How To Enjoy The Natural Beauty Of Valey By Valley Travel Packages When we recall the name of Kashmir heaven

comes in front of our eyes an !eautiful stunning attractions of valley !ecause this "lace is really !lesse By go with the !eauty which have no com"arison in !eauty# This valley is "erfect an favorite "iece of lan suita!le to cele!rate Holi ay Vocation# $f talk a!out to holi ays an vocations of course there is none !ut Kashmir valley where Kashmir Holi ay "ackages to !e enjoye an cele!rate "eacefully with Kashmir travel o"erators #Here $ shoul must inform all travel an nature lovers that how to e%"lore an enjoy the !eautiful "laces of valley Heaven #&irst of all when you think to come Kashmir !ook a Valley Travel packages to a very "restigious tour o"erators an who will make an e%cellent itinerary for Kashmir# Here are some ti"s to enjoy in Valley with joy an fun# &irst when you will reach 'rinagar Kashmir make your stay at house!oats or hotel an !egin your tri" !y 'rinagar sightseeing #visit local "laces of 'rinagar like 'halimar gar ens( Nishat )ar en( *hashmashahi( Tuli" )ar en( Nehru Park an $+!al Park# ,ou can "urchase Valley goo s from local market like -al chowk#On the .n ay choose gulmarg as you ne%t holi ay estination from srinagar !y car#On the way of gulmarg you will e%"erience with the fresh environment an green mountains with floura an fauna #when you will enter in the mea ow of flowers you will feel the !eauty like heaven# /fter enjoying the whole ay you can !e !ack to 'rinagar or stay there one more night# 'tart you thir ay tri" to sonamarg Valey tourism or you can say mea ow of gol the ama0ing( gorgeous looking mea ow with fresh environment( long trees( green mountains an flowing river $n us famous for 1afting #,ou can also visit some of glaciers #after finishing this enjoya!le ay move to the valley of she"her s Pahalgam a!out 23 kms from srinagar an enjoy other "icnic on the way of srinagr to "ahalgam#The "laces you may keen visit like "am"ore famous for saffron( /wanti"ora( 4artan tem"le "laces #finally you will reach "ahalgam #enjoy in this !eautiful valley an e%"lore other local "laces of "ahalgam "refer two ays stay in "ahalgam an come !ack to srinagar #Book Book all Kashmir Holiday packages These are some major tourist "laces of Valey that you are visite !ut there are some other attraction in Valley which are not seen !y 5unnotice 6 you can hire a gui e who show you all eye7catching "laces that you may never forget in you life #$ ho"e when you finish valey tours an this !eautiful valley will call you again to visit # The estinations of valley are having astonishing attraction in the whole universe so all the a venture lovers visits the lan often an calle this "lace as heaven of earth# 8immy *layton Ph in hos"itality an tourism wrote many !ooks an articles on $n ia tourism an its !eautiful attraction like Kashmir #$ foun Kashmir Travel "ackages "erfect tri" to make holi ays lova!le#