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The Venusian cycles as encapsulated within the present Aeon of Cetus range from Hydra to Cetus and Scutum to Pegasus. 2014 stands for Scutum while 2017 stands for Pegasus.

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determine the year of the event in seconds. This is done using basic astrology (e.g. primary directions). We need no computer or ephemeris to do that. The astrologer knows all the loves in your life in one session, future or past. Knowing I Ching by heart since 1977 enables scanning the future in seconds with wonderful insight and precision. Apart from daily events, dreams can be scanned and productively interpreted. The benefit of an I Ching session is immense and one is never tired

even after 108 questions. I Ching is a complex navigational and astrological device in constant development. Scanning the matrix of the events at high speed slightly alters the matrix. In this way the skilled diviner acts as matrix hacker. Advanced astrology includes the new giant transneptunian objects, as well as the centaurs. Among the many exclusive features of our services, allow me to mention the Dark Planets, a set of 17 rare gems in experimental astrology. This site boasts the first delineation of many objects, among them Varuna, Ixion and Quaoar, the best known transneptunians. They have been delineated _before_ they were named, so no easy yahoo mythology influenced their delineations. Quaoar is the most important and the largest discovery since Pluto. quaoar.html

Our site has a 500 Mb database/worklab dedicated to Quaoar. Conclusions and philosophy are seldom if ever influenced by any other site. In fact there might be no other site at all concerning most recent discoveries. In our wish to follow and delineate comets, centaurs, transneptunians, we had no time to glance at what others were doing. This means original approach and special techniques. Great use was made of constellations, something overlooked elsewhere, precision improved, two rather unknown Earth's Trojans received the status of "(quasi) satellites", comets were given more space after perhaps centuries of neglect. What keeps us fascinated is that the precise technology we use scans for future discoveries, but could be able to rediscover mysterious objects like Cassini Lilit, Nibiru or even some "darkplanet". It seems that from

time to time hypothetical objects are actually discovered. It perhaps happened with a "retrograde" Avestan, and possibly "Uranian" Cupido. (C) 2003 Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.

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MatriX time:Sun Apr 27 08:59:35 GMT 2003

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MatriX time: Sun Apr 27 09:49:26 GMT 2003 Gea Jones sent this:

Astrology ========= An Introduction This article is not about the astrology you are bound to meet everywhere from popular web sites to best magazines. Astrology has a heart and the purpose of this article is to get to it. = Astrology = O5 exOrci5m

The Moon goes up. The Sun goes down. True Mind ascends to Heaven while the Shade goes to Hades. /1/ It is not like the good go to paradise and the bad to hell. It is like your good side travels to paradise in afterlife and your bad side goes to hell. True Mind is not only symbolized by the Moon, it might go there. There are in

fact authoritative books (the Vedas, Franz Bardon, Carlos Castaneda) that hint at astral travel to the Moon. /2/ The Moon is of course inhabited by classified spirits, mostly busy within some kind of fertility mission. The mansions of the Moon, whether Chinese or otherwise, try and define such spirits. Existing reports of actual intercourse with lunar spirits shed more light on this important and primary facet of basic astrology. The author is in possession of such documents. We can now open to the rich world of true astrology having almost nothing to do with the usual publications and presentation. Stepping into the world of astrology we already have a first problem. Where is the Moon? /2/ What is the Moon? Already at the beginning we have to set aside all that was written and calculated, since we need the precise position, not the generally approximate or geocentric position. The first step is to know where precisely your own natal Moon is. I'll mention here a few brief hints, while hundreds of articles can be found online (on Usenet, in our archives, in the newsgroup). The Moon's position is not important to non-astrologers, because it is immaterial to them which degrees and star it occupies, as well as which constellation. They don't even know their natal Moon is not there at all. The error might not be over 3/4 degree, but it's fatal for several more or less obvious reasons. Precision of the predictions is at stake (this applies only to astrologers, others might not do predictions), particularly when it comes to directing.

There are some 250 directing techniques in astrology, but one must conclude they are not in use. Today's astrological authorities do not use sophisticated programs, they simply use the main transits and not without several types of standard errors of which we already mentioned part of one of the main errors. The Moon is to be calculated locally, possibly including (above-sea) elevation. Several corrections are possible which would lead us into astronomy, exactly where astrology has been born in the first place. Astronomy is our target, to put it plain. Already at the beginning we are facing a gap between the heart of astrology and its popular presumptions. More than 99.99% of the astrological population, authorities included, has their own chart miscalculated, and that's for starters. Someone born November 28th has a Sun Antares conjunction. Antares is one of the main stars of Scorpio constellation. Therefore the natal Sun is in Scorpio constellation. This is no Vedic astrology, this is plain astronomy. Only by subtracting 24 days from your tropical Sun position will you know its true position. That's so annoying: as people tend to think they were born in the next sign, yet another miscalculation. Instead of dwelling on all of the errors popular astrology is passing on to the new generation, let us rather plunge into an exciting world where we don't dwell, or even mention, tropical signs; but we do observe the recent and upcoming comets, simulating their paths.

We enjoy every discovery of giant transneptunian objects, such as Quaoar and cherish the appearance of a new centaur. Astrology is not a boring Sun signs nonsense at all. Accurate predictions can be made very fast, in fact in seconds, as to the year, the month, day and even the hour and minute of an event. This event can be discreated before it starts to happen, and a new future design can be installed in the mind of the creator. Using true positions enables rich delineation. Chariklo is a centauress larger than Chiron. If we interpret it in Crater constellation, its true position, we return to fantasy and the grail legends. The same with any object, Moon including. Perhaps you come across Moon in Sextant constellation. (I'll include examples, such as Moon in Sextant).

= Astrology = O5 exOrci5m

"Lasse che i stroleghi fazza i lunari." The upper phrase is in 18th century Venetian language (lengoa venexian) meaning "let the astrologers do lunars".

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Let the astrologers do lunar charts. What is a lunar chart? There are many lunar maps and more than 250 techniques of prediction, usually in the class of "directions". The lunar yearly direction is one of the most indicative maps in astrology.

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MatriX time: Sun Apr 27 06:54:12 GMT 2003 - show quoted text /1/

= In Two Minds = O5 exOrci5m

Dedicated to O5 developers (especially "pOlari5" and "Huggie"). Sources: Jammes Legge - I Ching (courtesy Lady Pylenor) George St Clair - Creation Records Discovered in Egypt Carlos Castaneda - Journey to Ixtlan (courtesy D.C.) Robert Temple - The Crystal Sun (courtesy G.D.) I sincerely guess this is my second article with this title. The title is shared with a song (Art Bears) Sung by Dagmar Krause. Disclaimer: It is not easy to write an article for the general public. This article has been written for close friends and co/writers on my own list/newsgroup, as well as spiritual USENET newsgroups.

Credits: I must express my thanks to dear friends who encouraged me during the past years and selflessly took over the lead when I was losing my customary impetus; lady Pylenor, Plutonia, Gea Jones. Appreciating:) I also thank my dear invisible admins, Colby and Andross of main server
40H and of course Homer Wilson Smith for enabling us

to organize our work via our newsgroup on his server. Thanks, Homer!

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On various opportunities we used to mention the "false or default" "voladero mind", the mind we use most of the time. In fact, many if not all think there's only one. I guess we call it "psyche"; correct me if I'm wrong. Psyche variously translates as "soul" or even "shade". "Eidolon" seems to be the vision (darshan) of the soul. The soul apparently does not necessarily have a visual connotation, while eidolon (plural eidola) is always a visual visitation (much as described in Journey to Ixtlan, Carlos Castaneda). After death Heracles (centaur Nessus and Heracles did not go together very well) goes to Mount Olympus, but his shade goes to Hades. Now while this is a known mythological fact, what do we have here?

The Chinese have something similar in their own mythology. One of the souls is bound to go downwards and the other flies heavenwards They even have appropriate names for those twin souls. So after death has a splitting connotation for the two souls. It would seem only logical that the "voladero mind install" goes down (to some Chinese Hades) and the ascended soul (True Mind) goes up. Up where? Down where? The Chinese insist on "up and down" and in fact Olympus is "up" and Hades is "down", the "underworld". Very strange, indeed. Anima and animus? Quoting James Legge (courtesy Lady Pylenor): "Kwei denotes the animal soul or nature, and Shan the intellectual soul" The Kwei-shans offer an amusing as well as disorientating variety of interpretations, from "the demon-god" to demon-gods. One being made of a sinking demon and an ascending god are we? Possibly so. Two souls.


Castaneda does not mention two souls. To my knowledge he has the "double", something much more concrete than a mere "eidolon". Is then the body the counterpart? This difficulty is hardly resolved by Taisha Abelar (courtesy Lady Pylenor) and her ascension. O5 articles usually point at "true mind" and "voladero mind". This flyer or voladero mind gets mad at the very mention of

True Mind as widely seen on USENET. It cannot even think to think of another mind and is in fact programmed to stop the other from any emanation. How come the Chinese had a rather fair notion of the two minds? At that time man was clearer (to use the word) and there must have been wise men everywhere. The Gemini constellation twins perhaps add to explanation, one being mortal, the other immortal. Now if the Egyptian "ka" can live without the body (and not vice versa), is this the famous Castaneda's nagual (we can't speak about)? In some sense the Taoist immortals perhaps transferred their consciousness in some kind of finer body (eidolon?) and "disappeared in thin air" (almost a paining by Castaneda). The Egyptian gods have their own "ka"s, therefore the Greek follow suit. Is the "ka" created in the image of the god? Of course. Then Adam is God's "ka"? This is probably wrong reasoning out. I leave the word to Shimon ben ha-Levi (link to be included). I'd like to include some (perhaps Navajo?) Indian mythology on this line. Perhaps someone would like to contribute? The Egyptian ka (eidolon?) _did_ eat, drink and go around. A fine vampire, indeed. Don Henaro informs us that "his ka" (he calls it "the double") cannot eat or drink. But then, Don Henaro was alive all of the time, and the mention of "ka" I used refers to mumiae.

When we discreate properly, we send away the eidolon, the image dissolves. (This passage needs much purport!) Nama means name and rupa means form. Eidolon could be equated with form. The Egyptians put stress on the name. We use the name (label for discreation) and form in O5. We train to discreate the form, while labeling the discreation with a name. Perhaps we could experiment with _naming_ the discreation first? Currently most exposed developers (Huggie .nz and pOlari5 .jp) could develop some logical (pragmatic) formula (O5 has many variants). There is a strange stress on the name (the golem, Franz Bardon's work, Adam names the daemons, ENKI naming creations) as opposed and complementary to form. Are we yinyanging again? Meaning name = yang, form = yin (just speculating)? When we discreate a physical object, I don't suppose we actually discreate the object itself in the first place. We take the object to "higher ground" (its eidolon or ka?) and discreate it's "shade". This already smells of black magick in some respect and I better stop. Various implications follow and rich (majikal) delineation follows for our develOper5 horoscopes. One sends the discreated to the Moon sphere, inhales the Ascendant, etc. Perhaps we should include the Moon matrix theory in our deliveries and material. (This passage is very unclear, included for further development.) At this stage O5 becomes too complicated for the common "avatar" or

people in general. It is not that we're getting curious. we have to know what we do, and when we succeed, we must ask _why_ did we have success. This eliminates childish disenchantment when things go wrong. The rationale is that people know that O5 (or even Sedona and Avatar) work. Results can materialize in hours. But do we positively know why?

(C) 2003 Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.

Flowery language coupled with razor sharp precision encompassing all astral influences into a well defined reprogrammable future.

alt.clearing.O5 newsgroup, dedicated to O5 clearing and futurechanging formula. SnowCrash (TM) your futurities fast! Create any wanted reality in minutes! Become the master of events!

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MatriX time:Sat Apr 26 19:36:21 GMT 2003 Sources: Jammes Legge - I Ching (courtesy Lady Pylenor) George St Clair - Creation Records Discovered in Egypt Carlos Castaneda - Journey to Ixtlan Robert Temple- The Crystal Sun


Neptune had no rival. He enchanted the Sun. Quaoar is something transcendental (transneptunian) to Neptune and might even enchant Neptune! /quaoar.html /delineations

= Xingu = (Shumerian Astralogy)

(C) 2003 Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.

There seems to be a saying going round that Sun is the Father and Moon is the Mother. While this may hold true in the new age area and some astrological backwaters, let us investigate into sitchinian, vedic and majikal astrology. The ascendant (hebr. gooph) is said to be the "cover" of the real and "spiritual" being. Since the ascendant is connected to Earth (rotation) and Malkuth, it was assumed (Halevi) that the ascendant is the body, the self at hand or default self (or first attention). Enuma Elish has Kingu as minister of Tiamut. Ministring means being a satellite, such as in I Ching (::::|:). As many a satellite one has, the more is he shielded against an intruder or gravitational and impact hazard. An intruder is an object changing the orbits of a stable solar system from elliptical to heart-shaped, as it passes by. Our system was not stable when Nibiru not only went by, but also dropped in.

THE FIRST TABLET When in the height heaven was not named, And the earth beneath did not yet bear a name, And the primeval Apsu, who begat them, and chaos, Tiamut, the Mother of them both ... Confusion reigned, as Enuma Elish and Zecharia Sitchin inform us. Note that Tiamut is possibly in incestual /1b/ relationship with Apsu, the begetter of gods. The orbits of the planets (their fates) were not stable. The "evil counsel" /1/ and plot comes from Mummu, Mercury, Apsu's spy, servant and first minister (compare I Ching 4th line). /1a/ Tiamat /2/ is actually set to protect the planets. She exalted Kingu; ... Kingu becomes her main satellite. After the Nibiru (Marduk) intrusion, Kingu's remanants form our Moon and Tiamat's form our Earth. That has been proposed in Zecharia Sitchin's works. The first implication is that the 12 signs correspond to 12 planets. Perhaps some extremely anti-Tiamat-an religious sect (patriarchal) has removed Tiamat, Kingu and even Nibiru, from the whole story.

Whoever wants Mercury to rule both Virgo and Gemini, must have been politically patriarchal. The most annoying allusion that Tiamut is in fact the Mother _and_ queen of Apsu must have been annoying /3/ to most patriarchal political orders of old. It is plain that Tiamat rules Virgo, and as we shall see, this is naturally c/o shared by Vesta, Ceres, Pallas, Eunomia and Juno. /A/ Nibiru was unobservable most of the time, so it understandably disappeared and "lost rulership". /4/ Now from what we have learned, the Earth is ex Tiamat, the Mother. Thus the earth is the Mother herself. This goes nicely with Carlos Castaneda (Journey to Ixtlan): the Earth is our Mother. Mother Earth. This is quite enough to shake the weak foundations of popular astrology. The ascendant would be the signifier of the Mother, not of the being or event in question. But since we (at least our physical body) are built from earthly elements (dust to dust), the premise may still hold. We must also consider our main belt as our Mother. The One Ring of asteoids is Tiamat, too. She is quite a bit scattered and the largest pieces bear female names like Vesta, Ceres, Pallas, Eunomia, Juno, ... all major asteroids in the main belt bear female names. /1/ Apsu, the father, the Sun, is the begetter, but also Tiamat's son and husband. This si far fetched and not easily fathomable. Although a transneptunian bears the name of Chaos, this adds up to confusion.

Where is the Mother mentioned in the bible? The real question is where is the Father mentioned, if at all. The second and third word of the bible mentions the Mothers. The feminine ALHIM was strangely corrupted to "God". The various deities were all made one by paranoid patriarchal translators. ALHIM is plural, plain to see and eventually "masculine plural of a feminine noun", whatever the linguistic chaos, it cannot hide (that God is a): A/ Plural. (with a) B/ Female root. The Moon is just the Mother's prime minister. Let us not forget this planet has at least two Trojans, thus Cruithne and 2002 AA29 are it's secondary and tertiary ministers. See the site for "third Moon" simscans. The Sun is malefic (ego) in Vedic astrology. It is the devil (los voladeros) in our systematization, our real inorganic enemy. /6/ It is understandable for the easterner that "ego" is the devil('s mind) and enemy. We are our own enemies, or have been made into being so. /C/ The conqueror of mankind is an inorganic, a foreign being able to install a mind for us based on greed and paranoia. Zen removes this mind, emancipating True Mind. /B/

/A/ Tiamat's remnants form the main asteroid belt. However, there is a much larger asteroid belt, dwarfing the main belt by individual size of object, as well as vastness, the Kuiper Belt. Could it be that a larger explosion created this enchanting belt? The transneptunians are much larger than the centaurs and main belt asteroids. See also "TNO Update" from the site and USENET. Prior to being named, the centaurs and transneptunians receive designation. Thus the last large transneptunian we delineated was 2003 AZ84, and the new centaur is 2003 CO1. Most reading astrologers are fairly acquainted with centaurs Chiron, Hylonome, Nessus, Asbolus, Chariklo and Pholus. The major transneptunians are Quaoar, 2002 AW197, 2002 TX300. The named transneptunians are Rhadamanthus, Chaos, Varuna and Ixion. All objects are pioneering on the site. The first triumph after 1992 QB1 was giant Varuna, then still greater Ixion, and finally the largest discovery after Pluto, Quaoar. Original first and of course unique (the only) delineations are available from the site. Since the objects were delineated _before_ they have been named, a large amount of objectiveness is implied. /B/ Perhaps the Moon is True Mind, in which case Enuma Elish also describes

the fall of man and arrival of "los voladeros". This subject has been talked about AD NAVSEAM on the mailing list and newsgroup(s). Try a local, archive and USENET search.

/C/ The devil (or voladero, flyer) is not native to this planet. The fall of man is recorded when the devil(s) came to the planet. The Chinese record them as "thunders" or flying inorganic beings visible to children and seers. The best account of our enemy news:alt.dreams.castaneda is given in the last Castaneda's masterpiece "The Active Side of Infinity". /1/ Strangely it is Gwydion-Morderd to incarnate such a name and kabalistical meanig (HVD) /iching.html

/1a/ The careless reader will buy this. Tiamut is the mother of heaven and earth (whatever that means), along with the begetter, Apsu. A male principle begetting, along with the female. What is the female for? Isn't she the begetter? Shumerian thought and politics must be closely studied to dig that. Naming is majik in itself. Refer to Franz Bardon. Neptune had no rival. He enchanted the Sun. Quaoar is something transcendental (transneptunian) to Neptune and might even enchant Neptune! /quaoar.html /delineations

/1b/ Note that nowhere it is said that Apsu created Tiamut. That implies that nowhere it is said that Tiamut created Apsu. But it is the feminine who gives birth. Tiamut raged and fought Apsu, who would

dare to go against the Sun? Was Neptune larger (or just electromajikal) when he enchanted the Sun? Neptune is higher a vibration and cakra.
56H iching.html

/2/ The L.W. King Translation, London 1902. Tiamut strangely changes to Tiamat. /3/ Compare Mary Magdalen, Sarah Kali, Isis cults, Simon Magus. /4/ We have discussed proper rulership elsewhere. See also "Chinese Nibiru" series.

/5/ The centaurs bear male and female names, and the transneptunians bear mostly male names. /6/ Searh for "los voladeros" or "voladero"

or use along with "Chinese Nibiru".

Change future NOW! Highlights, news and suggested reading: O5 discussion: news://

Discreate war: /war /comet

MatriX time: Wed Apr 02 08:48:01 GMT 2003

YO GEMINI! You got a Gemini ascendant as an eloquent talkative communicator you are: a real social media expert, yo! WELL? Well? That’s not entirely accurate a at all.



You see, Gemini has not been rising – ascending – at east for 5000 years now. What is rising at east – when some default toy “program” for the masses b is expecting some “zero

Gemini” is of course not Gemini at all: it was Cetus – a large zodiacal ascendant and Lord of the Aeon c - which by the way lies below Pisces. It is not that the skies don’t change

even against our wildest illusions as swinging between precession and flat Earth.


Politely for mega taurine bullshit. For entertainment purposes only. c The present Aeon.

TAROT = ZODIAC 1) The Tarot is the zodiac. 2) There are 22 zodiacal constellations. 3) 16 ascendants rise at east. 4) One’s guardian angel is represented by one of the 16 ascendants d.

5) Which zodiacal stations are not ascendants? Scutum, Sagittarius, Capricornus, Pegasus, Aries, Auriga, Gemini, Cancer, Libra… 6) Taurus rises at east only for 5 minutes every day: golden calf a taurine chance on the market! 7) The 22 initiations are the 22 mysteries of the Tarot: zodiacal constellations. 8) The 16 guardian angels propose the elementary permutations. 9) Lodge #1622 SIRIVS is the Tarot. 10) Kalki e determined the Tarot

11) Hayagriva determined the Zodiac. 12) As Kalki is Hayagriva so the Tarot is the Zodiac. 13) The Tarot expands from #1622 towards 1008. 14) The 1008 planets form the eternal horoscope of every moment. 15) God and NASA say 13 or 12 are falsity. 16) When zero Gemini is expected to rise in the eastern sky, Cetus rises instead. 17) As Cetus is below Pisces, the “error” is roughly 90 degrees! 18) Gemini does not rise at east f.

19) Gemini rose at east some 5000 years ago. 20) Cetus is the zodiacal ascendant of the present Aeon. 21) There are 67 horoscope signs.


In Egypt, we had double the number of present day’s ascendants, making for versatility, diversity and baffling invention. e Hayagrivanantadevasesanagasankarsana uvaca. f For the present epoch.

22) Depending on the categorization of Eris and Pluto, there are also 43, 30, 28 and so on horoscope signs. 23) Tarot = Zodiac. KINDERGARTEN ASTROLOGY “There is a wheel in the sky with 12 animals which rise at east...” Must be one of those stories they have been telling children – a sinister lullaby. )=( She knows by intuition that you have a Gemini ascendant, and so it happens that you do! 5000 BC Or you could have it say 5000 years ago. Namely, the expected zero Gemini never appears in the real sky: Cetus and Pisces rise instead. Don’t worry: the error is merely 90 degrees or something: no one will notice g.

ASTROLOGY FAQ Are there 67 horoscope signs? Yes. How is this possible? One should ask how 13 or 12 are possible instead. What are the 30? One of the intermediary results. 22? Number of zodiacal stations.

In fact, no one did!

16? Ascendants h.

#2014shift The change is coming, New Golden Age! AION What changes with 2014? This is the first time – for all practical purposes – that Venus enters Scutum. Scutum is one of the standard 22 zodiacal stations and thus one of the 67 signs of the zodiac. You probably had 13 in mind? That would be rather… amateurish. LUCIFER COMING How do we reckon Lucifer’s comings? We take that in the wake of Venus in Pegasus - as falling into Cetus – sensitive initiates have been inspired in picturing Venus as the indomitable she-devil she is. A popular image of a falling batman issued. Dante on his own hellbound initiation must have been inspired! We call that first recent contact the first coming. True, there have been biblical comings – one at least – as rendered in the Bible. These ancient comings are scheduled for printing 2014 – 2017.
First Coming of Lucifer - Dantesque Venus in Pegasus Second Coming of Lucifer - 2014 Aeon Shift Third Coming of Lucifer 2017 ^^ Age of Pegasus II Fourth Coming of Lucifer - Venus in Pegasus ^^ Bis


For the current epoch.

UNFOLLOW THE DEVIL The “safest” way for others – especially “spiritually advanced” is to follow superstition upon superstition. If that dubious diet makes you vomit, here is your winter Sun ephemeris.
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MAYAN 2014 – 2017

The Venusian extremes hit the zodiac on the wake of the Aeon of Cetus. If 2012 was about Uranus in Cetus, 2014 is about Venus in Scutum as 2017 is exalted ^^ in Pegasus. )=( Your favorite Gemini ascendant has not been rising at east for the past 5000 years. What is rising at east? RTRRT i

Touch your destiny: reshape it. Now that you know who you are, you are omnipotent. NON-ASCENDANTS No one you know can possibly have a Capricorn, Sagittarius or Scorpio ascendant at all. Moreover, no friends of yours can have an Aries, Libra or Gemini ascendant at all. Does Cancer rise at east? No. Stay tuned for the full list of non-rising ascendants. DEBUNKING THE 12 ASCENDANTS


Real Time Reality Rendering Tools.

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Linking the world through one zodiac for the planet 1: the original zodiac as shared by all j
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astronomical observatories across the planet and off-planet 2 as well.

¼ SKY #QuarterSky Did you know that when “zero Gemini” is expected to rise at east, Cetus ascends instead? Conquer ¼ of your natal skies by obtaining your real natal ascendant! Your real natal ascendant is your guardian angel. Thus, when “zero Gemini” is expected at east, Cetus rises instead. Since Cetus is below Pisces, ascendant offset is 1/4 one quarter of the sky. 9-11 Eris 0 altitude W in Cetus NYC + Osama Moon χ1 Orionis = WTC 9-11. ALIXE


The pun is on India.

Alixe has Moon ascending in Cetus, Mercury in Sextans and Venus in Orion. Her Juno hovers in zodiacal Scutum while her Pluto sits at the ascendant of the USA in Serpens Cauda. 9-11 EASY PREDICTION Eris 0 altitude W in Cetus NYC + Osama Moon χ1 Orionis = WTC 9-11.

PRECESSION OF THE ASCENDANTS The skies do not “rotate” according to any “tradition” at all, but according to precession. Thus, your own natal skies will always gloriously disobey any “tradition”, of which – to be honest – there is seldom any. This is particularly true through stalled environments as wanting for an upgrade and update. RTRRT The Real Time Reality Rendering Tools have O5 or Oberon V for core “discreating” technique. O5 is like confession: once one has fully confessed negativity, one disposes of it: in this way, a space for positivity is created. Manifestation happens within 5 minutes.



• 22 zodiacal signs. • 16 ascendants 4.

• Pluto nostalgic 5? Enjoy 26 zodiacal signs 6.
4F 5F

• More Sun-signs? Workable 15, extended to 16. • Cartesian house system: works everywhere 7: ocean floor 8, Himalaya 9,
6F 7F 8F

spacecraft 10.

• 1008 delineated planets: the complete solar system is yours for the taking!

1008 Planets

Full services catalog for the current year along with elaborations on the times we live in as marked by the zodiacal constellation like Pegasus, Scutum, Eridanus, Hydra or Cetus. As future scanning ideally proceeds future-changing, the stress is in a detailed acquaintance with the Academic Zodiac and ascendant set in an RTRRT Instant Magick initiate. All initiations can be accomplished by self-initiation as presented within our RTRRT and Academic Zodiac series.

2017 HOUSES 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) ANGEL – (prosperity)

POWER – (money)

DREAM – (bogeyman)

BARYCENTER – (real estate)

RIVAL – (competition)

NETHERWORLD – (employees)

ENEMIES – (devil)

IMMORTALITY – (death discreation)


ASTRAL – (scouts)

10)AIM – (godhead)

11)LOVE – (protection)

12)NIRVANA - (illumination)

Hayagrivanantadevasesanagasankarsananantalaxmi uvaca

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The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time. - Henry Ford

Cruithne-based charts and spacecraft births have been presented some two decades ago.

VIP SERVICES Verify your personality. Who are you, really? Take advantage of your real natal stars! OPHIUCHUS Ascendant in Ophiuchus Moon in Ophiuchus Mercury in Ophiuchus Venus in Ophiuchus Sun in Ophiuchus Mars in Ophiuchus Jupiter in Ophiuchus Saturn in Ophiuchus Uranus in Ophiuchus Neptune in Ophiuchus Pluto in Ophiuchus Eris in Ophiuchus Quaoar in Ophiuchus Ixion in Ophiuchus Pholus in Ophiuchus Comets in Ophiuchus Planets in Ophiuchus THE SAME IS AVAILABLE FOR ALL 22 or 26 ZODIACAL SIGNS, ALSO EXTRA-ZODIACAL, X-ZODIACAL, G-ZODIACAL ASO. 13 + 13 = 26 While the 13 solar stations are a simple fact this end of superstition, the total number of zodiacal stations is 26 – Pluto permitting. In other words, the 26 zodiac is a Pluto nostalgia affair: for those who want Pluto back, the number of zodiacal stations is still 26. Aries

Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces INSTANT MAGICK BESTSELLERS Instant Healing Cancer Cure Immortality MINI RTRRT Initiation Maverick Seduction Love & Money MINI RTRRT ETER Emotion-time-energy-retriever Reboot! INTEGER Personal Cosmic Secretary O5IRIS Instant Healing Marriage Rendering Personal cO5mic Avatar Mini RTRRT Prosperity Rendering Wish Wheel Magick initiation Money Honey PCS Oberon V O5 Cascade Snow Crash Magic Wand Aladdin XI Matrix Hacking Bogeyman
4 5

For the current epoch. 43 for Eris-nostalgic. 6 IAU Constellations. 7 Other planets, asteroids, comets and in fact everywhere in a three-dimensional space. 8 Sea quake! 9 Lama incarnation calculus. 10 On trip to Cruithne? We got your horoscopes!