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Twinkle Twinkle X'mas Star
T.A. Babu
Christmas just would not be Christmas if you do not put a flashing star on your Christmas tree. Here is the circuit of such a flashing star.

Fig. 1: Twinkle-twinkle X’mas star

Fig. 1 shows the circuit of the flashing X’mas star. At the heart of the circuit is a diac that controls charging and discharging of an electrolytic capacitor and thereby flashing of the star. The rest of the circuit functions as a solidstate AC relay for lighting the bulb fitted inside the Christmas star. When switch S1 is in ‘on’ position, mains voltage is rectified by diode D1 and capacitor C1 charges through resistor R1. When the voltage across C1 exceeds the breakdown potential of the diac, the diac conducts and the capacitor discharges through LED1, resistor R2 and the internal LED of optocoupler MOC3041 (IC1). This discharge of energy results in a brief flash of light.

2 for the pin configurations of MOC3041 and triac BT136.Fig. Use IC base for MOC3041. Every time the optocoupler receives a pulse. refer Fig. This circuit operates directly from mains. Before assembling the circuit on a general-puspose PCB. so be careful to avoid lethal shock. Share Share Share Share More 0 Related Circuits Automatic 3-Phase Induction Motor Starter Views: 2153 Electronic Motor Starter Views: 77287 Mains Operated C hristmas Star Views: 43415 Single Phase Electronic Starter Views: 48481 Water Level C ontroller Using 3-Phase Starter Views: 24542 Post Comment | 0 Comments 2 4 1 Electronics Buzz NEC Technologies India wins SAP Ace award for customer excellence Green Energy C orp asking for 300 acre land for solar plant Govt to promote use of solar powered motors among farmers Kolkata Special Scheme offers Rs 15 mn to set up test labs . the triac fires and the bulb glows. Use of a low-leakage. 2: Pin configurations of MOC3041 and TRIAC BT136 Use of a zero-crossing optocoupler (IC1) to drive triac BT136 virtually eliminates radio frequency interference. good-quality capacitor rated more than 63V is recommended. Changing the capacitor’s value alters the speed of flashes.

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