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Melbourne Lawyer Sam Bektas Offers Tips On How To Choose A Personal Injury Lawyer 3 VCLs Sam Bektas Offers Tips On How To Choose A Medical Negligence Lawyer 5 Victoria Compensation Lawyers Founder Sam Bektas Rounds Up Important Questions To Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer 7 VCL's Sam Bektas Outlines Steps For Making Work Injury Claims 9 Sam Bektas Points Out The Unique Needs of Clients Lodging Catastrophic Injury Claims 11 Melbourne Based Lawyer Sam Bektas On What To Expect During A Personal Injury Case 13 How Specialist Lawyer Sam Bektas Works On Superannuation And Disability Insurance Claims 15 VCL Founder Sam Bektas Details What People Ought To Know About Public Liability Cases 17 Sam Bektas Details Coverage Of TAC Claims 19 Sam Bektas Chooses Top Personal Injury Lawyers For VCL Team 21 Copyright 2013

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Melbourne Lawyer Sam Bektas Offers Tips On How To Choose A Personal Injury Lawyer

Before your wedding, you took your time to interview quite a number of wedding photographers before you settled on the one you got. In rebuilding your bathroom, you did not settle for the first contractor you came across; you opted instead for the one with good results and feedback from past clients. Perhaps you did the same in settling upon your family doctor, therapist or surgeon. Similar principles apply in selecting a personal injury lawyer to help you in your case. But where do you find one? Melbourne-based lawyer Sam Bektas offers these tips. For most people, their first recourse would be to get recommendations from relatives or friends who may have personal dealings with a lawyer specialising in personal injury. If you know a lawyer, they'd be more than happy to recommend a specialist to you. Most lawyers recommend their peers to their clients when a case does not fall within their area of expertise. Recommendations are usually based upon a lawyer's capabilities and record of delivering successful outcomes. Rarely does a lawyer recommend another to a client based on the extent of their advertising, fees or availability. In case that you cannot find a recommendation, you can browse online to help you in your search for a lawyer. The Law Institute of Victoria maintains a list of Accredited Specialists in various areas of law. An Accredited Specialist lawyer is different to a non-specialist lawyer in that they must pass a comprehensive examination process developed by LIV-appointed legal professional experts, maintain a higher level of on-going professional development than non-specialists and apply for re-accreditation each 3 years. An accredited specialisation is a mark of re-assurance to the prospective client that they getting the best level of skills for the resolution of their particular legal problem. These skills can often translate into better outcomes and greater efficiency in resolving your legal problem. But what qualities should you look for in a lawyer? If you've drawn up a shortlist of lawyers to aid you, you will have to take your time to meet or speak with them personally. Apart from expertise and experience, many experts advise people Copyright 2013

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to gauge the personality of a lawyer. This simply means that you should be comfortable working with your chosen lawyer. Beyond physical pain, many victims of personal injuries also suffer from emotional pain. And as such, you'd want a lawyer who is prompt in communicating with you, and whose firm is able to progress and update you about the progress of your case on a regular basis. Finally, you'd want a lawyer who can explain to you legal concepts and procedures in a manner that you can easily understand, allowing you to make informed decisions pertaining to your case. Professional fees can be a contentious matter. What you want is to get the best value professional service and results without reducing your personal funds or savings down to zero. In general, the only fees you have to pay should only include the professional costs and out of pocket expenses where they are not recoverable from another party. If you are being charged beyond these fees, you should consider getting another lawyer to help you in your case. In personal injury matters, be careful of firms that require you to pay them in advance (or regardless of outcome), who ask you to sign up to a loan agreement with a credit company to fund your case, who charge an hourly rate or for items over and above those specified in a legislated Court Scale. Check also if they have a non-standard definition of success in their fee agreement. Copyright 2013

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VCLs Sam Bektas Offers Tips On How To Choose A Medical Negligence Lawyer

People trust medical practitioners to heal and help them recover or improve their lives after an injury or illness. These professionals are expected to uphold their code of discipline and ethics, and consistently do their best for the people who entrust their wellness and even lives to them. If they are unable to deliver top quality service to people, lives can automatically be compromised or even lost. Medical professional carry indemnity insurance for this reason. Sometime mistakes happen, or a competently conducted procedure has an adverse outcome. But sometimes it is something more. Where injury arises as a result of a negligent act or omission, a person can seek redress through compensation against the wrongdoer. Medical professionals through their insurers have access to legal representation and medical defence teams to defeat or minimise the number and value of successful claims. It can be daunting to do this alone. This is where a person should seriously consider getting the sound advice and representation for their medical negligence claim before it is pursued and any right to claim compensation or damages is lost or affected by some misstep in the preparation and conduct of the claim. Sam Bektas, an Accredited Specialist lawyer in the field of Personal Injury Law and both Founder and Principal of Victorian Compensation Lawyers, states that the outcome of a claim can be determined by the quality of the advice and representation you have and the value and weight of the evidence, including opinion evidence, they can secure and bring to bear upon your legal problem. Finding the right lawyer for the job is really not that different from choosing the best professionals for other services. The key here, really, is to find the one with the most impressive qualifications such as educational background, experience and knowledge of this area of the law. Provided below are some other tips gathered by Sam Bektas: 1. Find a firm that is recognised as an Accredited Specialist firm in the field of Personal Injury Law by the Law Institute of Victoria. You will benefit from the experience and indepth knowledge of lawyers who have experience and recognised specialist skills in the subject matter and procedure of successfully conducting medical negligence and malpractice cases. Copyright 2013

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2. Go for a firm that already has a track record of successes when it comes to such cases. Look at customer feedback or testimonials on websites and even enquire through family and friends. 3. Set a consultation meeting and youll be able to get a feel of the level of commitment certain lawyers have. Find a firm with people you feel comfortable in dealing with and whom you feel will be able to serve your interest best. Copyright 2013

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Victoria Compensation Lawyers Founder Sam Bektas Rounds Up Important Questions To Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer

Perhaps one of the most unfortunate incidents in a persons life would be to become injured due to someone elses doing or a freak accident and not receive any financial support from the other party entangled with the incident. Medical care and continuous treatment expenses, compounded with the potential loss of income due to compromised movement and skills, can definitely create a massive financial burden on the injured individual. Therefore, its imperative to seek legal guidance right as soon as possible to be able to receive due compensation; otherwise, whatever legal entitlements he has as an injury victim could be lost instantly. If youre not certain what the legal rights or entitlements are as an injury victim, Victorian Compensation Lawyers founder Sam Bektas and his team can help and, for starters, they have even provided a list of important questions to ask a personal injury lawyer if you wish to establish a case and receive proper compensation for what had happened to you. These questions will determine if you can receive the quality of expertise and service you require in securing an upper hand in the legal process. 1. Are you a Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Specialist firm in the field of personal injury law? Naturally, you want a legal team whos not only fully knowledgeable about all the legal provisions regarding such cases but also frequently exercise this knowledge. 2. Do you act only for injured people? Some firms balance different types of work or accept briefs from whomever is paying their account. Most people look for lawyers who are dedicated to helping people, not who have been happy to make a living defending or defeating injured people. 3. How much does your service cost and what terms apply? Many personal injury lawyers actually have some type of no win, no fee policy but look closely at: (a) how they define success in their agreement; (b) if they require you to enter into a finance agreement or loan to cover matter expenses; (c) if they charge items over and above a Court-approved scale of costs; (d) what you are required to pay in the event of a loss; (e) what happens if their work exceeds the value of your claim result. 4. How long does it normally take for a resolution to be made? While the answer for this normally varies, its still greatly helpful to have a lawyer who can prepare you psychologically for the length of time youll have to wait for a resolution of the case to be made without spin. Copyright 2013

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5. Who will be handling my case? This is a very important question to ask especially if you went straight to a big law firm. You need to make sure that the lawyer or team you are engaging is known to you (and you to them) and are personally involved in the strategy and conduct of your matter. Some firms have been known to farm out work interstate or to other offices. 6. Are you ready to go to Court? While not all cases reach this stage as a lot of personal injury lawyers direct most of their attention and effort on securing settlements for their clients, its great reassurance to have a lawyer whos prepared t o go to a court for you where this is prudent or necessary to do so and make sure that you receive the compensation you truly need and deserve. 7. How can I reach you to be updated about my case? Its vital to be promptly informed about the progress of your case; with instant communication options available to todays clients and law firms, be sure that you can reach your lawyer or legal team when you need them. Copyright 2013

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VCL's Sam Bektas Outlines Steps For Making Work Injury Claims

Becoming a victim of a work related injury can be a confusing and stressful time. Apart from being subjected to physical pain or mental distress, the victim may feel at a loss as to what steps to take and due to uncertainty, they may feel anxious about their situation. Sam Bektas of Victorian Compensation Lawyers outlines the steps involved in filing work injury claims. The first thing you should immediately do after a work-related injury is to report it to your supervisor or your boss. If you wait a bit longer before doing so, there might be negative consequences to your claim. Companies are requires to maintain a register of injuries. If you are in doubt, reduce your report to writing and keep a copy. After notifying your employer, your next step may be to consult a doctor for any necessary review or treatment. This works two ways. First, your doctor will ensure your wellbeing. Second, your doctor may see fit to provide you with the appropriate WorkCover medical certificate which will be used when filing for a claim. You may obtain a WorkCover work injury claim form from a Post Office, online or from a law firm that specialises in the field. These are available without charge. After this, you may seek advice or complete the form given yourself. Where you engage a lawyer or firm to prepare this for you, you can be assured it will be prepared correctly and in accordance with law. The form is a legal document and disputes can arise from omissions or incorrect information if submitted on the form of claim. Insurers can sometimes reject claims . This form, along with any medical certificate from your doctor, are usually lodged upon the employer who are then obliged to forward same to their WorkCover insurance company. If you are submitting documents yourself it is wise to keep a copy. Enlisting the aid of a lawyer or firm specialising in personal injuries can be very beneficial in putting the claim onto the right track immediately and having the benefit of a qualified expert in your corner to deal with the employers insurer who can often be uncooperative or incomplete in their advice to people making a claim against them. Your lawyer and their firm will be able to provide you with all the necessary information pertaining to your case. In addition to this, a legal professional can help ease the anxiety and confusion that you may be facing. In some cases, claims are rejected by insurance companies. Work injury victims need to be aware that this happens on a regular basis. If you have not enlisted the aid of a lawyer, this Copyright 2013

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might be the best time to get one. In case you already have a lawyer, you need to assess his or her performance. Some claims are rejected because the lawyers who acted on behalf of the victims were not thorough enough or simply were unsure of what to do. If this is the case, you should consider switching to a lawyer specialising in this type of case. Consider favourably a lawyer or firm who is an Accredited Specialist of the Law Institute of Victoria in the field of Personal Injury Law. In some cases, insurance companies simply take too long to respond to claims because they have to scrutinise those that came before them, which can amount to hundreds of claims per month. This can have the consequence of a claim being deemed accepted. Typically, it takes about 28 days for an insurance company to respond to lost time claims once received form an employer. Should you receive a positive response from the insurance company, you should receive written notification of the decision and the calculation of benefits to be paid for time lost due to injury, traveling costs and medical expenses claimed. Equally, should you receive a negative response from the employers WorkCover insurer, they are obliged to provide you with a written decision with reasons and notification of your rights of review. There are time limits for review of decisions. You should also continue to see your medical professionals as recommended to ensure that you are being treated properly and promptly from your injury. Also, your doctor may be able to provide reports and records that you can use against insurance companies should they try to make unjustified claims or assertions against you or otherwise in being able to progress your various claim entitlements. Your lawyer will be in the best position to give you an understanding of the requirements for various types of workers compensation entitlements and go about establishing the elements of those claims on the available evidence and in line with your instructions. Settlement of claims is one area where is essential to have the advice of an Accredited Specialist lawyer in the field of personal injury law and in particular in dealing with WorkCover claims. The quality of outcomes can vary widely and it often pays to heed the advice of your lawyer as to the quality and strength of your case and its proper value or range of possible outcomes. One common mistake victims of personal injuries make is to immediately grab any offer made by the insurance companies. While an offer may seem considerable, the goal of the insurance company is to meet its financial target and act in the interests of its shareholders, not the injured party making a claim against them and their insured. If you settle immediately, you may lose the right for further compensation or face other disadvantage. As such, you should let your lawyer look first at the settlement offer and determine whether you should be entitled for more and what strategy to adopt to protect and further your interests in receiving the best possible outcome. Click here to know more. Copyright 2013

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Sam Bektas Points Out The Unique Needs of Clients Lodging Catastrophic Injury Claims

Life changing this is how catastrophic injuries are classified. Injuries that have dramatically impacted a persons life will entail long-term medical treatment. This usually means permanent impairment and may even greatly shorten an individuals life. The devastation of such an experience can increase exponentially because of the monetary costs involved. In addition to the significant physical and psychological effects of a life changing accident, catastrophic injuries will lay waste to a persons finances. Whether the devastating accident is work related or it occurred during a vehicle collision, the injured victim has the legal right to make a claim for compensation and perhaps also for damages and continuing care. Pursuing a catastrophic injury claim can be complicated and may even take a long while before legal proceedings get underway. This is because some injuries need to be first stabilised and the future impact, as certified by doctors, needs to be determined before the claim gets finalised. And personal injury lawyer Sam Bektas and his expert team of dedicated lawyers and support staff recognize all these elements when making a case for the injured party. Bektas is a Monash University Law School graduate and is an Accredited Specialist lawyer in Melbourne. He founded the practice Victorian Compensation Lawyers which, on top of status as an LIV Accredited Specialist firm in the field of personal injury law, is also about to obtain its International Standards Organization (ISO) LAW 9000 Accreditation. Among the long list of personal injury cases Bektas and his team of lawyers work on are catastrophic injury claims. According to Mr.Bektas, because clients under this type of claim have unique and manifest needs, they ensure that all aspects of compensation payouts are just and maximised, and that the work is done in a timely, effective, and considerate manner. Before the legal process actually commences, the victim usually spends time at the hospital and will most undoubtedly require specialist medical opinion due to the gravity and extent of the injuries sustained. Mr.Bektas and his team of lawyers make hospital or rehabilitation centre visits to obtain instructions and secure critical evidence, obtain the particulars of the damages suffered, and liaise with doctors, therapists or specialists. Copyright 2013

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By getting all the necessary details from photographs and the accident details to the initial condition the specialist lawyers from Bektass firm will be able to accurately assess the damages and prove the claim to its maximum possible value. Through it all, Mr.Bektas states that he and his team are constantly aware of the difficulty the client experiences. From the emotional turmoil to the physical restrictions, from the pressure on families and relationships to the psychological reaction, Bektas understands the life changing impact of catastrophic injuries. This is why the specialist lawyer and his firm are deeply committed to leaving no stone unturned in securing and maximising their clients compensation payout entitlements. The amount, which can extend into several hundreds of thousands and over a million dollars, will not only help to ease the existing and future pain and suffering but it may also be used to make up for potential loss of income and hopefully, restore some semblance of normalcy in the clients life. Copyright 2013

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Melbourne-Based Lawyer Sam Bektas On What To Expect During A Personal Injury Case

Accidents will happen, on the road, at work, or at some other public place. The injury you sustain may prevent you from continuing to work or from living the quality of life you are meant to live had you not had that accident. In either case, you do have the right to lodge a claim. When faced with this legal process, it is crucial that you pick the right lawyer to help you fight for your legal rights to compensation and/or to find other options that may apply in your case. Sam Bektas is a Melbourne-based lawyer who has founded Victorian Compensation Lawyers firm, an Accredited Specialist firm in the field of personal injury law of the Law Institute of Victoria. From humble working-class beginnings, Mr Bektas and now his team have grown to service clients right across Victoria from its main office in Melbournes CBD and in the CAD of Melbournes 2nd city, Dandenong. Victorian Compensation Lawyers specializes in personal injury and only acts for injured people never for insurers. Its staff are hand-picked to exude the right qualities and interest in helping everyday people achieve justice in their personal injury claims. The firm acts for people across a broad spectrum of personal injury claims in Victoria, including TAC (Transport Accident Commission) claims, medical negligence, WorkCover claims, superannuation, public liability and other such cases. The process in lodging a claim may seem daunting at first to clients, but much like every other law firm, the Victorian Compensation Lawyers begin every case with an initial assessment. This first consultation is offered for free, enabling clients to comfortably discuss their case and allowing the firm to determine the best option in moving forward for the prospective client. Once the clients case is assessed, a legal costs agreement may be arranged including the prospect of a no win, no fee retainer agreement. Under such an agreement, the firm in effect funds the progression of the case without payment unless and until a successful outcome is achieved for the client. This will usually include out of pocket expenses such as out of pocket expenses for investigations and reports. Visit this site to know more. This is followed by preparing the case, which, for VCL means working efficiently and decisively to meet time limitations on lodging claims, making applications or commencing proceedings. Often great results (including from a time perspective) are obtained for clients out of Court and Copyright 2013

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these are a product of the lawyer convincing the other side as to the particular merits or strengths of the case. Pursuing claims compensation requires medical or other evidence so you may be require to furnish details of your treating doctors who will diagnose and certify your injuries over the course of time. Knowledge and understanding of the relevance of any pre-existing conditions or ailments are also relevant to the overall success of the claim. Mr. Bektass firm will help you in getting common law damages payout for pain and suffering, and pecuniary loss. When it comes to TAC claims, Bektas shares that they are often asked to assist in preparing the initial TAC claim form or examine the claim originally put in over the phone to the TAC. This early involvement assists in getting the right information to the TAC and ensures that the claim has a proper basis. The law firm then performs reviews and conducts investigations in order to protect the interests fo the client and maximize their legal rights to compensation and/or damages. Bektas points out that, because of their lawyers expertise, most applications concerning this type of claim have been conceded by TAC and resolve out of Court by mutual agreement of the parties. The process may vary depending on what type of personal injury claim you lodge. But Mr. Bektas and his expert team at Victorian Compensation Lawyers will work harder to make the entire procedure manageable and less distressing, helping you secure the best possible compensation payout entitlements. Copyright 2013

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How Specialist Lawyer Sam Bektas Works On Superannuation And Disability Insurance Claims

Can you claim compensation through your superannuation? What benefits can you claim from your insurance policy? What is the threshold for the payment of a benefit? What standard of evidence do you need to meet? In the event of an illness or an accident that may prevent you from working or from going about your life, you may have the option to make claims on your superannuation policy and disability insurance. These may be made in addition to the other rightful compensation claims you can pursue. Seek Independent Legal Advice Making a claim on your superannuation scheme and/or disability insurance can quickly become a complicated process. Funds and their insurers and underwriters often have access to in-house medical personnel and lawyers people hired to scrutinize and highlight weaknesses in claims. You should get advice on your superannuation policy or disability insurance in order to determine the best possible course of action to a successful outcome. It is wise to have the legal assistance of an Accredited Specialist lawyer or firm who has handled numerous cases of this nature, as this will help ensure the successful maximum outcome of your claim and entitlements. Melbourne-based Sam Bektas is a Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law. He founded Victorian Compensation Lawyers, a growing law firm that services clients across Victoria from its two offices based in Melbourne and Dandenong. The firm is diverse and multi-lingual, reflecting the community is serves. Sam Bektas and his team at Victorian Compensation Lawyers conduct superannuation and disablement insurance cases through a dedicated division of the firm and often alongside work injury claims, TAC claims, claims for medical negligence and public liability resulting in incapacity for work or total & permanent disablement for their clients. The Claims Process Mr. Bektas and his team are often retained to investigate and obtain full legal entitlements under the terms set in various superannuation and insurance policies. As is routinely done in any case, an assessment process may be initially performed whether or not you have yet to file a claim or are currently in contention with a fund or insurer. Copyright 2013

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The expert team at VCL routinely investigate and establish the evidentiary basis for the successful conduct of these claims. Whilst their work is directed towards the successful resolution of these claims at first instance and without having to go to Court, the team is equally able to review adverse decisions of funds and litigate adverse determinations of fund trustees and insurers, usually on a no win no fee basis. Mr. Bektas team offer an initial consultation or claim assessment for free and Victorian Compensation Lawyers also usually work on a no win, no fee basis, wit hout advance payment for their work, with their fee based upon a Court Scale, and without the need to enter into a finance or loan agreement to fund any necessary out of pocket expenses. Victorian Compensation Lawyers also work to ensure that the client is able to structure their result so as not to adversely affect other compensation scheme entitlements such as through WorkCover or TAC processes. In the event of injury and incapacity you can seek further financial support from your superannuation and/or disability insurance and help is available to successfully conduct your matter from lawyers who are dedicated to assist you. To make sure your claim is approved, seek the advice of an Accredited Specialist firm in Personal Injury Law, like Mr. Bektas and his team at Victorian Compensation Lawyers. Copyright 2013

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VCL Founder Sam Bektas Details What People Ought To Know About Public Liability Cases

Personal injuries can happen almost anywhere and at any time of the day like at the office or while you are driving on the way to your home. Generally, however, if you are hurt anywhere other than in a transport accident arising out of the driving of a motor vehicle or arising out of or in the course of or due to the nature of your employment, then you may have a public liability claim. Here are important details you ought to know about public liability from Sam Bektas and his team of expert personal injury lawyers at Victorian Compensation Lawyers. Among the most common cases that fall under public liability are slips, trips and falls in public places, dog bites, accidents in schools and in playgrounds. Should you be successful in your claim, you may be awarded a compensation that will cover current and future medical costs, income lost because of your inability to come to work, fees for attendant care, and even payment for the pain and loss of enjoyment of life that was brought about by the injury. But who should you file a claim against? The short answer would be anyone who caused your injury or the death of your loved one upon whom you were a recognised dependent. There are cases wherein a public or private venue has been hired for an event and then someone gets injured, say from slipping upon a wet dance floor. As such, the person or entity who occupied the venue has a duty of care and is the one that may be held liable for the harm suffered. If you have suffered injury, you should immediately report the incident, gather details of witnesses and photograph the scene and surface contaminant (say, in the case of a slip) and seek medical treatment if required. Make sure to keep all medical records and receipts. If you are employed, you should also prepare the necessary documents that will detail how much you should be compensated at work had you not figured in an accident. Check this out for more information. Taking pictures of your injury as well as the place where you met the accident may also help you prove your case. Take a note of any CCTV as such footage may help avoid disputes about injury circumstances. Copyright 2013

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It is also crucial that you get the service of a legal professional specialising in public liability cases at the soonest time possible. In these types of cases, time is of great essence as there are limitation periods. Getting a lawyer immediately offers several benefits. First, your lawyer can help you in gathering the evidence that you will need to build a strong case. Second, he can help you assess how much income you have lost and may lose. Third, your lawyer will handle all the communications and negotiations involved in your claim to ensure that you get the best possible outcomes. Finally, having a trained professional during this period will help ease the confusion and anxiety you might be feeling. Consider favourably a lawyer or firm who is an Accredited Specialist of the Law Institute of Victoria in the field of Personal Injury Law. Copyright 2013

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Sam Bektas Details Coverage Of TAC Claims

Practically every day, a vehicular accident is reported; there are traffic or work operation mishaps. Some of these, luckily, do not cause any injuries to drivers and pedestrians while there are some that maim and restrict peoples lives, or take them away. Victims of road trauma may be entitled to compensation and/or damages payouts through claims made in accordance with law against the Transport Accident Commission, or TAC. The Founder and Principal of Victorian Compensation Lawyers, Sam Bektas, states that choosing the right legal representative an important factor in getting the very best result for any given claim. Amongst a range of possible compensation damages outcomes, the role of ones lawyer in taking the right steps to get a case to a superior result is fundamental. The client and their legal team must work together to secure a better outcome. Sam Bektas and his dedicated team of TAC lawyers and support staff act only for injured people against the TAC and their insured parties to ensure that victims of transport accident and their families secure their full legal entitlements for both no fault benefits and at common law which will definitely help in taking care of the financial aspect of recovery from the accident and other accountabilities. Bektas states that if a TAC claim is secured with the help of a trusted legal team, bouncing back from the unfortunate accident can be made significantly easier for claimants through the following policies:

Treatment and support services These include ambulance services (the TAC can shoulder the transport cost from the scene of the accident to the medical care facility or hospital), hospital services (for treatments or rehabilitation), other medical services such as check-ups with the specialist, pharmacy items, therapy services for the long-term effects of the accident (be they physical or psychological), dental services (if teeth were damaged due to the accident and they need to be restored to their old appearance, or even replaced), nursing services for after hospital confinement, rehabilitation and disability services, equipment such as crutches or wheelchairs, and so much more. Copyright 2013

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Travel and related expenses The TAC can reimburse reasonable cost of travelling from the time of the accident until release from the hospital and the claimant continues to struggle to use a personal means of transportation for his familys activities. Under this umbrella are several more policies that target unique travel/transportation requirements. Income assistance TAC can also pay out income support for lost earnings and benefits due to the inability to go back to work on account of injuries sustained through the accident. This is just temporary financial support, though, until a new arrangement is made so the claimant can resume work. Lump sum compensation TAC can pay this type of compensation to eligible claimants. This compensation comes in two types of payment; the Impairment Benefit, which can be provided no matter whos determined as responsible for the accident, and the Common Law damages which can be paid if someone else was at fault.

The Victorian Parliament, through the Transport Accident Act 1986, has set up the TAC as an insurance company to field these claims and make these payments in accordance with law. The TAC as an insurance company, will often look for ways to refuse or minimise claims so as to protect its revenue. Is role is not to act for injured people, rather it is to indemnify the party that caused the harm. It is also responsible for the reaching of budgets relevant to levels of payouts and assistance provided. The role of the lawyer and firm in acting for the victim of road trauma is to give the injured party both a shield and a sword to protect them from more difficult aspects of dealing with TAC, its lawyers and its insurance investigators and with giving no nonsense advice and assistance for the benefit of the victim and their dependents to advance the claim and bring each aspect of entitlement or benefit to a successful and preferred outcome. Copyright 2013

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Sam Bektas Chooses Top Personal Injury Lawyers For VCL Team

Personal injury can have a devastating effect on people and families. At times, theres not much you can do but to simply accept your fate; however, there are instances when injury acquired is actually compensable. Neither compensation nor damages may completely make up for the actual harm and loss suffered, but it would, at the very least, make coping easier. Unfortunately, not every victim deserving of compensation is able to receive it. At times, some are compensated, but not nearly enough. It is the job of a personal injury lawyer to protect and defend the rights and interests of victims and their families affected by compensable injury. If you find yourself in a position that requires the services of a personal injury lawyer, make sure that you seek the finest to represent you. In Victoria, you want to approach a Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Specialist firm in personal injury law, such as the team at Victorian Compensation Lawyers (VCL). Founded by Accredited Specialist Lawyer, Sam Bektas, the firm aims to provide the best service and outcomes to its clients and is respected by opponents and has even received the odd referral of work from individuals within the Court system itself. The team at VCL, have been assembled and mentored by the Founder and Principal of that firm, Sam Bektas, to be amongst the best in the profession in their respective fields of personal injury practice. You can count on them to be humane, efficient and enjoy an impressive record of success that is second to none. Sam Bektas and his growing team pride themselves on achieving higher levels of successful results for clients and providing value and efficiency in legal representation. You can infer a high level of confidence in an Accredited Specialist personal injury law firm that is willing to offer to its clients a no win no fee service, with funding of necessary matter expenses without any separate credit or loan applications. This is an important trait for any lawyer to have, especially in matters of personal injury where the aggrieved can draw comfort from being represented by a highly skilled and confident team of lawyers and support staff with much insight and daily experience in all types of personal injury insurance claims and litigation in Victoria. Great lawyers must be great communicators. They must be able to converse in plain English, despite being knowledgeable of all the legal jargons. They can make matters more understandable to the layman, which happens to define the client in most cases, and they can better articulate their arguments as well to their opponents and to the Courts. With such a practical quality, they make themselves more accessible to their clients. Equally, the demands Copyright 2013

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of the profession require a team of professionals who are collected and organised, people you can turn to for help when you are in a situation of crisis or need. Passion and judgment is also necessary in the practice of law. Lawyers are most effective when they believe in the worthiness of their job and combine this with sound judgment to protect their clients from adverse outcomes. Victorian Compensation Lawyers only acts for injured people never for insurers. Personal injury lawyers should recognise the kind of difference their performance can make. They should be willing to fight to get you the compensation you deserve and be able to recognise when is the best time and method to resolve your legal problem and deliver a positive outcome to you. It goes without saying that officers of the Court should have a good grasp of justice and an inherent sense of fairness. These qualities will fuel their efforts to rectify the situation and give justice to the wronged. Know more about this here. Personal injury can wreak havoc in your life. Bektas and the growing team VCL realise this, which is why only the best are welcome in the team. With proper compensation, they know that you can work toward healing and moving on. This is what motivates them. Copyright 2013

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