Francisca Moreira Romeo and Juliet - Missing scene from Act 1

[Enter Romeo and Mercutio] Mercutio: Romeo, my friend, I am worried about you. You seem so distant today, like your mind has travelled far away to the moon. Is everything alright? Romeo: I am very fine, dear friend. A little tired is all. I did not rest at all last night. Mercutio: What is it that troubles your mind and does not let you sleep? Romeo: It is Juliet. You see, I believe I am in truly love with her. I never saw true beauty until the moment I laid eyes upon her last night. Mercutio: But what about Rosaline? Were you not in love with her just yesterday morning? Romeo: So I thought, dear Mercutio. But, as it happens, that love was merely an illusion. I was convinced it was true, but now I understand that not until last night did I experience a pure, true love. Mercutio: Ah, Romeo… I advise you to be careful. Please don’t be too quick in making decisions when it comes to love, because you might regret them dearly. And do not forget that Juliet is a Capulet. Please be cautious as to who knows about this love. I predict that this might have a very bad ending. Romeo: Be calm, Mercutio. Don’t worry. I love her too much to risk losing her. [Enter Rosaline from behind] (Romeo and Mercutio don’t notice Rosaline)

Romeo: Ah, Mercutio. How can I describe this feeling? Juliet is so wise, so beautiful, so angelical… I truly love her. Rosaline: Juliet? Romeo, who is this Juliet you speak of? Romeo: Rosaline! I can explain, my love! Rosaline: How dare you still call me your love? I heard you talk of your incredible love for this Juliet. Romeo: Yes, it is true. I am so sorry Rosaline, but Juliet is the love of my life. Rosaline: You used those same words with me yesterday. You betrayed me Romeo. I’m afraid I can never forgive you. Romeo: I am so sorry, dear Rosaline. I know I have broken your heart. I would try to mend it, but I truly can’t control the love I feel for Juliet. Rosaline: Stop, Romeo. It’s over. Please don’t come looking for me and do not try to apologize. Goodbye, Romeo. [Exit Rosaline crying]

Verona Daily Article

Breaking News: Tybalt, a member of the Capulet house, was found dead this morning on the side of the Main Road. Further research into the case suggests that Tybalt was murdered in a fight. A witness closely watched the scene from the window of her house. She is able to confirm that when Tybalt saw Mercutio walking past, he threatened and challenged the poor man. Just as Mercutio ignored Tybalt’s challenge for a duel and continued walking, Tybalt pushed Mercutio. At that moment, a fight began between the two. Romeo, young son of Montague, who happened to be passing by at that moment, intervened and tried to stop the conflict between Tybalt and Mercutio. Witness explains that Tybalt ignored Romeo and kept dueling Mercutio. After a few minutes, Tybalt slaughtered Mercutio without mercy. That is all the Witness could report, but we deduce that after Tybalt stabbed Mercutio, Romeo attacked him. The fight ended badly for Tybalt, who was also killed. Citizens of Verona need not fear or worry, because this wasn’t the job of a murderer or criminal. It was merely a fight caused by the ancient feud between Capulet and Montague. We also inform that these actions will not go unpunished. His Majesty, the Prince decided to forever ban Romeo from Verona rather than to have him killed.