Lorenzana by her other three dogs in the family. Stop by ITR to
side. She was such a well behaved schedule a trip
“She was holding my hand. dog that whenever Lorenzana „ Visit some of Rome’s
She had a way of curling her toes would take her on walks without most famous sites at your
around my fingers,” said own pace.
a leash, Sasha would never leave
Lorenzana. “I told her I loved her side, even when the Start off in Vatican City,
her, and he started the injection, occasional cat would cross their home of St. Peter’s Basilica
and she just drifted off.” path. and Vatican Museum (where
Lorenzana said that she talked Couresty photos
Sasha relaxing in the USO center in Tuzla, Bosnia, 2003. (Below) Photos
“We have been through a lot you’ll find the Sistine
with Sasha for a long time before Chapel).
of Sasha at locations throught the world. together, we traveled all over the
the vet came in and administered world together,” Call ITR for more
three shots. Bianca, a West Highland white women in said Lorenzana. information at 633-7589.
She said that she told Sasha terrier, Cali, and a little dog, Nikki, uniform. “She was
that her who Lorenzana A r o u n d woman’s best Identity theft class
brother, Fred, said thinks she is Easter the friend.” Learn ways to protect
who passed a Rottweiler. Soldiers would Sasha was put yourself and your family
away a year Sasha, the dress her up to rest following from identity theft crimes at
ago, would matriarch, will be in bunny ears a short illness; in
come and get greatly missed. this May 15 class.
and take dog years, Sasha
her and that Sasha and Call ACS at 633-7084 for
photos of her was 91. She
they would be Lorenzana went details.
with Easter was cremated
together. to Germany and eggs to send and her remains
Then she then deployed to Darby Community
back home to will be kept in a
told Sasha Taszar, Hungry, Club activities
their children, brass urn. When
when it’s her for three years. „ Every Thursday is
telling them that the Easter Lorenzana decides to go home
turn that they Then they went Karaoke Night at the Club.
bunny was there. to the states, Sasha will be going
would come on to Bosnia for Fun starts at 6:30 p.m.
At Christmas time Sasha with her.
and get her. another two „ Need to say thanks?
“It took me years before Bring your right arm/wing
up to yesterday coming to Italy. man to the Community Club
to get the “Everybody on the third Friday of each
courage to take her down,” said loved her. She had full reign of month.
Lorenzana. “Grieving, it’s a sick the entire base,” said Lorenzana.
process; it’s a roller coaster “She would sit on the steps of the Darby Religious
ride.” USO and then when she got tired activities
Sasha, a Samoyed breed of that she would go up to the For details call the chapel
originally from Siberia, spent the building where the colonel and the at: 633-7267 (050-54-7267)
last several years with general were and walk through 9:40 a.m.: Catholic
Lorenzana at Caserma Ederle, from room to room giving love.”
boosting the morale of local Sasha was involved with the
10 a.m.: Catholic Mass
troops. She was born July 5, Soldiers. Whether it was daily
11:15 a.m.: Protestant
1996, in Salt Lake City, Utah, and walks to make the Soldiers feel
better, Soldiers just sitting for worship
from the very beginning
Lorenzana was there, calling hours with Sasha, PTSD sessions Protestant Sunday
Sasha by her name. Sasha is that she attended, or pet therapy, school starts at 10.a.m.;
survived by another Samoyed, Sasha was there for the men and Catholic CCD at 11:15 a.m.
Vacation Bible School
is coming in June.

USAG Vicenza exceeds AER goal by more than $15,000 The chapel is collecting
cardboard, robes, children’s
Special to The Outlook began informing everyone they we were able to assist 82 assistance,” said Thompson. plastic swimming pools and
saw about the role of Army people with $104,832.09 in In addition to meeting cardboard rolls from paper
USAG Vicenza exceeded its Emergency Relief and how the loans and grants,” said emergency needs, AER also towels and toilet paper.
Army Emergency Relief organization has helped tens of Thompson, also the AER provides free college money to Catholic confirmation is
campaign goal of $45,000 in thousands of Soldiers and their officer. dependent children of Soldiers being planned in Vicenza for
contributions by more than family members with emergency To meet the financial needs and retirees, as well as the first week of June.
$15,000 for a grand total of loans and grants,” said Kent of service members Army- scholarships to spouses of active
$60,351. Contact the Catholic
Thompson, USAG Vicenza wide, AER spent every dollar duty Soldiers.
The campaign kicked off at education coordinator for
Financial Readiness program in donations received from Scholarships increased in
Davis Hall March 16 with details.
manager. 2003-2007 plus $51.5 million of 2008 to $13 million for these two
various community members Choir practice is at 9:30
In 2008, AER provided $83 investment capital, he noted. categories.
present to hear comments from million to 72,000 Soldiers and “In other words, we take in For more information on AER a.m on Sunday before Mass.
the garrison commander and families. Twenty-four percent of far less than we give out, yet services, visit or The congregation needs a
enjoy light refreshments and that amount was in the form of are still able to assist Soldiers speak to an AER representative cantor.
cake. tax-free grants and 76 percent and their families, retirees, in Davis Soldier and Family Talk to Chaplain Porter or
“After that, it was all work. was in interest-free loans. widows and widowers with Readiness Center by calling Father Roberto to serve.
Campaign workers got busy and “From our community alone valid emergency requests for 634-7500 or 0444-71-7500.

5 THE Outlook May 28, 2009

Out&About by Anna Terracino

Amusement parks abound in Veneto p.m. General admission: 17.50

euro; 14 euro rate for children 3-
12. By calling 045-7170113 you
can rent a nine-passenger vehicle
for the safari.
Varone Waterfall Cave Park
and Botanic Garden in Tenno, Via
Cascata 12, about 90 miles
northeast of Vicenza. May–
August, 9 a.m.–7 p.m. A natural
gorge eroded over 20,000 years
by Lake Tenno’s waters, which
rumble their way down from a
height of almost 100 meters.
Admission: 5 euro. Free parking
and picnic area. For more info in
English, visit http://
w w w . c a s c a t a - v a ro n e . c o m /

Trieste and Miramare
Castle Tour
Explore the Miramare castle
with an inside guided tour of this
beautiful “love nest” built in 1856.
Free time for lunch,
Photo courtesy of Gardaland S.r.l sightseeing, and shopping will be
ON TRACK FOR FAMILY FUN: Gardaland amusement park is located in Castelnuovo del Garda, about 52 miles west of in the port city of Trieste.
Vicenza. It is open through Oct. 4. Visit for more information in English. Trip departs from post at 7:30
a.m. on Saturday, June 6. Please
For more info in English, visit Admission: 15 euro for adults and their assistants, for children under
Local festivals children taller than 51 inches; 12 3 and adults over 70. For more info
sign up in advance with ODR: 634- 7453.
& events partecipare.aspx. euro for children up to 51 inches in English, visit http://
Collectors Fair: June 2, 8:30 and people over 65. Free parking. “Vertical Pathways”
Galopera non competitive info.asp?lingua=2. Via Ferrata
a.m.–6 p.m. in Grisignano di Gardaland: in Castelnuovo del
walk: 5.5, 7.5, 12 22 Km. walk will Somewhere between a hike and
Zocco, about 14 miles southeast
of Vicenza. Antiques and
be held in Vicenza on May 31. Garda, Via Derna 4, about 52 miles Botanical rock climbing is the extreme hiking
Registrations 8 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. at west of Vicenza. Open April 4–
collector ’s items for sale, Oct. 4. The Gardaland Sea-Life
garden & zoos of the Via Ferrata.
Maddalene Sports Center, Via On June 6, traverse steep
including furniture, lighting, Aquarium is open daily 10 a.m.–6
delle Maddalene. After the walk, Cappeller Animal Park and climbs in Riva del Garda with the
glass and tableware, vintage p.m. For more info, visit http://
free minestrone, homemade bread Zoo in Cartigliano, Via Kimle, help of ropes for a rewarding
jewelry and fashion accessories,
and sweets for all the participants about 28 miles north of Vicenza. challenge.
prints, rare books, coins, medals or a complete lunch for 6 euro. April–October, 9 a.m.–7 p.m.; on Sign up by June 3 with ODR:
postcards and old advertising. Padovaland water park in
Sunday 9 a.m.–8:30 p.m. Botanical 634-7453.
Lucciolata – Charitable night Padova, Viale della Regione
Antique Market: May 30 in gardens, picnic areas, fast-food
walk: 5 and 10 Km. walk will be Veneto 6, about 24 miles Pay concerts
Piazzola sul Brenta, Padova, Villa outlet, and a children playground.
held in Vicenza on June 5, at 8:30 southeast of Vicenza. May 31-
Contarini, about 16 miles east of p.m., at Maddalene Sports Center, Aug. 31, Monday–Friday 10 a.m.–
General admission: 9 euro; 6 euro & events
Vicenza. More than 700 vendors for people over 60 and under 12.
Via delle Maddalene fee 2 euro. 6:45 p.m.; Saturday, Sunday and „ Lenny Kravitz: June 5 in
and food booths. Monetary donations will be holidays 9:30 a.m.–7 p.m. Safari Park and Zoo i n Rome; June 6 in Brescia; July 11
accepted and sent to Aviano’s Wave pool, water slides for Bussolengo, Località Figara 40, in Lucca. June 8 in Verona.
Luganega Festival: May 29–
Cancer Treatment Center. children and adults, playground about 42 miles west of Vicenza. „ Mamma mia musical in
June 2 in Arcugnano, località
built on piles, restaurant, and March–November, 9 a.m.–5:30 English, in Forlì, June 15-20.
Lapio, about 7 miles south of
Vicenza. Food stands open daily Amusement game rooms. General admission:
parks 16 euro all day ride pass and 13

Now Showing
at 7 p.m. featuring area specialty
euro from 3 p.m. to closing; 12
luganega, a long coiled sausage
Aqualandia: in Jesolo, Via euro all day ride pass for children
made from pork, and other local
Buonarroti 15, about 63 miles east (2-12) and 9 euro from 3 p.m. to
products, such as bigoli, bisi, and
of Vicenza. May 23 – Sept. 13, 10 closing.
spit-roast duck. Evening concerts Ederle Theater
starting at 9 p.m. featuring 60’s a.m.–6 p.m. Water games, extreme
Park Jungle Adventure: in May 28 Duplicity (PG-13) 6 p.m.
and 70’s music. sports, water gym, animators and May 29 Race to Witch Mountain (PG) 6 p.m.
San Zeno di Montagna, Pineta
clowns for children. Also bungee I love you man (R) 9 p.m.
Sperane, Lago di Garda, about 42
Cherry Festival: May 31 from jumping. For more info and prices May 30 Night at the Museum 2(PG) 3 p.m.
miles northwest of Vicenza. May–
9 a.m.–7 p.m. in Marostica, Piazza in English, visit http://
September. 10 a.m.–6 p.m.; June– Terminator Salvation:
degli Scacchi, about 18 miles
north of Vicenza. Food stands August, 9 a.m.–7 p.m. The Future Begins (PG-13) 6 p.m.
CanevaWorld Resort: i n Tickets vary (12-28 euro) May 31 Night at the Museum 2 (PG) 3 p.m.
featuring typical local products.
Lazise sul Garda, Località according to the difficulty level Terminator Salvation:
Cherry Festival: May 30–June Fossalta 58, about 48 miles east of the obstacle course. Credit The Future Begins (PG-13) 6 p.m.
2 in Castegnero, Piazza Mercato, of Vicenza. Movieland Studios, cards are not accepted. June 3 Race to Witch Mountain (PG) 6 p.m.
about 9 miles south of Vicenza. AquaParadise, MedievalTimes, June 4 I love you man (R) 6 p.m.
Local products market, live music and Rock Star theme areas. For
Villabella Water Park: in
Villabella di San Bonifacio, about
and dances starting at 9 p.m. On opening hours, prices and Camp Darby Theater
20 miles southwest of Vicenza.
June 1 at 10:30 p.m., there will be information, visit the English Web May 29 X-Men Origins: Wolverine (R) 6 p.m.
May 30–Aug.30, 9 a.m.–7 p.m.
free cherry pies for everyone. Site: May 30 Star Trek (PG-13) 6 p.m.
Adults and children taller than 59
movieland/ . May 31 Fast & Furious (PG-13) 1 p.m.
Veronafil Fair: May 29-31, inches: 7 euro; Sundays and June 4 Star Trek (PG-13) 6 p.m.
Friday 10 a.m.–6 p.m.; Saturday 9 Acquafollie Waterpark: in holidays: 10 euro. Children
a.m.–6 p.m.; Sunday 9 a.m.–1 p.m. Caorle, Via Aldo Moro 1, about shorten than 59 inches: 4,50 euro, Admission: Age 12 and over $4, under age 12, $2.
Stamps, coins, old prints and 86 miles west of Vicenza. May 23 Sundays and holidays 5 euro. The Ederle Theatre box office opens one hour prior to show.
books, antiques. Free entrance. – Sept. 6, 10 a.m.–6 p.m. Free entrance for disabled and
Looking for the movie synopsis? Check out the AAFES Web
site:, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on
Looking to buy or sell items? Check out MWR’s
Movie Schedule.
Marketplace at

6 THE Outlook May 28, 2009

Community briefs
COLA survey may Make a difference Quantum of Solace, Choke, specials and prizes for best
save you money through leadership Seven Pounds, the series dressed.
(continued from Page 1) AFTB Level III class set Breaking Bad Season One, and
The web-based annual June 8-10 from 8:30 a.m.-2:30 new release CDs from Central Texas College
registering for classes Chaplain Crisis Line
utilities survey is aimed at p.m. Call 634-7500. Mudvayne, The Lonely Island,
Register for legal assistant or To speak with a chaplain
determining monthly utilities Now 29 and more.
Communication child development classes, or after hours call 634-KARE
rates for service members Visit for a
Miracles register for the Microsoft (634-5273).
stationed in Italy. listing.
Service members residing in The ACS staff will hold a certification program and get a Saturday services
privately leased quarters should Communication Miracles for Pottery hand building free iPod. Call 634-6514 or e- 4p.m.: Sacrament of
expect to compute monthly couples class June 12. Explore ways to produce mail Reconciliation, or by
averages for expenses Participating couples will pottery by hand using simple appointment.
pertaining to utilities or costs learn easy and effective tools to tools or by using just the hands Soggiorno services
5 p.m.: Roman Catholic
create more love and less and fingers in a two-part class The soggiorno office will
associated with moving in to a mass
conflict in their relationship. Call with Arts & Crafts. Class is held provide limited services June 1-
new home.
634-7500 for more information. 3-5 p.m. on June 6 and 13. 5. Only soggiorno pick-up and Sunday services
Utilities expenses to consider
general questions will be 9 a.m.: Roman Catholic
include: electricity, gas, fuel oil,
Pool tournament Bowlopolis at Arena available. Mass. Mass is held
coal, firewood, water for
The Arena will hold a pool Bowlopolis comes to the weekdays at noon.
residence, drinking water, trash, Villaggio construction 9 a.m.: Protestant Sunday
tournament for adults June 11. Arena May 28. From 4-9 p.m.
maintenance and repairs, police On June 3 via Cesare school and AWANAs (Sept.
This coincides with country the whole family is invited to
protection and residence tax. Augusto in Villaggio Housing through May in Vicenza
theme night at the Lion’s Den. enjoy two hours of bowling, shoe
Moving-in housing expenses Area will be closed for High School)
The tourney begins at 6 p.m. rental, one large pizz, and a
include: major appliances, utility construction. 10:45 a.m.: Catholic
Stay after the tournament for pitcher of soda with 1 lane, up
hook-up charges, security/safety Additional road closure religious education (Sept.-
country karaoke with DJ Adrian, to 6 people for $24.95. May in Vicenza High School)
items, initial services and fees, updates will be sent to Villaggio
8 p.m.-midnight. Call 634-8257 11a.m.: Protestant
and miscellaneous expenses. BOSS Pool Party residents and posted on the
to sign up. worship
A decision to increase the BOSS is hosting a private Command Channel. 1:30 p.m.: Full Gospel
utilities rate by the PDTATAC Art center job pool party for members only Pentecostal worship
may raise your standard of living The art center is looking for June 11 at 5 p.m. at the Ederle Register for UMUC 4 p.m.: Lutheran worship
and reduce the possibility of someone with knowledge of Inn pool. Free food with beer Registration for UMUC in 6 p.m.: Contemporary
incurring a balance for unpaid woodworking and framing to fill available for purchase. Vicenza runs through May 29. Christian service
utilities at the end of your lease. a NAF flex position. The position If you are a single or Term dates are June 1-July 25.
Call 634-6299 for details. Courses offered: ANTH102, Mondays
is about 15 hours per week. unaccompanied Soldier
ITAL111, WRTG291, LIBS150, Noon: LDS Scripture
Submit resumes to CPAC or call interested in membership, call
Swim assessments MATH103 and ITAL334. Study
634-6597. BOSS President Sgt. Alex
begin Saturday UMUC is offering a special
5:30 p.m.: High School
All youth, excluding Parent & Jordahl, 634-8076. Call 634-5087 Club in the Teen Center.
Oil Painting 101 to RSVP for the pool party. $100 textbook scholarship for Contact Cadena Trusty
Me participants, interested in Beginner oil painting class active duty military and their
taking swim lessons this summer at 320-808-6148 or vicecb
begins June 4 at the arts center. Commissary holding family members. A special
with SKIESUnlimited must Learn the basics of oil painting: weekend case lot sale $5,000 military spouse
complete an assessment/ strokes, shadowing, and layering The USAG Vicenza Tuesdays
scholarship is also being offered.
registration packet and be colors in three sessions. Commissary will hold a case lot 9:15 a.m.: Protestant
Visit or call
assessed for swimming lessons For $80, all materials are sale May 30-31. DSN 634-7055 / e-mail Women of the Chapel
on one of the following dates: included. Classes: 4-5 p.m.
„ May 30-31 from 1-4 p.m. Wednesdays
Relax with ACS classes
„ June 1-2 and 4 from 3-6 Noon: Protestant Men of
Summer crochet series „ On June 8, stress
the Chapel Bible study (at
p.m. June 6 kicks off the beginning management participants will SAS summer camp DFAC)
Assessments will take place of the Summer Crochet Series learn about the biology of stress registration set June 1 3 p.m.: Praise Dance
at the Villaggio pool and packets at the Arts & Crafts Center. Join and how it affects our lives. Summer Adventure practice
will be on hand at the the group from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. „ Beginning June 4, the anger Sensation, the School Age 3:30 p.m.: Middle School
assessments. every Saturday in June and July management series begins. Services (SAS) Summer Camp club meets in VHS cafeteria
Completed packets are due to for crochet instruction, Visit www.vicenzaMWR Program, will begin open Sept-May.
CYS central registration June 4. conversation and fun. .com or call 634-7500. enrollment June 1. 5 p.m.: Contemporary
Packets can also be turned in at Bring supplies. $55 for eight Enrollment will take place at Praise band practice
the pool at the time the child is sessions. Call 634-7074.
Financial Readiness 5:30 p.m.: PWOC
The ACS financial readiness SAS Bldg. 308. Summer camp
assessed. booklets with a detailed camp evening Bible study
Parents interested in the YS homework center program is trying something
new to help Soldiers be prepared description are available at all Thursdays
Parent & Me classes can fill out summer closure CYSS locations. Call 634-8253
a packet at CYS central The Youth Services for any financial situation. 9:30 a.m.: Catholic
Community members can for more information. Women of the Chapel
registration, Bldg. 108. homework center in the
Assessments will not be community library will close for call in and vote for the subject 5:30 p.m.: Gospel service
of the training for the week.
Library book club choir rehearsal
completed by the pool lifeguards. the summer. On June 4, the library’s
Call 634-8051 or email The last day of operation is Training will be held each 7:15 p.m.: Gospel service
monthly book club will meet at Bible study
Kelli.Covlin@eur. June 5. The homework center Tuesday 9 -10 a.m. in the ACS
7 p.m. to discuss Anthony
will reopen in September for the conference room.
Doerr’s Four Seasons in Faith group contacts
Health center closings new school year. Call 634-7500 to cast your
Rome. It’s free and open to Islamic: Spc. Kasimov,
Due to federal and training vote for what training you would
anyone who’s interested. Bring 329-034-3511
holidays, the Vicenza Health Library new releases like to see.
your favorite snack to share. J e w i s h :Sandy
Center will be closed June 12 Check out the new releases
MOMS Club events The library will provide drinks, Schoenberg at 634-6202 or
and 15; and July 3-6. at the library. This just in: sandy.schoenberg@eur.
May 28: Toddler playgroup at 4 napkins, and plates. The library
has 10 copies of the book
Community Calendar Highlights p.m.; May 29: Walk the track,
Latter Day Saints:
10 a.m.; May 29: Infant available on a first-come, first-
served basis. Scripture study is held each
May 28 - Asian Pacific American Heritage celebrations playgroup, 10-11 a.m.; May 29:
May 29 - Army Kids Strong Sign up at the circulation desk Monday, noon-1 p.m. at the
Park play date, 4 p.m.
May 29 - Adult college graduation
or call 634-7291. Chapel. Sunday services,
June 5 - Friday at 5 p.m. Vicenza High School Graduation at Teatro 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Olimpico in downtown Vicenza (tickets required) Bring Back the 80’s
June 11 – Army’s 234th Birthday: run and cake cutting Dig out your old 80’s clothes Where’s the beach? downtown. Call Sean
June 11 – Last Day of School
Visit Peterson at 335-8219492.
June 12 Retiree Appreciation Day and come sing 80’s karaoke at
for directions to area beaches, Call the Caserma
June 22 - Summer Enrichment program begins. Ends July 7. the Arena, May 30 at 9 p.m.
Ederle chapel at 634-
There will be food and drink including Jesolo and Lignano.
7519 (0444-71-7519) for
religious activities.
DON’T BE LATE: E-mail briefs to noon Monday or by Friday at 4 p.m. if Monday is a holiday.

May 28, 2009 THE Outlook 7

S ports
Flag football league
Enrollment opens June 1 and
runs until June 18. Practices
begin June 22. The league is for
children ages 9-18 and costs
$36. Call 634-6151 for
information or enroll at CYS
Services Central Registration
office in the Davis Family &

HOOPS on host nation ladies during May 31 match

HOOPS: Basketball moms dubbed Blue Belles, take Soldier Readiness Center.

Get your sports gear at

Outdoor Recreation

have played basketball at one time or another. I think people will
You can get your gear at
he friendly ‘mom’s match’ is a result of the Youth Services
girls’ basketball team that played an Italian girls’ team in be surprised to see who the stars are, but they’ll have to come ODR when you sign up for
March. “I was approached by a mother of one of the Italian out and watch; I’m not giving any names away.” The game starts sporting events and trips.
players who thought it would be a lot of fun to get a group of at 4 p.m. in the fitness center gym and is followed by a barbecue ODR now offers dive gear,
women players from Caserma Ederle to compete against a group on the patio of the Central Processing Facility. Volunteers are paintball markers and
of women parents from the Italian team,” said Julia Sibilla, who’s sought to help at the barbecue and to bring a dish to share. For
details, call Julia Sibilla at 634-7500 or e-mail
snowboard pants for purchase.
daughter Kiki played on the YS team. “I talked to several women
and we ran a notice in The Outlook. Right now, we have about a Call 634-7453.
dozen dedicated players on the Blue Belles team, most of whom Photo by Diana Bahr
Swim team coaches needed
The Mako Sharks community
EUROPEAN swim team is looking for adult

CHAMPIONSHIPS 2009 volunteers interested in

coaching a competitive swim
season through out the
Baseball summer and/or fall 2009-2010.
2nd Place in Div. III If you would like to spend
time mentoring children
Softball between ages 6-19, contact
3rd Place in Div. III Cindi Unger at cindi.unger
Soccer (Boys) or Arlana Young
4th Place in Div. III Swim season for the PO
Track & Field team begins June 6 with
swimmer assessments at the
4th Place Girls outdoor pool in Villaggio.
4x100m Relay: Tyenna Martin, Mishal Cotugno,
Softball teams forming
Yasmine Anderson, Adriona Cleveland On June 2 at 6 p.m., the
4th Place Boys Sports office will hold a meeting
for interested coaches and
400m Dash: Nic X. Williams players. Call 634-7009.
2nd Place Both Men’s and Women’s Teams, Div. III
Youth soccer enrollment
CYSS announces early bird
(Top right, from left) Felipe Diaz, Taylor enrollment for Youth Soccer -
Curry, Adrian Kabonick and Ronaldo Royter June 1-5.
rejoice after scoring their first goal during
the game versus Aviano held at Caserma To enroll at this time, you
Ederle May 16. VHS Boys’ soccer team must show proof that you will
defeated Aviano 6-0. Vicenza travelled to not be in Vicenza during the
Kaiserlautern and Ramstein, Germany, to regular enrollment period - July
compete in the European Championships, 13-Aug. 7. Call 634-6151.
placing fourth in Division III. “Throughout
the tournament the defense was the
strength of the team and kept the team Aqua aerobics instructor
competitive throughout the tournament,” The USAG Vicenza Sports
said Roland Sturk, VHS Boys’ soccer team and Fitness Office is looking for
coach. (At right) Vicenza player Michelle certified aqua aerobics
Nelson (left) defends the midfield from an
attack by Aviano’s Thalia Vergara during instructors.
the second half of the game that concluded Call Joe Reeder at 634-5181
the regular season May 16. Vicenza lost or 0444-71-5181.
0-5. “The VHS girls’ team worked well as
one committed team throughout the CYS needs YOU!
season” said VHS Girls soccer team
coach Desiree Henry. CYS Sports is always trying
to come up with other sports to
Photos by Laura Kreider offer. If you have an idea and are
willing to coach this sport, e-

Sports Standings
mail or call our office at 634-
6151 or 0444-71-6151.
CYS Sports is also looking for
Recreational Tennis Soldiers’ Softball tennis, basketball, swim team
Match Scores Team Win Loss Game Scores and bowling coaches for next
USAHC 1 2 May 18 fall.
May 14 SETAF 3 0 AFN South 4 vs. HHD 509th Signal
Jacob Schreiber 8 12
Perks for becoming a coach
14th Trans. 1 3
vs. USAHC 5 vs. 14th Trans. 21 include discounts, photos,
HHD 509 3 0
Eric Smith 0
HHC 1/503 0 0
certification class, T-shirt,
May 20
AFN South 0 3 SETAF 11 vs. AFN South 5 supplies, and more.
14th Trans. 5 vs. HHD 509th Signal

8 THE Outlook May 28, 2009