Marking Criteria

Level 1 0-23

Level 2 24-35

Level 3 36-47

Level 4 48-60

producing material appropriate for the target audience and task showing understanding of conventions of layout and page design; showing awareness of the need for variety in fonts and text size;

accurately using language and register;

using )*T appropriately for the task set;

Level 3 - The material used is appropriate for the target audience for example as it is a school magazine, a paint splat is used with some text in this is used as it reminds people of art. Level - 3 ach part is set out specifically on the page they were not !ust put randomly, things such as the left third and splash have "een taken into account. Level 3 # $ne "ad point to the cover page is that every piece of text on the page is in the same font, "ut a variety of colours and sizes are used "etween each of the pieces of text for example % xclusive discount see inside& this is a larger text than most of the other parts on the cover of the magazine as this will "e one of the features that will attract readers into purchasing this magazine. Level ' # (ords such as %Learn well& and %tips& are used on the cover page this language used fits as these are words students in secondary school would use. Level 3 # ) used photoshop to make my school magazine cover as ) am familiar with photoshop and know some of the "asics ) was a"le to use the shape tools and could get the "ackground image to fit the page without leaving any white

lines or stretching the image. appropriately integrating illustration and text; Level 3 # The placement of some pieces of text was less successful than others as in certain places it was slightly unreada"le ) can use this knowledge when ) make my music magazine to choose the right colour text that would stand out from any images. Level + # The image used is taken in the school corridor so it is almost perfect for the cover of a school magazine. Level 3 # The "ackground image was resized "ut only "y a small amount and it was not stretched one way it was slightly enlarged at the same size so not to make the image look like ) had "een stretched or moved unfortunately the -uality of the image was not very good even "efore the size was slightly increased.

shooting a variety of material appropriate to the task set; ,anipulating photographs as appropriate to the context for presentation, including cropping and resizing.

Name of Assessor: L ke Conlon !verall Level: Level 3 A""itional Comments: #$e s%$ool maga&ine %over %o l" 'e im(rove" to look more (rofessional s %$ as an im(rove" ) alit* 'a%kgro n" image +$i%$ 'etter fits t$e maga&ine an" t$is %an 'e seen more %learl*,