Ed Magedson – Voice of the Consumer.

Ed Magedson (pronounced Maj-ed-sen) is the founder and “ED”itor-in-Chief of the Ripoff Report e! site "ocated at http#$$ .ripoffreport.com$ hich he !egan in %&&'. ()er the past decade* Ed has !een ca""ed e)er+thing from “consumer hero” to “internet terrorist”. ,o e)er* Ed-s stor+ !egan "ong !efore there as such a thing as the .nternet. / nati)e 0e 1or2er* Ed as !orn in 3roo2"+n and raised in 4ong .s"and* 0e 1or2. ,is fami"+ "i)ed across the street from a carnation farm and hen he as %5 +ears o"d* Ed occasiona""+ or2ed around the farm. 6his prepared him for his first !usiness )enture* a nation ide f"o er !usiness ca""ed 6he 7"o er Chi"dren. 8hen ED as %9* he anted to !e a )eterinarian. ,e !ought se)era" horses o)er time and competed in man+ horse sho s ith man+ trophies. ,e or2ed nights in a 4ong .s"and !a2er+ and spent his da+s he"ping a )eterinarian at the Roose)e"t Race a+. ,e as fired after turning in trainers for pumping injured horses ith drugs so the+ cou"d race. ED a"so had a natura" ear for music. ,e taught piano and* at the age of %:* he !ecame the organ p"a+er in se)era" popu"ar roc2 !ands. 6he other !and mem!ers ere in their ;5-s and <5-s* and a"though Ed himse"f asn-t o"d enough to drin2* the+ often p"a+ed in !ars and nightc"u!s around 4ong .s"and and the 0e 1or2 Cit+ area. Ed-s first step in the direction of !eing an entrepreneur came hen he had the idea of se""ing f"o ers on street corners. Ed e)entua""+ de)e"oped that idea into a !usiness at the age of %=. 3+ the mid-%&'5s* he as founder and president of his first !usiness. E)entua""+* that !usiness gre into a nation ide firm ca""ed 6he 7"o er Chi"dren. 6he !usiness hired +oung hippies and senior citi>ens to se"" sma"" !unches of fresh-cut carnations* daises* roses and pom-poms on street corners across /merica under red and +e""o um!re""as. /t its pea2* the !usiness operated in ;: different states and at the age of ;% Ed (2no n as “Eddie” !ac2 then) as ca""ed “6he 7"o er Chi"d Entrepreneur” !+ the "oca" media in 7"orida.

C"ic2 here to read a %&'< 6ampa 6ri!une artic"e a!out Ed-s f"o er !usiness http#$$ .scri!d.com$doc$=55;5:%9$edmagedson-com-tampa-tri!une-artic"e-fe!ruar+-;:-%&'<the-f"o er-chi"d-entrepreneur 7rom the )er+ !eginning* the f"o er !usiness f"ourished. 3ut the !usiness a"so met ith serious ad)ersit+* hich started Ed in the direction of his current passion for consumer ad)ocac+. .n man+ cities* the "oca" f"ora" shops instigated authorities to harass Ed-s f"o er )endors. 6he !ig f"o er companies ere using their po er and connection to put the "itt"e gu+ out of !usiness. Ed a" a+s fought the cities and ne)er "ost. 6his p"anted the fatefu" seed that "ed Ed in the direction of e?posing corruption and !ad !usiness practices. Ed "ater con)inced se)era" grocer+ store chains to "et him put his f"o ers into their stores. 6hese grocer+ store chains said* “7"o ers i"" ne)er se"" in grocer+ stores”.

Ed-s ne?t !usiness )enture a"so he"ped to prepare him for the "aunch of Ripoff Report. .n the &5′s Ed as or2ing on de)e"oping housing in upstate 0e 1or2* 6upper 4a2e and @aranac 4a2e. ,e purchased rea" estate and apartment comp"e?es. Ed as contacted !+ go)ernment agencies in /"!an+* 0e 1or2 and as2ed if he ou"d create additiona" housing for the underpri)i"eged* disa!"ed and other )ictims of housing discrimation. Ed immediate"+ agreed* !ut he as considered !+ some to !e an outsider in the sma"" rura" to n. E)entua""+* Ed !ecame the target of discrimination* anti-@emitism and harassment from the same peop"e he thought cou"d !e trusted – "oca" agencies and "a enforcement. (nce again* this e?perience dre Ed further do n the path of a "ife spent fighting and e?posing corruption. 6he fina" chapter in the stor+ "eading to the creation of Ripoff Report as a run-in Ed had ith cit+ officia"s in /ri>ona. .n %&&5* Ed mo)ed to /ri>ona to ta2e care of his parents so the+ ou"d ne)er ha)e to e?perience assisted "i)ing faci"ities. /t that time* there ere man+ "arge )acant !ui"dings in /ri>ona and man+ sma"" !usinesses tr+ing to ma2e ends meet. @eeing this as an opportunit+* Ed came up ith a ne a+ to put them !ac2 in !usiness A operating indoor s ap meets. 6he !usiness )enture as a !ig success* !ut once again* Ed encountered !ad !usiness practices and po"itica" corruption. 7rustrated ith the "ac2 of an effecti)e a+ to fight !ac2* he created his first e!site here he descri!ed his e?perience in Mesa. /t the same time he as e?periencing po"itica" corruption in Mesa* /ri>ona* Ed as a"so outraged at the treatment of the hard or2ers from Me?ico and @outh /merica that came to the B@ in desperation to he"p their fami"ies. Ed has a" a+s !een a firm !e"ie)er in securing the !order hi"e a""o ing peop"e to come here "ega""+ for or2. /t the same time* he a"so fee"s those ho are here or2ing to support their fami"ies are )u"nera!"e to e?p"oitation and a!use. ,e as shoc2ed to "earn that man+ immigrant or2ers are ne)er paid for their "a!or. E)en orse* some ha)e !een treated as modern-da+ s"a)es* e)en !eing threatened ith deportation if the+ comp"ain a!out not !eing paid. Ed !egan raising a arenesss and ca""ing for a stop to these practices !ac2 in %&&'. 1ou can read more a!out Ed-s efforts to stop the a!use of immigrant or2ers here and +ou can c"ic2 here to see the educationa" f"+er that Ed has distri!uted to immigrants for more than ten +ears. Ed-s numerous !usiness )entures and his fights ith Cit+ ,a"" e)entua""+ "ed him to create the Ripoff Report. /s Ed Magedson e?p"ained in his !oo2* Rip-off Re)enge* he ants to gi)e others the po er to fight !ac2 !+ gi)ing them the too"s needed to do !att"e ith !usiness !u""ies. 7or more information a!out Ed-s !oo2* )isit# http#$$ .ripoffre)enge.com$ One little-known fact about Ripoff Report is that it was started as a mission, not a business. Ed never expected to earn a living from the Ripoff Report. Instead, he put his own hardearned money and time into the website with the sole intention of giving a voice to consumers who had previously been powerless. ,e had no re)enue p"an or an+ idea ho or hether the site ou"d e)er generate an+ mone+. 6he e!site as set up as a free ser)ice and it as created "ong !efore Ed had an+ understanding of ho to moneti>e a e!site. .n the ear"+ da+s* it as funded entire"+ !+ Ed-s persona" sa)ings. .t as not unti" se)era" +ears "ater hen the "a suits

started that Ed needed to create programs to earn re)enue or face "osing the Ripoff Report e!site. 0o * %< +ears "ater* the Ripoff Report has gro n into one of the most popu"ar consumer comp"aint resources on the .nternet. 6oda+* Ed Magedson is "i)ing and or2ing some here in /ri>ona. (.f +ou recei)ed constant harassment and death threats* +ou-d !e Cuiet a!out here +ou "i)ed* too.) .n addition to constant"+ fighting to protect free speech and the 7irst /mendment* Ed de)otes his "ife to his !e"o)ed pets and to raising mone+ for no-2i"" anima" she"ters. ()er the past <5 +ears* Ed has traded his music* his freedom and his pri)ac+ for a computer. ,e is e"" a are of the man+ "essons he-s "earned in his "ife so far-"essons that are re"e)ant e)er+ sing"e da+D "essons that "ed him to commit his "ife to changing the a+ that !usinesses dea" ith their customers. /t Ripoff Report.com* hundreds of consumer comp"aints are reported e)er+ da+. Consumers come to Ripoff Report to arn other peop"e a!out decepti)e !usiness practices. Ed and Ripoff Report are true pioneers ho ha)e "itera""+ changed the a+ that !usiness is done and created an entire ne industr+. 6han2s to Ed Magedson-s tire"ess or2* da+ in and da+ out* consumers toda+ ha)e a ne and po erfu" )oice and ha)e sa)ed mi""ions of do""ars. Ed a"so assists e)er+ go)ernment agenc+ to he"p prosecute those ripping off consumers. 0o matter hat his critics sa+ or do in their efforts to si"ence him* Ed i"" ne)er stop fighting to protect the rights of "itt"e gu+.